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  2. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    I even have my mother primed and waiting ready to 'listen with Mother'
  3. Still In Shorts

    on my accident the steel toecap took the brunt of the impact, it did inflict some damage and chipped the bone on my big toe, but even totectors when they saw the boot, said that without I would have severely injured the foot.
  4. Where's Timbo?

    Get well soon!
  5. Today
  6. Changes At Hoseasons?

    I think this is the thing with the 'agencies' such as Hoseasons etc, they have access to marketing knowledge, budget and clout that an independent yard might not have. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising are quite tricky things to master if you don't know what you're doing, and can be very costly if you get them wrong. Granted with Hoseasons you are sharing the marketplace with several other yards, but the market itself is much more visible, ergo larger. Beds On Board was something I was going to mention as well, a great idea, but the uptake has been pretty small, so it's actually quite tricky to find one where you want one.
  7. Sunrise/ Sunset

    Absolutely - but read the post as it continues to get darker in the morning for a bit The evenings however, by tomorrow will get no darker and indeed by Sunday will be a minute longer. All to do with the tilt I suspect!!
  8. Dear All Please find attached the ABP Notice to Mariners No. 35 regarding depths in Lowestoft NE approach channel. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 www.broads-authority.gov.uk NOTICE TO MARINERS APPROACHES TO LOWESTOFT – MAIN APPROACH CHANNEL DEPTHS Mariners & port users are advised that a recent post dredge survey of Lowestoft main approach channel, NE of the Harbour entrance, shows an improvement in channel depths. With the exception of a small area of slightly shallower water at the extreme Western side of the approach channel, (as indicated by the attached chart extract), minimum depth over the sand bar area is now 4.7m below ACD. Full survey charts can be obtained from Lowestoft Harbour Master if required. Please ensure that appropriate and current information is used when calculating minimum under keel clearance requirements in this area, taking into account effects of sea and swell, and vessel squat. Lowestoft Harbour Authority will continue to monitor depths in this area and notify of changes as required. Local NTM No.30 is hereby cancelled. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch14, or Tel. 01502 572286, if further information is required. Harbour Master 11th December 2017
  9. Ellie Smells!

    Here's part two of Ellie's Guide to Chanel Fragrances this Christmas. \ Get the better half one of these ones for Christmas and you are guaranteed to get permission to join the crew on Lad's Week! Someone asked where we filmed and were shocked to discover it was my living room. "What? It's all clean and white! Where's all the sawdust and beagle hair then?" I overheard and saw two of our neighbours do a really good Les Dawson impression the other day. "What's going on in there?" asked one as they saw the studio lights flick on. "They are making 'films'!" "What sort of films?" asked the other over the garden fence. "Well, I've heard they are 'films'" said the first folding her arms and whispering.
  10. Sanderson's yard in the 80s from a scanned photograph. At least two of the Sandpipers are in origornal condition (the two on the left) with the others in their various remodernised conditions. A Sanderling can also be seen. On a historic note Sandersons are the last boatyard to fly the Blakes flag.
  11. Ahhh but which bit of Martham. Doug.
  12. Flipping Larch!

    As ever, it's the thwart that counts.
  13. Hire Boat Update.

    Lets start putting the heads back up at the head end, attach a dump through throne on the bowthruster tunnel, bombs away, thrust to port and discharge turbert puree to starboard whist keeping two cheeks firmly to the seat for the high speed botty wash!
  14. Heart Interface Inverter

    Siddy I was thinking it could be on there, along with others that are there, so any one in the future buying a boat, with this equipment on it and no manual, can simply download it. Charlie
  15. What is your boat called B?
  16. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    That antifoul will be the right one if you do take the ground then Robin. Thanks fir the update, really interesting.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Ba's Latest Dredging Trial Cut Short!!

    Not to worry, too long on the river has sapped my sense of humour. Always struck me that FC and BA got along quite easily, in comparison to other organisations anyway. There was whispers 6-7 years ago about mandatory cutting 3m's back from the edge along the entire system. Unfortunately I'd suspect that going through an MP might be tricky, it'd be hit or miss as to if they were part of the same old boys club. But something has got to be done, I hear so much from people who work there, things that work make toll payers blood boil.
  19. Dear All Urgent Boating News - Contractor Work at Ranworth Moorings in February 2018 The Authority have arranged for contractors to work on sections of the Ranworth moorings in February 2018 for approximately 1 month with a planned completion date of Thursday 1 March 2018. They will be refurbishing the western side of the main mooring which will need to be closed off for a couple of weeks. They will also be completing the piling on the western separate section on the other side of the Dinghy Dyke which will also be closed for approximately 2 weeks. Half of the available moorings will remain open at any one time and there will be access to at least one electric point. Please note that the other 3 electric points may need to be closed during works in those areas. Timescales may alter if the water levels restrict work, however all work should be completed before Easter. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 www.broads-authority.gov.uk
  20. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Bit like that here in Beccles Grace White stuff coming down but not settling (yet)
  21. Boundary Farm Replacement Moorings

