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  2. Great Canal Journeys

    It's official - 29th October. http://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/fynygx/great-canal-journeys--series-8-episode-1/
  3. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    Yes please! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Menu From Early 1970’s

    That’s really interesting. I’ve heard it said that a rough rule of thumb is that prices double about every ten years. On those prices that works out about right doesn’t it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hydric

    Being a bit deaf myself, I can see how Andrew gets Hydric from listening to conversations about hydraulic systems.
  6. Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    Not really Trev as you are only winding up someone that can actually see it (and probably you) and can take you to task over it rather than some knob that hides behind a monitor and ip address peeing folk off just for kicks, not many trolls would say anything to your face.
  7. Spring Meet, Or Gathering May 2018

    Retired---john & Bern--Fri/Sat/Sun
  8. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    There’s a woman who pretty much every morning drives into the village hall car park where I live (the car park has about 40 spaces, most of them unoccupied at 7.30 in the morning) in her brand new Audi Allroad thing (what a combo, Audi AND 4x4) with her 3 private school attending offspring, however rather than park in a space, she parks right in the entrance so her beloved offspring don’t have to walk more than 3 yards to the minibus, therefore turning the usual 2 lane entrance into a one lane entrance, making it pretty dangerous for anyone trying to get into our out of the car park onto the main road, including aforementioned school minibus. For the last week ive been taking pictures of her doing this, if she doesn’t ask me why I’m doing it soon I’m going to send them to the local council and her children’s school...
  9. Yesterday
  10. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    That could well have been so, under normal circumstances a Jewel does indeed produce more wash than 'B.A' at any given speed but 'B.A' was towing a dinghy all week (One of H.W's finest) which exaggerates her stern wave. The other point is that we were all cruising in close company and at the same speed. The privateer made no mention of the wash to Bro' just their speed Griff
  11. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Looking good there. Griff
  12. Roast Potato's Cooking On The Corsican Part 32

    Sounds good enough for me!
  13. Lords

  14. Wanted: Tardis

    I even have my big pillar drill on wheels, though I dont really plan on moving it a lot.
  15. Why ever not? In the years I spent out east, it was the only thing the locals ever used! I mean your proper locals cooking on a fire in a galvy bucket in a back alley. Best curry I've ever tasted!
  16. And Now For Something Really Serious

    I always love it when the england team get knocked out of all the tournaments ( not that i watch the dross) bless 'em. Still, they can always go and buy a ferrari or two or to drown their sorrows. What was the stupid song ? 30 years of suffering or summat ? About 50 years plus now ha ha .
  17. Not a good idea, just because you have a tank to spare and want to use it. It would need a filler pipe going to an outside deck fitting and electrically bonded. A vent pipe coming out above the level of the filler and protected by a gauze flame trap. Feed pipe to the engine would be a fixed installation routed away from other hazards. All these pipes will need to be of approved materials and fixings. Not sure that a sight glass type fuel gauge would be permitted either. That's just a few I can think of, off the top of my head. As Dilligaf says, best to read the BSS first.
  18. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    if it was opened up to boat access, how many boats would have sufficient length of rope for the mudweight.
  19. Check Your Spuds!

    I wouldn't be seen dead in Lidl without my crown jewels!!
  20. Tri Icicle Race 22nd Oct 2017

    It doesn't look good for our big race the next morning... http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/weather/weather-warning-for-norfolk-and-waveney-1-5241815
  21. Sad Story And Lost Of Id

    Sorry Alan but that's the last thing I'd do. Never confirm your address to anybody who might be a scammer, and Never give any indication (like returning letters opened or not) to anyone who might profit from learning that it's a live address.
  22. Water Water Everywhere???

    The marina have just allocated me a different mooring in deeper water, and I have just been down to move onto it. Irronically, the water was as high as it was low yesterday. One extreme to another. But at least I am not so worried about potential underwater damage now.
  23. Edwina, She Say . . . . . . . .

    You have to laugh at the above, sadly most of it is true. It is so must better to laugh rather than shake your fist in anger or cry at the injustice of it all. Regards Alan
  24. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    Couldn't agree more .... Patsy certainly knew how to run a successful pub.
  25. Unusual Sign

    A picture would help but even better if you could give a rough location, postcode possibly? If we could get even a rough idea of the location it might help. But don't worry wouldn't dream of trying to compromise your security especially with recent goings on.
  26. Help Curing A Childhood Psychosis

    That’s the one I remember watching it in the early 70’s..... it was the talk of the playground the next day. I was very disappointed many years later when I watched a film of the same name especially for the knitting needle scene only to find it was the older film from the 1930’s
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