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  1. Large Load

    It's an entire shoe shop haha , lori
  2. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Ooooh is it jackanory time ? lol . lori
  3. What Would You Come Back As?

    I'd like to come back as a beautiful kingfisher , & keep landing on my friends boats & have a ride & come & have tea with you all lol xx . Lori
  4. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Hi john , what made you give up sailing ? Lori
  5. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    hi john, i don't understand alot of these words that's used, so what does it mean when it's ketch rigged ? please. lori
  6. Nbn Shop

    Whenever ive been to have a look in the shop section , a message comes up saying - you can only buy these things through your computer , & that was when i went on my phone . Lori
  7. Floating Tents!!!

    Them things might be ok for lakes but not for rivers , you could find yourself in real trouble on a tidal river if you can't stop it , Especially ones with weirs on them . Lori
  8. Do You Still Wave?

    yep we always wave back & always have done, it's just being polite & it's nice . lori
  9. Autumn's Here

    That's a beautiful boat, love it . Lori
  10. A Great Idea For A New Programme L

    I'd like to see a programme like the sometimes do in america , job swap, i'd like to see one of the footballers do a swap with my hubby at enthovens (the lead plant ) they would'nt last two minutes in that heat next to a blast furnace on nights & on his wages too .
  11. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    Would love 2 please . lori
  12. Concorde

    Oh forgot to say we saw a waterboat there which neils dad flew in in the RAF it was massive. But beautiful.
  13. Concorde

    Hi ian, i went to duxford the other day & went in concorde & you're right it really is narrow , if you decide to visit it , take your own food , it was £9.00 just for two scones, but it is a nice place to visit with 7 hangars full of planes,
  14. Gingerbread Man At Wroxham

    Might be best if you approach him gingerly haha . Lori
  15. Any Tablet Techies?

    I bought my daughter an acer aconia tablet & it broke down about 6 months down the line WITH -you guessed it , charging problems , i could'nt get the charger to stay in & i tried various others to no avail & i started to get lines on it too so it went back & i got a refund, clares now got my samsung one & she uses it every day & no problems, samsungs are real work horses & thats why i stick to samsung fones, lol lori

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