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  1. Past hour
  2. garryn

    River Bure Dredging To Start 24th April

    I think you are correct but it could mean they will start 300m upstream of the swan and then do sections between the swan and cockshoot
  3. Today
  4. CheshireCat

    Scotch Broth Soup Cooking On The Corsican Part 44

    Ok good people the vlogs will now be every two weeks as i am to busy to do one a week .
  5. TheQ

    Trev and Bob,s boating blog in pictures

    That looks like a danforth Anchor on the bank, I wonder why?
  6. MauriceMynah

    Overstaying On 24 Hour Moorings

    In fairness it's not the BA I'm questioning it's the "trial by forum", but I'm doing it by posing open questions rather than direct questioning. I find that to be less confrontational and as a result more constructive. I am also mindful that I suspect the owner of the craft may well be a member here and perhaps on the other forums also.
  7. TheQ

    Broadshaven Tavern

    It Looks like the Broadshaven / Norada is now open, according the the other place and the outside has gone all black. Bet that will warm the place up in the sun. I feel a trip to La Thems coming up for SWMBO...
  8. Paul

    Countryfile Sunday 22nd April

    I'm glad I'm not alone in that opinion. CF has gone downhill in recent years.
  9. TheQ

    Roadworks Affecting The Broads 2018

    The Road works on Horning road west in Hoveton have been cleared, Unfortunately the road works near the Florists in Wroxham are still in the way. No sheep were involved with these traffic jams...
  10. Wildfuzz

    Robins Platter

    Table oiled and awaiting fitting in a couple of weeks.
  11. C.Ricko

    Morning Flight 1990

    i remember him well. even after he retired from manager he stayed and repaired the walkway all along the mooring..
  12. Yesterday
  13. JanetAnne

    Old Broads Boats

    There's nowt wrong with an outside loo
  14. Simon

    1 Week Today

    Just thought i would update this thread as we've had a great first weekend on the broads. Already met loads of friendly people whilst out an about. Our boat Castaway arrived friday afternoon, brought over by Paul from Chillout Solutions.

    Boats Far From Home

    We often go to Kent to see my family and friends (i came from Gravesend / Northfleet before moving to Dorset when Karen and i got together) and well up on the Mudway having moored Mistral at Upnor for a number of years. But many many years ago, a good friend of my fathers restored a boat at Allington Lock, so i know the upper Mudway well. So if you`re worried about her not getting enough use, i`l willingly volunteer to rectify the situation?.......................
  16. grendel

    Big Bang

    no just this silly fool getting it wrong, another few times and I will be applying for your spot as forum idiot.
  17. FairTmiddlin

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Also tested on Android Tablet on 4.4.2 logged in stayed in and posted
  18. HEM

    Twisted Baggy Bloomers!

    I have been a life-member of the Broads Society for most of my err - life... At least going back to the 1970s. I've even been known to write an article for their magazine. 710 as of September 2017.
  19. Last week
  20. Due to a problem with Tapatalk and the recent forum upgrade we have had to temporarily suspend the tapatalk service and the android app. Tapatalk are working on a fix, which we will implement as soon as it is available to get the service back up and running. Apologies for the inconvenience, normal service will be resumed as soon as we can
  21. vanessan

    Boat Security

    I’m afraid biscuits wouldn’t be in their mouths long enough to melt!
  22. Bound2Please

    Forum Update

    Just refreshed the browser still not showing but going to browse ive found this and 5 or 6 others that are unread
  23. emmrecs

    Boats Above Their Station.

    We actually began our latest Broads "adventure" on April 2, Easter Monday, from Richardsons Stalham, so heard about the "problem" of boats requiring extra human "ballast" in order to pass under Wroxham Bridge, from the yard staff. One phrase used by one of the reception staff to help explain the problem was that there was a "6 inch difference in water height between the two sides of the bridge". I'll admit this sounded somewhat fanciful, but looking carefully again at the picture at the start of this thread I think you can see what is, effectively, the "waterfall" under the bridge.
  24. Chelsea14Ian

    Three Apaches

    Perhaps Harry can take her for a Birthday spin
  25. Ricardo

    Broadland Grebe

    Got to admit its a bit of a challenge as quite a bit of the existing sides just kinda fell off when being removed , angles have all to be perfect so the runner and wheels line up hence quite a bit of measuring went on prior to removal , the biggest shock was the 4 mm ply over laying the original ply which wants replacing at some stage but is pretty solid really , never use far eastern ply on a boat , the original is birch ply and has been there nearly 50 yrs the other stuff on top probably a tenth of that and glass clothed . When I had my narrow boat built the builder was using MDF for certain details and as soon as I got to realise that he got told put that on my boat and I won't accept it , solid ash or I'll not even bother to consider a deposit for a build slot , done things should be no where near boats , far Eastern ply and MDF at just 2 . Money pit ? All boats are that , say marine n the price doubles .
  26. Nowt! Other than highlighting what a pain in the posterior rail infrastructure is in this area, although the victoria road track is the Ipswich line not the same line as the swing bridges that brought about this thread but the article talks about the economic effects to the area that I was refering to and the swing bridges are part of that I think. Rail disruption to other vehicles be it boat or road is low priorty it taking Network Rail almost 2 years to implement changes to signalling which supposedly means OBN barriers dont close for so long (allthough I cant really see much difference) MPs had to get involved to get them to address that issue with some enthusiasm.
  27. Jayfire

    Mandarin Ducks.

    I think you mean that post on Facebook to which this picture relates Vaughan
  28. SteveO

    British Steel Pension

    British Steel or British Steal?
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