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  1. Any Grp Experts

    Thanks for that Griff ,if my boat was born in the sixties then a bit of tree with some sort of preservative to slow down the rotting process would work but as mine is made of that new fangled stuff then I'm looking for a more modern repair technique, ( only joking by the way BA did look fantastic when it passed me earlier on in the year)
  2. Any Grp Experts

    They have been replaced now with more slimline ones held on with floating stretchy braided rope, hopefully that will keep them attached
  3. Any Grp Experts

    Oh and all the products I looked at were white and my boat appears to be an off white almost magnolia colour ..
  4. A few months back I had a bit of a slow speed collision, didn't notice any damage apart from losing a fender but just been up to the boat to winterize it and noticed the gel coat has cracked and has an area of crazing on it, only noticed it since the boat has gone a bit green and mouldy, its been given a good clean but I can now see the damage, what is the best way to treat this??, its pretty localised to a small area and as the boat is unpainted I would like to keep it this way, I have looked at the various gel coat repair products but unsure exactly what I need, bit of a rubbish pic but its the area just below the cleat and above the ball fender
  5. Big Changes Ahead

    Now that's a statement I like, wish everyone including me took that outlook..
  6. Big Changes Ahead

    Congratulations, exciting times ahead for you, had to laugh at some of the replies you received on the other forum, "crazy,mad and stupid" were a few things posted ,forget all the negatives you go for it Robin and enjoy the experience ,I'm sure there will be ups and downs along the way but good for you for doing such a big life changing journey, can't wait for the updates and possible blogs, it does look an impressive vessel ,bit of a step up from Brinks Belmore
  7. Paloma Water Heater

    Sorry for bringing an old thread up again but after reading numerous issues with these freezing up and mentioning this to the marina owner where my boat is moored they said don't bother draining it down as it doesn't drain all the water out of if ,instead just remove it and take it home, as its only two water pipes a gas connection and two screws holding it to the wall, seems like a sensible idea to me and this is what I am planning to do next week, are there any concerns doing this apart from obviously when reinstalling to ensure there are no gas or water leaks, I will only be needing the eberspacher over the winter so wanted to drain down the complete water system..
  8. Big Changes Ahead

    Robin ,not sure if this has been mentioned in the thread , is Sheila a part of this plan?? Obviously a big life change on the cards so just wanted to ask , wish you well whatever the plans you have ,hope you have the cameras and equipment ready to document this journey from day one , pretty sure there will be plenty of people eagerly awaiting updates following you're experiences, I know I have been missing the blogs, hope its not too long before we have a new series of blogs to watch , wish you well in whatever you decide to do , , just make sure you film it ...
  9. Dawncraft Dc30

    Thanks Alan the trip over was a waste of time ,not really as described and the height of the freeboard is an issue ,we are now looking at some of the newer Viking models in particular the ones with the rear door to make things easier, budget has gone out of the window but it will be worth it long term..
  10. Dawncraft Dc30

    Not really ,off to Norwich to look at one tomorrow, thanks for the help..
  11. Dawncraft Dc30

    After owning our viking 23 for six months or so we have realised we could really do with something a bit bigger, there are a couple of DC 10's for sale that we are interested in ,both need a certain amount of upgrades but nothing major, just wondering if anyone owns one or has owned one in the past that can offer any pointers, we hopefully will be viewing both this week if all goes to plan..
  12. A Week On Whisper Emblem

    No it doesn't, rather shower twice a day and pay for pump outs, being on a boating holiday doesn't mean you have to slum it, ok you might have to be carefull with water consumption but personal hygiene doesn't need to take a dive...
  13. A Week On Whisper Emblem

    Ah that explains it then ,good for the rivers I suppose ,not so good for the pocket

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