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  1. Where's Timbo?

    Get well soon Timbo. The Wayford Bridge Inn needs you and so do we Grace
  2. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    The rain here is now turning to snow, wet snow though the kind that doesn't settle if you get my drift (see what I did there lol) Grace
  3. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    No snow in East Sussex just torrential rain and blowing a gale Stay safe tonight Jay Grace
  4. Rip Christine Keeler.

    She could have been so much more than someone who earned her money in doing what she did. I don't mean to sound judgemental but what a waste for someone so beautiful Grace
  5. Save The Dogs

    I agree with JohnK, these dogs are trained to attack, have probably had traumatic experiences through no choice of their own and trained by humans to save the day. A family environment is not a good idea but they deserve a peaceful and happy retirement and not to be put down because they've served their purpose and of no use any more Thank you Jeff for bringing it to our attention and giving us a chance to have our say and make a difference Grace
  6. Save The Dogs

    Just signed Grace
  7. First Day Of Advent

    My Nan loved him. Her name was Claire, another gilbert O Sullivan song if I remember correctly (she played it often enough). How old is it? Your guess is as good as mine lol. I so know about not getting the years back, I've lost a couple to be honest and treasure every moment of my life with my family and friends (on this forum too) but Micheal Buble?? Please, shopping centre's and Christmas light switch on's.....give it a rest A lovely video, thanks for posting Grace
  8. First Day Of Advent

    Howard, if that finds itself overboard 'accidently' please let me be the first to buy you a pint Grace
  9. First Day Of Advent

    Thanks for that Jay the man is so talented but I just can't get 'It's looking a lot like Christmas' out of my head, even singing it in the shower this morning and not very well apparently Grace
  10. First Day Of Advent

    The Boys have a Star Wars calendar each, the excitement by just opening one little window is absolutely brilliant. Went to see the towns Christmas lights and tree being switched on yesterday evening, if I hear one more Micheal Buble song I swear I will scream. The boys met Santa (didn't really look much like Santa if I'm honest) but a lovely time just the same. Tree and decorations are going up at home today, it's feeling a lot like Christmas now, jeez that's a line from an MB song lol Grace
  11. Only When Boating

    I think you're right about the reason being it's a sanctuary away from everyday life. Although we don't own a boat (yet) when we are on the Broads on holiday any worries or problems just seem to fade away. I remember once being mud weighted on Barton Broad on a hot August night, sitting outside the boat and just listening to the wildlife and the fish jumping, I have never felt so at peace in all my life. We've also been known to sit up until two in the morning drinking wine and just chatting, having a laugh about anything and everything.........oops, no, I do that most weekends lol It would seem from your post you are enjoying your new boat, all the very best of luck with her and happy cruising Grace
  12. Still In Shorts

    Absolutely no offence taken But I will warn you I am on the wine with the girls tonight, be afraid, very afraid Grace
  13. Still In Shorts

    I agree Monica, mad as March hares the lot of em. although I wouldn't mind seeing that Fire Fighter fellow in his shorts Grace
  14. Pacific Cruisers-vista

    I don't think you will go far wrong with Pacific, Davy, although ashamed to admit we've never hired from them I have heard nothing put praise from Ray and Neil, a proper nice little outfit and definitely on my to do list I'm not sure the yards that are left in the South would be too happy with one of the biggies from the North opening up shop though lol It doesn't really bother us cruising from North to South or vice versa, we love to cruise but I do get your point about time being critical on a weeks holiday. The solution of course is to save up loads of pennies and have two weeks, or two holidays, one South and one North, sorted Grace
  15. Pacific Cruisers-vista

    Hi Neil Yes it has been mentioned on another thread, Ex Alpha Boats to enter BB Fleet (please do keep up lol). It would seem Pacific have purchased Vista Ray (Boatingman) mentioned how nice Fiona and Richard are as you probably know. How great it is to hear of a smaller yard expanding their fleet, I hope she hires well for them You never talk no sense Neil, unless you're going on about the Hibs of course Grace

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