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  1. Thefts

    Sorry to hear that, George is working so hard to build his business, and the thieves are of course not building anything worthwhile.
  2. A Wonderful Bit Of Timing!

    I use the treadle on the toughest jobs these days.
  3. A Wonderful Bit Of Timing!

    Could be, but this isn't the top of the range, nor by thousands the dearest, just the one that suits my brief.
  4. Big Changes Ahead

    Yes yachts are big. Brilliant, despite her evidently being a saily is a boat, a Broads Sailing Cruiser if you will but isn't big enough to be called a yacht.
  5. I sew, it's a big thing with me and a lifelong hobby; and just like your super woodworking tools guys, the machines in my life are significant. I have grandma's treadle machine, bought in 1910 for a princely £10 and used ever since, by her and then by me. I have a Husqvarna Viking electric, bought with the small legacy from my other grandparents and used for everything from lace evening dresses to boat covers. Recently my best friend died, leaving me a small personal bequest. I decided to get an overlocker and an embroidery machine as a way of remembering her too. Overlocker duly bought, and not mega bucks, but the embroidery machine! These are in a different league. I did my homework ages ago, and chose the one that I really wanted, then sat down to consider the expense! It's a top make and exactly what I want. The cost is uniform across suppliers, I have checked this all out for weeks. I spent much of today looking at YouTube clips of all the things I might do with this gizmo, hmmm time to chat to a supplier and ask about design transfer formats and stuff like that. Salesperson 'Have you rung about the offer?' Me ''No, what offer?' Him '£500 off today only it's a Europe wide offer for just one day on this model, it was on the Shopping Channel' Me 'Argh!!!!! I'll get my card!' Thrilled doesn't cover this, it's due next week.
  6. Big Changes Ahead

    Can you charter a Trader for a week or two to test your dream?
  7. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    I dislike name-calling. As a keen Daily Politics nerd, I love the way that presenters are scrupulously polite as to names but skewer their inteviewees on points where skewering is richly deserved. The politeness adds to the impact in my view, conversely, the disrespect in name calling weakens the arguments! I think. Friendly nicknames are quite different.
  8. Wanted: Tardis

    Could be it goes back to less than successful racing? 'Lazurus come forth'?
  9. Wanted: Tardis

    So what happens to the alter ego, Lazurus now?
  10. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    It seems to me that the Forum dogs have their own happy fellowship and enjoy meeting up just as much as their humans do.
  11. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Tall poppies JM
  12. Grim Meal Experience

    Play nice MM!
  13. Advice Crossing Breydon

    Enjoy your holiday
  14. Mtb 102

    The bit of film re.MTB102 that scared me was them cracking on at sea and Griff out on deck doing 'summat wi' ensign'. Those decks are sloping down to the edges and no toerails or whatever. I got vertigo going through the Mutford Lock!

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