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    Sadly true. I believe the Mayor recently tried to introduce a jaywalking law but was unsuccessful. If you have ever tried to make your way along the pavement in Oxford Street at Christmas you would realise that if pedestrians were confined to pavements London would grind to a halt. The West End is one big pedestrianised area with permitted vehicles - but you get used to it.
  3. Big Changes Ahead

    One thing I would do and yiu probably did it anyway is attach a notice to the ignition keys regarding the sea cocks status , its very easy to forget and ruin the impellers + the possible future problems cause by the bits that leave go for a new life in the cooling system , as for engine belt's yes if they have been in the same position for a long while then they are prone to breaking so a change is best , sea chest , most likely a stuck float switch they do need cleaning quite often iv found and the longer your hair the worse it is not that that should bother you its just from my experiences
  4. Community Speed Watch

    In London its Lorry drivers, bus drivers, pedestrians etc who get the blame never the cyclist, they have their own bit of road yet still jump lights and ride on pavements but that's another story. Fred
  5. Community Speed Watch

    Heres one for you......a large proportion of cars from say the last 20 years or so have ABS fitted(the proportion going up as we get closer to present day) but how many people have experience of it and know how to correctly utilise it without panicking? You see when most ABS systems activate there is a strong pulsing felt at the pedal which can in some cases lead drivers to panic and take their foot off again. Also people who passed their test pre-ABS will likley have been taught to cadence brake, where you apply the hard then release if they lock then re-apply and so on.. with ABS you should stamp on the pedal and hold it, the car will do the cadence bit for you whilst you try steer around whatever you may be about to hit.... When I get a new car I usually find a quiet road and have a play to see how it reacts to sudden fierce braking so I have a feel for it should an emergency happen.
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  7. Community Speed Watch

    Perhaps the answer is to allow drink driving ..... that should keep most drunken pedestrians off the the roads!!!
  8. Community Speed Watch

    Who would be blamed if they got bowled over? I'd say the motorist, for careless driving, speeding, dangerous, driving or driving without due care and attention, certainly not the said pedestrian on the dog n bone, not looking brfore jumping out in the road. I would also love to know the figures for cyclist (pedal that is) who are fatalities, as in the average week I see at least half a dozen, that are lucky to be alive the way they ride, no if you take into account just reckless riding it jumps into many dozens. None of said incidents I am mentioning here are down to drivers exceeding the speed limit. Why is it that cyclists at fault always stick two fingers up at the faultless driver, having caused the driver to brake hard to avoid hitting them. End of rant Charlie
  9. Community Speed Watch

    I wonder what percentage of those pedestrians would have been over the limit to be behind the wheel of a car?
  10. Community Speed Watch

    Interesting stuff. I guess it’s more about the consequence of speeding (greater injuries) than who’s to blame. Similar point on motorbikes I’d say. Whilst I completely accept most bike accidents are not the fault of the biker in most cases I think the biker could have avoided the accident (I’ve been a biker for longer than I care to remember and I think I survive by assuming everyone is trying to kill me [emoji57]) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Community Speed Watch

    Ah! Good advice from instructors, there's another thread we can wander off to. I learnt in 1968, with a good old Eastender, who didn't mince his words. We were travelling along a twisty back road over Ilford way, when he slammed the brakes on (dual control), and calmly said, "Can you effing see round effing corners?". When I said, "No", he replied, "Well, effing stop driving like you effing can, then". Down to basics, shall we say, but he's probably saved me from plenty of accidents over the years, with loads of advice I've never forgotten. Difficult to forget actually, when it's bellowed in your ear from 2 feet away!
  12. Community Speed Watch

    I agree. I’m not trying to argue I should be allowed to speed. Just using that example of why the speed limits should be treated as guidance. I wouldn’t argue that any more than I’d try to argue that driving past a school bus that’s unloading at 29 mph is ok because I’m under the speed limit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Community Speed Watch

    My car does 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds. 99% of my overtakes are completed with the pedal no where near the floor. The Ford system appeals in that it helps you to keep your eye on the road and not constantly on the dashboard speedo. I remember when learning to drive, my father telling me, you need to drive for the other cars around you. Advice that has always stuck with me.
  14. Community Speed Watch

