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  1. Rip For A Wonderful Lady

    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.
  2. Is This Your Boat?

    Hope there's no lasting damage. On a lighter note it could become a self-sailor!
  3. April 1st?

    Letter from todays Daily Telegraph: 'Sir-As advised by my solicitor, I contacted Norfolk constabulary to obtain a crime number after the gates disappeared from a field on which a have a tenancy. They replied thus: "The person or persons unknown who have removed your gates may intend to return them and therefore we do not consider it necessary to issue a crime number" It would appear that in Norfolk anyone can feel free to take whatever they like, secure in the knowledge that if their intention is to return it,no crime has been committed' Something doesn't sound right?
  4. Using Sat Nav Not Speeding

    Surely any satnav suitable for waterways would use the terms port or starboard - that may confuse a few- especially those who have difficulty knowing their right or left hands!
  5. Wanted, Person With Skills!

    Is that supposed to work?!!??
  6. Am I paying ppi on this site? Also I only found it by accident and have spent hours on it since.
  7. Wanted, Person With Skills!

    I seem to remember the wood glue was boiled beads of some description. I was never convinced this would work and have remained cynical re wood glues ever since. I reckonise the joints described above also the gaps between them. Perhaps that was the problem. Solved now after over 50 years of puzzlement on the Internet through which I have also managed to cause chaos on a number of laptops etc.
  8. Wanted, Person With Skills!

    I made a coffee table at school, by the time I got it home I had 9 pieces of wood! And I have got worse at woodwork and many other things since. It was recently suggested that all tools should be confiscated from me-by a friend.
  9. Cause For Concern?

    The very point I made to BA re Waxham Cut. Boats can get up there, they can turn, you can walk to the beach from the mill, but because of a notice at the entrance boats don't enter, therefore the weeds grow and it becomes less accessible etc etc. of course there will never be lots of boats but every one makes a difference. Broad Ambition with his prop would be very welcome . We have visited west somerton a number of times this year with no problems.
  10. Bridge Store At Acle To Close

    Would they really spend money on a site without having a clear idea what they would want to do with it? Surely unless it was absolutely really cheap no organisation that had to watch the pennies would act in such a way?
  11. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Walked past BA moored outside kings head Wroxham this lunchtime. She was in pristine condition-looked a treat-so I guess she went through the bridge in a forward direction!
  12. Sailies-which Way?

    Well as the OP I wasn't expecting such a large response! I have to say that turning up Heigham Sound this week, we met a yacht approaching us. After a quick consultation with the helmsman, a member of the crew gave us a totally clear clear signal where they wanted us to pass. All completed safely with waves from both vessels. That, IMHO is the way it should be. Those on here who suggested pointing to us then the direction we should go get my vote! Thanks everyone for your views.
  13. Dog Pub Bans Large All Male Crews And Stag Parties.

    As Broads users, we have many different interest groups involved, often individuals spanning many groups (boating, bird watching walking etc.) There is no one organisation that represents us in matters that affect us all to one extent or another. BA tried, I believe to sort out the rubbish problem, even though we were told it wasn't actually their responsibility. Now we have ASB (now gone up in the world, loutish behaviour has its own acronym). Some may feel that it isn't in their remit, but they are affected by it as well as others Broads users. If BA didn't get different groups together in some of these issues then who would/could?
  14. Sailies-which Way?

    I have usually managed to negotiate our boat around the rag and sticks, despite the science behind their progress being a total loss to me, however, I am now full of self doubt etc. When the crew of such wave in a certain direction, are they indicating where they are going, or where they would like me to go (I am not referring to "rude" waving- I think I know what that means.) There has recently been some confusion between ourselves and a sailing boat which could have caused some damage.
  15. Groupon Food Cley

    Sorry-always late with the news! Perhaps the mods want to delete the posts ?

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