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  1. Getting Stuck

    Just out of curiousity , who was it that broke the ice up ? & where did you have the meet ? I can't remember , lori
  2. Birthday

    As you've probably gathered grace , these are all shoe cakes lol , so you can eat them haha.
  3. Birthday

    Hi grace , happy belated birthday xxx.
  4. Getting Stuck

    hi guys & gals , one of my favourite things to watch on utube is big ships abroad, & i was watching this video of a big ship getting stuck in the ice , which i found was amazing as it's about a 1000ft long & about 80ft wide , & the guy who took the video said it took them 3 attempts to get through going backwards & forwards , & it brought back memories of when some of you went to a boat meet & had to break the ice on the river to get through , & it made me chuckle . Lori
  5. Russell's Deleted Scene

    It worked on mine phablet lol
  6. What Happens Next?

    & it's not even a full moon yet , it's only 3/4 .
  7. Shoes

    Yes but very nice though haha .
  8. Shoes

    Ok gracie if you inssist hahaha .
  9. Shoes

    How about these ones grace lol.
  10. Three Finals

    i never watch any of them, not my thing, i would rather watch utube & keep turning left ,more exciting lol .
  11. Well Out Of Order

    all i can think of is -lowered fur loot lol , or older woeful rot lol lori
  12. Broads Related Presents

    I got a picture of the broads from my sister & i was chuffed to bits . Lori
  13. that was so painful to watch, i just could'nt understand what he was trying to do down the river, it looked like he could'nt handle it .
  14. Which Boat Is This Please?

    It's not one of colin sanders boats is it ?i'm sure he had one similar . Lori
  15. 2018 Calendar - In Case You Are Wondering..

    Whoohoo mines arrived , they're lovely , thankyou to all concerned . Lori

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