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  1. Thanks but i need one tomorrow and I'm up near Preston, the Whale is listed at £103 , I can get one cheaper online but I need one sharpish, don't mind a bit of a drive and don't mind paying for something decent and maintenance free just wondering what else might do the job ??
  2. That's the one currently fitted, best pic I can get as its located it a rather stupid place
  3. My shower waste pump has finally pumped its last drop of water, its been speeding up and slowing down for a few weeks now and today its barely doing anything , I now have a shower tray full of water that I am bailing out with a coke can with the top cut off , localish rip off chandlers opens at nine in the morning and I was planning on purchasing a Whale gulper 220, I have very limited phone signal so finding it difficult to Google anything, is this a decent enough pump or are there any alternatives I should be considering??
  4. Eberspacher Help

    Great thanks for that Alan..
  5. Fuelling Points

    If I was spending x£ amount on hiring a boat the last thing on my mind would be messing around trying to find somewhere that sold cheap diesel to save the odd fiver or tenner, rather spend my time and money enjoying myself for the short time I was there ..
  6. Fuelling Points

    How much are you hoping to save by filling up yourself?? Not sure if the time and effort required will be worth all the bother, and what will Herbert woods think when you take it back almost full..
  7. Eberspacher Help

    Thanks for all the helpful advice ,I did try googling the fault codes but the marina i'm in the phone signal is rather limited and don't think they have heard of WiFi here yet , pretty sure dial up is still the norm around here, problem solved though its now working fine, bit of a red face moment but diesel powered heaters weirdly enough need diesel to run and the tank was empty, 5 ltrs of the smelly stuff and its back in action, being a petrol powered boat I never thought to check the second tank ...
  8. JJust up on the boat putting up new wall lining carpet, went to fire up the Eberspacher and can't get it to run , the green light is flashing I can't recall it ever doing that pretty sure its always solid green, it goes through its firing up procedure but then stops and the green light flashes, I've uploaded a pic but don't think the light shows, its the light top right of the display
  9. Btcc Snetterton

    My least favorite date on the whole calendar, but guessing Sheddon will be favorite for pole, race day not so sure.
  10. Tv Aerial

    Somebody should review one in various places around the broads to see if they work everywhere, maybe Robin could add an extra comment on the end of his reviews regarding std fit aerials on hire boats vs the 3 inch one , mind you he has enough to do without adding TV reception to the list, or maybe it goes ,holiday blog,boat review,TV aerial review..
  11. Tv Aerial

    Glad its working for you so far , one extra bonus is you don't have a daft looking aerial on a huge pole that you have to turn around to get a decent signal, don't know why people still bother with those ,things have moved on a bit since those were popular ...
  12. First Visit In 36 Years

    You will probably be OK in Ferry Marina ,we managed to get a space anytime of the day or evening ,we had family staying in one of their property's so had to go back and to to pick them up and drop them back off, I think you can phone up and reserve a mooring at one of the pubs there,not sure if its the Ferry or the New Inn, sure someone will be along to clarify soon
  13. Tv Aerial

    I use the same one Koolwabbit linked to on my boat and also have one for my summerhouse ,can't believe how something so small works so well, although it's not on the broads so results may be different there but works fantastic up in Lancashire and at home in North Wales..
  14. Boats Far From Home

    Spotted Kara sea again today, is the reg number an original broads reg ,looks like Z261 and am I right in saying its an Alphacraft??
  15. 12v Fridges

    I've already got one similar to the one linked, we plug it in to the mains the night before then put a few of those frozen ice blocks in then plug it in to the car on the journey up, its good for a day or two but want something I can leave on for a few days, the compressor type ones are very low on power draw but a bit pricey for what they are, still if it keeps the wine and bacon chilled then its worth it, I'm going to measure the space I have and see if I can fit this one in http://www.jacksonsleisure.com/caravan-motorhome/cool-boxes/electric/dometic-mobicool-fr35-31l-portable-compressor-fridge-freezer-12v-24v-230v/

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