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  2. Hello.

    You should be able to get a nice boat for your budget, don't be afraid to look above your price range, as advertised and actual sale prices are often further apart than you might think.
  3. Tri Icicle Race 22nd Oct 2017

    They're off!!!! The first start was 10:30, 7 starts over 50 minutes. Reduced numbers due to the weather. Course Horning, The Bure at oby dyke,. Thurne mill, Horning Most cruisers heavily reefed..
  4. Tolls - Speechless

    That looks very nice, but not really suited to the broads as you say. What have you got now and is it as comfy to live on as the NB?
  5. yes - a vent to that gas locker would be underwater.
  6. Today
  7. A Sad Tale Of A Beloved Dog

    Happy endings, love them. Thanks for sharing Griff
  8. Smacking Children Scotish Law

    My dad never use to smack us, he use to give us a look and if that wasn’t enough, he had a walking cane down the side of his chair and the coffee table got a whack, while saying it’ll be your a**e next it never was, but that was enough for us to stop whatever we were doing we all knew dad would never hit us but we had that fear of what if children these days don’t have that fear they answer back, swear I was brought up to respect elders, sadly those days have long gone and I believe is half the problems society has today
  9. So You Want To Live Afloat?

    How interesting Ricardo, I would love to hear more, unlike Neil I am nosy lol. I understand that spending your life on the rivers is totally different to the odd week or two but in my little world it is a dream to live afloat, failing that a little riverside shack with a mooring would do Perhaps this thread could be dedicated to your life afloat, I for one would love to know more and read of your adventures Grace
  10. Breydon Water Closed To Hire Boats

    I've just seen a post on Twitter to say that Breydon Water is closed to hire craft today. Question is, if I hadn't chanced to look at Twitter would I have known? Just curious.
  11. That Went Well :)

    The great news was that everybody enjoyed it. Les spent most of the last day scouring the hire websites for "next time" and we have a week booked already for May. I also have instructions from SWMBO to book a short break before then just for us two :)
  12. Yesterday
  13. Ring Of Light 1969 Cine Film

    Thanks Carol, enjoyed that very much. Nice to see decent airdraft at PHB, just how I remembered it as a young lad when you could sometimes take a small dinghy through the side arches. Oh for a return to the days when the lower Bure was constantly dredged by grab buckets either side of the river. Also good to see so many proper boats afloat both Stinky's and Rag-n-Sticks, none of your tupperware in them days. Griff
  14. Hi There

    Hi & welcome
  15. Big Changes Ahead

  16. 45 Mph Winds Predicted.. Advice Please

    I have just been out too - quite breezy and gusty but nothing exceptional. Plenty of sheltered places even around Wroxham - all the Salhouse moorings offered plenty of shelter for people out and whilst yards are reasonably busy, I doubt they are all fully booked out from the look of it.
  17. Hurricane

    Shows how sad I am, blowing a howling hooligan and just starting to rain again. Have just dug out the Champions box set, quite dated by today's standard - but good fun for all that. Sue
  18. Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Mind you after a while them as does gets tired of 'doesing'. As Griff says that is the way of syndicates. There are: Them as does Them as can't Them as don't and Them as won't Sue
  19. Spring Gathering May 2018

    Hoping to be there on a Boat of some sort or another may be fri-sun or sat-sun will post when booked Dave&April
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