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  1. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    It's certainly a case of make as complicated as posible! (http://www.rya.org.uk/SiteCollectionDocuments/cruising/Web Documents/Regulations and Safety/Lights-and-shape-summary.pdf) I've gone for safety first and the boats have streaming lights, side lights and a stern light, an all round is used when "anchored"..
  2. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Thats a big marina to work your way around and earn some trimming commission!
  3. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    Yes but no.. Colregs or (GY PA bylaws) which are really a copy of the BA bylaws (if not just a bit complicated) will apply, so no... it may also mean that many broads boats will be in breach as the BA lights bylaws are different.
  4. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    I still don't understand this, it's easy to navigate on a large river because you can steer following the reflection of the sky on the river. But even this is harder when you have a windscreen infront of you as this reflection is weakened dramatically by the general reflections inside. So if there is no reflection of the sky (i.e the tree line closes in) then you need more lighting to light up the river. Even steering at waking pace the banks on narrow rivers quickly get closer. ?! Yes I guess I guess if you have an open boat then it's easier but again with a windscreen it's hard work.. Perhaps I do need to eat more carrots...
  5. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    This is shocking and clearly stinks of something. We went here in the summer. The little cafe looked uninviting and ask you me aimed at an older clientelle which is a bit dated now. The other cafe was far more welcoming and more my style. I'm sorry but I certainly won't go to the other cafe. Very strange indeed..
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I so need to stop working so hard and try to find time to read through this thread.. Hopefully over Christmas.. As I say though Robin, if you need anything just shout, don't forget too we now have really good relationships with lots of trade suppliers (certainly helped going to the marine trade show in holland) so if you are buying boaty stuff please come to me first.
  7. 2018 Calendar - In Case You Are Wondering..

    I've just ordered mine, hopefully I wasnt too late :)
  8. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    We do a lot of night cruising and have done most of the northern broads at night. Just before dusk is amazing and we've seen most of the wildlife we've ever seen on that broads at this time. At home here night navigation is common as mud berths make it a necessarily if you want to use your boat. We also have two huge spot lights on Orca as on the River Ant again it's a must as the river is far to narrow not to use them. They are positioned low and pointed downwards as to not affect my night vision and they are not used if there are other boats on the move (which their hardly isn't) and turned off when passing close to other boats as to not be a jerk and shine in their windows, personally I see no difference in using spotlights on boats than on the road, it's far more dangerous to use on road if you ask me.
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Looking forward to seeing her Robin! Wonder how much teak carpet we can put on her!
  10. House Of Horror

    I still bet that dad left his wallet at home...
  11. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    That's right Andy.. it is normally predictable but it's not the best. Certainly wouldn't recommend one.
  12. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    I think it is a bit confused.. one day it will go in the drink! bloody thing!
  13. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    Sadly my drone got attacked by a windmill (pump) in thurne.. (it has a mind of it's own) thankfully only a £10 fit but annoying none the less..
  14. Gingerbread Man At Wroxham

    Whatever next!!
  15. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    I'll have one please :)

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