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  1. Where Do I Wish I Was Now?

    You bet Gren, I remember once polishing a bottle off with im indoors, on Star Gem, a hot summers night the roof back until 2 in the morning, the mozzies and bugs were a bit of a pest though, still up by 6 to watch the Kingfishers diving for their breakfast, what's not to like (apart from the bugs of course lol) Grace
  2. Where Do I Wish I Was Now?

    Only just seen this and yes I know that stretch like the back of my hand, tied to trees along there and had the most peaceful, stunning nights, all you could hear were the sound of the water, fish jumping and the tree's rustling, gives me goose pimples just thinking about it. Lovely photo Wyndham thanks for posting Grace
  3. Shoes

    Yes Howard I can see where you're coming from regarding the similarity but I would never wear THAT shade of lipstick Alan, at least I've got hair Grace
  4. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    We mostly wild moor or mudweight, that way the only thing to irritate me is im indoors Now, I say this very much tongue in cheek but why some of you don't just take up golf is beyond me Grace
  5. The "c" Word

    I'm not saying a word Over to you, Jean Grace
  6. My Video On The Broads!

    Hello Ben, a very warm welcome aboard the forum from me Smashing video, thank you for sharing it with us Grace
  7. It's All Richo's Fault!

    From Barnes Brinkcraft........... Organisers of hen and stag parties are always looking for fun and imaginative ideas for the bride and groom to let off steam with their family and friends before tying the knot. Here at Barnes Brinkcraft we have been welcoming hen and stag parties to the Norfolk Broads for years, both on board our cruisers and our self catering luxury riverside lodges To help you get into a celebratory mood, the stag and hen will be given a complimentary bottle of Bubbly on arrival. Please be aware you will be asked for a security deposit on arrival. This will be between £250 and £500 depending on the boat or £200 if you're staying in the lodges We believe that everything for a great weekend (or longer) is right here whatever you fancy doing ................. Not just Richardson's, I am getting a t shirt with the words "LEAVE MY RICHO'S ALONE" written on the front lol I feel another "here we go again" coming on Grace
  8. Lovely End To The Day Yesterday

    lovely idea Dave Grace
  9. Lovely End To The Day Yesterday

    "Any particular requirements?"..........Yes please, the early morning low lying mist on the river as the sun comes up, a flappy at sunset and people just messing about in boats will do for me Judging by your photos you will capture them beautifully Grace
  10. Silly Question But It's Friday...

    Oh Alan, I so know what you mean, it happens to me all the time Honestly, Ricardo, do behave, you must have very poor eyesight, I didn't have to zoom in to notice, perhaps you should've gone to Specsavers Grace
  11. Silly Question But It's Friday...

    I wanna know where she got those shoes from but VPL (visible panty line) so not a good look............meowwwww Grace
  12. Things That Make Us Laugh

    Lot's of things amuse me, I try to laugh and be happy every day but the one thing I find absolutely hilarious is when im indoors says "Gracie my darlin wench, get us a beer from the fridge"......Oh how I laugh at that one Grace
  13. Sitting On Me Wall

    Brilliant, just brilliant, Old Wusser, please don't leave it too long before you're sitting on your wall again If you see us coming into moor at Reedham, you probably won't see me, I will be in my cabin for the duration of said mooring, where upon I will remain for the rest of the day if im indoors messes up lol Bring on the next instalment please Grace
  14. Fuelling Points

    Everything what Dave and Howard said. We cruise a lot, even going North to South in a week and still get some money back. Not a lot of fun in going on a beautiful broads holiday having to worry about filling up with fuel to save probably just a few quid. Make sure you fill up with water though, now that you can run out of half way through having a shower, with shampoo in your hair and everything, not that I've done that of course A very warm welcome aboard the forum Karl I'm so excited for you, once you're on board and under way, fuel will be the last thing on your mind, you're in for a wonderful time and in October too, a beautiful time of year to be out on the rivers Grace
  15. Your call is important to us We are experiencing a high number of calls but will be with you shortly You are number 202 in the queue Grace

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