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  1. It was a pleasure as always great day great night woke up Sunday with a nice clear head LOL see you later in the week ...
  2. Thank you guys much appreciated makes it all worth while when you know people are enjoying the vlogs ...
  3. So this week is pea and ham soup really delicious and easy to make ..
  4. Thanks Grace for your kind words , and yes it has been a year how time flies by , sorry to say you will have to put up with another year haha . Keep giving them a go I'm sure you are much better than your letting on .
  5. Yes John keep trying you know , hope your both well mate ...
  6. So here is our one year Anniversary Vlog , Braised Steak this is one to try you will not be disappointed as the meat just melts in your mouth you wont even need a knife to cut with ...
  7. Potato Soup Cooking On The Corsican Part 39..

    Thanks Hylander and happy new year hopefully one will go up next week , done one last week but had problems with the sd card so lets hope it all works this week ...
  8. Cheshire Cat. Gravy, Geoffrey, Gravy!

    To be honest that is how i cook , the old ways are best IMHO , and you can use any flower but not corn flower for this method hope this helps you kind regards ...
  9. Cheshire Cat. Gravy, Geoffrey, Gravy!

    Well a quick way is to use the meat juice and some of the veg stock then brown season and thicken with proper old Bisto NOT the instant but the old powder one you get in the box , skim the fat off the top and away you go not a bad gravy most people do it that way , or you go down the instant road but still use the meat juices . But if you can do all that why not just get the meat try on the ring medium heat add some flower stir well till its a past add a glass of wine keep stirring then add a pint off stoke keep stirring till it thickens taste for seasoning skim any fat off the top really not hard , hope this helps you....
  10. So Happy New Year we are back after Christmas and the first Vlog for 2018 is a fantastic Potato Soup give it a go its easy and very tasty ...
  11. Cooking On The Corsican

    Thanks for all the nice replies see you all in 2018
  12. Cooking On The Corsican

    Hello all i would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas also all the best for 2018 , there will be no vlogs till after the holiday sorry but January it all starts again . Have a great Christmas ... Kind Regards ...
  13. Dumplings Cooking On The Corsicon Part 36

    Thanks Hylander don't know what we would do with out our wood burning stove ...
  14. Dumplings Cooking On The Corsicon Part 36

    Great stuff Steve I am so glad that you tried them as I said in the video they are really quite easy as long as you follow the simple step , I was on The Corsican at the weekend and I to made them but with mice onions roast potato's and cabbage fantastic . hope you try some of the other recipes Steve all the very best ...

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