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  1.     Manko, I have posted this on the forum:

         I have been made aware of the following:

    The Broads Authority has no discretion in this matter. It is obliged to apply the law. The situation is that the houses opposite were allowed to be built on the understanding that the island would have no commercial development and this is supported by legal covenants which the B.A. has to enforce.


    My understanding of British law is that it should be judged to be reasonable. If we accept that then how can it be considered reasonable for a covenant on one piece of land, unconnected to another, to effectively apply a planning blight to its neighbour as appears to be happening here? It all becomes rather more than feintly ridiculous when one considers that commercial activities and development on the island predates the housing opposite by a considerable margin. It appears that the BA is in an uncomfortable corner of its own making.

    It strikes me that Mr Woods should contest the terms and reasonableness of the covenants that are being applied by the Authority. In the meantime those living their lives there are the innocent victims of what appears to be an injustice.

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      That is just what I was thinking.      Can the message box  be a bit more prominent please and the other one less so.   It is so easy to do.

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      Monica, in all honestly probably not. We can certainly raise with the developers, but looking at the design I'm not sure how they can make any clearer. It's probably something we will all get used to.

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      Did you explain to the developers that some of us are a bit challenging in our abilities to follow instructions.   :hardhat:




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