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  2. Joking apart, am still a bit mystified by all this. If prosecutions are pending, and the boats were seized at the NYS, why has this still not appeared in the EDP? And why were day boats from the WRC seen going through Brundall up to Norwich at 6.20PM? Either they were not day boats, or they had been hired for more than a day. Or did the hirers simply intend to abandon them when they got to Norwich? I have seen that done on the Thames before now. The only thing against that theory is that I doubt if they could have got to the WRC unless they came by car. All a bit weird.
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  4. I have seen multi meters with a polarity reverse switch on them. Basically swaps the neg and live over within the meter. Very confusing if you have it in the wrong position!!!
  5. The Cambridge roundabout! That certainly brought back some memories as I spent a lot of time around Southgate, Wood Green and Muswell Hill in my youth. Never drove round there though as I didn't learn until I was living in Essex. When we first moved to Chelmsford I used to try to find any alternative ways to get somewhere without having to go round the Army and Navy!! Doesn't sound as if you will have any such fears Robin. And Norfolk should be a piece of cake after London.
  6. And long may it continue to!
  7. Certainly do Griff! Helen
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  9. That explains Monsieur Maurice Mynah then! I thought it was summat tantric!
  10. That's not a ship! Its a bl**dy big raft with a pile of tins!
  11. Try brooms shop on eBay.... they have both Burgees for sale.. or better still buy one of our NBN Burgees ....
  12. Yes the air draft could be a problem especially on the north, I think the Elegance was 8' with everything folded down. Although we stayed south the two times we had it. I know we had to get Somerleyton Bridge to open one time (luckily it was operational) All that said though it was alovely boat and was a doddle to moor with it having bow and stern thrusters. I'd happily hire one again in the future but we keep trying different boats Decicions indeed............ but good ones to have to make
  13. You are kidding me? i spoke to Broads control at 1 pm and they told me both bridges were operational again. So I was happy Then one breaks? this is beyond a joke!!!
  14. tonight a plank is glued, no shaping, no steaming, one more to go after this.
  15. Still a bargain!
  16. Thank you Jonzo-sorry if it has caused you a problem Boycee
  17. I have just cooked some Roys' "Top Quality Pork Sausages" £6.25 per kilo and £1.25 per pack of four. I am a bit of a connoisseur of a decent banger and was quite impressed by the flavour, quality and spicing of this product. There was very little fat exuded into the pan from the sausages and the texture was great.
  18. Dunno about hot but I had hailstones as big as peas in Wroxham this morning. I was having a post breakfast nap and when it woke me I thought somebody was throwing stones at the boat.
  19. Guys / Gals if you want to maintain a lower temperature. DONT OPEN THE WINDOWS...... If the air outside in the shade 6 ft off the ground is 30 degrees then the sunny air coming in your windows will be a darn sight warmer. Do what the swiss and Germans do they either have shutters or blinds or curtains which they close during the hot sunny periods during the day. Our house here is a confortable 5-6 degrees lower inside than the air outside. We either shut the shutters if we have them or curtains on those rooms we don't have shutters closed. As soon as you open the windows you lose immediately. Don't forget the feeling of moving air being cooler is just an artefact caused by the properties of water i.e Sweat. evaporating from the skin using heat from the skin to vaporise and disappear. In high humidity places this doesn't work of course. The temperature must be over 84 before we (humans) start having active cooling issues as that's the accomodation temperature where your body has to start using energy to cool down. Which is why A&E and high dependency wards and neonatal units are all at that temp or warmer. Most important for everyone is to stay out of direct sunlight when it's this hot and drink loads to maintain hydration. The elderly don't always know they are dehydrated and can suffer sun stroke or heat prostration very quickly. I have 34 degrees outside and ceiling fan going in my office, external blinds down and windows shut. Still warm but cooler than my colleagues who like their windows open. I must admit that at home the 30 mm tripple glazing does help quite a bit. I'm just glad we don't have to pay for it as we rent the house. Owning a woodie also means I'm quite pleased not to be floating in this heat.
  20. Thanks for that, i'll give wroxham angling a ring.
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