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  1. Done To A Crisp

    Out and about today and very lovely it was too. There was an inordinate amount of naked flesh on display; some of it quite nice to look at, some enough to put me off my lunch... however, on the good ship OBY, arms, legs midriffs et al, were safely covered up. Any bits missed by clothing or woad, were doused in factor 30. To see some, you would think they had never heard of the risk of excessive exposure to the sun. On what was probably the day with the highest UV levels of the year so far, it was quite concerning to see how red some bodies were!
  2. Irstead Staithe

    You may, but not knowing whether you had any support for your views, I thought I'd check
  3. Irstead Staithe

    And here is the answer: From the email... 'To clarify, the 24 hour free moorings at Irstead (as also at Barton Turf Staithe, Barton Turf ‘Paddy’s Lane’ and Barton Turf Gays Staithe) fall under the responsibility of the Broads Authority. The Broads Authority’s rangers oversee and ‘police’ them under their bylaws and mooring regulations. Barton Turf and Irstead Parish Council have not appointed anybody to act on its behalf in relation to these public moorings. The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining (grass cutting etc.) Irstead Staithe. I note your comments about views being expressed online about an ‘incident’ at Irstead Staithe. This is not a matter the Parish Council seeks to become involved in – online or otherwise.' So, there you go...
  4. A Plea To Private Boat Owners

    We rarely do that, as we don't really like those moorings much! However, we do support local business where we can... Last week, we took some provisions with us, but bought all of our fresh stuff (meat, eggs, veg etc ) at riverside shops - even at the higher prices We also enjoy a walk in to places like Neatishead to visit the coffee shop and store... My one request is that the riverside traders don't unreasonably over price their goods...
  5. Broadland Wave 2, Er, 2

    Simon, thanks for the write up and some great pictures! I am pretty sure we passed you at one point - sorry if we didn't make the connection; we certainly visited some of the same places! Sorry to hear of your unexpected dip - so glad you had a LJ on. These things can happen in an instance and without warning, even to the experienced, which is why always wearing it is the best policy - certainly if boating solo! Alison took a tumble when we pulled into the Phoenix Fleet dyke, to load our boat at the start of our week... She didn't go right in, but it was a nasty fall, with her leg catching the guard wire, she still has the bruises!
  6. Irstead Staithe

    For the record, I have just emailed them to ask!
  7. Irstead Staithe

    I am glad a little parish like Irstead takes the trouble to maintain such a beautiful landing place, for us to enjoy free of charge... I guess they have the right to limit what goes on there. I don't agree with stifling reasonable and cheerful enjoyment, but I don't think the other restrictions are unreasonable. I don't always have the courage to ask people to turn off their blessed engines, so I have a degree of respect for the lady who does! Has anyone bothered to find out what legislation exists to support the signs, and to what degree it could be enforced? Easy to criticise without the facts IMHO... Maybe the gent concerned does have some delegated responsibility?
  8. Irstead Staithe

    What an interesting and rambling thread this has been. Here's my tuppence worth... Stopped for lunch at Irstead Parish Staithe yesterday, and delighted to be able to. For the record, I left my engine running until the boat was secure - as I ALWAYS DO, no apologies, to do otherwise is not good practice, simples. This is a matter of less than a minute, usually. No-one was bossing anyone about or recording anything. The notices are quite clear really and launching of anything is apparently not permitted. This is the case at several other staithes (B. Turf for example) - what legislation backs it up I am not sure. After a nice lunch we visited the delightful little thatched church. We then started our (outboard) engine before casting off, running it for a short while to be sure all was well, as we always do... My only regret? It is usually not possible to moor at Irstead!
  9. A Weekend On The Zoe

    Great to see you both, as always! Sorry we were a bit preoccupied! We worked out where all the bits of string were supposed to go, eventually! We also passed Brilliant looking a bit sad outside a certain boatshed, but trust she will soon be back to full health I have to say, Zoe suited you!
  10. Why Do We Need Rhond Anchors?

    I would not be without Rhond anchors... It is not often you find sufficient posts or rings to tie up allowing for tidal changes, wind etc. We frequently use springs to keep the boat where we want it, especially overnight, and a rhond anchor gives all the flexibility you need, to place it wherever you need. Also, they give the option of mooring where there are no posts or rings... Never had any trouble using them...
  11. So The Broads Are Boring!?!

    I know! How do we cope... all those boring birds to watch; that utterly boring scenery - not to mention the tedious sunrises and sunsets... Oh, and then those awful boring people you meet who want to share their wine and food with you on their boring boats... That boring silence on a boring wild mooring really gets me down... I really think people should just stay away and visit truly exciting places like Ibiza.
  12. So The Broads Are Boring!?!

    I have been bored stiff on the Broads for over 30 years am quite happy to be bored silly for another 30, God willing and with a following wind...
  13. Goodbye Broadscot

    Thanks Polly... Alison's Dad died after a short illness, just before Christmas... He was a fine man- a quiet simple man of faith who, in over 40 years, never spoke an unkind word to me... Miss him greatly...
  14. Goodbye Broadscot

    So sad to read this post after a few weeks off the forum (also struggling with family bereavement)... Rest in peace Iain...
  15. Fifty Two Years Ago Today....

    Well done both of you! We're a few years behind!!

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