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  2. PM on its way.
  3. Looks like the Broads Authority are taking their time in sorting the issue of the toll out but now that they have sight of the Insurance Certificate and providing it gives the cover they require then I guess that they will be in a position to cash the cheque and issue the toll.
  4. Hello Wyndham welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
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  6. Great write up. I always enjoy reading other people's experience of the Broads. We almost had a close encounter with a tree similar to yours on the only occasion we have gone into Black Horse Broad ... we were going in but someone else decided that they were definitely coming out of the gates first!!
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  8. Lovely blog and great video! The weather was horrendous on the Tuesday!
  9. I didn't have any issues with getting around the bed posts but I will say it's not easy to stand next to the bed given the narrow width and bow-shaped floor. It still beats a side-on bed though in my view and it was very comfy.
  10. Yes I remember her! I was also looking for one when we bought our Birchwood 25 but couldn't find any reasonable price/condition.
  11. A whitewash. Lost all four. However after a lapse of over 20 years it was a start.
  12. Hinges now have short pins at each end about 30mm of pin at each end, these will be replaced when the longer piano wire hinge pins arrive. the good part of this is that for every challenge this model throws at me I am managing to find solutions.
  13. Don't blame the otters Clive, You'll catch hell for that. Otters are wonderful creatures that make friends with all other wildlife, give money to charity and adopt refugee children. Can't say a word against them.
  14. With my design, we can do "Touch and go" and collect and drop crew members without securing the boat to the quay heading. We only need a gap of 6'10" between moored boats to do this. There is also a flag staff dropped into one of the uprights, that acts as a hand hold. Not shown on this earlier picture.
  15. Strange you should mention Ronan Point. It was occupied up to 1986 when it was forensically demolished rather than use explosives. There were a lot of interested "experts" who wanted to see how the tower had fared during its existence who were shocked at how bad some of the joints were and how badly corroded they were. With the benefit of hindsight the same experts reckon that if the tower hadn't been demolished in 1986, the storms of 1987 would have done the job!!!! Food for thought.
  16. Visited Horstead Mill again this morning after a few days doing other things like fishing and due to the dull weather had a small light with the camera which seems to work quite well, but you can be the judge of that. But what is surprising is how the fish have changed, gone are most of the Dace which predominated along with many of the Perch, which is presumably due to anglers introducing maggots in other parts of the pool. We are then left mainly with the Roach which definitely prefer a grain based diet which is why the bigger quality Roach are usually tempted by Tares, Hemp or Sweetcorn. Here Watch
  17. Think you'll find he's normally there until 8.00!
  18. Yes I felt very honoured to see one a couple of weeks ago. It was between St Benets and the Thurne. Initially flying above the reed bed and then crossed the river just ahead of the boat. Very windy and it was struggling a bit having landed in the reeds at the edge it was told in no uncertain terms that the flock of greylags did not welcome it and took off again. Made my day
  19. Of course, Frank. Sorry but I forgot that you have so far to travel!
  20. An online tide table is showing springs for today. Wonder if that will have any bearing on things since low tide isn't due at PH until after 9am? Perhaps all is not lost?
  21. Last week
  22. They behaved all weekend. But it was not as hot as it had been earlier in the week. Still plenty of summer to go still - I hope
  23. I am glad to hear that you all liked the pictures. Regarding the Dutch House (formerly known as The Walnuts), photographs 328 to 336 are taken in the garden. Well, OK, one of them is of a Tiger Moth flying overhead but that was taken from the garden. There is some history of the house on this page I was a volunteer helping load people onto the ferries which ran between the various gardens but I was not involved in the publicity of the event. It was very widely publicised and I had it on the Ludham Archive website. The event takes place every two years so I guess the next one will be in June 2019. If I hear a definite date, I will let you know. There will be a post event meeting but this has not happened yet. As for posting on forums, I have been a member of this forum since the very early days but I only post stuff if I think it is interesting or helpful. Best wishes Nigel (sunny Ludham)
  24. An excellent one on the Old Yarmouth road North Walsham, with a good cafe to boot.. Meales also has an excellent cafe. We have bought really good fruit trees from Salhouse, they know their fruit tree stuff they do.
  25. If you think about it. Boat canopies are still made from the materials tents used to be made from years ago for all the reasons above. When very small and up for an adventure I remember sleeping in a ridge tent in the garden made from heavy duty canvas where you could roll up the sides and stuff like that. Over it was a much thinnner fly sheet made of waterproof materials. Colours were khaki for the fly sheet and Khaki for the tent and orange for the end pieces where you put all the baggage.. Yes it was surplus, all the equipment for it used to fit into an old Army kit bag and the primus was kept in a metal cylinder and everything else was in a wooden box that used to at one point hold two mortar shells. That's what happens when your dad was of the wartime generation. He had a reserved occupation (toolmaker) for four years then they let him join the signals where he served in the far east and India. He spent quite some time as military courier and his stories of travelling the whole length of India and what he had in his Bren gun Ammo pouches are controversial these days but nothing too special in that time. Honest provost marshal would I lie. M
  26. This weeks vlog is how to make delicious Gratin Dauphinois ...
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