    You're exactly right, and it happens all the time. Take the clam bucket fiasco, someone in the office decided they wanted one for no obvious reason, went out and bought one without consulting anyone or any of the excavator literature regarding lifting capacities, subsequently to find out the excavator could barely lift it. Waste of 4 or 5 grand. Best of luck to them, landing small equipment in dense woodland is difficult enough, what you really need is some men with chainsaws to make a clearing.....
  22. Broadland Grebe

    Getting back to the thread (sorry!), great pics, Socrates, please keep at it, and keep us updated. I just couldn't face all that rotten wood, and I've tremendous admiration for all those of you who happily take on the restoration of those boats, in the sure knowledge it will take a) forever and b) shed loads of dosh and c) blood, sweat and tears along the way. I salute you all. Not forgetting Grendel, who has taken it upon himself to build TWO model wooden boats from scratch, using the same building methods as the real thing, where practical.
  23. Dumplings Cooking On The Corsicon Part 36

    Geoffrey makes sure you keep yourself cozy and warm in this weather.
  24. My Day

    No snow No high winds. What we've had is light winds, mostly drizzle, light rain, but it has been continuous, wet... So Sunday being sailing day, I was off down to the club. Weather as above, wind direction south Easterly, later Easterly, zero to maybe 15 mph. Due to the unusual wind direction, buoy 1 was placed well down river at the first bend down river from the club past the New Inn, we brought 2 half way back to the club outside the New Inn, buoy 3 outside the club and buoy 4 at the first corner up river from the club. The start line was heavily inclined so it was a long way from the inside of the bend on the far side of the river.. Race 1, 1P, 3P, 4P We decided to start at the club end of the line and reached there unchallenged. One boat was behind us, and one still in the dyke which, as we were going the opposite way to normal was behind the line. We started first, but the boat which was in the dyke was close behind and the third boat close behind them. The wind meant it as a long tack on port, short tack on starboard after a couple of tacks boat 2 got a lift and was able to sail along the bank for longer whereas we had tacked earlier. When we came back from the other bank they were on starboard so we had to give way. A couple of tacks later and they were clear ahead. We were down to second, we were about 60 ft behind when we rounded buoy 1. Up spinnakers, Genoa's in. The other boat wandered off course during this and nearly hit the bank. They chose to sail on the right to middle of the course, we chose the left as it had more wind and less of the outgoing tide. We quickly drew alongside and they moved across the river to cover us. We each took several turns to lead, but when we reached buoy 3, they were alongside, we had the inside rounding the buoy. We dropped our spinnaker and sailed on under Genoa, they tacked their spinnaker. We drew ahead but when the wind came right for them they caught us, just then the wind came more ahead they were forced to drop the spinnaker and while they were doing that we drew well ahead. For the rest of that lap we drew further ahead, and kept that for the rest of the race. Race 2 and 3 didn't happen for us, our competitors got too soggy and gave up. The dinghies did do one more race during which one dinghy hit a tree, broke it's mast and capsized. Our rescue boats raced off to fish him out of the river, but by the time they got there he was sitting on the upturned hull. Apologies to a motor boat called Dilligaf moored on Horning staithe, which the wash from the rescue boats caused to rock and roll. After putting the boats away, a cup of soup and cheese rolls it was time to paddle my way home. Several places on the way home had puddles right across the river.. Then it was time for ., A long hot bath....
  25. Last week
  26. Broad Ambition - The Model

    tonight while rummaging through some bits, I found the original bow badge I made many years back, it might be a little small though, another I found that I made from plastic card (in the background).
  27. Will Car Owner Beat Toll Demand?

    Probably. They'll just have to create a new category. It's been known.
  28. Large Load

    You mean to say his back order of Noel Edmunds jumpers has come through? Thank god, those back street market towns of London have a lot to answer for.
  29. Polly, So Much Older Than I Thought!

    Look closely, a picture of Polly ready to go through the lock at Oulton Broad, 19th century would you believe!!
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