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  2. Tv Licence

    Remember that it also funds 8 or so world class radio programme chanels, the online radio and tv content, i player, Welsh language programmes, Galic programmes, all the regional news and weather programmes. Money from the licence is subsidising broadband rollout to remote communities and the excellent Red Button for events as diverse as Glastonbury to Wimbledon to The Olympics. I am sure there is more but can't think anymore.
  3. Tv Licence

    Kingfisher Time, No simile is fully accurate, they are used as general comparisons. I am aware that there are certain differences between roads and television signals.
  4. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Oh wonderful. The EDP as ever. "The incident happened near the beach at California Sands holiday park in Scratby on Monday afternoon. One girl was bitten on the leg and the other on the bottom and both were left with visible marks. Invisible marks are so difficult to find..... but seriously this is purporting to be a "dog attack" yet the skin wasn't broken. If it had been, the marks would have been described as "Injuries" The mother-of-one, who is on holiday with her eight-year-old daughter and friends, said the girls were running away from the dog, believed to be a black cockapoo, “screaming for their lives.” Really??? She added: “It circled them like a shark. Oh come off it They kept still but the dog kept going to bite. Sorry, do you mean "kept biting" or "kept going to bite but didn't" “I decided to rugby tackle the dog. errrm, how big did you say this dog was, and just how do you "rugby tackle" a dog anyway There were other little ones there and I was trying to protect the babies.” The holidaymaker said this would not have happened in Cambridge, where dogs have to be kept on leads. Yes, Cambridge is famous for it's long sandy beaches Police confirmed the dog’s owners had called the police to let them know their puppy had bitten two children. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now don't get me wrong here, the dog was out of control and should not have been. It should have been on a lead, especially if it was indeed a "puppy". Whilst I have some sympathy for the mother, who was quite rightly, trying to assess what was going on and act accordingly, I can't help but feel she's "milking it a bit" I mean!! "Circled then like a shark". BUT MORE TO THE POINT, ..... Just how unpleasant does the EDP want to make the area seem? Stokesby, Beccles and now California Sands. If I were reading all this I'd sell my boat and buy a caravan in down town Harlem.
  5. Tv Licence

    But very few roads are self funding, unlike TV where all the channels except the BBC are self funding and don't get any revenue from the license fee. Ironically self funded roads such as the M6 toll roads cost you extra if you use them, but at least it is your choice to pay and use it, or take an alternative route.
  6. Sleep Apnoea

    Roy, A couple of points, firstly your old invertor is probably of an age where it doesn't cut out at low voltage, so if inadvertently left on it could do permanent damage to your batteries. I would think about getting the syndicate to update it for a modern efficient type. I use the Sterling 600W on my boat to power the TV and for charging the laptop etc. Because it is so efficient I tend to leave it on the whole time I'm onboard and moored up. Never seen any significant battery drain. It is also connected to 2 x 110Ah batteries. Secondly I'm really surprised your previous cpap tripped out a 300 watt invertor, especially if it was a pure sine wave unit. It's possible that the start up current drawn by the unit momentarily exceeded the rating of the invertor. It could be worth trying the Sterling 600W or trying to persuade the syndicate to replace the 1600W one with a new one from Sterling. You should be able to get the 1600 for around the £330 mark. https://www.beaconsandlightbars.co.uk/Sterling-Pro-Sine-wave-Inverter/
  7. For Arthur Ransome Fans

    Tomorrow evening I will be attending the Norwich Players production of Arthur Ransomes Swallows and Amazons at the maddermarket in Norwich:- http://maddermarket.co.uk/production/view/395 I hope to give you a good report on the production
  8. Sleep Apnoea

    You might be better getting a 12V to 24 V step up converter, to drive your unit.
  9. The "c" Word

    Try working at a printers, it's been Christmas since around late March....
  10. Sleep Apnoea

    Being my lovely girlfriend suffers, I wish this was a problem I had to look for a solution for, however she refuses to use a CPAP machine, and as such when we're up in October, any of you on the broads (North or South) will be able to hear her 'sleeping'
  11. Wanted: Tardis

    I hear all japanese tools work by pulling toward onself, while I may have a saw and planes, I think I will pass on the chisels.
  12. Today
  13. Grande Girl 1 & 2 From Summercraft

    Careful folks, some of those "draughts" might just be intentional ventilation. Blocking them all up might not be such a good idea.
  14. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Not on the Broads, but it could have been, this article surely illustrates two problems, that many non dog owners don't understand either dogs or their owners, and that many dog owners don't understand people who don't own dogs. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/dog-bites-two-children-on-beach-near-scratby-1-5151379 As an aside I was in the Pound Shop yesterday and I saw a wonderful display of dog's bibs, for heavens sakes, some of which were emblazoned with 'I love my Mummy'! Read into that what you will!!
  15. Wanted: Tardis

