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  1. Website now updated. http://www.richardsonsboatsales.net/?boats=all
  2. It's All Richo's Fault!

    I don't think this article will do the Broads any harm , its a shame they did not mention our price promise or exceptional customer service.
  3. Richardsons 2018

    if you do the maths, by the time we have sold the boats available this year and paid the VAT it may fund one new boat.
  4. Richardsons 2018

    commander 3 will be at the boat show then another couple of Commodores next year. We have a dedicated moulding and building team who operate all year round separate to the hire fleet. We have more new boats less than 10 years old than any other operator. no plans to stop building.
  5. slowly getting there, but at Horning we look after everyone else first.. We are going to finish Jomaric so I can use her over the winter and will be ready for next season then attack Broadsventure for me to use next summer.
  6. but with a full refit about 15years ago and nanni engine not completely original
  7. Some right bargains here, I have not updated our boat sales page so you heard it here first, we have had a fair bit of interest in a couple but nothing sold so far. £ Dawn Horizon 1 25,500 Dawn Horizon 2 25,500 Executive 22,000 Golden Horizon 1 23,000 Southern Horizon 1 23,000 Southern Horizon 2 23,000 Broadland Lass 2 23,000 Hawaii 27,000 San Moritz 1 20,000 San Moritz 2 20,000
  8. Stag & Hen Debate, Again!

    half way through the season where there are between 30 and 80 single sex/young groups are out every week, this was bad behaviour but the reporting is terrible and although people have to have something to chat about its no different to the last 40 years, I actually think we see less problems than 10 years ago due to the procedures in place.
  9. Bronze Gem 2 Review

    Nice review there which is always good, BUT... there should be a nonstick frying pan on there!!!
  10. Swan Injured, Your Comments?

    there is an otter in Wroxham which has been filmed on more than one occasion drowning geese, one was last week.. the article states it is such a shame as the swan in a beautiful animal, perhaps it would have been better if it was a heron?
  11. Broadsventure XII back

    she is in Horning, making not just a shelf but a great space to put things under.. Since I have been without her i have spent a week in Oulton Broad on Sea earl one year, Commodore the next year and Jomaric last year.!
  12. Broadsventure XII back

    Hi Kevyn, we are putting a new apron and stem in her, she has been out of the water a while now and gets a couple of days every 6 months or so and is not progressing too fast ! however we have a completed apron ready to fit and the stem (the easy bit) is waiting to go onto that. I have been using other boats for a coupe of years now and am missing the old girl although i look at her in the shed every day I want to get back out on her again. If you have any photos I would love to see them. Cheers,Clive.
  13. 3 Rivers Race 2017

    wrong video
  14. 3 Rivers Race 2017

    we came 9th overall 2nd river cruiser.. chuffed as I have never helmed the race before but I did muster an awesome crew who had a good laugh all the way round.
  15. 3 Rivers Race 2017

    me in front with hat on,

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