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  2. Joking apart, am still a bit mystified by all this. If prosecutions are pending, and the boats were seized at the NYS, why has this still not appeared in the EDP? And why were day boats from the WRC seen going through Brundall up to Norwich at 6.20PM? Either they were not day boats, or they had been hired for more than a day. Or did the hirers simply intend to abandon them when they got to Norwich? I have seen that done on the Thames before now. The only thing against that theory is that I doubt if they could have got to the WRC unless they came by car. All a bit weird.
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  4. Pretty well all of the anti-social behaviour I have seen on the Broads has been at the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club, during Cruiser weekends!
  5. I've moored at NYS many times (not weekends) and never had a problem.
  6. I totally agree Ray, although not been boating as long as fifty years more like twenty five, we haven't witnessed such appalling behaviour as Ricardo has reported but we most certainly would if we did I think personally the worst behaviour and rudeness is from the day boats, they hire for a couple of hours and have no idea about river etiquette or the rules of the waves, im indoors has had to have a few choice words with some of them in the past. The worst hirers we saw was a stag boat at about eleven in the morning coming into moor at Brundall, they rammed the mooring so hard the guy in the front well nearly went overboard (beer in hand) and left a gaping hole in the front of the boat, apart from that not really had any problems It's still a safe and beautiful place for all to enjoy, just respect the Broads and the people holidaying on it, even the flappy thingys Grace
  7. I totally agree with removing these people and terminating there hire but for many reading this thread it needs to be put into perspective . I have holidayed on the Broads every year for the past fifty years and accepted for one occasion in about 1970 when a couple on a small two birth boat spent the entire night violently arguing encountered any real anti social behaviour from other boaters I do regularly moor at Norwich and the trouble there is from residents of the city screaming and shouting along Riverside Road Ray
  8. I have seen multi meters with a polarity reverse switch on them. Basically swaps the neg and live over within the meter. Very confusing if you have it in the wrong position!!!
  9. The Cambridge roundabout! That certainly brought back some memories as I spent a lot of time around Southgate, Wood Green and Muswell Hill in my youth. Never drove round there though as I didn't learn until I was living in Essex. When we first moved to Chelmsford I used to try to find any alternative ways to get somewhere without having to go round the Army and Navy!! Doesn't sound as if you will have any such fears Robin. And Norfolk should be a piece of cake after London.
  10. And long may it continue to!
  11. Yes, I had to scrape a couple of motorcyclists off the tarmac, I am afraid. Not wearing boots or leathers.
  12. Certainly do Griff! Helen
  13. My tuppence worth Robin, all meant in the best intention. Dont get worked up in busy traffic, it's actually easier because you have more time to carry out your tasks. Always look well ahead, anticipating a hazard is the key , and almost eliminates them as you will have dealt with it before it even happens. Dont over complicate things, of course as in every new skill we learn , it takes some familiarity to become confident, but it is relatively simple Firstly , learn how to pass your test, then learn how to drive. I only pass this on as I've not long ago taught my daughter to drive, which she passed first time with 1 minor fault. Top lass is my wee lass!! Oh, and on that note , when you come across a female driver , give them plenty room !!!!! Good luck mate , I'm sure you will nail it .
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  15. A few spare fenders dangling over the front bumper & wings could prove to be a wise precaution. A blue one surely? Stamping on the clutch pedal forgetting it's a brake when in an auto - Yep done than ONCE in my Jeep For the past month or so I have been driving the GriffTile van with no 2nd, 4th or 6th gear (Due to the clowns at the garage round the corner from Robins not fitting the replacement cables correctly) This has proved to be interesting, two days ago it got fixed - Now a pure joy once more Robin you MUST get passed on a manual, what happens when you hire or borrow or get lent a car that is not automatic - Your restricted license will stop you driving them. Once you have passed your test, I'll take you for a spin on the Tiger (I have spare gear for pillion passengers) - there's an incentive Griff
  16. Errrr, I have only one 'O' level, and that's in metal and woodwork. Got plenty of Life degrees though earned over 56 years, do they count? Griff
  17. Hi Robin don't give up on the clutch, your still thinking about it but you'll will be doing without known soon and won't even be thinking about the biting point. Re your car don't worry about joining motorways etc as your clear to move across to the 3rd lane in a BMW it's the law.
  18. never ride a motorbike :-) That of course cannot refer to Tykes on British Bikes over 1 x Ltr does it? - Surely not! My tiger has give me over 32k of pure enjoyment Griff
  19. some very good advice given, best bit is check your meter to make sure it is set to DC and test it on a known source. If it still reads the same then meter is duff. Systematically go through the boat starting at the battery, if the readings are reversed at the battery and the battery terminals are on the right way, then I am baffled. if starting point reads ok, from the battery work along every circuit in turn to eliminate the crossover if there is one. A favourite is where circuits are split via terminal blocks, it is not uncommon to find wires swapped over here. You didnt say where you took the original measurement from, that may help as if it was a 12v outlet, they are very easy to get wrong, I have done it myself by reversing the spade connectors on the back of them. 12v incandescent lighting will work on any polarity but led and flourescent lights are polarity sensitive. Motors will run in reverse and electronic equipment will fry. hth trev
  20. I ran out of space in the unemployment form when I was young in the 80s Did I get a job . Errr nope so many Ologies too many to shake a stick at and still it's tough to get s job lol ... continuous education from 1966 through to 1985 that's a loooooong time. Learned quite a bit though ...
  21. That explains Monsieur Maurice Mynah then! I thought it was summat tantric!
  22. Dislike caused by the broads. Boat head - Most of the day after returning home I feel like I've had a skin full and have hang over, noticed this time the dog wasn't himself either till later in the day just sat looking into space.
  23. That's not a ship! Its a bl**dy big raft with a pile of tins!
  24. Try brooms shop on eBay.... they have both Burgees for sale.. or better still buy one of our NBN Burgees ....
  25. +1 to that. It also allows you to hire a van etc etc and do driving experience days and all that sort of malarkey. It all feels a bit alien to begin with and I gather is worse as you get older, but once it's all passed down to a subconscious level it suddenly clicks and you start to feel like a driver. Oh and don't forget the Official Apps ;-) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  26. Human Biology O level here ;) cheers steve
  27. Yes the air draft could be a problem especially on the north, I think the Elegance was 8' with everything folded down. Although we stayed south the two times we had it. I know we had to get Somerleyton Bridge to open one time (luckily it was operational) All that said though it was alovely boat and was a doddle to moor with it having bow and stern thrusters. I'd happily hire one again in the future but we keep trying different boats Decicions indeed............ but good ones to have to make
  28. If you could show a front view of the multimeter, with it set to the switch position you used, with the leads in the used position, we can eliminate incorrect use of the meter. Just a thought... Richard
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