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    Coltishall Green this morning
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    Here area few from our recent trip to Beccles and beyond.
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    I think a row of cod's eyes down the middle would do the trick.
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    looks to be about 4.2 mph to me.
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    This is just a reminder that Susie and I will be on the water on Swan Romance, from Sunday week, 10th September until the 16th. Plan will be the same as posted above and we look forward to joining up with any members who are around at the time. There will be French wine in abundance, Minervois rouge or rosé! The NBN pennant will be flying, at least until we forget to lower it for Thorpe bridge! We are leaving here tomorrow by camper van and look forward to our holiday!
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    Griff mate I'm sure you mean precise to 0.1 mph as indeed is our Etrex. (recommended by your good self) Accurate to same naaa mate no can do. We have the same issue when towing Mini too, without, we are flat as the proverbial up to any applicable speed limit in almost any area you like. As you have helmed the mighty old lady you know what I mean. Any Ranger volunteer or otherwise should have known better than to wave you down for 0.2 over any limit. One shouldn't mock the afflicted of course but that particular oxygen thief with that attitude and zero common sense should never have been accepted into the team in the first place. IMO of course. Whatever our speed and we don't always use the Etrex, our general response from the lovely group of Rangers is normally a cheery wave and a bit of banter. The latest Banter concerns the newly modernised ranger station on the Ant Just after Irstead and the ice house. When passing said station with no less than 4 of the little darlings clustered about their new decking I enquired as to where on the newly acquired level plot were the sun loungers, the Jacuzzi and Chiminea going to be installled. It's such a nice spot I may volunteer to man the speed gun myself and while away a few hours. Feet in Jacuzzi, tasty sausages on the Chiminea, tasty fermented grape based fruity beverage in hand of course.
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    I was looking on YouTube and came across our Tim and Royal Tudor, I am sorry if it has already been featured in a thread. Regards Alan
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    Now then, where was I? Oh yes, missed a photo of 'B.A' exiting New Mills pond, first time I have actually been able to get her right into the pond. I was brave enough to make sure out of the three craft I was the last one to enter! And here's a good-un of one of the NBN's most senior skippers. Now you have to ask yersen was this taken:- Before a hard days skippering, After a hard days skippering or even during a hard days skippering ? Griff
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    Had a chat with the good lady and its been decided that a week at the the end of September would fit in just perfect, I have two weeks holiday left to take, our boat is coming out of the water for a pressure wash, anti foul and I'm hoping to pop up to do an engine service and replace the rotten wood on the transom, but that should be done the first week , that leave's the second week free to head back over to Broadland, the search has started , wouldn't mind venturing past wroxham bridge this time as its somewhere we have never explored so far so looking for a boat that will have a low enough air draft, looking for something with an outside helm or at the very minimum a sliding roof so maybe a centre cockpit , needs to have low free boards or a lowish rear well or low step for the wife, only the two of us but would prefer something larger so as to have space to store a wheelchair without tripping over it all the time, any suggestions welcome to help us in our search..
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    Well I'm tramping again... Spent a very enjoyable time with Brundall Navy and Wildfuzz in the Greyhound. Now sitting by the campfire enjoying a cigar, Cuban, with a Rioja and which although cheeky is not quite impertinent!
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    Please allow me a personal memory by Vaughan. Grandad, the uncles,, all boating people, boatyard owners would meet at the Three Horseshoe's at North Cove. Between Lowestoft and Beccles after a feed of fish (probably nicked from Lowestoft market) And there we sat the cousins. In the back of one of the cars. Probably about five of us. In quivering anticipation. A bottle of coke, each, and a bag of Smith's crisps was delivered by an Aunt. . And a blue bag of salt inside the bag of crisps. Magic. And, when they all returned to take us home they were so happy, laughing and pleased to see us. Strange that!
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    I wonder. This person was not taking any due care for himself, his family or others it is a fact that even after the event he was aggressive to the first responders and hospital staff. Once 'sober' and in the days and weeks following when many would then see the gravity of their actions, feel remorse and guilty he did not -Refusing to speak with investigators.
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    No matter what the courts have thrown at Mr Barrett in the way of fines or the suspended sentence will be nothing compared to the guilt that he must be feeling with regards to his family . Regards Alan
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    I did think at first that he was running the engine at a mooring, tut tut ...but on close inspection of the control knob, it doesn't look like his knob has been pulled out (to engage neutral that is). I can't believe I am writing this.lol If someone has two engines, or the old fashioned twin control, one for gears, one for throttle, as in life it is often common for one to be slightly larger than the other. Richard
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    I have now been asked so many times if I remember where I was when Diana died that I'm beginning to think I'm a suspect !
