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  2. New Member

    Hello, good evening and welcome as the one and only David Frost used to say. Plenty of knowledgeable folk on here if you need any info. Hope you enjoy the Broads, where are you bringing your boat from?
  3. Boats Far From Home

    The above was another hire boat from Aston Boats. Originally Aston Mars.
  4. Today
  5. Yorkshire Pudding

    Both, as I remember things.
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Thought I would post this here being as it is Robins archive. Yesterday I was in Brundall with some time to spare so walked round to Robins boat to say hello and introduce myself. Always wanted to meet him having watched all the blogs and learnt so much from them. Well I tell you, a nicer person you couldn't hope to meet. Despite me just wanting to say hello he welcomed me aboard and then gave a guided tour of Indy. Just a real genuine welcoming person, and I thank you. Something else, his blogs just don't do justice to the size and internal quality of the vessel. It just has such a luxurious and warm feel that can't be described. You know some hire boats look better in the pictures, his boat is the opposite.
  7. You can have anything you want, Steve. You post as SteveO and that would do fine.
  8. Swing Bridges

    Railway bridges are a lot more complicated than that.
  9. Broad Ambition - The Model

    I thought that Norfolk natives were the ones characterised by the phrase "Gimme six"!
  10. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Hi Lind, I second what Jean said. Holiday tales are just about the best bits of the forum. I love reading them. Not only do they (slightly) compensate for not being on the Broads yourself but (as I think Jean once commented) there are lots of good hints to be picked up (just as we find on your’s and NN’s blogs). Completely agree with you about the fridges on a lot of boats! I’ve got a list of ‘must haves’ (since its usually me that chooses our boat...my Graham’s usual response to any question about our holiday plans being ‘as long as I’m with you love’). The list starts with: must get under bridges, must have room for the dog’s crate and some mewhere near the top of the list...a decent sized fridge! Helen
  11. I have a number of other items but will put them up in the spring when I have had a chance to "Test" them like my 2009 waveline round stern inflatable. It only has been used four times but I need to be certain that the rodents have not had a nibble!!!
  12. Old Broads Boats

    "Not changed much" is an understatement I think. Its fascinating to see old pictures of views that have remained the same. The pub exterior must have been painted a few times but I don't think the colour's changed at all.
  13. Emma Chambers

    God bless her she was lovely.
  14. The Six Nations

    perhaps the americans should take up football - I for one would love to see 22 millionaires kick around a bag of wind, but best I dont say any more as it might be thought political if I went further. https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/264355/in-what-english-speaking-communities-does-trump-refer-to-the-breaking-of-wind
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