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  1. Bbc4 23.00

    Yes a very unusual and interesting programme.
  2. Newbie Boat Owners

    Welcome Lulu, and many happy hours boating.
  3. Time for a quick thread boost... New members are as welcome as old, er I mean established, um mature er... Oh soddit! Everyone welcome at this event, so feel free to sign up. Forum Name. Boat Name. Number of crew Friday. Y/n. Saturday.y/n. Sunday . Y/n
  4. Too Early?? Christmas?

    Maybe a resourceful member of the Forum could do the Blue Peter thing and create ice breakers out of lager tins?
  5. Granddad Timbo

    Silly question!!
  6. Too Early?? Christmas?

    Ahh well the definition of madhouse is based on that wet shed, all barking bonkers in my experience. Seriously, we thought long and hard about what was best to do with Brilliant when we bought her. In the end we went with doing as Hunters Fleet do, and she winters ashore. The upside is we know she is off the water for the worst of the weather, and the downside is that we are unable to enjoy her out of season. If she wasn't a saily, we'd join the wet shed gang like a shot, but the mast would spend too much time lowered with weights on the end to be good for it....so no go.
  7. Granddad Timbo

    Excellent news, when are you starting the turned wood cradle?
  8. Too Early?? Christmas?

    Hmmmm, ice and wood? Are you leaving her in a mooring that could freeze, most mad woodies afloat are safely in a wet shed? BTW 'wood' was another word for 'mad' in Shakespeare's Day, ...just sayin'
  9. Big Changes Ahead

    Thanks so much for sharing this adventure, it's the boat most of us would never afford to buy, but we can enjoy the process with you. I liked the details of settling in, changing to LED lights etc that we all do, bringing it down to earth in a practical way. The mega booze, but no screwdriver aboard was really amusing to reflect on previous usage patterns, too. You may not be bound for the Med, but from the East Coast, The Netherlands is a good option, as is Normandy, neither known for being too swelteringly hot .
  10. My Day

    Up at 6.30, we have had our 31/2 year old alarm clock staying with mummy while they get building work done at home. Breakfast and t shirt painting...as you do. Our creation featured trucks, mostly, but there was an added bird on a roof to cover a splodge, and a pterodactyl flying at the top of the design by special request. Later we managed a big red helicopter on the back, so it was deeply satisfying. Lunch over, it was off to soft play for grandad, to play basketball and drive the fire engine, as you do, while mummy worked online and I prepped the course I was running this evening in a school. Everyone was pretty tired by dinner time, so we all chilled out, then it was time to wave the family off, stash the toys and hit the sofa. I will miss them tomorrow!
  11. A warm welcome to boating with soul. Brilliant is tucked up ashore with Doug sorting her ribs out. Her larch arrived today as did my receipt for payment of same!
  12. Broken Bones

    Harsh that, adding insult to injury?
  13. Flipping Larch!

    Good point!
  14. Broken Bones

    Good to read of improvements, main thing is, can you lift a glass?
  15. Flipping Larch!

    Well I am a happy bunny because Brilliant will be getting rid of the rest of the cheap and nasty wood she was 'lumbered' with some long years ago and which we had been slowly purging. Doug is doing her rib surgery right now so hopefully she will be in great shape come spring.

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