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  1. Great Canal Journeys

    For heavens sake! They are both in their 80's and he worries about his wife! He feels the need to occasionally explain Pru's odd comments or memory lapses. I think its admirable of the pair of them to do what they do and share with us. I wonder how many of us will be up to that sort of activity when we are their age! Yes, I know there is "behind the scenes" support. Does it lessen the thing for me?? Not at all.
  2. Big Changes Ahead

    Nay Robin, this is not at all fair! Where are the pictures????
  3. Hydraulic

    Must admit, I thought he was long gone! Or was it a cowboy celebration! Fret not Andrew, I often have to spell check my missives!
  4. Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    Troll may well be the wrong word then! It was the most polite I could think of in this situation!
  5. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Just a thought and in no way trying to defend the accuser, but wouldn't the wash on a "Light" at 6mph be substantially more than that on BA thus giving the illusion of speeding to some observers?
  6. Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    Nope, much as I dislike the manner in which the BA is constituted and behaves, buying one of those is akin to feeding a troll in my mind!
  7. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    And sunset at Oulton Broad/
  8. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    Mine appear to be all sun relaterd! Approaching Beccles.
  9. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    One very simple and very cheap aid to keeping warm is the humble hot water bottle in your bed early doors!
  10. Using A Boat With No Bss

    That seems a good way to go about it . I hope it does not prove to be a kings ransom to sort out. Then again, we are talking about a boat!
  11. Mystic Horizon Here I Come

    Really enjoyed your tale! Thanks very much Neil
  12. Fair Regent - September 2017

    Nay, don't be so modest! Composition is nine tenths of the law or something like that!
  13. Fair Regent - September 2017

    With photos like that you will be dominating Janet's calendar methinks! The "Breydon Line" would especially suit July/August!
  14. Using A Boat With No Bss

    All straightforward enough but I would be curious as to what was wrong with your diesel tank? Wrong type? Good luck with the fixing.

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