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  1. Councillor Reappointed To BA Committee

    Oh I get that, I've been part of these exercises, I just think it might have gone a bit further.
  2. Councillor Reappointed To BA Committee

    Hmmm, OK I am more used to Educational reports, and they can get incisive, but I do think that was pretty bland, though. I saw little evidence of bite, and where recording was advocated, so too was more closed door 'informal consultation'. Yes the team would seem to be staying on the case and that is indeed encouraging.
  3. The Best And The Worst

    We never had a bad hire on the Broads, but we had a bad narrowboat once with the world's noisiest diesel. Broad hire, my favourite was the Zoe last August, what a lovely little boat! We had the Lady Harriet from HW when they did sailies, on both it was the combination of sailing qualities and a lovely warm varnished cabin that was the winner.
  4. Councillor Reappointed To BA Committee

    Excellent news!
  5. Geldeston Locks Video

    Note to self PROOF READ!
  6. Brilliant

    Many thanks.
  7. Geldeston Locks Video

    Ft hat was lovely.
  8. Hernia

    Bad bad bad!
  9. What's This For?

    Nope. That was 'Repair Shop' not 'Ship' btw
  10. Brilliant

    Mods, could we possibly rename this thread as Brilliant please?
  11. Brilliant

    I thought it would be good to do an update on Brilliant its great that Brilliant has completed her first stage of restoration, being now re ribbed, Doug will be able to address the next stages over the coming months. This operation was never about rushing to get her back afloat, although she is really missed, it's about rightly stewarding our bit of Broads History. Therefore, yes, Griff is right that she won't be at Salhouse in May, but that was never more than a 'warm weather this winter possibility', and it hasn't been! As I understand it, planking comes next, evening out a distribution of seams with lots of lovely larch then there is a repair at the stern end of the hog, on to caulking etc and then Whelptons take on the painting. I plan to strip and revarnish cockpit lockers and cabin sides. Doug will put me right I hope on the above.
  12. What's This For?

    It's like 'The Repair Ship' currently re-running on BBC 2, people with so many amazing practical skills that one has no idea about. Love it.
  13. What's This For?

    Yes, the wood yards in Wroxham had/have a bag of sawdust outside that you may collect free if needed. It's such a lovely practical thing to do, but far from obvious. I wonder who had the idea first, and when?
  14. Hernia

    All the best for today, Ian.
  15. Rascal's Fleet

    Mossy nets/blinds on the hatches? i love the name, btw, our dinghy is named after a much loved cat.

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