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  1. Great Canal Journeys

    I can find out but I think there is another programme on BBC2 Christmas day
  2. the bottom photo is in the fwd footwell, it shows a new bearer over the rotten frame, the bearer is not really fixed to much so will easily come out when the new frame is made and fitted, I have decided to use larch for all the repairs so far as it is a good wood to use and will be light, we laminated the engine bearer so this should be strong as well
  3. couple more of the engine bearer before fitting and trial fitting, also more rotten frames but we will attack them at the next stage of proceedings, as we are considering the best way to deal with the fore deck and it may prove easier to remove it and re lay it. the boat is very lightly built and the deck planking is about 5/16'' and although laid on splined is not strong enough to step on and over the last 90 years she has been stepped on a bit ...
  4. Another Booking Agent From Times Past

    yes, that would be right.. we ended up buying them and retiring them to the thames,
  5. Another Booking Agent From Times Past

    was Breydon marine not on the Cobholm yard?
  6. Another Booking Agent From Times Past

    the best person to ask would probably be the person selling the item, his name is Stuart Press and his contact details are on the advert, he is a collector and knows his stuff.
  7. couple more pictures out of sequence!
  8. Hi, Yes I know of David Wall, but its good to know the steering wheel has a name! I will research that a bit.. Thanks.
  9. we have had progress on this project, most of the bearers have been made and fitted, the hull has been scraped, hoovered, pressure washed 3 times and hoovered out a few more times, and most of it painted, there have been some nasty bits made to look better and we have replaced 2 frames which were a bit soft. the main engine bearer is being made and should be fitted this week..
  10. Building New Cruisers

    The Kris craft is a newer version on the landemore with the screens moved forward 6 inches and an interior moulding if you want it.. The Loynes type is either the Landemore or what was originally the 'Rapier' which had a mould taken from one of the wooden fleet.
  11. Building New Cruisers

    we have a choice, http://www.richardsonsmarinedevelopment.co.uk there is currently a ensign 21 in build, as well as commodores and commanders in build, there have been 3 phoenix in the last 3 years and have 3 Kris Craft (Landemore) sets of day boat mouldings to fit out for fineway
  12. Building New Cruisers

    it is much easier to fit two people on a 6 berth than fit 6 people on a 2 berth.
  13. A Little Addition Behind!

    yes, it had been restored by a father and daughter so had sentimental value,
  14. A Little Addition Behind!

    well, I'm guessing it is as it was pink!
  15. A Little Addition Behind!

    one of our boats destroyed this a couple of years ago! I chucked it on my truck and took it to stalham where we decided it was written off!

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