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  1. Didn't work for the guy speeding through Norwich an got a hefty fine recently!
  2. Buying A Boat

    Apart from all the above sensible answers, with which I agree, finding an independent person you can trust to survey the boat. Make no assumptions regarding maintenance and upkeep because it was "owned or used by". Decide where you will want to travel on the broads and where and what type of home mooring you would like. When we bought our first boat on the Broads we didn't take it to the mooring we had reserved and paid for at Porter and Haylett until we had spent a lot of money on it and had our holiday. We didn't realise how tight the fit under Wroxham Bridge would be at some times. Fortunately we always managed, and usually got through Potter Heigham bridge at low tides (also important to us) with the help of the pilots. Best wishes for a successful buy and many happy years on the Broads.
  3. Ranworth. Malthouse Broad

    Last season we visited Catfield Staithe (if that is where the boatyard is) a number of times, and usually there were other boats moored there also. We only have an Elysian 27, not the largest of boats-does this just apply to larger craft or has it got worse? Mooring on "that" side of the bridge we it is one of the places we enjoy visiting.
  4. Salvage Hunters On Broads On Quest Now

    thank you, will record+1 and watch later.
  5. The Peer Review Of The BA

    There is an extensive search for the Broads equivalent of Wigan, I understand.
  6. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    Thank you for the info. I think Peter is right, sadly.
  7. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    I haven't been to the village for some years, there was discussion at some point about a coffee shop close to the car park, did this happen or is this one of those in this dispute?
  8. I am not a constitutional expert. However, after every budget we are given a list of "detail" that wasn't actually spelt out at the time.After every major event (the next royal wedding) certain newspapers have people trawling through things that had been announced whilst minds were elsewhere. I answer to the original question. It matters to me. It may also matter to others who live in the area, as it was recently reported that houses in National Parks are worth more than those in other areas. This does not include me.
  9. Anyone Afloat Today

    We have yet to winterise our boat. The problem is whose turn is it for the duvet this year? The engine on the boat or the wife at home? Think you're safe to vote as she doesn't read the forum.
  10. Week On Broadsman

    I enjoyed very much your holiday account, thanks for posting. We no longer have to worry about half term dates, but I think that it was on this forum recently, someone also booked this week for next year, only to find the their school was having half term holiday the following week. If it matters to you and you have not checked, it may be worth doing so. I remember when we visited during half term years ago, there were some years when Guy Fawkes celebrations were taking place at the end of our holiday.
  11. Public Staithes

    David, known on here as Swift and ExPilot is the man to speak to for any information about living in this area. I believe he is (or was) very involved with the residents association. I am sure if he sees this he will answer.
  12. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I fear that the subject of the team I support will cause some people the need to let off steam in this thread. Therefore I am announcing that this will be my last comment on this subject on this thread, I am sorry I but I feel that I must be a man of my word and not confirm/deny any speculation put forward by others. The way things seem to be going at the moment it seems as though there may be a few vacancies for politicians coming up, therefore I am practising evasive replies. I am not prepared to say which party I would stand for, but.............................
  13. Electronic Speed Signs

    In another place, JP has stated that should a 3% increase in tolls be approved for next year, BA would consider using some of this money to install electronic speed signs. This for me is not about the increase in tolls, but do we want these signs on the Broads? I am firmly of the view that "something should be done about excessive speeding" however the nimby in me says no to these. We already have the parking machines which some of us feel ill at ease with. What do you think?
  14. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I now live in essex. I have lived in many places around the country and in Scotland. I have never lived in the place where my team are based.
  15. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    My team won.

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