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  2. Noooo currently in Thöreshaus, Canton of Bern, Switzerland looking at the mountains and smelling like cow poo. Oh the mountains. Did I mention, the Eiger, the Jungfrau, Finsteraarhorn (down which all our water flows) via the Aare. Glacial melt water is blue by the way, it doesn't look green at all. Most peculiar first time you see it. I will get Fiona to post a picture for you. You have the broads I have the Alps. M
  3. Today
  4. Broads01

    A Bite To Eat

    I've never been to Kens but I recently found out they do gluten-free fish and chips so I'm planning to try it. As I suffer from the coeliac condition I have to have gluten-free but fish and chips is quite a rarity.
  5. Yep I can confirm that's the case
  6. Broads01

    Boats Far From Home

    Spotted just now in a very summery Bristol.
  7. Malanka

    What Would You Pay Extra Tolls For?

    Thanks Guys I'm not totally bonkers as the lady from Coventry is leased, and the new Lexus is also leased. Having said that did I mention we need new cabin tops and electrics for the top of Malanka at the end of the season. No sun kissed beaches in the Maldives this spring. I daren't tot up using invoices, spreadsheets or anything else. We have a simple criterion, if we can currently afford it we do it. Our family motto through premature deaths and near death experiences is simple. LIFE IS TOO SHORT Live it to the fullest. M
  8. grendel

    Forum Update

    we are currently working on the tapatalk problem
  9. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    In the mean time I've just had a look at the tides. This year the predicted Low tide is around 10:00 at Horning, so the First start at 11:00 one hour and later will be into the tide. The last boats start an hour and a half later, they will be into full tide against them. Lets hope there is a good wind or it could be real struggle for the slow / later boats. However if you can make Thurne mouth by say 15: 00 I can see a lot of boats going up with the last of the tide to Hickling then back down with the tide. Judging whether you do none, one or two of the short legs first will I think be key again this year.
  10. Gretzky

    Electric Hook Up

    Our old solar panel had a little blue blinking light when it was charging. Upon arriving at the boat one evening (dark) the wife said "the solar panel is broken", I ask why, and she said the little light is not blinking, I replired its dark, and her reply "yes I know but the solar panel isnt working....."
  11. Wussername

    Boat Security

    Looks jolly good to me. As close to a "confirmed" intruder alarm you are going to get. Andrew
  12. Bound2Please

    Fair Regent - Easter 2018

    Omeprazole here 20mg twice a day, and camera down throat yearly as osprogus (can never spell it and neither can spell checker) is red raw from all the heart drugs i take. But I too certainly know if i miss one dose
  13. Vaughan

    A Test Of The BSS Test

    These things used to be called jam-jar filters because the were made from actual jam jars. These were banned because of the risk of shattering in the heat of a fire, but they were allowed if they had a special jar, made from Pyrex. Not sure if this is still the rule but it certainly was. You can buy clear decanting filters which will pass the standard. Best to ask the examiner.
  14. TheQ

    Roadworks Affecting The Broads 2018

    The roads works in Wroxham have switched side of the road, and the chicane has disappeared. The evidence from the work they have done so far is, it's a raised section of pavement with bumpy slabs for buses to stop at... I expect the work to last another coule more days. For added fun on Horning Road West, at the junction with Tunstead road there is another set of road works. causing traffic to back up to the railway bridge and the Stalham road.
  15. Vaughan

    Enamel Pin Badges

    I'll swap you the Hearts Cruisers pennant for a Hearts Cruisers teapot, for Broad Ambition.
  16. Yesterday
  17. KaptinKev

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    I must admit if it was in June, I would like to meet some of the inmates in here and experience restoration of a boat. I do have some holiday expected in June, so if my talents that are somewhat limited in boat restoration might be needed and you aren't a Tardis away from Ipswich, I might be able to help.
  18. Londonlad1985

    Malanka Tales

    Just caught up with this thread! Really enjoying it! Thanks for sharing.
  19. grendel

    A New Week in May

    no, I can see them, but not open them, they may have been corrupted in a forum move, sorry.
  20. Aristotle

    Kenmure The Continuing Restoration

    I apologise for the delay in posting the next instalment – this is largely for two reasons: Firstly, we’ve been hit by a spell of good weather so my attentions have been diverted elsewhere; secondly, this instalment is mainly photos, and choosing the right pictures is a lot harder than just writing about them! Anyway –here we go: Cox’s work So just to recap – the work to be undertaken by Cox’s was the elimination of anything rotten (keel, planking, frames) new bent oak ribs, cove line etc. I’ve already described work on the new keel so the next photo shows the stripped out interior before work started: The next photo shows new ribs and two new laminated frames: Actually this picture is a bit out of sequence because it was taken after the starboard planking was completed. After addressing the framing and the keel, next came planking: The majority of the existing planking appeared to be larch but we decided on mahogany because (as Polly has posted) getting hold of good quality larch in quantity is difficult at best and at this stage it was a guess as to exactly how much would be required; Cox’s buy their seasoned mahogany in bulk as complete sawn trees and so have an almost inexhaustible supply at a very good price! I should mention that Cox’s will sell timber as well as using it: http://coxsboatyard.co.uk/top-quality-timber-sale/ And now various shots of the planking in progress. The plan is that the seams above the waterline will be epoxied and those below the waterline will be sikaflexed (as seems to be the fashion nowadays). The following photos cover a period from March 2017 to April 2018. By the end of this sequence the upper planking has been epoxied, the lower planking sikaflexed and the whole given a first sanding down before a second application of epoxy to deal with any remaining blemishes! Coming next – something rotten in that state of the deck and starting work on the interior ….
  21. imtamping2

    And Our Survey Says

    Does that mean they will be re loading the sofa on Carol Ann...........
  22. ranworthbreeze

    Potential Stoppages 17th & 18th April

    Dear All Urgent Boating News - Potter Heigham old bridge is now open to river traffic following the diving operation this morning. Kind regards Laura Milner
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