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  1. Old Broads Boats

    Stokesby 1958, not changed much in 60 years. One of Ripplecrafts. Don't know what the other one or the yacht are.
  2. Emma Chambers

    Beautiful lady. Brilliant comedy actress. Will be sadly missed.
  3. Are You Average?

    I'll let you know if I can find my mobile.
  4. Had a couple of holidays on the Canal du Midi (2004) and the Canal du Rhone a Sete/Canal de La Robine/Canal du Midi (2005) - both times on Magnifiques. Both boats were almost new and immaculate. I presume they were built at Porter and Hayletts in Wroxham as they both carried the Connoisseur Cruisers badge. Vaughan will know the details better than me but I think this was about the time that Connoisseur had sold out to Le Boat who also had Crown Blue Line under their banner. Being fairly experienced boaters we did quite a lot of research into the various French boating areas that Connoisseur offered and immediately discounted the river Lot because of the lack of casual moorings and it being prone to flash floods in most of the season. I was surprised that Le Boat hadn't persuaded the BBC to use one of the other more amiable river navigations such as the Charente (beautiful river), river Baise or one of the Brittany rivers. I also thought Penny handled the boat very well and I'm sure most of us have been caught out in similar situations. Very enjoyable watch though.
  5. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    I had a round neck collarless cord Beatles jacket with silver colour buttons and matching cord trousers. I wore them with a pair of black suede beetle crushers. Unfortunately haven't got any pics.
  6. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    We weren't lager louts back in 63 - probably because you couldn't buy the stuff on the Broads then.
  7. Thank you for the extremely succinct answers Vaughan.
  8. Old Broads Boats

    Another 1958 Yarmouth pic. Craig hasn't got this one listed but from the 1963 Hoseasons it looks like Gay Princess. A F.B. Wilds boat passing another Wilds boat. Roy
  9. Old Broads Boats

    Swan again in October 93. Can't remember where the pic was taken. Roy
  10. Page from 1963 Hoseseasons showing some of the houseboats moored on Oulton Broad. 3 are listed as ex Torpedo boats and one as ex Gun boat but they are all different lengths and beams. Perhaps somebody (Vaughan?) could enlighten me as to if the descriptions are correct. The houseboat at the top of the page looks like one of the flat-afloats but I didn't think they were called that until quite a few years later. There is one listed at Wayford Bridge and one at Brundall. Roy
  11. Old Broads Boats

    Back to 1958, one of her sisters passing through Gt Yarmouth.
  12. Old Broads Boats

    Another one from our 1958 holiday. F B Wilds' Jolly Days turning at Yarmouth YS. 30ft 6in x 10ft, 5 berths with aft galley. There were two in the class the other named Merry Days. Roy
  13. Norfolk Broads 1981

    Thanks Carol. The film brings back memories. 1981 was the year we returned to the Broads after a 12 year gap. Roy.
  14. New Year's Eve

    Happy New Year to everybody.

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