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  2. Shower Pump Recomendations

    Seaflo sump type complete with submersible bilge type pump and float switch. Had one on my narrowboats for years and found it very reliable, quiet and fully automatic as the float switch does all the work for you. About 55 quid if I recall correctly. Hope this helps Trev
  3. First Mooring, Where?

    If it's your first time on the broads, I would maybe consider giving Yarmouth a miss. By all means vist Yarmouth , but it's always an option to moor up river and take public transport , Acle, Stracey arms , Potter Heigham . The rivers are less harsh that way , and Yarmouth is let's say " unique " it's also a challenge boating wise for a novice. Dont want to put you off, I've had many a good night there , but it's not really the broads , in a relaxing idyllic way. Good luck, it's a wonderful holiday, and if you pick the right places you will come back for sure, ......then tackle Yarmouth and Breydon.!!
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  5. Share Boat

    Sorry to hear that Andrew. Good luck in finding someone once again.
  6. First Post

    And from me! A big welcome! Helen
  7. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    not a million miles from me then, as Canterbury is only a 15 - 20 minute drive from Dover.
  8. If I remember correctly BSS examiners did not take into account any gaps in canopys etc. Any ventilation had to be permanently installed with recognised vents.
  9. Wanted: Tardis

    I remembers years ago I bought a penknife in Fowey, I have forgotten the price, but it was extra for the box of plasters, I guess we never learn. Regards Alan
  10. Sleep Apnoea

    Thanks everybody for your replies. I will look into all suggestions. Hadn't thought of TheQ's idea of the 12v to 24v step up converter - will do some research on that one. Roy
  11. Broad Ambition - The Model

    one last tiny detail that caught my attention, the pin for the mast, as it was just a pin bent at the end, I was worried about taking it out and losing it, so a new pin has been made up, with the end bent round to form an eye, then attached to the mast support with some of the blue 'rope' that I have, the model will be travelling in bridge traversing mode, ie screens and mast down, the old pin has been stored in the bilges just in case as a spare.
  12. About Planning And Temporary Structures.

    If it has a mooring ....buy a boat to store it on.
  13. Rescue At Ludham

    We didn't get many banana boats in Felixstowe but U. S. Lines and Medite box boats often carried pax - usually rich Americans of a certain age. It was great fun piling them into the works car for a trip to town so they could experience the English pub experience. They also loved having a Customs stamp in their passports rather than boring old Immigration.
  14. Tv Licence

    BBC------- Probably the most listened to and watched broadcaster in the World. Relied upon to get it right most of the time and prepared to challenge even our own government. Got a bit too right wing recently but no doubt it will balance things out eventually. Compared to £18 a month to watch Premier League football, it is excellent value.
  15. Italian Tomato Sauce Cooking On The Corsican Part 26

    This week I show you guy's how to make the most delicious Italian Tomato Sauce , I always say it but here we go , you must try this one it is just the dogs you know what so go on let me know how you get on guy's ...
  16. 2018 Charity Art Trail

    So from the GoGoGorillas and last year the GoGoDragon, next year will be the turn of GoGoHare. The GoGoDragon's were brilliant from the smaller ones from the school children to the individual design's, so Norwich Trail 2018 is GoGoHare. The EDP are giving out details of designing a GoGoHare. Regards Marina
  17. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    I am plagued with cats - 4 to be precise, always wanting feeding, and one sits on the sky box and randomly changes the channel
  18. Griff

    Andrew - You are welcome mate Griff
  19. Ok guys! We have a small but beautiful group attending at Salhouse Broad on the Bank Holiday Weekend, and it will be fun. But! 'What about the rest of us?' I hear you cry...well I don't but .... Therefore I thought we might transfer the Gracie's Shoes competition to the Forum rather than Salhouse. Here is my plan.... Members decorate and submit photographic evidence of a shoe, or shoes that should be A) highly original B) Gracie/Louboutin appetising. C) NBN/Broads/Boating relevant maybe with practical second applications? Forum guidelines apply so play nice! Please submit pics on this thread. Closing date Sept 1st judges' decision final. There could be a prize........
  20. We own an ex-Richardson's 1967 Bermuda (had various names but its last incarnation was 'Corfu') and it is still going strong. The GRP is fine. I know it is a bathtub but it is very user friendly bathtub, and it was what we could afford at the time. Plus we can fit a large parrot cage in it which was an essential requirement!
  21. Where Do I Wish I Was Now?

    If you were here now you probably would wish to be in the Med. It started to Bucket down about 3.00am and has not stopped. So hard it woke me in the night. Lovely photo, captured the reflections beautifully.
  22. For Arthur Ransome Fans

    Tomorrow evening I will be attending the Norwich Players production of Arthur Ransomes Swallows and Amazons at the maddermarket in Norwich:- http://maddermarket.co.uk/production/view/395 I hope to give you a good report on the production
  23. The "c" Word

    Try working at a printers, it's been Christmas since around late March....
  24. Yesterday
  25. Geldeston Lock - Repair

    http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/river-waveney-trust-announces-15-000-project-to-save-lock-from-collapsing-1-5103663 Some good news Griff
  26. The Copper Smokehouse Oulton Broad

    This link on Faceache should give the menu the right way round.
  27. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    Ah ha! Wondered why you'd moved !
  28. That's why we love our Sheerline. Gary and all the staff, from reception onwards, are always helpful and nothing seems too much trouble.
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