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  1. NeilB

    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    Some were built by Cheeseman Rollo on the Thames, late 70,s / early 80's. Had 2 where I worked and I think Bridge Boats in reading had a couple. No idea where the EBay one comes from but I think it has the same dashboard and throttle as the Cheeseman Rollo boats, they had BMC 1.8's as well. One of them sank in Windsor with water about a foot above the cockpit floor, I was one of the 2 people who raised it. Oddly enough I'm pretty sure it was Vaughan who drove the crane from Staines to Datchet to lift it out the water ! Was back on hire the following week.
  2. NeilB

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hi Robin, you could have waited a while longer and purchased this one!! Speed boat, hot tub, car and a helicopter. What more could you want? Perhaps stabilisers looking at the draft and height above water but perhaps best not to go there! Sorry, couldn’t resist but it does look impressive! https://www.theyachtmarket.com/boats_for_sale/1600051/?searchid=15302121&page=5
  3. NeilB

    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    That would explain why they have been up for sale for so long!!
  4. NeilB

    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    Waterside marine sales at Potter have an AF Pearl 38 and a few other Centre cockpit boats for sale. Norfolk boats sales had a Pearl as well, ex Moore’s.
  5. I see Vaughan is on the wine already !
  6. Hope you all have a good time. Sadly having to co-ordinate 2 x jobs, 3 x kids, 2 x cats and a dog we keep missing it this !
  7. NeilB

    Diesel Emissions.

    Yes, Ad blue. The gases all exit through the exhaust. You won’t see this in leisure boats for a long time, if at all.
  8. NeilB

    Diesel Emissions.

    For engines in leisure boats under 24m the current UK and EU emission regulation is RCD 2 which was introduced on new engines from January 2017. A review of this should be completed by the end of 2022 but how the UK will handle this remains to be seen due to Brexit. There are other regulations for new engines larger than 130kW for commercial use but unlikely to affect the Broads. The next big one is IMO Tier III which is global, it’s being phased in now depending on installed power, vessel size, location etc and will be fully implemented by 1st Jan 2021. Recreational boats less than 24m are not affected. Engines that are affected will be using exhaust systems similar to the one below, nothing new as they have been used by trucks for years. As to the future, well the buzzword at the moment is electromobility, we already have electric cars and buses with trucks from 2019. It may take a few years but it will eventually reach the Broads.
  9. NeilB

    2019 London Boatshow "on Hold".

    Very good Chris, for number 5 when you walk up to security make sure you have a pronounced limp as it helps ! As an exhibiter here’s my version. 1. A nice lady at work books the appropriate nights at the Grand Harbour Hotel. Nice hotel but has pictures of some grumpy chef all over the place putting you off your food ! 2. Drive car to concierge who takes keys and probably dumps car in a back street as their car park is now part of the show. 3. Blag another staff members room number so you can wrangle a breakfast. 4. Walk over road to stand and discover no one has emptied bins, cleaned glass, dusted, topped up brochures etc. 5. Stand on aching feet all day awaiting someone to dump a bag of oily 40 year old engine parts on a nice clean white counter 6. When show quietens head over to the “secret” Guinness bar with the real stuff from Ireland. 7. On way back to hotel pop into the Dancing Man brewery for a quick one ! 8. By 9pm realise we’re still in the Dancing Man but hungry so try and find somewhere who can feed us. 9. No idea what happened next - honest!! 10. Wake up next morning and say “ I’m never doing that again”. Repeat for however many days you are there for. 11. Last morning at checkout enquire why you have 14 breakfasts on the room number when you only stayed 4 nights and where is my car? 12. Last half hour of last day wander round seeing how many freebies or deals you can get. 13. Spend 5 hours sat on the M3 / A34 at 15mph. 14. Receive abuse from wife as I’ve been enjoying myself and getting a suntan etc, etc
  10. NeilB

    2019 London Boatshow "on Hold".

    That's a bit of a trek, our lot moan if they have to walk more than 10 minutes !!! Mind you it does have a slipway, you could borrow Rascals jet rib to commute in !!
  11. NeilB

    2019 London Boatshow "on Hold".

    Where on earth is that?!
  12. As I get older I realise that most people are just winging it, including me !
  13. NeilB

    2019 London Boatshow "on Hold".

    I hope you have sorted a hotel as they get booked real fast and prices get very silly.
  14. Not unexpected but still sad news, I'd be surprised if it's taken off hold. https://www.londonboatshow.com/Show-News/2018/May/Statement-regarding-London-Boat-Show-2019
  15. NeilB

    Petite Magnum

    Weren't these originally built by Ferry Boatyard, they had at least 2?

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