    Japanese cutting tools eh..... Ahhh saw. :)
  16. Tv Licence

    On one hand I tend to think it's worth it just to view the high quality period dramas without the constant irritation of adverts butting in, on the other I tend to agree that there are some talentless oiks who have, somehow, managed to con the BBC out of a small fortune. The argument "I don't watch those channels so why should I pay for them" doesn't really wash, as I could say I don't drive on all the roads but I still pay my road fund license.
  17. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    Have a great show everyone. looking forward to seeing the pictures
  18. The cover did make a real difference. We don't generally bother with outside covers for windows, can't be doing with clambering around the outside of the boat, but this was well worth putting on every evening.
  19. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    Safe journeys to you all. If everyone makes it who intends to there will be 28 of us on the quay head! See you there
  20. Broad Ambition - The Model

    And there's me with a nice new shiny Go Pro to test....
  21. Yesterday
  22. Sleep Apnoea

    Thanks all for your prompt answers. Timbo. My previous Resmed cpap was 12 volts 35 watts and immediately tripped out a brand new 300 watt pure sine wave inverter. There must be something in what you say about cpaps possibly needing updating to work with an inverter. Can't go down that road as it is a NHS machine and it would be my responsibility if an update damaged it; the machine would cost nearly £1,000 to replace. Woodwose and Kingfishers Time. Our original inverter (fitted by Broom's 20 years ago) packed up last year. Our chairman managed to source the same model which had never been used as it was sat in somebody's house for years waiting to be fitted to an abandoned narrowboat project. When Broom's measured the output of the old one it did seem to draw 400 watts minimum, and the new one seems to be the same. Broom's seem confident that because it isn't in continual use (we switch it off when not being used) that the wiring is of sufficient gauge to be safe. Both of your comments now make me wary of trying to use the inverter overnight. Maxwellian. My Resmed apap is 24 volts and the guarantee is invalid if I use any other rechargeable battery pack other than their own, which unfortunately they want £400 for. I will just have to beg other users to share their electric post - I would be happy to refund their £1 and double it up with another card. We have a couple of different splitters onboard. Roy
  23. Geldeston Lock - Repair

    http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/river-waveney-trust-announces-15-000-project-to-save-lock-from-collapsing-1-5103663 Some good news Griff
  24. Wanted: Tardis

    Set dressing G? Moi? Ah Lotus Blossom, I'd been having some fun with my two new nokogiri or Japanese saws. I became a convert last year, as they are so much easier to use one handed, although it took a while to get the 'knack than western style saws. I had been using a Ryouba multi purpose saw by Irwin Marples I'd bought from Screwfix. This saw has two cutting edges, one side is a rip saw and the other side is a cross cut saw. It worked well apart from one problem. The saw blade is detachable from the handle so that the blade can be changed. All well and good except for the button that releases the blade being positioned exactly under my thumb when I grip the handle. The result being I'm left holding the handle flat on my backside and the blade stuck in the lumber making a delightful 'doinnnnggggg' noise. So I upped my game and invested in two kataba saws which have teeth just down one edge. One being a rip saw the other a cross cut saw. The blades for these are also changeable but fit into the handle in a traditional manner clamped between two sprung jaws. Oh boy! Sharp, fast and reasonably accurate for a bloke using his duff hand. As an experiment, and because I couldn't be bothered dragging out the table saw just after I'd cleared the workshop, I made the new shelves etc by hand. I ripped the lumber to width using the kataba leaving myself a 2mm edge that needed cleaning up with the plane. I chose to use the number 5 plane, because I nicked the edge on the blade of the number 4 earlier. I discovered this week that sawing and planing require practice...still I managed to get a flat straight edge on the lumber!
  25. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Pretty darned certain it is, bless him!
  26. Sleep Apnoea

    I just assumed the bit about the inverter consuming 400W all the time is incorrect. If that was true then it would draw about 34A all the time from the battery and it would be permanently flat. If the inverter is actually doing that, then you urgently need a new one. I would consider any device drawing high current like that to be a serious fire risk. A Scouting friend of mine has one of those machines and takes it to camp with him. He powers it from a lithium ion battery which needs charging every few days. Nigel
  27. Where Do I Wish I Was Now?

    You're in someone else's bed and don't want to be there?
  28. Sleep Apnoea

    I run mine on a special battery when on the boat, charging it up on the car socket during the day when the boat is on the go. Has worked well for the last two years, taking it again for two weeks this year. You can also charge it during stops ashore in pubs etc.
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