    Just a quick addition. I've just driven down the high street of my small town. We've had road works for the past four weeks. Today the road reopened. The road was closed to put in another pelican crossing for access to the new Lidl store just built. So in 880 yards we now have five crossings...and this morning not a single one of them was being used by pedestrians who were all crossing the road between the crossing points threading their way between the traffic, most of them talking on a mobile phone.
  15. Community Speed Watch

    I looked up the figures...you all know I'm going to do that at some point by now , I was quite amazed at exactly how many fatalities in accidents were caused by the pedestrian. From news reports and safety propaganda I had, wrongly, assumed car drivers to be the main problem. As it turns out fifty-four percent of pedestrian fatalities were a result of the pedestrian failing to look, a further twenty-five percent were a result of the pedestrian being reckless, careless or in a hurry. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit accounts for five percent of accidents although accounts for fifteen percent of fatalities. So...yes speed increases the likelihood of a pedestrian being killed, but is not the highest contributing factor to fatalities...that's down to pedestrians not taking responsibility for their own safety. The cost of road accidents in this country, taking into account human costs awarded for pain, grief, suffering, missed work, damage to vehicles and infrastructure is approximately £16 billion. We spend a further £20 billion on education, prevention and unreported accidents. That's £36 billion in total. So who do we target? Drivers or pedestrians. Let's start targetting where the problem actually lays. Do we go for the 79% of fatalities, caused by the pedestrian, or the 5% caused by speeding? I'd say both but target that legislation, education and spending appropriately to the actual causes?
  16. Community Speed Watch

    I think you are maybe misinterpreting many comments, I don't think anyone has defended speeding for its own sake, yes there are some instances where speed is the primary cause of an accident and nobody would defend the recklessness involved in those instances, there are many many more instances where speed is secondary or not involved you only have to look at official statistics to confirm this, there are also instances where the trigger for poor driving is someone driving at an inappropriately slow speed on dual carriageways and motorways, the point is the constant emphasis on speed has detracted from proper policing of driving standards. There is also a case to be made for a more joined up approach to speed limits than the blanket approach that currently takes very little account of various road types and conditions, you only have to look at the numbers of convictions and the cross section of people involved to realise that the majority of so called speeders and their offences are not criminals or irresponsible people just the likes of you and I going about their every day lives and that is only the ones that are caught, as has been said many times cameras and people pointing guns does nothing to prevent or catch dangerous or reckless driving they just create a great deal of animosity towards authority and the backhanded tax systems becoming all to prevalent these days, if you really want to make local roads safer then get on the backs of local councils to sort out pot holes etc a far greater problem to all road users now days especially with the bad weather approaching. Fred
  17. Community Speed Watch

    There is little point in discussing "Speed kills" in any great depth as it is a slogan, nothing more, nothing less. It is designed purely to give an awareness of the issue of speeding. Whilst I can agree with many of JohnK's points I would remind him that lines have to be drawn somewhere and that those lines are for all drivers alike. It cannot be thought a good enough defense in court to say "Yes, technically I was speeding, but I'm a better driver than most."
  18. Community Speed Watch

    I firmly believe speed limits are guidance. There are times where I don’t consider it appropriate to travel at or near the speed limit, a 50 in a built up area perhaps, so I don’t. Conversely at the end of a speed limit when you’ve passed the last house and can clearly see there is nobody there is it dangerous to accelerate out of the speed limit zone? I’d also make the point that a well trained driver with fast reactions in a well maintained vehicle travelling at slightly over the speed limit is much, much safer than an inexperienced driver or a driver with slow reactions or a driver with borderline eyesight or a badly maintained car travelling just below the speed limit. I like Clarkson’s view on the subject. If speed kills why do only a very small proportion of serious accidents happen on the fastest roads? It’s inappropriate speed that kills. Not speed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I am on the Broads the week after during half term. Would have liked to come.
  20. Community Speed Watch

