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  1. Broads Hotel

    You could be forgiven for thinking it also has a Roys Maccy D"s!
  2. A Plea From Dr Packman Of The Broads Authority

    There is at least one person on here that believes it Bill!
  3. Lord Paul from that "other place" has bought one and posted some bits about it. Seems impressed so far!
  4. Where Did The Love Affair Begin?

    Mine started during a work break while doing my nurse training. Found an old Moores brochure amongst all the mags and was hooked from there in. Within a week two of us had booked two weeks on lovely little wooden cruiser in March out of Langford Jillings yard when he had less than a dozen boats. We then progressed to hire every one of them before trying another yard!
  5. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Never heard of this Vaughan, I've had some years on the canals, many times single handed and I encounter a lot of single crewed boats including 50' narrow boats. I often simply take my time and "walk" the boat through using the ropes.
  6. The Haven Bridge

    There is an easier example of these "pawls" up here in Gods Own Country all along our canals at the lock gates used for paddle lifting and lowering.
  7. A Winters Tale

    Which would suggest you have been partaking of the hospitatlity of the Ferry at Stokesby!
  8. Tim Spall did it in chunks over a year or so. I do like his ramblings about "Princess Matilda", especially when he makes no effort to cover up the fact that he doesn't know everything and is still learning, making mistakes. His other half, Shane, does put him in his place well also.
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Is he in the "Brundall black hole" of reception now??
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Suspect Indy needs a tad more than a pint??
  11. Breydon Bridge Now Operational!

    Get with the program Ricardo! Surely you have realised by now that you are obliged to pat a good few backs every now and again!
  12. News From The BA

    " Do I think that the adjacent waters toll grab is fair? No. " Devils advocate sort of question! Would there be a marina there if there was not a maintained navigation adjacent to access said marina?? I suppose the fella could simply dig and fill a big puddle and plant his houseboat on it! Now that would be exempt!
  13. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    I'm going to be the miserable stick in the mud here! I really don't think that photo should be here!
  14. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    That roundel was an emblem used by The Who back then. I also had a range of "wet look" shirts! As time went on my Levis had more patches than original denim. Used to stumble around in DIY leather moccasins courtesy of "The Scout Shop"!
  15. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    No tie dyed "T" shirt then Peter? Was an essential under my braided bandsmans jacket or trench coat in winter. Looked a hoot in my velvet loons as well! Now where is that patchouli??

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