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  1. Happy Birthday Katie

    Happy Birthday to you!
  2. A Dog Is Not Just For Christmas

    We are without a cat for the first time since 1971, and yes, time isn't on our side, but it's more a case of not being tied by cat care and being able to go off whenever we like.
  3. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    You don't need to explain to anyone, Robin, it's your adventure, your way. Happy New Year.
  4. Nbn Quiz Night

    Thanks so much for getting things going Arthur, I cannot make it Friday, but will be there in future.
  5. Ranworth. Malthouse Broad

    I was not referring to the dinghy dyke, but to the 'side' of the square where it terminates in a stream. The Priory Meadow dyke leading off it was used for trip boats way back when, but is now a private mooring for 4 boats, ( we had Rondonay there at one time). The locals with boats mostly use Cator moorings, which aren't too expensive anyway.
  6. Ranworth. Malthouse Broad

    I imagine that the Wherry Dyke part of the Staithe might be historical, but the frontage on to the Broad is of later date? I haven't seen the tent, but imagine that locals might not welcome its presence? The green there is used by the village for events.
  7. Hello From An Old Salty Seadog

  8. New Year's Eve

    Happy New Year everyone.
  9. Tv Last Night (29/12/17)

    Yes it was absorbing.
  10. 3 Rivers Race 2018

    Thanks Q, Team Brilliant will not be competing this year, but we will think of you all.
  11. New Year Quiz

    Most enjoyable thanks Mike
  12. New Year Quiz

    Awesome! I have family visiting but I guess they may be away on their journey home by then, if so I will be there!
  13. Twas A Dark And Stormy Night.....

    You have clearly had a Merry Christmas John, so I will just stick with offering you heartfelt good wishes for a Happy and Settled New Year.

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