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  1. Yes Alan they do catch you out, bumped into those ruddy posts once or twice in the night, I can tell you, nothing to do with wine consumption of course It's a smashing little boat and like Simon wouldn't hesitate in hiring her again Thank you for the photo's Simon, she hasn't changed much at all, it must be ten years since im indoors and me hired her, cheap as chips for a cracking boat Grace
  2. Oh my goodness I've got six (well I have only just started) I don't even like cricket but I'm hooked. Kids are waiting for bedtime stories, they'll just have to wait lol Grace
  3. No need for a tin hat there Dilli, it is a general statement that refers to most, if not all of my posts, according to im indoors, I can ramble on for hours Grace
  4. I've just showed my dad this thread, he was a Mod (can't stop laughing) He got drunk, got into fights, got a few telling's off from the Police, when he met my Mum her parents were mortified, they wanted her to settle down with a proper gentleman not someone from the rough side of the street so to speak. If you met him (he will kill me for this) you will find standing in front of you the most decent, caring, protective, hard working and decent human being you could ever meet, I adore him, he is my hero You may be thinking what on earth is she rambling on about now but the point I'm trying to make is even though he was considered a bad penny (or however the saying goes) back then in his younger days he still turned out to be a thoroughly decent human being Those kids in the day boats were reckless and yes could have put other people in danger, hopefully in a couple of years some of them will think back and wonder what on earth they were doing and some of them maybe not and turn out to be axe murderers or some such Social media is a wonderful thing in that it brings to the world's attention things that were dealt with or brushed under the carpet back in the day Now I'm not trying to tell the older generation that they are talking nonsense or anything but give the youth a break, they're not all bad, some of the kids I have met through work and being a parent at the school gates don't stand a chance in hell when you see how they are treated by their parents. I cried when I heard a so called dad tell his child, a little girl to "Shut the f...k up" (I thought he was talking to a dog) I intervened and was verbally abused myself, what chance does that child have? I am off now to look at photos my Mum has dug out of Dad when he was considered a bit of a thug back then, he was quite the handsome devil but on my goodness, that hair (I think he thought he was Elvis Presley) Grace
  5. My parents made me read a lot about the evils of drinking when I was younger, when I grew up I gave up reading I'm getting me coat Grace
  6. I totally agree Ray, although not been boating as long as fifty years more like twenty five, we haven't witnessed such appalling behaviour as Ricardo has reported but we most certainly would if we did I think personally the worst behaviour and rudeness is from the day boats, they hire for a couple of hours and have no idea about river etiquette or the rules of the waves, im indoors has had to have a few choice words with some of them in the past. The worst hirers we saw was a stag boat at about eleven in the morning coming into moor at Brundall, they rammed the mooring so hard the guy in the front well nearly went overboard (beer in hand) and left a gaping hole in the front of the boat, apart from that not really had any problems It's still a safe and beautiful place for all to enjoy, just respect the Broads and the people holidaying on it, even the flappy thingys Grace
  7. I have only had two shots on a night out once and would never touch them again, the main purpose of drinking them is to get you drunk as quickly as possible, I personally would rather buy a bottle of wine and get drunk over a much longer period Seriously though, it is awful behaviour, not only putting themselves at risk but innocent, decent people having a lovely time on the river could have been hurt too, I'm all for people having fun but not at the risk and danger to others Grace
  8. According to im indoors I'm a 'committed individual'...........will I get to wear a uniform? Grace
  9. Loving these little films of yours Neville please keep them coming.........although not so keen on those little blighters, not very pretty at all, Night of the Living Crayfish springs to mind stuff of nightmares those ruddy things lol Grace
  10. Not rambling at all, a very warm welcome aboard the forum Grace
  11. What a post, I 'liked' it for the fact you took the time to tell us of your harrowing time fighting that dreadful fire and the bravery you and your colleagues have shown, not just that night but every fire or accident you have to attend To call you lazy or selfish for wanting a pay rise or some such is absolutely disgusting, for me any way, you along with our other emergency services are the bravest people we have the good fortune to help us, rescue us and save our lives when a tragic incident like Grenfell Tower happens On a lighter note, I have always supported you, along with other Mums on the school playing field when a fire engine and it's crew arrive at the summer fete to give kids demonstrations, my boys being forced on those engines for the tenth time along with their friends so us Mums can cop any eyefull of you wonderfull bunch of people Keep up the good work Mark, brave and truly one in a million Grace
  12. Another sad day, it doesn't matter about religion or the colour of anyone's skin, more life lost and more families that will never be the same again My heartfelt condolences to all those affected Grace
  13. Wow, brilliant, thank you for posting. Trouble is there's never that many fish about when Charlie's fishing, is there Charlie?? A very warm welcome aboard the Forum by the way Grace
  14. Mark, I can understand the discreet washing line on a two week break but perleease not hanging out of the windows or the bow rails, I saw a pair of knickers hanging on the bow rail once that made Bridget Jones look like a stick insect Grace
  15. No problem and I do agree, I hate that word too, oops sorry, meant dislike Loving your new avatar thingy Grace