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    Nice Knob!!! Throttle looks to be set well above 4mph though
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    I took the opportunity to talk to someone who has lived, breathed and worked that area for some considerable time. Gordon at Martham. His reply to my question of dredging was straight forward, clear, precise and yet encompassed an appreciation of the water meadows as well as the navigation. 'It needs dredging from Yarmouth to Hickling, some places build the bank others take it away. Water flows, meadows drain and flood, get under the bridge.' I agree with him, to a point professionally. As stated by someone else Hicklings problem is that there are too many conflicting interests, no compromise and no leadership.
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    For heavens sake, this is just going over the top. When going on the Ant I just increase the engine speed to a fast tick over, just when the engine makes a nice steady hum, l look at the banks and think "is this the speed I would walk when I was much fitter than I am now". A quick look over the stern to see if there is not a breaking wash, job done. I have put a mark on my throttle, yes I have separate throttle and gear levers, and basically the old tub goes at that speed all over the Broads which is about four miles an hour whatever the upper speed limit is. This is a nice speed, very economical on the old go juice and does not drag the banks in. Common sense rules............ok?
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    https://hmcoastguard.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/suspended-sentence-for-suffolk-man.html " Suspended sentence for Suffolk man following serious vessel collision in August 2016 A Suffolk man has been sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for 12 months following a serious vessel collision. Nicholas Barrett of Oulton Broad, was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court today (1st September) in connection with a collision between his Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) and a moored vessel, resulting in life-changing injuries to his partner and serious injuries to one of his young daughters. Mr Barrett, who pleaded guilty for operating an unsafe vessel, contrary to section 100 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995, was prosecuted by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency following a joint investigation with the Broads Authority. On the night of 25 August 2016, Mr Barrett’s RIB crashed into a wooden motor cruiser on Oulton Broad. Mr Barrett, together with his partner and their two young daughters aged 10 and 8, were travelling at high speed across the Broad without lights when it struck the other vessel. The impact was of such force that a hole was punched into the wooden motor cruiser, which propelled the owner out of his bunk. Barrett’s partner and one of the daughters were thrown into the water. One of the RIB’s tubes was punctured and it was only sheer luck that neither vessel sank. The owner of the moored cruiser immediately came on deck with a torch and saw Mr Barrett’s partner submerged under water. His quick actions, locating Mr Barratt’s partner, allowed Mr Barratt to pull her from the water into the RIB. Mr Barrett’s partner suffered multiple fractures to the skull and body and as a result was detained in hospital for several days alongside one of their daughters who had sustained a severe cut to her forehead and leg. Mr Barrett and his other daughter also sustained injuries. Suffolk Police, Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service East of England Ambulance Service and Lowestoft and Southwold Coastguard Rescue Teams attended the scene to meet the injured parties, who had been brought ashore by a brave local resident, who had rowed to the scene in darkness in his rowing boat after witnessing the collision. It was clear to emergency services that some of the injuries were extremely serious and required immediate hospital treatment. Mr Barrett, who was breathalysed on scene at 53mgs, was aggressive to emergency staff, questioning the need for their involvement and the need for his family to attend hospital. He continued this behaviour at hospital and was required to leave. In sentencing, Judge Devaux at Ipswich Crown Court commented on the breathalyser reading of Mr Barrett. He also referred to what he said was the apparent culture of drinking on boats and the consequential risks. In recognising Mr Barrett’s early plea of guilty, he was sentenced to a total of nine months imprisonment – suspended for 12 months, 15 days rehabilitation activity, 120 hours unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay costs of £15,000 and £140 victim surcharge. Lucy Burchnall, Head of Ranger Services for the Broads Authority, said: ‘The investigation highlighted the flagrant disregard for the safe operation of the RIB and breached a number of Broads Authority byelaws. This case is a good example of cooperation between organisations to bring forward this prosecution. Jeremy Smart, Head of the MCA Enforcement Unit, said; ‘From the very onset, Mr Barrett has shown a callous disregard for his actions, refusing to cooperate with our investigations and declining to be interviewed. This case highlights the enormous risks associated with, what can only be described as, reckless behaviour and a total disregard for safety of not only himself, but his partner and children. The dangers of travelling at speed at night over unlit water without lights are obvious. There is no room for complacency, especially when you are responsible for the lives of others, particularly children. The risks were compounded in this case by the fact Barrett had been drinking. This case could very easily have had a tragic outcome. The MCA’s MGN 538 provides sound advice for keeping safe on pleasure vessels and we would urge all owners and skippers to make themselves familiar with its content.’ " Lucky man - what more can be said ?
