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  1. Magnifying glass for the photos please Clive??
  2. Reflections At Great Yarmouth!

    I hesitate to say it ........ but I don't think he was using his Canon for broadsides!
  3. Grande Girl 1 & 2 From Summercraft

    And we hired "Sovereign" from Richardsons which is the same model and a tidy boat at a good price.
  4. "San Moritz" would be the one for me!
  5. I used around £25 worth over the week. That included daily social media stuff for the offspring!
  6. Fuelling Points

    So, the yards don't charge excessively for fuel then? Have to make a bit on fuel because margins are so narrow?? I reckon that's all Hans Christian Anderson stuff. The majority of yards appear to charge at least 20p above the sort of cost you would see at the likes of Boulters and Goodchilds. Thats in the region of 20%! I've been holidaying on the Broads for some forty years plus now and experienced all manner of devious behaviour regarding fuel. Often you don't get to know what the actual charge per litre/gallon is until you return. Even when you return its not obvious. I once queried my refund against the price shown on the pump. Oh, that doesn't work was the response, we only use the quantity reading! That is a VERY common experience. I'm pretty sure that there is something illegal just in that! I once asked why the yard charges so much for fuel! "Because we can" was the curt response! This was one of the occasions I had topped up and they noticed. "Why did you top up" they asked on my return. How surprised would you be to hear my response?? "Because I could"! As for the suggestion that "worrying about the cost of fuel" can stress my holiday! Not a bit. Once away from the yards I've always enjoyed every minute of my time on the Broads. Although I've rambled on a tad and it may seem I'm obsessed with fuel prices, I'm not at all. I'm just your normal everyday sort who doesn't like being taken for a ride. Being a boat owner as well as a hirer, I am well aware of the difference in fuel cost.
  7. Fuelling Points

    Our week, late last month, we paid £100 fuel deposit. From Loddon we did Surlingham, Thurne Dyke, Coltishall via Potter, Stokesby, Rockland Staithe, Oulton Broad and Reedham in that order. Yes, we did some against the tide on the Sunday to Thurne. The rest we managed to time fairly well. I received the princely sum of £1.20 refund! Once again, we didn't top up mainly because we were treated so well by the yard and the original hire charge truely was very good value comparatively.
  8. I bought the Huawei E5577C Ultra-Fast 4G widget for our recent holiday and stuck a 3 sim card in and it served us excellently for the week. Even streamed the oipening episode of "Game Of Thrones" for us via the laptop. I don't think we had any issues with getting a signal anywhere. One of my better purchases!
  9. Fuelling Points

    I'm with JanetAnne on this one. If the yards are taking the proverbial in over charging for fuel I will return ther favour by filling up a degree. Enough to make my overall fuel spend something like the standard pump price available to privateers! Goodchilds is a good source at a very good price usually. I'm afraid I don't subscribe to the arguement that the yards have to make their money. They both have and take the opportunity to do so in the hire price. At a southern yard I hired from, I asked, on takeover, what they were charging for fuel. They looked at me very suspiciously and were totally hostile to me and the rest of my friends for the whole of the holiday. As it happens I did not top up the tank on that occasion due more to lack of opportunity than intent!
  10. Practical Boat Owner

    Also missing that claimed "hazelnut in every bite"!
  11. Sorry Marshman, But Here I Go!

    Don't you like ducks and swans then Robin? Feeding them bread has, for some time now, been recognised as a factor in the decline of health especially. Feed them bread all summer, they don't know how to look for their natural food when you are not around chucking in mothers pride! Famine!
  12. Sad To Hear Of Robert Hardy's Death

    Also Hywel Bennett of "Virgin Soldiers" and "Shelley" fame. Also played a very good part as Ricky Tarr in "Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy".
  13. Norman 20 Restoration

    I doubt he is very far away Smitch as he builds boats for Haines. I'll ask him if he minds me giving you his email if that might help?
  14. Norman 20 Restoration

    Here is a photo that a lad on my site sent in of his Norman 20 restoration. Superb job on what really is a very versatile boat. Look forward to seeing some more of your work Smitch.
  15. The Games We Used To Play

    We used to make throwing arrows. Piece of bamboo about 18 inches or so. Screw a heavy bolt into one end and then split the other end to stick some "flights" in. Cut notch into the bamboo about 3/4 of the way from the bolt. Length of string about 24 inches with a big knot one end. Wrap it around the bamboo by the notch so it catches the knot. Wrap the rest around your first finger to keep the string tight as far as the bolt and use it as a sling and the thing would go many miles! Well, seemed miles at our age!

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