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  1. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    I don't think I have ever not loved a boat I've been on, from budget to posh. I very rarely use the galley, I'm on holiday and I'm not cooking The only gripe I have with most boats I've been on is the showers, a bit too cramped for me when I'm singing my version of a Whitney Houston song, or killing it a slow death more like Lol, and you think Jay's bad How are you doing Lind? Grace
  2. Birthday Trip

    Yay.....it's about ruddy time Lind A very warm welcome aboard the forum Another shoe buying, wine guzzling girl on board folks, you have been warned Great to have you Mrs Nog Grace
  3. Guess Who Just Got Wed?

    Aww, congratulations to you both Grace
  4. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    So sorry to hear this Simon, I can't think of anyone who would take care of their hire boat more. You have Simon who has been hiring boats for years both solo and with family who would care for the boat as if he owned it, then you would have all male and all female parties and the first timers. Nothing wrong with any of them, everyone has to start somewhere, nothing wrong with well behaved same sex parties but I'd know who I'd prefer to hire to So if Simon takes the upgrade option he can't take one of his children along unless with another adult, this is health and safety at it's maddest I hope you get sorted Simon Grace
  5. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I agree Polly, Jay has been through and seen things a lot of us wouldn't be able to cope with and couldn't possibly imagine, we should all take notice and appreciate the advice Grace
  6. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    My Dad taught me how to moor and was allowed to do it under his watchful supervision, my Mum taking the ropes. I loved it, I may have 'bumped' the boat coming in a couple of times but never damaged or smashed one up, that happened when I grew up Grace
  7. Where Did The Love Affair Begin?

    Sitting at the helm with my dad on a Gold Gem class from Richardson's when I was six. She was a bit of a wreck but I thought she was a palace, that's when I fell in love with boats. Then being allowed to stay up late and fish with one of those little night floats on, on my Dad's lap, catching my first fish and thinking how magical the river was, that's when I fell in love with the Broads Grace
  8. A Winters Tale

    In Jay's head he sings like Ed Sheeran or John Legend but in reality he actually doesn't Sorry babe, love ya really Grace
  9. A Winters Tale

    Lovely Jay, really enjoyed the photos and going along for the ride with you, thank you And you're welcome by the way Grace
  10. Notification Settings

    "Hope this helps"........Crikey, not really, I was with you up until you said "We have been asked" Grace
  11. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    No but I would have asked nicely darlin I know, behave lol Grace
  12. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    I would have loved to and would have been honoured to take the platter along for team Indy but I am a Bridesmaid at my friends wedding that weekend I'm so disappointed I didn't win, not because of the platter but the promise of a bit of a turn by a Police Officer and a certain Firefighter. I'm wondering if either of you are free the weekend before, we could do with a bit of a turn on the Hen weekend Grace
  13. Quite sure And thank you, that's a lovely thing to say Grace
  14. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    Sorry, was that just the one glass?? Grace
  15. That's me in Spot on Pete, We do have something good going on. I've had the great fortune to get to know some nice people on here of which I would perhaps never got to know otherwise, one in particular that holds a special place in my heart (soppy) Truly a fantastic place to be a member of. It may be because of some voyage or other involving a little ship called Indy that saw us have an influx of members but once in they'll be hooked like the rest of us Well done forum, as Tina Turner would say, Simply the Best Grace

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