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    I agree Alan, at the end of the day, although future Kings of England they were still young boys when they lost their Mum, I remember watching the funeral with my parents seeing them walk behind the coffin thinking how sad they looked and I didn't want to lose my Mum, my Mum reassuring me saying she wasn't going anywhere I think the press go way over the top over Diana, I also believed she manipulated them too but she has raised two fine Princes' and not bad looking either Grace
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    No matter what we or the media think; Princes Harry & William loved their mother and that is all that matters. Regards Alan
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    I agree with the comments on this thread. I don't think Diana was the saint that the media liked to portray, they do like things to be 'black and white'. However, I will always remember a friend from Holyhead telling me that Diana had telephoned the mother of lad that I was in school with, following the son's death in the Falklands conflict. He was one of the Welsh Guards who died on the RFA Sir Galahad (the ship that Simon Weston was on). I'm pretty sure that Diana did a lot of 'unsung' small acts of compassion like that. Helen
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    Nor should it ! She was not all she was made out to be .
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    Exactly it wake that's the problem not speed , speed disturbs no one wake does , some boats had better hull designs than others , but the thing is hull design is a compromise , what's good at high speeds is mostly bad at low speed and visa versa . Wash causes annoyance much more than speed .
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    no need to lift them getting BA in and out anymore. Now I have room to do it, I have moved L.B over slightly and tethered a bow line to her so she sits straight, getting Malanka / 'B.A' out / in shouldn't be the issue it used to be. I have five shed fenders placed around the bow area, as most forumites know they are old blue ones. Robin sometimes likes to take the odd one out for a bit of sunshine now and again . . . . . . . . . . And yeah, I did mean 0:1 but wrote it as :1 which amounts to the same I think / hope I have before now gone past a ranger in a 'B.A' launch at a full 1mph above the stated speed limit just 'To See' the reaction. I got one alright - A cheery wave. It's all about bow/stern waves and the wake made, or lack of it Griff
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    Natural England: We're the government’s adviser for the natural environment in England, helping to protect England’s nature and landscapes for people to enjoy and for the services they provide. Natural England is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. i.e. A quango. These are the numpties who desire and are on record as recommending that the sea defenses protecting the Broads and most of the Norfolk coast not be upgraded / repaired or otherwise improved. Nowhere in Britain is there any land that is not managed to some degree or other. How their position on an SSI nominated area are reconciled with their long term plan of allowing periodic complete inundation by the sea defeats me. Maybe left hand right hand or even oooh which agenda are we following today comrades? The one that benefits our local area or the one the commission instructed us is the way to go? I have zero time for them, an accountable DEFRA department post Brexit would be an ideal replacement. South Downs, Sommerset Levels anyone?? We don't have to make stuff up their incompetence shines through for all to see.
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    Naaa the knob is fully forward because of the tiny engine in the boat mate. If he had a real one ticklover would work great. (thought I would resurrect that particular bit of sillyness)
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    I saw the title of this thread and thought "Oh no, not here as well" and very nearly didn't bother to read it. now I'm glad I did as it echoes my views . I wonder if Mother Teresa's 20th anniversary will receive as much attention, somehow I doubt it.
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    You want to try being moored up on a shallow canal in a small grp cruiser, when a 60' 25 tonnes steel narrow boat goes past you drawing 2' of water at 4mph within a foot of your hull. That's a lot of canal water that has to be pushed aside between the steel boat and you, often lifting our boat a foot out of the water. Problem is...as it goes past, your boat drops just as much, sometimes bottoming out on whatever is under the water. We used the boat hook to test the depth of water under the hull, if we had less than a foot we moved on. Very often the case on the narrow canals. In restricted areas, where mooring was at a premium, we in effect.... keel hauled a couple of fenders under the hull, so they cushioned us from the horrible concrete. Note... No blue fenders were hurt during this operation. You can never have too many fenders, we always keep a couple to hand with 2 metres of line to place as required. Richard
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    I should have said the above was the result of a silly o'clock start from just up river of Reedham Ferry on the Cockatrice B&B moorings. They very kindly allowed us to moor the night here on our way back north.
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    The supply and sale of Morse / Teleflex Oak control knobs is now in operation. The NBN Shop has them in stock ready to order at £30:90 Ludham Bridge Boatyard have them in stock and are selling them for around £35 ea I can supply them direct (Not posting them) at £25 ea In each case the funds raised per item for the NBN is the same Please feel free to bring these items to the attention of any other boaty forums that you might frequent as we are trying to fund raise for the NBN. Thanks, Griff
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    Whatever speed your satnav tells you that you are doing, the ranger will be looking at your wash; are you likely to be damaging the riverbanks, are you going past busy moorings causing vessels to rock about and possibly risking harm to people aboard or stepping on and off? The ranger will also be concerned about the presence of other vessels, and especially canoes and other vulnerable river users. Are you exercising 'care and caution' and consideration for other river users, irrespective of whether you are technically within the speed limit? The ranger has the power to issue a 'special direction' to any vessel in the interests of safety, including telling you to slow down whatever your satnav says. Failure to heed the 'special direction' could, if the ranger chooses to prosecute you, result in a hefty fine. Fortunately, by and large, the Rangers seek to educate and persuade and only prosecute as a last resort. They are primarily there to keep you and others safe, and I for one would always defer to their advice and expertise. Fundamentally they're a good bunch with ours and others welfare at heart.
