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  2. Hello.

    You should be able to get a nice boat for your budget, don't be afraid to look above your price range, as advertised and actual sale prices are often further apart than you might think.
  3. Tri Icicle Race 22nd Oct 2017

    They're off!!!! The first start was 10:30, 7 starts over 50 minutes. Reduced numbers due to the weather. Course Horning, The Bure at oby dyke,. Thurne mill, Horning Most cruisers heavily reefed..
  4. Tolls - Speechless

    That looks very nice, but not really suited to the broads as you say. What have you got now and is it as comfy to live on as the NB?
  5. yes - a vent to that gas locker would be underwater.
  6. Hello.

    A word of advice, find the right boat, obvious really, but be wary of ones subsequently bodged by obsessive DIYers and especially those subject to open planning by out of control house builders who know it all. There are more than a few ruined boats on the Broads, casualties of such ignorance.
  7. Tolls - Speechless

    Yep I'm stopping here , I did live aboard on the canals on this boat but when I chose to relocate I decided that it wouldn't really fit in at 57 feet long and be difficult to find Mooring's hence I sold her even though she was only 5 yrs old .
  8. A Sad Tale Of A Beloved Dog

    Happy endings, love them. Thanks for sharing Griff
  9. Today
  10. Hello.

    Find a boat that will suit your needs. Then compare like for like off the Broads system and you may find a similar craft but a lot cheaper even after transport costs. There are always plenty of boats for sale and it is a buyers market. Hope this helps. Griff
  11. A Sad Tale Of A Beloved Dog

    It’s a great to hear that you’ve been able to come to terms with the sad loss of your beloved Alfie and move forward giving Boris the life he deserves. It really saddens me to see I’ll treated animals. Please don’t apologise for returning to the thread, it’s good to know how things have progressed. I recognise the backdrop of Wastwater having spent a great deal of time camping & walking in the area over the years.
  12. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    Probably wouldn't pass the Boat Safety Scheme nor half a dozen frivolous EEC regulations in that case!
  13. Hello.

    Hi, my name is John and we have been hiring boats on the broads on and off for a number of years. We will soon have the opportunity to buy our own boat. We would welcome any advice. Our needs are, sleeps 6,decent living space. Needs to be able to go under Wroxham bridge. We have been looking at the bounty 37 style boats and like the centre cockpit style boats. We would like a boat already with railings, electric winch and 240v shore power. Bear in mind we will need a survey and possible work our budget all in would be tops £35000.broads boats always appear to be over priced so what is a realistic price for what we would like?.
  14. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    Have a curry the night before and it will be like having a turbo fitted.
  15. A Sad Tale Of A Beloved Dog

    Just picked up on this thread. How touching in so many ways . Im sure you will all enjoy you r return. All the best
  16. A Sad Tale Of A Beloved Dog

    Wonderful to read how things have turned out after such a hard time previously. And I'm sure that your trip next year will be everything that you want it to be. The NBD fleet always look such well turned out boats.
  17. Tolls - Speechless

    I'm not particularly defending the BA re: the Anglian waterways toll amount, its simply that is my only other viable waterway to keep my boat so for me its a direct comparison. Looking at the East Anglian Waterways Association website there is a proposed toll increase for 2018/2019 of 7.5% which they are not happy about especially considering the EA are also proposing selling off 3 plots of land that will result in a loss of moorings. Sadly the grass is not always greener. Ultimately I still feel the broads toll is fair value, this year was billed as a restructure with winners and losers, next year is in line with inflation. If next time there is an inflation busting rise with no guaranteed benefit then I may change my mind. Ricardo: I agree that for a liveaboard the CRT toll is better value and much easier to live on the canals, but you choose to stay here and honestly If I wanted to liveaboard I would too
  18. Smacking Children Scotish Law

    My dad never use to smack us, he use to give us a look and if that wasn’t enough, he had a walking cane down the side of his chair and the coffee table got a whack, while saying it’ll be your a**e next it never was, but that was enough for us to stop whatever we were doing we all knew dad would never hit us but we had that fear of what if children these days don’t have that fear they answer back, swear I was brought up to respect elders, sadly those days have long gone and I believe is half the problems society has today
  19. A Sad Tale Of A Beloved Dog

