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  1. Hernia

    I can,t believe this...... i had a heria opp they kicked me out when i had a wee, just goes to show!
  2. Best Route To Sea

    would go with CB18, all the way but , via Braydon , some flat out blasts before sea is priceless, test the lumps and system,s
  3. Nbn Quiz Night

    oh dear, i missed it!!,Friday nights not good for me, takes till 9 30 to wind down!!
  4. Fridge

    Thank you .i,ll give them a ring if my current plans fall through, i have had a word with our a/c man at work, we have everything to do the job just missing 0.053kg of r134a, going to try and "borrow" some off a mate!!
  5. Fridge

    Can any body tell me where I can get a waeco fridge repaired ,please mine needs regassing and leak checked ,Norfolk area?
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    It says on the web site that this system is a 3 way, two heads and...one hand held.if you had this you could check whether the commanders on fly and helm are the problem? Or take it into the engine room and observe the actuators at work?
  7. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    imho, the only way the system would stop the engine on tick over would be that the mechanical stop for tick over on the engine had moved, allowing the engine to be below what it will tick over at, reading the other faults he has and a quick flick through that manual! actuator travel may well turn out to be a cause of his woes, but i am no expert just looking at the problem in theory
  8. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Page 132...............your not kidding about the read! if you have no errors
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    hi, does your system give any fault codes , ? you should surly be able to look what,s wrong up in the manual/installation guide,, if you can see the display,i have to do this most days on modern boilers, if you have the manual ?
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    spot on , mtb 102 is now restricted ,so a full throttle would do this, as the blocks must be worn ,kid gloves1
  11. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    However there could be a seal on the turbo that has let some oil pass where it is not meant - Maybe or more likely the seal has, but as you have just worked the engine,s maybe harder than they ever have been,in the past ,you could find that youhave "run the seals back in" and the oil on the filters ect is the residue of this process, trust me if you had a turbo oil seal go you would not see behind the boat!!., 007 smoke screens would look like toys!!
  12. Fridge

    Trouble is a small system on a waeco fridge needs to have a test point cut in ,a car air con service are plug in ,isotherm do a remote condenser unit which has a reusable plug in coupling, i made an old fridge into new fridge one one of my boats,with this system, (still going strong), i know how to do it just getting hold of a fridge engineer who can be bothered with a small job, i used to do fridge work, but on an industrial scale, oh bring back r22!!
  13. Fridge

    Replacement is £549! from marine superstore
  14. Fridge

    thanks but as you well know they can,t help!
  15. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Dec 2002 - Accounts vary, but apparently the grease was called 'crabfat' because it resembled in color the ointment used to treat sailors for 'crabs' (pediculosis pubis, genital lice), and of which fat was a major constituent. i pasted this, lazy typist! or, a submarriner?....no RAF!
  16. This Is Rough!

    orrible, hugh...eee
  17. Its Been Cold

    Cold hasn,t been the only problem with the "beast" from the east, the beach moved in Yarmouth!
  18. Its Been Cold

    8 yes 8 degrees tomorrow.................whpeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. Its Been Cold

    too true, your on the same latitude as.........moscow!
  20. Its Been Cold

    get ready for more events, like this. one of effect s of global warming on the uk is losing the thing that keeps us warm in the uk,a westly air flow ,and the gulf stream, we just lost one!!
  21. The Tales Of Susie Speedwell

    Brings back memories , my first boat was a shetland 535, and i replaced the windows! ,spent many a happy hour pottering around on Wells harbour... and fishing rips out to sea, she was quick having an 50horse two stroke on the back, so much fun!.
  22. Its Been Cold

    it,s blowing and snowing again! 1/2 inch so far hopfully no more drifts!
  23. My Day

    my day.......... Left house 6am, 1nch of snow on ground ,snowing heavy, got to st olaves bridge....400 yards, van stuck trying to get over it, got over bridge, around corner.....car stuck on new cut bridge! , eventually got over it....it,s now a true blizzard.....crawled along haddiscoe dam to haddiscoescoe, lorry stuck on slight hill, waited,waited, waited,.....gave up turned round, got to new cut bridge....4 cars stuck, waited ect ect, got over bridge, come to st olaves bridge ....got stuck myself, got pushed up, up through st olaves got stuck again, dumped car in my next door nieghbours drive way as couldn,t get up our entrance...time elapsed 2 hours!. watched it snow.....now 7 inches in the garden....entrance well impossible, a143 blocked up most of morning, 3 pm walked to car dug it out and proceeded to great yarmouth and got two new tyres fitted to front of car ,great came home parked on neighbours entrance .75 yard walk along road to pick up car in morning, it,s now blowing a gale.
  24. Nbn Quiz Night

    well I scored 3! ....................good night in the chat, did find out the filters are off in there s orry if I offended any body!

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