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    This week is Kedgeree what more can I say but there is a little something extra for your enjoyment ...
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    The 'gentleman' is very lucky in more then just getting a sentence that he may view as 'getting away with it' and is still a 'relative' free man He got away with his life and the lives of his family all be it his wife suffered life changing injuries, I cannot imagine the mental trauma his children have suffered since, or for that matter in the future . Mr Smart of the MCA Enforcement and Kudge Devaux made valid statements about the apparent culture of drinking at the helm which as we all know with some it seems an obligitory pastime. His mild intoxication probably wasn't the major cause of the accident. Let's just think here of incompetence and a total lack of respect for regulations and judging by his reported attitude afterwards gross arrogance. Yes I feel sorry for his family and the owner of the boat he damaged but I cannot have any sympathy for him and am a little amazed the law couldn't bring itself to be a little more determined to make a more convincing example of him. The incident is an extreme example of stupidity, thaughtlesness and lack of respect for others but is it that much different to what I witnessed a week ago on the Bure at 02:00 when meeting an unlit hire boat hammering upstream at Thurne mouth, identified at the time by only the noise of its approach, no proof but by the jeers and shouting when I turned on a spotlight to accertain which side of the river it was I suspect they or at least the three of them standing on the roof were seriously intoxicated, what would happen if those idiots had a collision with a moored, or in my case a vessel cruising legally with nav lights. More publicity should be given to drinking at the helm, while things generally happen slower than in a car the mass (weight) of a boat can make collisions just as devastating as in an automobile accident at speed.
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    Definitely agree with that comment such a lovely cruise up the river totally unspoilt and the wildlife is in abundance
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    this evening the last of the bits needed arrived, unfortunately I have an evening of 3D printing ahead after a promise made to try and print something for someone, the rest of the weekend is booked up with work on the workshop, moving bits around and building a bench, I will see if I get a chance to squeeze it in. on another note I picked up a simple sound unit for my model second hand, this is not as complex as the one that I hope to fit to Charlies, that will rev with the throttle, this one just makes a diesel sound continuously, which is good enough for me, I also picked up 3 motors that should be perfect for the models, testing can now take place (once I have refitted the motor and sorted the prop shaft. at the rear is the marine grease for the prop shaft, this will be injected into the shaft with a syringe.
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    Sadly your balls are too big....... The "throttle" on my boat is a tiny joystick..... The weight of your balls would put my boat in permanent full reverse
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    And rather worryingly, the BA answer to them, and could be described as 'Dr Packman's boss'
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    I guess today we would have thousands of people seeking professional councelling suffering from "Survival" syndrome!! Me I sought the solitude of my boat to get away from the endless media hysteria.
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    SSSIs can be of many different types, and each citation comes with its own set of constraints. It might be a historic landscape being left to degrade naturally - if a wall falls down it may not be rebuilt, or a disease must be allowed to take its course. Alternatively it might be land under productive cultivation; if it has traditionally been ploughed north to south it may not be ploughed east to west. The question is whether the site is being restored, preserved or improved. Interesting to speculate where the Broads fit in. Return to (dry) peat diggings, preserve the status as at what date, or improve to what condition and for who's benefit. None of these outcomes is "natural" insofar as they will require human intervention.
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    My Sat Nav keeps telling me to turn left or right (she gets in a right paddy) because I choose to stay on the river. Regards Alan
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    We all find speeding an issue. Only two days ago I witnessed Judith 5 an iconic woody speeding, yes speeding through Norwich. It was travelling well over 5 miles an hour. Do you know what? There was no wash whatsoever from this boat. No discomfort whatsoever for the boats moored at the Riverside retail complex. Nobody was inconvenienced. Indeed if you were there tied up at the mooring, you would not have known that she had passed through. Introducing more GPS speed indicator's would be beneficial. However perhaps the boat yards should be tasked to take into consideration the impact of hull design on new builds to mitigate this problem.
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    and steel wool- nasty stuff is that - one spark and its embers - how do I know, sharpening a chisel on the grinder when a lump of steel wool off to one side is suddenly glowing all over.
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    Rag disposed of, I set fire to it!
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    21.00 hours. Royal Navy time and the RN had provided the basis of some of our finest traditions that our great country follows. 9pm is what you get on a digital watch, 21.00 - ships chronometer - GMT invented in Greenwich for the RN and followed by the rest of the world. Rule Britannia
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    "You have me all wrong.........Honest!!!!!!"..............Oh I so hope not Grace
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    You have me all wrong...... Honest!!!!!!!
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    Ummmmm, I've heard about Danish oil . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. and you a policeman, tut tut! Gracie, down girl!

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