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  1. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Didn't waste any time, long time member on ybw. Hmmmmm, do some more research / splitting hairs if you wish, my answer will then be - AND? Griff And as for that comment, you asked a question you got an answer, end of...
  2. Depending on traffic on the Friday ,we are hoping to drop in at least one day/night over the weekend, Kev ,Joanna onboard Maliboo
  3. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

  4. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Ever so slightly different circumstances but how does this effect me hiring with a disabled partner, ok the booking is for two adults but as the wife is pretty much wheelchair bound she does not helm the boat nor assist in mooring, so I am in effect solo hiring, can't really see any difference to a single hirer plus the fact I have other things to take care of ie the wife, never had any questions asked before but would like to think this decision won't affect us, well I hope not anyway....
  5. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    If Robin wants to post his whole life on various forums,YouTube,the internet for the whole world to read then surley he is going to get some negative comments or replys that he doesn't like, he posted on ybw as a newbie to sea going boats to many many people who are far more experienced than him and chose to ignore their advice and some of his replies like "i wouldnt have stabs if they were free"are bound to cause replies that rile some people nothing wrong with that IMHO you only get one shot at life and you don't know what's around the corner so do whatever you feel is right, myself I don't get why Robin bought the boat he did,the way he did ,the place its moored but hey ho that's what he wanted to do so he did it, so good for him and I wish him all the best, been a follower of the blogs from day one and totally enjoyed every single one of them, in the past couple of weeks the first thing I have done in the mornings is check the Indy thread,good on you Robin I hope you have many happy times on the boat, do whatever makes you happy and ignore everyone else ,made up for you and the new adventure and look forward to the following updates..
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Well done guys , but every picture posted looks like she is rolling heavily, maybe all the advice you had regarding stabilisers was right ,must of been a rough ride
  7. Thanks just ordered 12 mm 30m braid on braid, I won't even attempt to splice it ,lots of knots will do for me.....
  8. Looking to purchase new mooring lines but a bit stuck as to what size and type , my boat is a 23ft viking ,the cleats are pretty small and the maximum size rope that will fit is around 12mm, i was hoping to buy a 30m coil so I have plenty spare to rope it how I want, which type is best ,polypropylene, braided, double braid, braid on braid, its a bit of a minefield, looking to order some tonight so I can do it Tuesday or Wednesday...
  9. The guy is going to come down and take a look and see what exactly needs doing so will update when I know more
  10. No its just because the gas locker and the diesel tank for the eberspacher is on the other side, it would be a far bigger job that way
  11. Plenty of access on the inside, the only things that would need moving are the throttle and steering cables and some wiring from the batteries
  12. I'm all for planning ahead but the wife wants to keep things as normal for as long as possible,, its not a huge value boat, we only paid 8k for it and spent another 2k on it tidying it up, plus I have done a few modifications to make it more workable on the inside, its the getting onboard that's the issue now, its been 5 months since she was last onboard, don't mind spending on it if it makes it usable, I'm pretty sure it will be OK but I will get a second opinion before any cuts are made , I may even end up with the only side entry Viking afloat..
  13. Thanks for the suggestion but that would be a definate no no, we moved house to a bungalow because a stair lift wasn't an option, I'm trying to keep things as normal as possible without any lifting aids, long story but anything that resembles a disability aid is something that we wish to avoid for now ..

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