    Sorry to drag this old post up, I thought I'd update you on things around here, you were all so kind and supportive. It took us 10 months before we could even think about having another dog in our lives after Alfie, but in April this year we went along to the Dogs Trust for a look around. Our old friend Alfie was a Staffie Cross, a beautiful dog with a lovely nature so we wanted similar. There are always lots of Staffies in these places, they get a tough time but they're wonderful in the right home, we had lots to choose from. We passed Boris a few times, he was a 3 year old Staffie Cross, a bit funny looking and a bit reserved, unlike the other dogs who came bounding up to the fence as you passed. He has a bit of a lazy eye and just lacked that .... whatever it is that draws you to them in these places. We went to the office with our list of dogs that interested us (it didn't include Boris) and the girl asked if we'd seen Boris. We discussed our reservations and the girl just said that poor Boris was lovely, hated kennels and just couldn't get a break. I asked for a lead and some time to walk him, everyone deserves a chance right? The little fella came to life in the playing field, he was exuberant, joyful, excessively energetic and a pleasure. There was a seat in the field and we sat for a while, Boris jumped on my knee and smothered my face with kisses. I told him "You're coming to live with us mate, you're going to fill the void left by Alfie's absence". He's a joy, he's wary of men, scared of walking sticks, and so men with walking sticks frighten the life out of him. I imagine men with walking sticks play a (bad) part in his previous life but that's all behind him now. We only look forward around here and he's in our future, not some distant past. He's been camping 4 times this summer (he loves it) he comes out on our Kayak with us (picture from Wast Water is attached) and we decided that next summer we'll see how he deals with a hire boat on the Broads. We've booked one of the Fair Commodores starting on my Birthday, August 3rd. I fancy life up a height this time around so I can see a bit further but we'll need to figure out how to keep Boris from diving into the water (he hated water when we got him, but he absolutely loves it now). Again, sorry for dragging up an old post but the kind comments helped us, and I wanted to tell you that although Alfie is always with us, we've mended and the future has four legs again.
  20. So You Want To Live Afloat?

    How interesting Ricardo, I would love to hear more, unlike Neil I am nosy lol. I understand that spending your life on the rivers is totally different to the odd week or two but in my little world it is a dream to live afloat, failing that a little riverside shack with a mooring would do Perhaps this thread could be dedicated to your life afloat, I for one would love to know more and read of your adventures Grace
  21. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    Very clever, made me laugh, thank you!
  22. Breydon Water Closed To Hire Boats

    I've just seen a post on Twitter to say that Breydon Water is closed to hire craft today. Question is, if I hadn't chanced to look at Twitter would I have known? Just curious.
  23. That Went Well :)

    The great news was that everybody enjoyed it. Les spent most of the last day scouring the hire websites for "next time" and we have a week booked already for May. I also have instructions from SWMBO to book a short break before then just for us two :)
  24. That Went Well :)

    Great start to your holiday tale. Lovely photos. We were out last week too so probably passed you somewhere. Looking forward to reading where else you went.
  25. ooh looks like she's down by the heads.
  26. That Went Well :)

    Just returned from a week on Siesta 2 from Stalham. I talked Debs into this trip at fairly short notice. Her first thought was that she wouldn't like it because of the 'sploshie' noise of the water against the hull while she was trying to sleep. This was based on the one night she had spent on a broads boat (or any boat) about 15 years ago when she came to Wroxham for the day and visited myself and a group of friends that were out for a short break. In the back of my mind was the idea of looking for a boat share eventually but this obviously depended on how Debs and our two Jack Russels took to the idea. So last Saturday we set off, me, Debs, Les (FIL) and two small dogs (Jack and Tilly). We arrived at Stalham a bit early at about 12.00 and reception told us to go back at 12.30 to find out what time our boat would be ready. Debs and Les went off to Tesco to stock up on essential supplies leaving me and the dogs to wander round the boatyard. It turned out it would be ready at 14.30 so it was time for lunch in the Swan. Back at the boatyard we collected buoyancy aids (inc Jack and Tilly's) and had completed the handover, unpacked and returned the cases to the car and were off by about 15.10. the weather was lovely, especially for October and the cruise down to Ludham Bridge was beautiful, We moored downstream of the bridge and were set for our evening meal at the Dog. In the morning I got up first as usual, took the dogs for a quick walk and then got the kettle on. Poor old Les isn't used to being awake this early. The strange thing is when he was working he used to start really early but in the last couple of years since he retired he sleeps like a teenager! Eventually we set off. All the way to Salhouse Broad where the dogs had a good run in the woods and we had bacon sandwiches for breakfast. Interestingly Debs commented that "next time we need a boat with two cabins". If that's not a buying signal I don't know what is :) Off we went to have a look at Wroxham but the only place to moor was the Hotel Wroxham so we only stayed for a couple of drinks and headed back to Horning. we were lucky and managed to get a mooring at the New Inn which was us set up for the evening meal. The next morning saw us heading for Ranworth were we moored on the island to give the dogs a run. This was Les' first attempt with the ball-thrower. He got better and the dogs had a great time. (TBC)
  27. Smacking Children Scotish Law

    When your youngest is over six foot and weighs 18 stone it’s not a good idea
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