    Norfolk is getting rid of all 150 PCSOs, closing 7 police stations and replacing them with 81 real policemen and 16 office staff. Seemingly the cost to the police of a proper police constable or a PCSO is only about a couple of hundred pounds different at around £43000 per year each. Much of the difference in numbers will be made by withdrawing PCSOs from secondary schools..
  21. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    My sun glasses helping people to moor in Neatishead a few years ago. Off subject but funny.When our first boat was delivered to us.The chap said he delivered to a couple a boat on n one of the Greek island went out for a trial at sea.one of the throw the mud weight over board (which was not tied on).Asked if he would get it back! Ian
  22. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    After feeling very pleased with myself for executing a perfect stern on mooring at a packed Wroxham public staith with a nasty crosswind I strode masterfully up to the bow in front of my appreciative audience, picked up the mud weight and with a mighty heave cast it gracefully into the river, then remembered just to late I had forgotten to loop the rope around the front cleat after coiling it And it wasn't floating rope At least I gave everyone a good laugh
  23. Community Speed Watch

    I did imply, and I do believe that speeding up to avoid an incident is an unusual situation, but it does exist (no examples given as they only lead to arguments) If this means breaking the speed limit for a short while, so be it... hell, no, I shall give a recent example. When looking in my mirror I could see a fast approaching ambulance. I was doing 40 in a 40 limit. I accelerated to get to a bus-stop layby and pulled in allowing the ambulance to pass without hindrance to it or anybody else. I knew the road well, knew the bus-stop was there and I probably hit just over 50mph for a few seconds. Was that dangerous driving?
  24. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    Managed to get my wife and big dog into a hired canoe at Beccles. Dog somewhat reluctantly. Then I tried to get aboard, dog (all 45 kilos of him) jumped up to greet me, and I took the plunge, dropping camera, car keys and wallet into the water as I went under. All eventually recovered by the bloke hiring out the canoes with a net on a pole, and the camera still works today, 10 years on! Wife still refers to it as my ‘Beccles Bath’.
  25. Big Changes Ahead

    Good start Robin and keep up the good work. Re the diesel tanks, somewhere you will have some drain cocks on each tank, these will be situated right at the bottom of the tanks below the level of the fuel take off cocks for the engines etc. With mild steel tanks you always get some settling of water in the bottom and this usually turns into the mess that you describe in the separators. Given that the boat has been stood a while and thete has been the possibility of condensation over the winter months, particularly if the tanks have not been absolutely full, this is quite normal. Personally i drain water off my tanks twice per year and you could be surprised at the yuk that comes out of them. This does not necessarily mean that you have a bug of any sort, just cruddy watery tank bottoms. Put a sawn off 5 litre water bottle under the tank drain cocks, slowly open them up and you may be surprised what comes out. Keep doing this until the fuel runs clean and clear. Highly recommend doing this before anything is run up again just for peace of mind. It is also possible to get this residue analysed to tell you if there are any nasties in the fuel too. An experienced eye can often tell. To the inexperienced eye it can look horrendous and send you into a panic as it really can look horrid but is actually quite normal given how long she has been stood. Hope this helps, good luck with the working weekend. cheers Trev
  26. Big Changes Ahead

