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  1. Changes At Hoseasons?

    most yards have known about this for a while now, in fact it was spoken about at the conference so i a little surprised it has only just hit the papers.
  2. i think it is a osprey or Merlin, is it for sale? looks a bit sad.
  3. the hire fleet Admiral would be going to would probably be Martham at a guess??? I can't think of another apart from the Hunter fleet of colin Buttifant..
  4. anyone know bought this or where it was going? seen on A11 mid November..
  5. Just 4 boats left, Saturn, Southern Horizon, Executive. San Moritz. http://www.richardsonsboatsales.net
  6. Hi Simon, we did a few turn rounds this year on fridays and saturdays of 120, in october we sent out 128 on one day.
  7. i missed the post but I don't take offence at much, I believe the Broads should not be reserved for the elite, everybody should be able to go on holiday. i would guess that the commercialisation of the area was mainly post war there are half the number of hire boats with a much shorter season that there were so I would say that the Broads is less busy then it was, not sure what the framework is but speed limits have been lowered and there has been plenty of restoration works to river banks, flora and fauna , buildings etc.
  8. its fantastic to win an award, I know in the past people have knocked us for winning things like this and the EDP business awards but if you enter and loose out it really tunes you in and makes you want to do better, this was a customer service award, the team on all our sites are fantastic, even so we put them through training of different sorts to deal with the customers and it pays off. previously in the business awards we got judging stages, they arrived at the yard, parked and stepped out into a puddle, needless to say we didn't make the final 3 for customer experience ! Thanks for all your kind words, it is always good to hear good stuff!
  9. Week On Broadsman

    Why did your rope snap? surely they would not have pulled on the cleat?
  10. True Craftsmanship

    probably sell quite well in north Norfolk.
  11. It was a couple of days ago now but we are so happy with our awards from the Hoseasons conference, we won the award for best large operator and also the overall prize for best boating operator in Britain. these are based on feedback from the revoo scores filled in by the customers and averaged over the volume of holidays. its a really big pat on the back to all our team who have always gone the extra mile. sorry for the rubbish photography and also there is a spelling mistake !
  12. Fats Domino

    aint that a shame.
  13. Great Canal Journeys

    I can find out but I think there is another programme on BBC2 Christmas day
  14. the bottom photo is in the fwd footwell, it shows a new bearer over the rotten frame, the bearer is not really fixed to much so will easily come out when the new frame is made and fitted, I have decided to use larch for all the repairs so far as it is a good wood to use and will be light, we laminated the engine bearer so this should be strong as well

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