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  1. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I don't know and I'm not going to find out, you can google it if you want to then enlighten us. its much more fun reading the steady stream of speculation on these threads, I'm sorry i contributed and upset equilibrium in the echo chamber but I will now sit back.
  2. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Vaughn, you had best speak to the hire company if you need specific questions answering. The broads so have a good safety record but most years people die.
  3. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I haven't replied as i have been busy today so don't start worrying about me too much, this change will bring us in line with our agents standard, it has not been forced and is not due to insurance. over the years we have had to bring in measures like stability tests and canopy procedures due to problems at other yards, these are reactive measures, we would rather make a change before a problem, it is the prerogative of the other yards to take on the risk and allow single adult hires. We are doing our best to upgrade and accommodate all affected parties but unfortunately you can't please all the people all the time but most customers have been understanding if you are a regular hirer you will have seen the boat acceptance certificate grow its content about 400% over the last 10 years, this is a reflection of the world we live in. I have not read this whole thread and can't comment on individual cases
  4. chatting to James yesterday that is what I was told, perhaps in April when renewals come round or he has tidied up the place.
  5. nya have kept and filled the moorings,
  6. A Plea From Dr Packman Of The Broads Authority

    this is how highly regarded the motor boats are in Barton..
  7. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    I don't like this term 'Larger louts' Im an ale drinker.
  8. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    is this topic going to descend into another NP debate? (or should I say AMOTNPF?)
  9. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    we don't discount which is why we book early, if we discount a holiday you have booked we will give you 110% of the difference, we have only done this once a few years ago when we priced a boat wrong, the few customers who had booked were most pleased when they got the call!
  10. yes, it is good stuff, i finished a coat rack the other week made from a vintage water ski, it took most of the black out.. the pegs are off a telegraph pole.
  11. Here We Go Again! / An Apple a day

    if its agricultural then it can't be built on, if the path had been for disabled access was this for the public use? as it would be required to be to regulation. if the advice waste stop then why carry on? you never get the whole story so its difficult to comment on. some might apply for infill on a garden that big, in that area.
  12. she looked better before we started! Strangely the areas around the screws look darker in the pictures than in reality.. you can lift these dark areas out with acid but i didn't think we needed to,
  13. The Broads and Broadland are not really brands, I have never heard of 'The Broads National Treasure' so although you may be right, I don't think they share the same clout as the National Park connection, and despite not being a marketeer I know the best way to promote the area to the visitors we need is to be part of a world wide recognised group because despite not being one in every sense of the name, we are legally allowed to call ourselves one
  14. Hi John, not that stupid, its because the shaft line on the new engine is lower because the engine feet, luckily the standard engine feet are the same width. there is some up and down adjustment on the isolators but not enough and I don't like to have them fully adjusted, I just put a strip of wood on top, i made it look a bit fancy and it also covered a few holes from previous installations
  15. I think as soon as someone chips in with 'not a NP' it kills any thread as most folk can't be bothered to respond. its a shame as it stifles any conversation about events and opportunities in and for the area, which is one of the major benefits of it all.

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