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  1. Gordon

    Boat Insurance (well Who'd A Thought It)

    I recall a few years ago when I renewed with navigators they sent out a propaganda sheet. One item they proudly mentioned was that they paid out for a new mast for a customer whose mast had been savaged by a woodpecker. Maybe woodpeckers could be the reason
  2. Gordon

    Flying Bittern.

    Yes I felt very honoured to see one a couple of weeks ago. It was between St Benets and the Thurne. Initially flying above the reed bed and then crossed the river just ahead of the boat. Very windy and it was struggling a bit having landed in the reeds at the edge it was told in no uncertain terms that the flock of greylags did not welcome it and took off again. Made my day
  3. Gordon

    Diesel Scrappage Scheme For Boats?

    Another issue is we cannot compare a relatively small number of boats out in the open to thousands of deisel vehicles confined in a city. In the town or city there is no place for the smoke to go and plenty of people in close proximity.
  4. Gordon

    Mudweighting At A Stern On Mooring

    Might just help a bit if some ****** untied you in the night
  5. Gordon

    Are you a Thruster?

    I really don't think it matters whether you use a thruster.a paddle or an old bucket to get into the mooring provided it's done slowly safely and without damage. As for making a pigs ear of it well everyone has to learn everything sometime. I remember admiring the skill of the helmsman of a twin engine fishing trip boat bringing his boat into a side mooring in a gap just a bit longer than the boat in a very crowded marina. It was a joy to admire his skill using each engine in dependantly no bow thruster needed there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Gordon

    Windows 10

    So if MS follow the usual pattern of one great system followed by one not so good each time it suggests that the non existant 9 should have been the good one. Straight to 10 miss out the good one perhapsperhaps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Gordon

    New Ice Cream Boat

    I for one are happy to use mobile food vans/boats provided the operatives and the facility's look clean and tidy . I base this on the fact that nothing really deadly is going to happen to me and I have so far survived 6 decades in fine health What I have developed a serious allergy to though is the modern risk averse ness (is that a real word) and some of the OTT PC attitudes Anyway I think this venture is an asset to the Broads and wish them every success it's the little man and woman striving to make a living that will save this country and not the bunch of muppets who we will have to choose from on Thursday
  8. Gordon

    New Ice Cream Boat

    Pre packaged food? What the eye don't see etc. I do understand your point though but where do we draw the line? Rule out most of the food in the shops.? Avoid all restaurants cafés etc. very much personal choice I guess,
  9. Gordon

    New Ice Cream Boat

    Apologies if this has already been covered already. I discovered to my delight on this lovely sunny bank holiday at S Walsham that a new ice cream boat is plying its trade. Even more delighted to learn that it was staffed by some old friends I understand it covers Barton (Gays Staithe and Paddy's )lane down to the Bure and S Walsham. So if you see the ladies give them a wave and better still ... Stop them and buy one. Just to clarify they steer clear of Ludham Bridge and How Hill to avoid poaching someone else's patch
  10. Gordon

    Raw Water Strainer

    So what was the man for ? Simple it was his job to feed the dog. Fortunately it took the company "bean counters" over 20 years to realise they needed neither man nor dog. Took a lot of people nicely up to a suitable age for early retirement Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Gordon


    I went up to Luke's burger bar at Richos to buy a cup of coffee a couple of years ago and ended up buying another boat Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Gordon

    boat gone up in flames at sutton

    Clive I am very sorry to hear about Peter dying I had not heard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Gordon

    First winter on the broads

    Don't forget to remove shower heads. Leave taps open and remove drinking water charcoal filter also make sure the domestic water pump is dry. I have had hairline cracks on both a boat and a caravan. Sods to find and drive you mad when the air gets in Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Gordon

    First winter on the broads

    I am interested in the comment about a mist of WD40 I have often wondered if the rust proofing qualities are over rated a common misconception is that it is silicon. I thought it was mainly kerosine ideal for water dispersal and penetration Thoughts please guys and gals Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Gordon

    Dedicated starter battery

    We had both a lazy starter and he isolator switch on our old Calypso. At separate times that is A replacement or refurbished exchange starter for the 4108 was a scary price but refurbishment via Boulters was a very cheap. Never did understand the vast difference in price between a refurbished exchange starter and having your own rebuilt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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