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  1. Yes, as you know I have been collecting views on this idea, some plus points some minus, mostly related to goose droppings! I am taking it back to the team for consideration.
  2. Further to Griff’s post, £260 was donated to RNLI plus whatever went into the bucket, Bob will let us know that at some point.
  3. This team effort was just that, a team. I’d thank every person who contributed to it without exception; in sort of chronological order...Dave, Paul, Brett, ‘Spike’,John, Phill, Charlie, Inge, Mike, Pat, Martin, Robin, Richard, Sally, Charlie, Howard, Simon, Jill, Simon ...all who made and donated cakes....bought bottles in the . Auction....... were. Excellent company .......apologies for omissions , you get the point about ‘team effort’? Well done NBN!
  4. Polly

    Forum Meet At Salhouse 2018

    You were welcome. Ladies and gentlemen, our Grendel has the makings of a good saily. (Another one bites the dust)
  5. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    He might too!
  6. Polly

    Restoration Of Judith

    Welcome! Thanks for the restoration sharing.
  7. Polly

    Where's Timbo?

    Windows 10 argggh!
  8. Polly

    2019 London Boatshow "on Hold".

    Welcome from me too.
  9. Polly

    My Day

    The yard swapped us over to Lydia which was a sensible strategy. We now had an oven and a fridge as well as ....heating! A trip to Potter for supplies and a bacon butty and we were away. This was now firmly Plan B. Plan A had been sunshine sailing on Hickling and Horsey and under the bridge on Thursday. Wx said WIND and yesterday pub info had it that there had been a sinking on Hickling yesterday (nobody hurt ) . So PlanB was under the Bridge at once and more sheltered sailing available as a result. We had 4 inches to spare under Potter, which was fine, and decided to remast at Womack where we ate lunch and basked in the sunshine before motor-sailing to South Walsham. Lydia is a lightweight boat with a ginormous mudweight so we did our favourite thing of spending the night bobbing around the mudweight in the Broad. The wind was increasing again, but she was rock solid. Having conquered the challenge of ‘how to pull the double bunk out’ it was sleep-time to the sound of sploshing rather than poetically ‘lapping’ water. Coming soon; waves at Ranworth!
  10. Polly

    My Day

    Arrival at The Pleasure Boat was a bit surreal. I had agreed a ‘hat code’ with Aristotle in place of the traditional rolled up copy of The Times. I would wear my red hat withNBN on it , he would have a grey hat on the table. Soooo I approached the total stranger with the grey hat on the table, who confirmed that yes his name was indeed Steve, but looked a bit nonplussed, as well he might have; because at that point the real Aristotle came in from the conservatory type bar, and all was made embarrassingly clear. We had a lovely evening thereafter with Kenmure’s owner, the real Steven, comparing notes on our very similar sailies. That night I checked the Martham Website again... Lydia with stronger engine and ....and a HEATER was available. So a swap was obviously our best plan, given that Jenny might also find very strong winds at Thurne Mouth a barrier to us making it to Salhouse for the Gathering. Coming soon....more really windy wind!
  11. Polly

    My Day

    So, having sorted a few post DIY jobs we returned to Martham to pick up Jenny. She is a sweet little no-frills saily and fine for Summer Sailing I think. BUT this isn’t a normal May, not this week it isn’t . i admit that I had a few qualms a couple of weeks ago and checked to see it I could upgrade to a boat with heating, but they looked to be fully booked. We moved into Jenny and waited for the gale to abate a bit. It didn’t and since we were due to meet Aristotle for something to eat at the Pleasure Boat, we set off into the teeth of the wind under the 1.5 hp Stuart Turner. At the end of Candle Dyke she met the full force of the weather and simply turned round of her own accord. It seemed wise to allow for that and we ended up back at Martham, moored up and drove to the pub.
  12. Poor you!! Get well soon
  13. Roy and Diane, do come pay us a visit. We can swap Broadland Lady in for Boaters I think.

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