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  1. Using A Boat With No Bss

    I'm meeting with the engineer and the bss guy on Saturday at the boat yard to discuss what needs doing, not bothered how much it costs to put right as I just want it sorted now, wife won't set foot on it now because she thinks its not safe.
  2. Using A Boat With No Bss

    The eberspacher was only fitted last year, the issues with the gas locker were raised on the last bss which I have only just been sent, don't know how it passed unless they have changed the rules as it was only a recommendation
  3. Using A Boat With No Bss

    The current one is just a plastic 25ltr jerry can type thing, it needs one that is fixed in place with a deck filler ( more chance of me spilling diesel into the water that way )
  4. Using A Boat With No Bss

    Apart from that seems in pretty good condition
  5. Using A Boat With No Bss

    1. Insecure gas pipe behind oven 2.gas pipes contain soldered joints(need to be compression fittings to resist vibration) 3.Gas locker not fixed down 4.Gas locker needs low level drain to exterior 5. Diesel tank incorrect type 6. Diesel tank insecure 7. Needs fixed diesel tank with through deck filling point 8. Gas hose from cylinder in poor condition 9. Petrol tank needs securing 10. Petrol tank locker needs drain to exterior 11. Eberspacher needs fresh air vent fitting to cockpit area
  6. Using A Boat With No Bss

    No fridge currently fitted, the cooker is the one that was fitted from new and I was told that it was no problem having no flame failure as it was fitted before 1990, as for the other issues I will find out this weekend as I am up there trying to sort everything out so we can have a few more weeks cruising before the winter
  7. Using A Boat With No Bss

    Only thing that has changed was an eberspacher was installed a year ago
  8. Using A Boat With No Bss

    I do agree with your first point , as this is the first boat I have owned I have done all the usual checks like checking all the gas connections and pipes are in good condition and have installed a carbon monoxide and a couple of smoke alarms, but obviously there are items that do not comply , as disappointing as this is I want to ensure the boat is as safe as it can be , myself and my wife and occasionally family members spend a number of nights every few weeks onboard, I don't have the expertise to know if everything is safe so quite glad that some potential issues have been highlighted, we might only have one more summers use out of this if my wife's condition continues to detiriate at the rate it has so far ,so how ever much it costs to put right ,at least I will be able to sleep soundly at night, maybe a bit chilly if the heating is coming out..
  9. Using A Boat With No Bss

    Not seen the report but the marina have said various issues with the gas installation and various issues with the heating installation, won't know exactly what issues there are until I get up there next week, they are not too good with technology I asked them to scan and email me the report but they said they didn't know how to but they could post it second class, they didn't even tell me it had failed two weeks ago, Its hard work getting anything done ,I'm quickly going off the idea of owning a boat if this is what I'm up against.
  10. Using A Boat With No Bss

    Thanks for all the advice, I've had it done now and its failed spectacularly
  11. Just Had A Surprise

    Ugh , one thing I hate about this time of year, I know they are only out and about looking for a mate but if I see one its going to get squished, sky remote, phone, shoe, whatever is to hand, I can't stand the things I have been known to sleep in a different room if there was one spotted but can't be found, don't mind anything other insects or crawly things but house spiders give me the creeps.
  12. Red Ensign Yes Or No

    Glad to hear it, pleased I haven't wasted the best part of a day sanding and varnishing the flag pole..
  13. Red Ensign Yes Or No

    Was out today moored up minding my own business when an elderly couple walked past and the guy said "nice boat fella but you need to lose the flag" just replied thanks and carried on doing what I was doing, is there any problem with an inland boat flying this flag, it was on it when I bought it and 75% of the boats in the marina are flying it
  14. The Bss expired on my boat at the end of last month, for various reasons its not yet been done , hopefully this week if all goes to plan but not 100%confident as I've been let down twice before, just wondering if this is a major concern and I am OK to still use the boat ,RCR state that any boat covered must have a current bss ,but more concerned that my insurance will be invalid if I had an accident..
  15. Whisper Emblem

    Not hired it but we had a look around it when we returned Golden emblem in August, looks a very nice boat ,can't comment on how it performs but would be interested in any feedback you have after your trip, zircon will be our next hire for 2018

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