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  1. Heaters

    Tube heater times two..... 1 times rad heater...... x timer..................it flipping froze when the timer was off
  2. Spring Meet Salhouse 2017

    We,ve sat on the bottom at Sonias on a low tide, also hit bottom down the chet at spring lows, used to hit bottom at top of new cut where it meets the yare,before dredging,stir the crap up in Loddon basin, Beccles yatch station ,Wavney river centre ,basin,Rockland broad, and the straithe,very close on Surlingham Broad ,low tides, Max draft of boat, is 3ft 3 , which we are having twin diesels ,NYA keep a 50 footer at Brundle ,for the cruising club ,so it,ll get there. We keep an eye on the tides anyway ,so travel mid tide ,normally
  3. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Long time now since I posted on this thread ...but still here , great work keep it up enjoying it!
  4. Blast From The Past!!

    You see you all ways come back!! some us old bastards are still here !!! just just ordering a new canopy for the leg ang and chew, some maintenance due this year, now live in Norfolk ,and have finished bungalow so more boating! great to have u back!
  5. Wind Overnight Warning Upgrade

    11pm and it,s chucking it down!!
  6. Wind Overnight Warning Upgrade

    Should stay just north of Norwich, trees in full leaf, this won,t be good for them!
  7. A Sad Sight At Pye's Mill

    went past this at the weekend ,it,s a bathtub ex hire boat, named liberator (thinks that,s the name)
  8. Better Behaved Boaters Down South

    Believe it! or not i actually washed the leg and chew toinight.........could this mean the original crews will be on the southern waters tommorow!!.....be carful out there .......very careful!!.....spilling misakes and all!!
  9. A Weekend At Beccles Yacht Station

    Good luck John , you have been an inspiration to people on this forum ,bringing a lifetime of experience ,and balanced views ,i think we would all hope that you could continue to be a part of nbn ,as a mod ....(insert the the who) ,,,,all the best you old mucker!
  10. Finally Moving

    We did it a year ago, watch out for the relatives!! free holidays!, for them, best of luck
  11. Jillr, A Friend To Us All.

    All of the above....always up for a laugh ,will miss her banter.photo idea great!
  12. Well.........

    Wait for it!!/
  13. Electricity At Moorings

    Saw a woeman once with a fan heater running on the quay, in summer........................
  14. It's Leg-Over time again!

    Don,t ride it past my place , i am considering a cheese wire across our road, nothing personal, but we do have a problem with over enthusiastic ,middle aged men on bikes speeding past , at weekends ,no objection to anyone having a good ride, but one sports bike can be heard coming for miles and going away, a village is not out in the country.....there are houses there!!
  15. Electricity At Moorings

    i said dearer, than the old system, was for 3 boats

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