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  1. The £5 ones are available at the Broads boating company ,if that what you were asking about
  2. Visited a marina today to view a boat and got chatting to a guy who has had a mooring at said marina for thirty years, we got invited to look at his boat which was a Freeman 22 built sometime in the late sixty's, unsure on the exact year as it was bought second hand by him and the Freeman owners site are unsure as the numbers he has don't match anything they have on record, anyway after chatting to him for a while and asking him lots of questions about the marina and facilities they offer I asked him about maintainance and how much it costs him a year, he services the engine himself every couple of years but to my surprise its only been out of the water once in thirty years and that was around ten years ago when he had a vibration that turned out to be a damaged prop, this was replaced along with what he said was a refurbished drive line, what this involved I have no idea as he was unsure himself, apart from that he has had no issues apart from a rough running engine ,he removed the carburettor rebuilt it and refitted it a year later and its run fine ever since , as he now lives down south visits to the boat are few and far between but apparently it starts first time every time and has not had any breakdowns or major issues in all that time,looking at it it looks a well cared for example from the outside at least ,maybe freeman built them to last or maybe he has been lucky, still can't believe its been only lifted once in thirty years
  3. I thought £5 mooring charge at the new yard was a bit of a bargain, walking distance to the pub, water available plus they were the most helpful people ever when we stopped off for an hour, one guy came over and took care of ours ropes as we were backing in and when my wife was struggling to get up on to the quay heading two quys came rushing over to assist and said give us a shout when you return and we will help get you and the wheel chair back on board, never been able to moor at the pub moorings in the past but as we now need a stern on mooring we will always go back there in the future
  4. Thanks for the link, pm replied to
  5. Given up with him ,sent various messages and emails and not had one reply. Budget has been upped to 10 k and have a few viewings tomorrow and monday so have a few more options. At least i am dealing with people that can be bothered to reply...
  6. Really don't care what it looks like on the inside as it will all be renewed anyway, its about half the price of a similar boat up here
  7. Its that one
  8. Wow I thought I couldn't go far wrong with a boat that's been floating for the last 30 odd years plus , guess that proves me wrong
  9. Robin if it makes you feel better I have just renewed the insurance on my year old 1.2 turbo Nissan pulsar hatchback and its was £245 fully comp ,that took us to Norfolk in comfort and still did 51.1 mpg and that was fully loaded with the wife's essentials and a father in law wedged in the back...
  10. Good on you Robin, it will be a great benefit to you , maybe not so getting around in London where public transport is so so easy but anything further afield can only be a positive, nice car to start off on your long journey of learning to drive but wouldn't a newer cheaper to buy ,cheaper to insure and cheaper to run and of course cheaper to repair car make more sense to you in the first couple of years
  11. Only reason for asking is the boats I am interested in are half the price of similar things where I live , I was under the impression that if somebody wanted a boat on the broads then the way to go was buy it elsewhere and get it transported over, from my few months of looking it seems the opposite, maybe its a supply and demand thing, maybe there are many more boats available in Norfolk so keeping prices competitive, or maybe its just the age/price/category that I'm looking at , but for my 10k budget I can get a far better example from Norfolk than I can from over here , you never know I could end up with a boat from Norfolk and then in ten years time when I retire end up bringing it back home when we move over to the east coast..
  12. Quick question has anyone had any dealings with this company , more specifically the boat sales side of it ?? They have a couple of boats I may be interested in but its a ten hour round trip for me so don't want to waste my time unless I can combine it with my next trip across in August..cheers
  13. I know this has been discussed before but thought one more wouldn't hurt, now I know this may be perfectly safe in most peoples eyes but to me its just wrong , the pic was taken at Ranworth staithe so its not as if there was a lack of space to have a BBQ on dry land, its probably a gas one so a bit safer than a charcoal one but still surely putting it at the back of the boat would be more sensible
  14. This is one we looked at, welcome to the 70's, perfect for the Teak carpet treatment