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  2. Rip For A Wonderful Lady

    John, our heartfelt condolences and a sincere wish for the best for you and yours out of such a tragedy. I watched my father die of spine cancer and held his hand at the end and watched him go. A tragic yet cathartic event I will never forget. You will come through, it does get better and remember your sister in good ways and don't worry that its mawkish to do so it isnt at all. Marvellous people deserve to be remembered in good and funny ways. The northern tradition of a good old booze up to remember some silly stories is a good thing. I never met your sister (i dont think) but if she from the same place as you then that's enough for me. Sound as a pound as they say... Next time you see us stop us, follow us and and we will raise a glass together (or maybe two or three). Might even feed you too.... M&F
  3. Shoes

    heard a great thing on telly last night.... how to confuse a woman...... give her some chocolate shoes.......... eat them or wear them
  4. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Marsh, with respect most of the higher echelon have gained nicknames along the rhond! Grey Beard for Dr Packman for example, terms of endearment don't you know! Nicknames have long been the custom in this neck of the woods, often gained as a nipper and such names often remain for life. Prof. Burgess is an elderly lady, the matriarch of the Authority, albeit manipulated and played by one who is technically her underling, so Granny she is and Granny I suspect she'll stay. There are far less elegant terms out there but they would be undeserved. No disrespect intended. Re the facts, please, PLEASE read Prof. Burgess's letter in the EDP, penned I suspect by Dr Packman, but the facts are clear, a temporary structure does NOT need consent, the official BA dictate as outlined in the EDP says so so who am I to argue that point? No other criteria or conditions mentioned. At the latest planning meeting the yurts were described by one committee member as being flimsy. Well, not being permanent structures then what else was expected? A friend of mine was at the planning committee meeting and apparently rudeness was very much a feature. Clearly the whole debacle is becoming one of farce and absolute silliness, regretful in the extreme, far more worrying than a few tongue in cheek nicknames! In my days on the Nav Com the recipient's clearly used to find their nicknames amusing, indeed maybe those without such monikers were a tad disappointed. In return us lot have long been The Little People, good for the goose being good for the gander!
  5. Shoes

    How can you do "anything" standing up with bedroom wear stilletos. Just askin....
  6. Broad Ambition - The Model

    so pending further sea trials, last night I have been clearing up the workshop - finding places for tools etc. as I had some danish oil left over the bench hooks received a third coat, as did sections of the bench that will be heavily used (next to the vice). Once the power plant on model #1 is performing as required I can fit the power plant to model #2 and progress that model.
  7. Big Changes Ahead

    With regards to your intended mooring which I agree has excellent facilities, I think it is a location where you must have transport. A mile or two walk is not a problem and keeps you fit but it is no fun carrying 15 kilo of shopping or a new microwave if yours turns it's toes up or indeed in rainy mid winter when it is dark at 16.00. Is car parking included in the residential mooring charges?
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  9. Meeting Faceless Forum Members

    Hi all as I will be following Griff on the Ladd's week from 7th October - 14th October 2017 If any of the Norfolk Broads Net Forum Faceless Members are around at that time in that week just pop in to the Pub and have a chat with us all for a pint Two? What ever place we are staying either during the Day or Evening. Andrew Cook
  10. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    I think that is pretty relevant! What we do know is that there are some differences in opinion and before we line up in allegiance order, perhaps we should wait for the facts! If we had waited for the facts at Thorpe Island, we could have saved many many pages of supposition! This is a personal view but I think it somewhat below the standards of this forum to call individuals "names" which could even be a tad derogatory - do we even know that Prof Burgess is one of those hallowed persons everyone on this forum now seems to call her? Very few of you have even met her yet feel it appropriate to call her by other than her proper name? Probably me being sensitive but then I am...!
  11. Security Of Your Equipment.

    I reckon they got the loo because the jerry can was full. Looks like the works are going to last a while though because it looks as if its being plumbed into the mains
  12. Security Of Your Equipment.

    They don't want anyone taking the p***
  13. Security Of Your Equipment.

