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  2. I think Peter's post above is very much on the nail. We disagree sometimes, Peter and I about the fine detail, but on the basics we are very much "singing from the same hymn sheet". OK, behind the sofa I go, but the Broads is to all intents and purposes a National Park. I say that with a degree of trepidation, as I was hounded out of a "different place" for making that same statement. It is a "Member of the National Parks family and enjoys the name "National Park" and many of the privileges and protections that it affords. It can be marketed as a National Park and visitors will find much of the infrastructure that they expect from a NP. But there are a few very important differences which are enshrined in the Broads Bill, which Peter and a number of other intrepid campaigners fought to ensure continued before it was enacted into law. Why does it matter? Well, if full NP status was afforded it would be easier for the Executive to restrict navigation in favour of conservation, in fact full NP status might almost oblige them to do so. Of course, there are two sides to the argument. Naturalist organisations such as the RSPB (and others) would very much like to see that happen. Those who enjoy boating would not. There has to be a balance and IMHO it's about right as it is. Whether it is the intention of the Executive to seek to further limit navigation I do not know, but I would not like them to have the authority to do so, further than that which they already have. Is it the intention of the Authority, and especially it's CEO to continue to push for full NP status? You would have to ask him. I have my opinions but I think I will keep them to myself.
  3. Sapele In Norfolk Approx 4 Metres

    Try Alan at Sabena, he repaired our rubbing strake some time ago, he did a good job.
  4. Also, what is the mechanism? It needs legislation. There’s going to be quite a lot of that to take up Parliament’s time in the next few years. A private members bill? Staggeringly unlikely. Michael Gove? Mad as a box of frogs so perhaps the most likely. But can you imagine the opposition if this was a possibility? Every broads business. Every boater. The vast majority of people who live here. It’s not going to happen.
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  6. Broad Ambition - The Model

    The second top rail is laminated together.
  7. Buying A Boat (again!)

    Even though I'm not in the market for a boat at the moment it is so interesting to read how other people get on and the advice given. Please do keep sharing with us. :)
  8. Sapele In Norfolk Approx 4 Metres

    I will give him a shout........ Thank you
  9. Sapele In Norfolk Approx 4 Metres

    Hi Alan , I know what your saying ....I should have said there is a bend in this section and it will be easier to install in one length, thanks for the input
  10. Sapele In Norfolk Approx 4 Metres

    Tim Collins Wroxham.
  11. Sapele In Norfolk Approx 4 Metres

    Hi imtamping2, Just do a single mitre cut on the length of the rubbing strake, you would have a perfect joint when you fit it and it would be easier to transport. Regard Alan
  12. Ok..... got to the boat to discover I have lost about 4 metres of rubbing strake. The piece in question is just over 4 Metres so wont fit in my car (I live 300 miles away). So any info on a local supplier / price would be appreciated ....... size 4000 mm x 20 x 90( or 100 if easier) bullnose or pencil round I don't mind carrying it on the roof rack for a few miles but not 300. I am on the Southern Broads. Thanks
  13. Buying A Boat (again!)

    As others have said from an original wish list there are always the compromises. For us the base essentials were centre or rear cockpit, beds that could be made and left in a separate cabins i.e. not open plan, a fully folding soft top and a diesel engine with shaft drive. After some looking around this led us to a length requirement of 26 to 35 feet depending on layout. We eventually found a Seamaster 30 that ticked all boxes but it was sold. Knowing that our ‘dream boat' was something of a rarity both in Norfolk and further afield we eventually settled on a smaller rear cockpit narrower beam boat. This was Ok and we liked the boat especially the shallow draft, and low air draft however Swmbo’s mobility dramatically worsened and because the narrow beam made the boat quite ‘tippy’ getting on and off it became a big problem for her. While we were considering future viability of the boat not one but two Seamaster 30 soft tops came up for sale at the same time. The first we rejected as it had some features that we weren’t too keen on but the other although not in as good condition overall was exactly what we wanted. Due to the rarity (only 6 on the broads) and another person who went on a test drive after us also being very keen there was no real haggling room so we placed a holding deposit pending the boat being lifted for inspection. This revealed a couple of notable faults, one that was easy to fix and one could be put off for a while. We did try to get a price reduction on the basis of the faults found but the seller wouldn’t budge by much so rather than loose the boat we paid up. The first fault was sorted out by myself and we made and continue to make a yearly budget for all the other things that were either required or niceties’ that we wanted. We have now had the boat 8 years and it still serves us well, the separate cabins have allowed our younger guests (grandchildren) to have their own space which is a big advantage. So my thoughts are, try not to set your heart on a rare boat unless you are prepared to wait and possibly pay over the odds, don’t settle for a ‘second choice’ unless you have to and think about your possible requirements for the future.
  14. Broad Ambition - The Model

