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  1. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    I suspect that the pictures BB are using are Alpha's old ones! Taken by Coldham Hall and on Surlingham Broad.
  2. Televisions For Boats

    I think you are right Jayfire! The Hunger games - Catching Fire even!
  3. Good News Or Not?

    Thought we were "outlawing " politics here? "Affordable housing"! Affordable to who?? The definition appears to be “Affordable housing is housing deemed affordable to those with a median household income” ! Given that this is in the region of £25.000 per annum, what relation does this bear to the so called living wage? Its the proverbial load of rowlocks!
  4. Floating Pontoons Or Not?

    Definitely floating pontoon at Brundall. I was at Brundall Gardens and had a fixed mooring initially. The difference (rise and fall) was so significant for my Norman 23 that I had to start timing my departure/returns to a certain tide level. If I arrived at the boat at the wrong time I literally had to lie flat to be able to unzip the canopy. Being narrow beam, the gunnels are fairly narrow which made getting down onto the boat with the canopy up was very iffy indeed. Eventually I managed to convince the marina bods that it was actually dangerous! They swapped me to a floater!
  5. Free Heat..?

    On a much simpler basis, my Norman 23 had a radiator plumbed into the heat exchanger circuit. Got very warm although its only free heat really when on the move! You happen to be at the helm then and not getting toasty next to said radiator. Was good for "passengers"!
  6. Big Changes Ahead

    Was even easier using my Aldi petrol power washer to wash it off on its low setting using the canal water! Almost made it a doddle! Need to leave the stuff to "cook" for a while before washing off. Especially good for textured surface of gunnels.
  7. Big Changes Ahead

    Saw your facebook video Robin, that front cabin roof would benefit from some of this! https://gruntboatcleaner.co.uk/ Can recommend as being very effective and leaves the gel coat almost like new!
  8. Big Changes Ahead

    Did anyone else grit their teeth or wince on hearing the Yank? Otherwise, living the dream Robin, enjoy it.
  9. Dumplings Cooking On The Corsicon Part 36

    I love dumplings all ways and often make them using this method. My other favourite method is in casserole in the oven. After they have been in for 20 minutes I "dunk" them in the casserole then leave the lid off for five minutes. They end up with a lovely crispy top!
  10. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    I notice they have not advertised the "Lysander" et al class as yet. They also seem to be asking premium prices for craft that were, not so long since, described as mostly scrap! Intrigued by the term "Vertical response" marketing! What's that about??
  11. 2018 Calendar - In Case You Are Wondering..

    My 12 voter feels a wee bit left out!
  12. Halloween

    Another baaa humbug yank import rubbish type here. I have a special pumpkin ready! Can't show it here so will stick it in the jokes!
  13. I enjoyed the program! Impressed that Pru should be concerned that, when the Bish was performing his annual visit to St Benets, it didn't pi*s it down with rain!
  14. Using A Boat With No Bss

    Marked off dipstick for the fuel or ask the engineer to fit a float and gauge.
  15. Great Canal Journeys

    For heavens sake! They are both in their 80's and he worries about his wife! He feels the need to occasionally explain Pru's odd comments or memory lapses. I think its admirable of the pair of them to do what they do and share with us. I wonder how many of us will be up to that sort of activity when we are their age! Yes, I know there is "behind the scenes" support. Does it lessen the thing for me?? Not at all.

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