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  2. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I think you may find a wet and dry vacuum cleaner will be a good investment if you are going to keep this up Robin.
  3. The Peer Review Of The BA

    I read it and it took me back to when we used be ISO9001 registered, load of box ticking and way with words that looked good to the inspectors but said nothing of merit. Basically just another job for the boys. Regards Alan
  4. Fishing Rights Question

    Mark , what I meant was " Rules still apply " with still and enclosed waters having their own ,......
  5. An Early 1950's Broadland Christmas.

    Cracking read
  6. Today
  7. Stalham Wet Shed

    Ah I remember driving my VW variant in those winters, rear engine - rear wheel drive, went to a pub meet cross country over the wye downs, got to the top, and was flagged down by an astonished tractor driver and asked how i got up the hill- no problem I replied, he then told me they had been cut off for several days as even the landrovers with 4wd couldnt get up the hill - only tractors until I got there. getting down was fun as with all the weight at the back there was no steering on the front until you dabbed the brakes to break through the snow with the front tyres. I think it was the good old slow revving 2.4 litre air cooled lump that did it, in third at tickover you could feel the cylinders firing at every lamppost
  8. The Service At St Pauls

    The Service is taking place at present,at St Paul' s Remembering those sadly lost in that dark and sad sad night which also affected so many others. Lets hope something like this does not happen again.My thoughts go out to all those at Grenfell Tower.
  9. Hire Boat Update.

    Puts a whole new meaning to "THE NEW CUT"
  10. Christmas Quiz

    Should be a fun evening
  11. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Hi LuLu, I'm sure that you can make or respond to 19 posts in next to no time. One liners are good!
  12. Simpsons Boat Services

    Griff is correct. Gavin is the new custodian of Zephyr with Cesar and Max the lab. His handle here is thasarummun and we look forward to seeing Zephyr out and about after some TLC from Phil and the boys. After the sale of the boatyard Phil stayed and is the General Manager there and silll doing a great job. Gavin will soon get used to everyone knowing what Zephyr is doing..LOL The price of fame ....he he... only kidding, although a shock at first it is incredibly nice that folks take such an interest and in a community like this one you're never far from a friendly bit of advice or even practical help. We consider everyone here to be friends we just haven't met yet. Martin / Fiona and Boris and Monty the airedales
  13. Dear All Please find attached the ABP Notice to Mariners No. 36 regarding planned wreck salvage operations in Lowestoft Inner Harbour area. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 www.broads-authority.gov.uk LOWESTOFT INNER HARBOUR – WRECK REMOVAL - AISHA – FURTHER INFORMATION Mariners and Port Users are advised that from 18th December 2017 removal of the sunken vessel ‘Welsh Conquest (Ex Aisha)’, in position 52° 28.60’N, 001° 43.225’E, (alongside Harbour Road Jetty), will commence. During the removal operation, the ‘Aase Madsen’ (35 m x 8.5 m) will be positioned alongside the wreck, obstructing the north side of the channel. The channel width will be reduced to approximately 20 metres adjacent to it. The Aase Madsen will be appropriately lit if in this position during hours of darkness. The yellow special mark buoy, displaying a light Fl Y 5s, moored immediately south of the wreck in position 52° 28.595’N, 001° 43.230’E will be removed whilst work is being carried out. All vessels are requested to afford the operation as much room as possible, and pass at slow speed. A floating containment boom will be in position around the Aase Madsen and the wreck, which should contain the escape of any pollutants resulting from the operation. Mariners are however requested to be alert to the potential for floating debris in the vicinity of the wreck. Please report any such debris to Port Control, VHF Ch14. The salvage operation is expected to take approximately 3 to 4 days. Notice will be provided once operations are completed. This notice supersedes NTM No.27 which is hereby cancelled. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch14, or Tel. 01502 572286, if further information is required. Harbour Master 13th December 2017
  14. Ice On The Ant

    It is that bit where the tree cover disappears where the cut through between Stalham Dyke and Sutton Dyke is, that goes first. A few times I have left Broadsedge only to have to turn back there even if I can see open water beyond. Gays also is an early freezer.
  15. Just Posted The Cards

  16. Yesterday
  17. So we'll have ours by the Friday deadline for our long-distance delivery, will we?
  18. Flipping Larch!

    That’s a relief I can have a day off to decorate the Christmas tree lol. Actually spent the afternoon making the next batch of ribs now I have the timber. Doug.
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