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  1. johnb

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    That would be Griff, wouldn't it??
  2. I sent him a photo of mine years ago in order to update but nothing happened so ours is still " hasn't been seen since..."
  3. johnb

    Bad Manners

    We were on our boat this week for the first time this year-the first thing I remembered that boating (mine or others) is not an exact science!! (Although I do try to be considerate when messing up)
  4. johnb

    Diesel Emissions.

    Looking at this after posting, i realise I do sound like the guy who "smoked a hundred a day and it never hurt me" but I have to say that most of the recent reports come from modern day research rather than when emmisions really lived up to their name! In London it seems to me that fumes are caused by the congestion zone pushing everyone on to the nearest road outside the zone, so nothing moves fast enough to disperse the fumes, and bus and cycle lanes narrowing roads with the same effect. OK I am a grumpy, ignorant old man. But I survived all the above!!
  5. johnb

    Diesel Emissions.

    Recently I was telling my wife about the hours I spent cycling up the old A1 road around Finchley, London. The large old lorries, trundling up the hill at night almost nose to tail, goodness knows what was coming out of their exhausts, and me breathing heavily on the bike alongside them (so close that one night I was run over and spent three weeks in hospital with fractured pelvis in three places, dislocated shoulder and no skin on one side of my face (yes, I know, that explains a lot), thousands of cyclists in those days (1950s/60s) must have inhaled all sorts, but I'm pretty sure that getting run over did me more harm than their emmissions! I may puff and pant a bit these days, but that only gets worse when 'er onboard is near enough to take pity on me!
  6. johnb

    The Bridge At Potter

    We keep an Elysian 27 through the bridge. Always use the pilot and time our arrival with their advice. Our windscreen is held on with six wood screws and once we took it off which apparently helped considerably although most times its ok. Think we need about 6'1". No beer on our boat-but sometimes half a house full of stuff.
  7. johnb

    2019 London Boatshow "on Hold".

    Living reasonably close, visiting the boat show became a bit of a habit, but most years I have felt that I should be spending the time visiting our own boat and getting some work done. Next year I may be able to achieve that instead! Working instead of dreaming. I have to say that I have no interest in the luxury boats displayed and when speaking to the pretty young ladies, it seemed that neither did they! The interest level for me has diminished with the lack of chandlers etc.
  8. johnb

    Coastal Footpath

    On radio norfolk yesterday evening there was a report that natural England is trying to close part of this around north norfolk. Apparently too many people are using it. There are some people who have the right to use the path because if their leases etc. so they can carry on using it but not any guests etc. I am sure I heard this correctly people are spoiling the natural beauty I think they said. This sort if thing couldn't happen to the broads/rivers etc. could it????
  9. johnb

    A47 Accident

    We were on A47 towards Yarmouth early evening. Traffic on our side was delayed while they. Fixed central barrier. People from bus were out eating for replacement and traffic back beyond brundall. It seemed they still had work to do as the car was still in outside lane. When we got onto acle straight traffic was clear but stlll some idiot trying to pass with nowhere to go on our side and oncoming traffic flashing to make the driver aware they were coming.
  10. johnb

    The Sandford Myth

    Frankly. although i hold views about this subject, and I feel that where we keep our boat could be the first place where enhancing natural beauty could be used as an excuse (and already partly is, in my opinion) to cut off some navigation, rather than spending money keeping it open. However, I cannot see there is any new information in the public realm, so all the arguments must have already been made. It's a shame that all the old arguments will be dredged up and personal comments made, as have already happened.
  11. Just a question: if people who moor in Adjacent waters have to pay a toll, do they get any dredging etc service for this? It is my understanding that although having to pay a toll some of these vessels never leave their mooring. Perhaps I am wrong.
  12. johnb

    What Do We Want At Acle Bridge?

    But can you spend £750,000 on a small coffee shop etc? It's got to be a LANDMARK building! Not necessarily and USEFUL building. They may use all the building materials, but not necessarily in the right order!
  13. johnb

    What Do We Want At Acle Bridge?

    While I'm on this earth, there can't be enough! Without opening another subject, the early closing of some public toilets and the total closure of others has caused me much discomfort in the last few years! I suspect this has nothing to do with lack of demand, rather diversion of funds.
  14. johnb

    Wood Care-not Boats

    Thank you, I will pass on the info to 'er onboard. Regarding storing in garage, good idea, but where would I sleep?
  15. We have some garden furniture made of Scandinavian Redwood. The makers recommend their own waterproofing product plus teak oil. Despite many applications the table top has not fared well. The makers do not recommend covering the furniture over the winter. Does anyone have any ideas regarding treatment that can be used? I can see my wife spending many summer hours trying to keep the table as good as possible, and it is tiring for me sitting supervising!

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