    More likely to stop it being tipped over, in a previous life I ran a plant hire company, one of the favorite tricks when the loo was on site and occupied was to either tip it over..... or lift it in the air with a teleporter..... of such merry japes as a boy!!!!!!
  14. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    I would agree with Timbo that some of the wording in the letter is direct extracts from planning legisilation What you cannot do with planning is directly compare one permission with another, planning history and any conditions attached to permitted permissions have to be taken into consideration. That is why you need the full information to make a considered comment. Ray
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  16. Big Changes Ahead

    Robin I'd contact CAT and ask for the service reports for this pair. A genny company we used got took over by CAT and as others Co they take a oil samples and send reports as to what's in the oil from trace of metal and coolant. A genny runs at 1500rpm but with little load on them told to run them for a max of 5 minute on a monthly test start. The core glaze up otherwise so running under load/speed prevents this. We've just swapped out a Rolls V8 with under 2000hrs cause it's not worked it's legs off. The upper helm looked like it has 2 CAT engine management screens and could have a history log you check back to see any issues.
  17. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    I'd say 90% BA Planning Department, with a signature penned by the dear lady. I'd be interested to hear Boatingman's opinion, but it reads like a pro forma statement.
  18. Big Changes Ahead

    Cat or Cummins 1900 hrs is nothing they are well above and beyond Volvo
  19. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Well put and I completely agree.
  20. Big Changes Ahead

    1900 hours is nothing for them engines Robin - small marine diesel engines run and serviced will have life expectancy 5 times that much - unless you plan to get out on the salt and give them a regular thrashing then i would have concerns over under use finny
  21. Big Changes Ahead

    Someone mentioned an oil sample and I would strongly recommend this if you go ahead. One of my colleagues at Volvo used to work for CAT and said to check the oil coolers as these are a known weak point. Due to the hours they may have already been replaced. As long as the service history stacks up I would'nt be too concerned over the hours run.
  22. Big Changes Ahead

    But I was looking at boats previously with 715HP D12 Volvos - these seem a little more tame and drink less since you can cruise at say 10 Knts and be comfy - try than is beam sea with a displacement boat at hull speed, very much a rolling affair. Semi-Displacement seemed the better bet as I would not be wanting to be do 24 odd Knts everywhere Engine hours are 1,900 Hrs. She has seen some work for sure, I have seen imagines of her with finish and Italian courtesy flags. But since most Trader owners tend to be of a certain type and prefer the cruising life, they take it slow - thus save fuel and give engines an easier time. The good news is where she ia laying is 'round the corner' from Finning CAT and that is where she has been serviced so being able to get an oil sample sorted or a get some work done is at least close by compared to if she was in Norfolk .
  23. Big Changes Ahead

    6 cylinders... 12. Litres.... at 2300rpm your push out 660hp.... and your be running 2 of them... Big bucks for fuel on them... rather you than me filling the tank on there... I would get the clutches checked on there aswell.. be interesting what the engine hours and what the boats travelling history of long spells of running flat out was... Bloody good engines CATs are but mega expensive if they go pop...personally if it was me I would get a CAT fitter to check them out... Good luck with it Robin...
  24. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    We agree, again! Yes, it does work both ways, I really can't argue with that. If I hang out of my bedroom window, when the leaves are off the trees, with a pair of binoculars I can see the camp site. As the crow flies I suppose that we are a mile and a half apart. I am a bit miffed at the roof on what was the shop but those yurts are pretty inconspicuous in comparison. When I train to Norwich that Authority boat tent, bright white, really does stand out, I hope that for the Broad's sake that not too many boat yards follow the BA's legal but nevertheless poor example. Unlike the boat tent I don't find the yurts visually offensive. By the way, NOT an anti BA comment, I would find that boat tent offensive no matter who had erected it.
  25. How Many Electric Posts?

    Totally agree Alan had the Meter been above the card readers it would be a lot easier , the lower one is a kneeing down job n not funny in the rain , if I remember correctly JP said these issue's were going to be addressed , BTW don't use the 32 amp socket on the post furthest away from Norwich ie nearest the steps at whitlingham country park , its been reported at least 4 times by myself and more than that by others I know and has had an issue since April , last time I looked it was showing -58p and uses a card in a matter of minutes no matter if a load is on it or not so please beware of it . bramerton suffers from the same thing as NYS ie all the posts in one area a bit short sighted really but I guess its down to the cost of armoured cable .
  26. Big Changes Ahead

    There CATS 660HP (3196 is the model) - not to say underneath is a Cummins base going on. Whatever, there bloody big things. Caterpillar-Owners-Manual.pdf
  27. Fuel Tank Recomendations

    I would not say that the plastic tanks built by vetus or tek tanks are rubbish. They are well made and will last a long while. Stainless 316 tanks are also OK but are prone to leaking and cracking at the seams after a time. It depends on the skill of the welder. Most new boats are now fitted with plastic tanks.
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