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  2. Nbn Quiz Night

    Don't know where you got 1 and a half from wyndham you scored 3. The lowest score was 2 and it was not you.
  3. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Sorry and i admit that this is being a bit of a PIA but should it not be available to hirers who ask for a risk assessment of what they are about to hire?
  4. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    You have hit the nail on the head, Simon! It is not the fear of a blanket ban on navigation, that the Sandford principle threatens. It is the gradual closure of the smaller navigations on the grounds of "preservation" or "conservation" of wildlife, fauna, little snails, or whatever. Catfield staithe is a present example. We are nowadays only using about a third of the navigations which used to exist in Norfolk and Suffolk in the 1800s in the heyday of the wherries. We don't want to lose any more of them, just to political manoeuvring!
  5. The customer requested it Ma'am . John said he wanted blue when asked.i just follow orders lol
  6. Today
  7. Hi, If this is not appropriate please remove, but I know wet shed moorings are rare. We have a couple available from the end of March at our yard in Beccles. Each Bay is approximately 40 feet by 14 feet, the cost is £2850 per annum including VAT. Would suit a classic wooden or wooden top boat. Contact details at www.hippersons.co.uk Thanks, Simon
  8. Swing Bridges

    Any oil on the bridge will be flushed into the river and the operators that "hosed" the bridge would be liable for prosecution by the EA/BA for knowingly contaminating the river. In the case of rain water, who can the EA/BA hold responsible?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Robins Platter

    Oh wow, the platter is lovely, I’m sure it will be a brilliant addition to Indy. Am also loving the combined wood/resin- they are simply stunning
  11. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Ps ‘hers’ reviews are a brill idea- I love it! For me, the loos and a lack of any detectable smell are absolutely make or break- very closely followed by whether there is a decent wine rack (don’t want bottles going askew when other boats pass a tad quickly), suitable glassware ( thimbles on small stems are NOT wine glasses!) and an icebox for the gin and ice in summer. Not an unreasonable list in my view....perhaps Sheila could consider these areas for her contribution to Captains blogs He who thinks he is captain (!) is holding his head in his hands currently- apparently he’d not fully appreciated why I like the lovely lady we are currently responsible adults for, and that it’s not intrinsically linked to her engine/prop/handling... hmm...I knew there was an engine but the rest? I’m still reeling from the fact there don’t appear to be brakes
  12. My Day

    FT. up to £900 depending on scale/quality. If anyone wants a display model, you buy the kit and I will make it FOC. This is a kit I adapted to a replica of Zimbi IV. And the real one
  13. Sourcing Fabric

    I suspect they may send over a sample. If not as I say give me a shout and I can get one sent over :)
  14. Are You Average?

    This is one time I'm glad to be below average, hardly ever text, prefer to call. When I first got a mobile it was only switched on when I needed to make a call, didn't want to be contacted by anyone, anytime. That said, now I wouldn't be without mine, phones became smart, well they're mini computers really. In one little device we have a camera, music player, internet radio, tv, sat nav. Damn useful things.
  15. Shoals Of Herring

    Think I'll stay on dry land thank you after watching that. Oh boy did they have a hard life. Shame some of them dont have the same experience today, well lets face it they wouldnt last a day, be off to the solicitors to shout ' I ve been abused'. What do they call these people ' snowflakes' speaking of which I hope you have your shovels ready.
  16. Bridge Indicator Maintenance

    for instance have you spotted a lot of the marthams cruisers are only 9 foot wide compared to the standard, starting as they do from the wrong side of 'that' bridge- one of the reasons I hired jayne for the spring meet, means I can cruise above the bridge on the days after the meet.
  17. Broads Hotel

    The EDp has changed It's story, and Included drawings... http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/expansion-plans-at-roys-of-wroxham-to-include-cafe-restaurant-plus-more-car-parking-spaces-approved-by-north-norfolk-councillors-1-5404980
  18. Mooring Technique

    In the Med, that's nearly how we do it. Nearly all marinas are stern on so we drop the anchor, keep that line tight as we motor back ready to pick up the lazy lines for the stern. Believe me the cross winds are quite something but the bow is steady and from personal experience at eccles, that is how I do it.
  19. Last week
  20. Late To The Party

    Better late than never.....
  21. Haven't come across that recently, thank goodness. I think the police had a crackdown. We quite often had mounted police clip-clopping through our neighbourhood, though I haven't spotted any within the last year or so. A bit different from the usual bobby on the beat! Helen
  22. Top Marks To Bailey & Stone

    I recommend them too excellent people to deal with and fairly priced
  23. Horning Boat Show

    Thank you paws
  24. Broads Toll

    I think that you'll get a wee bit more in the Spring one, Bill. It's going to be the largest we've ever had!
  25. Birthday Trip

    Grace, this one is just for you Man says to God: "God, why did you make woman so beautiful?" God says: "So you would love her." Man says: "But God, why did you make her so dumb?" God says: "So she would love you" Lind xx
  26. Recycling

    I have had contractors offer me two prices, one being with me disposing of subsequent waste and a higher price for the contractor doing the disposing. I suspect that the likes of NCC are well aware of this and consider it in their policy making. Fly tipping will only increase.
  27. Where Is This

    Explain the size difference.......I'm puzzled.......
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