    so under strict moglet supervision, work goes on, the first of the laminated top rails clamped to the former (deck piece) I needed some wedges where the extra material was removed from the deck piece after finishing up oversize. this is a gentle curve, so the parts are just glued straight into the jig, once the glue is dry the pieces will be sanded to thickness and the outer edge of the top rail shaped to the taper required (flat to the top, shaped on the bottom) the section for the bow will first need to be steamed, then glued up.
  15. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    from what Robin said - I assume the problem is with the control module, fingers crossed its a simple fix.
  16. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Believe Robin said that they had a marine electrician onboard. One for him I would think?
  17. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    having seen the various videos dotted around facebook, I see you had a problem with the fly by wire and the port engine gearbox oil pressure, and came back in on the starboard engine only, I was wondering if this was a major show stopper for the trip up channel, or just an easily fixed wiring fault? either way, better found out at this stage than half way up the channel.
  18. Believe me, my livelihood depends on boating, I don't want to see it become a NP, I just don't see how it could happen. If it became a true NP the Sandford principle would apply in its totality. I don't see how anyone could argue, even on larger watercourses, that large scale boating and all the factors that come with it don't conflict with nature. So at the very least all the powered boats would have to go, which realistically just isn't going to happen.
  19. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    And sit under a tree to avoid sea sickness
  20. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    No need for Velcro, just learn how to stow for heavy seas. First of all put kettle in cupboard and close door securely. Secondly drink all beer onboard and dispose of cans. Thirdly lay on sofa in comatose state and let someone else steer.
  21. I joined the group under Mike Hoyland's (rip) chair, so after your time by the sounds of it. I don't know your history there but if you fancy a second stint you can always contact by pm or Duncan.holmes@basgonline.org. We are hoping to take the BASG to the next level and have some really passionate people which should allow us to do so. Regards Duncan
  22. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I’m sure Robin will include the live video in a blog when he has the time to edit the live vides together into something more structured. it looked ideal conditions to check out what the boat was capable of, they may meet seas like that on the way back to the Broads, at least it’s proved she can handle it safely. without trashing the saloon though. I’d bet a roll of Velcro is on his next shopping list?
  23. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    https://m.facebook.com/video_redirect/?src=https%3A%2F%2Fvideo-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net%2Fv%2Ft42.1790-2%2F26988699_1125672900908089_5474247096506777600_n.mp4%3Fefg%3DeyJybHIiOjYyMSwicmxhIjo1MTIsInZlbmNvZGVfdGFnIjoic3ZlX3NkIn0%3D%26oh%3Dba53c9b4f7bfccbe63767cbcc48e50ad%26oe%3D5A64B7C0&source=misc&id=10215251661714931&refid=18&__tn__=FR-R M, This might work, but it might not, sorry I'm not very technical.
  24. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    How do we 'non face bookers' manage to see this video. Is there a way we can have a crafty peek please?
  25. Broads Angler Survey - Your Views Needed

    D.Holmes, I was actually a BASG committee member for a number of years.
  26. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Paint Indy grey and she would be perfect for you. Really enjoying the updates.
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