    Well having had a Curry and watched film I duly nodded off on the sofa and now ind myself listening to Classical music looking out over a still Marina, but notice some fishing boats are getting set to go for their flood lights are blazing and around the query in the distance a great deal of activity is going on - or maybe they have returned and are unloading, Today seemed to go so quickly but I managed to get some more things done and discover some other things too. Firstly was a walk to Force 4 Chandlers I walked in and found myself to be the only customer, but my god it is easy to get carried away in these shops with so much to see and inspire you to find more ways to part with money. But what I ended up with was far from glamorous. A bucket, deck wash brush, boat wash, Teak wash, and water tank purifying solution and £64 worse off it was back to the boat. Lovely bright day, but here I ran into my first issue, draining a thousand liters of water through a tap takes a long, a very long time but while doing this I was alarmed that the bilge pumps became active. All was stopped to investigate. All showers and sinks apart from the galley, drain into two 'sea chests'. These are large containers to which the pips lead to, and a large bilge pump then pumps out the contains. However, i can only presume there had got some air lock in the system somehow for the bilge pump was running but not emptying the chest, it then overfilled into the bilge and about 100 liters of water mixed with crud and produced the most awful mix of dirty water and what a whiff. I had the floor up in the after cabin and reached down to force the sea chest pumps float switch down and cut it out - a sudden glug of bubbles, i let go and it pumped the water out just fine and has continued to work fine all day since. Once the water gauge had reached empty there was still so much water left in the tank and pups and hot water tank I gave up in the end and put the sanitizing liquid in and ran it through the system then left it in the pipes to do its thing. I then went back out to the local Post Office to collect my Amazon orders. Back on the boat and time to begin changing the Halogen bulbs for LEDs. Sadly two fitments in the sun deck will not release. I think I need some kind of large tool to grip the fitment to unscrew but the rest of the lighting is now so much better - same light output, same colour temperature but just 4w not 20w per light and no heat. Then it was time to investigate the engine room and sort the sea cocks out - two of them had screws put in that prevented the sea cock from closing can you believe, this sorted I held my breath would the sea cocks move or be seized? Well they all moved and smoothly too. So now both engines, the generator and air conditioning sea cocks are all closed. I feel a little safer now leaving the boat. Next up, I don't want to go through a complete drain down winterise - anti-freeze etc when the boat will be moved for works and in February next year likely be making her move to Norfolk. I therefore closed the engine room air baffles with the handles located in the saloon, these are used in the event of a fire to stop oxygen feeding flames. But in so doing the engine room is now much less cold with no thru draft. I have no gas on the boat, and am not running any engines and indeed have no diesel heating either and while I have a battery charger in the engine room the sheer volume of air there is not liley to cause an issue should a battery gas - in short I am not worried about closing the air baffles. This has meant the large tube heater will be very effectively at keeping the engines, hot water tank and so on frost free - i will drain the domestic water pipes upon departure - what I want to order is a socket that accepts a SIM card and will text me if there has been a power outage in the Marina, or I can text it to get reports like temperature in engine room, turn it on or off remotely etc so I will be confident as I can be that this set up will keep the boat safe when I am not on board her. But I did find some issues - the fuel tanks, there fine but there also painted mild steel - not stainless nor GRP or Aluminum. If they ever begin to leak, I will be the first too run screaming for the cost and work to sort that would be horrendous. It seems the centre tank is isolated from the system, this alone is 90 gallons and I am not sure if it has fuel in it or not, but the point of all this is the fuel filter bowls which were lovely and clear, since running up her engines last weekend, I see now have sediment on the turbine blades and the port one especially seems pretty murky with stuff. Not all clear and red for sure - so I do need to get a firm in to sort this out, pump down the tanks, filter the fuel, clean the tanks and fuel system, put the fuel back in and treat with a bio-side to kill off any diesel bug . This is essential as the risks of a break down caused by clogged fuel filters is great and one i am not willing to take. I am not happy about the domestic eater system, it is highly complicated with two accumulator tanks at differing psi settings - one for the cold water inlet, the other for the hot water side. I have been looking at, and may get a new system - a variable speed pump and do away with the need for the other complexities of the system. These pumps bascially give you a smooth flow of water if tap is on just a bit, but ramp up the more you open the tap and while they do indeed run all the time you demand water, there is no pulsing, Generator, Kubota based engine last serviced in 2009 and not run much since, Needs a coolant flush, oil change, filters and impeller - possible too new belts - engine belts not frayed or too slack, but not pristine so am considering having these changed this way things like this become known's - not unknowns. I know it has been done and when it has been done and can then keep an eye on things and not have as much to worry about down the road waiting for something to happen or break and then me react to it. Well, that is today's update..
  27. Community Speed Watch

    Road Safety Week 20th-26th November. Lots of emergency service awareness events are happening throughout the country. I urge you all to seek them out and take note. Some people really need the education, I am trying to remain civil. Cheers
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