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  1. Week On Broadsman

    I enjoyed very much your holiday account, thanks for posting. We no longer have to worry about half term dates, but I think that it was on this forum recently, someone also booked this week for next year, only to find the their school was having half term holiday the following week. If it matters to you and you have not checked, it may be worth doing so. I remember when we visited during half term years ago, there were some years when Guy Fawkes celebrations were taking place at the end of our holiday.
  2. Public Staithes

    David, known on here as Swift and ExPilot is the man to speak to for any information about living in this area. I believe he is (or was) very involved with the residents association. I am sure if he sees this he will answer.
  3. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I fear that the subject of the team I support will cause some people the need to let off steam in this thread. Therefore I am announcing that this will be my last comment on this subject on this thread, I am sorry I but I feel that I must be a man of my word and not confirm/deny any speculation put forward by others. The way things seem to be going at the moment it seems as though there may be a few vacancies for politicians coming up, therefore I am practising evasive replies. I am not prepared to say which party I would stand for, but.............................
  4. Electronic Speed Signs

    In another place, JP has stated that should a 3% increase in tolls be approved for next year, BA would consider using some of this money to install electronic speed signs. This for me is not about the increase in tolls, but do we want these signs on the Broads? I am firmly of the view that "something should be done about excessive speeding" however the nimby in me says no to these. We already have the parking machines which some of us feel ill at ease with. What do you think?
  5. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I now live in essex. I have lived in many places around the country and in Scotland. I have never lived in the place where my team are based.
  6. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    My team won.
  7. Halloween

    I believe it! We and several other boats were once set adrift at potter on Halloween, not a good experience fortunately no injuries.
  8. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Ha ha, is that fishing or phishing? For reasons previously stated I'm not taking the bait, or byte!
  9. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I have a terrible feeling that Halloween is about to join my list. With a bit of luck a may be able to enjoy an evening in watching my favourite football team on television tonight-a rare treat for a number of reasons, 'er on board likes Holby (I never watch it) so who is going to answer the door? Well, I'm the boss here so is isn't going to be me......('er on board doesn't read this forum as far as I know). As for my favourite team, I'm not saying as it may make a few non-believers break the Terms and Conditions of this forum.
  10. Perrapin N531

    Whilst visiting Sandwich in Kent this afternoon, we spotted Brooms Boat Perrapin N531 at the bottom of a slip. Looking absolutely immaculate viewed from across the river. Still sporting her Broads registration number, it looks as though she has recently had some work carried out.
  11. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Following TheQ-signs saying road ahead closed without saying exactly where. Earlier this year we arrived at West Somerton by car only to find the coast road was closed ahead. Went all the way back and up to Sea Palling, where the signs said "Road Ahead Closed" None of the locals seemed to know where the closure was or why but we took a chance and got to our destination ok. Throughout the year we have travelled extensively at night and this happens on major roads including motorways with very little info.
  12. Monarch Airlines

    'er on board has just arrived home from Tesco with their free magazine: Win a holiday...we've teamed up with Monarch........
  13. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Well, apparently no one from BA noticed it!!
  14. It seems that every time we contact a company (apart from BT who totally ignore us) we get a request to fill in a satisfaction survey. A company spent ages recently explaining every aspect of their work, wanted to ensure that we were completely happy, then explained that we would receive one of these, and they needed 9/10 for every question for them to "pass". Do you ignore them or reply to some/all? Only the ones which are good/bad in your opinion? If you have read this posting, please rate it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 !!!! 10 being best and I only want to see 10's !!
  15. Tv Licence

    Probably better if I said-nothing now, but I have just to say that for the most part I do not feel as though I am doing as I am told, rather participating in democracy , which although it has many faults seems to be the best way known at the moment.

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