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  1. New Member Saying Hi!

    A very warm to the Formum from just down the road Simon and Terri from me and the wench (some call her Inge) Charlie
  2. Community Speed Watch

    Who would be blamed if they got bowled over? I'd say the motorist, for careless driving, speeding, dangerous, driving or driving without due care and attention, certainly not the said pedestrian on the dog n bone, not looking brfore jumping out in the road. I would also love to know the figures for cyclist (pedal that is) who are fatalities, as in the average week I see at least half a dozen, that are lucky to be alive the way they ride, no if you take into account just reckless riding it jumps into many dozens. None of said incidents I am mentioning here are down to drivers exceeding the speed limit. Why is it that cyclists at fault always stick two fingers up at the faultless driver, having caused the driver to brake hard to avoid hitting them. End of rant Charlie
  3. Forum Security

    Its also a not known link on search engines eith Charlie
  4. Forum Security

    That link does not look like a link that would work to get to any site as it contains spaces(the symbols) its more like a file title. I may be wrong of cousre. I have googled it and tried it (on a well protected machine), its not working, and google has no trace on it. Charlie
  5. Community Speed Watch

    Obviously you cant, but could you have been past if not messing about kicking down the throttle to gain the road speed to over take in the first place.
  6. Community Speed Watch

    Things you are stating here, is just why the police resources are being lost to DIY policing. I prefer to see police actively employed to do this. Next it will be ah tell us send filmed evidence in of that murder in your street, then we can have even smaller police forces. Oh sill me no forget the murder in your street it wont gather revenue will it. Charlie
  7. Newbie Boat Owners

    A very warm Lulu from me and the wench (some call her Inge), enjoy your boat, and enjoy the banter here. I am sure some one will have answers to any questions you may have. Charlie
  8. Northern Vs Southern Broads

    Never a truer word spoken in jest .......................................... Charlie
  9. Bilge Pump Filters - Mandatory?

    I had to fit one on previous boat and this year on Bound2Please, from what Tim Walters said on previous boats BSS it was a newish thing. On this years I fitted before the BSS. Got a good one from Brian Wards and the NBN discount saved me nearly a tenner off it. Regards Charlie
  10. Northern Vs Southern Broads

    No its not North v South, and sorry Darlin its North and South, aall about the broads, would the moaners about the crowds, be moaning still if quiet like now. I think they would. Some people aint happy unless they are moaning, just think np look at it this way, while said moaners are moaning about North or South they are leaving others alone....... I really feel sorry about those that try and compare North and South, as to me both North and South make the broads what they are a tranquil place to come and enjoy, get away from technology and the stresses of modern living. Yes Darlin one can never have enough Wine, G&T or beer come to that. Its sacrilege to run out of any. Charlie
  11. Granddad Timbo

    Congratulations Ellie & Timbo, and also to the parents of course Charlie
  12. Community Speed Watch

    Dont forget far far safer vehicles, better road surfaces in may places I'd say far more like the selfish, without thought for any one else but them selves Very very true its the easy option, and while it gathers revenue, the authorities will not want it changed. Far to many people, on this speed kills band wagon. Who remembers, the no skid lid riding of motor bikes?, who remembers when it wasnt law to wear seat belts?. I sure do and when the white disc with black line really did mean no speed limit, mind not many cars in the 60's/70's would do 70mph then. (Were more people actually killed then, (and dont give me stats, they can be manipulated to suit the person quoting them.) I can say that when I was an apprentice in the 60's when we road tested a car after service/repair, going up the avenue even in a new car50mph would be the maximum you could get. Only last week in out old car, I got 85mph with no trouble without realising it.. No the problem is not speed it is bad driving, to many distractions, both in car and outside. Why do we need all these signs, I dont see any in the sky (this way New York) aircraft manage, mind they are well trained I'm glad to say, unlike the majority of road users. There is no need for so many signs if any on the roads. Also a very large proportion of the population, believing that these things are put in place, to keep them safe, when in reality these things are only done to gather revenue, nothing about safety. ...
  13. Community Speed Watch

    I was taking in general not specific to salhouse. Also if I had my way all parking would be banned within a 2 mile radius of ALL schools schools during school time half an hour before start time and the same at home time, and it should be randomly enforced with a 1000 pound fine for failure to obey, that should sort it. Im talking all schools in the UK not just one school street. I used to walk/ride in excess of 4 miles daily, never done me any harm as a kid or teenager
  14. Solo Cruising

  15. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    Micky Pennick or dam his names gone was more often that not desk sergeant?

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