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  1. Breydon Bridge Currently Not Operational!

    Its not them that I worry about ...................... but their rescuers
  2. Breydon Bridge Currently Not Operational!

    I would imagine that the road bridge no I hope the road bridge, is interlocked with the barriers and lights. Just the same as railway bridges and level crossings are. Its time all half barrier's were done away with and replaced with full barriers as well..............
  3. Langford Harbour

    a warm to the the forum Graham, from me and the Wench (some call her Inge) Charlie
  4. Happy Birthday Katie

    Have a goodun Katie, that Simon trying for brownie points lol Charlie xx xx
  5. Broad Ambition - The Model

    At this rate you will have more than GKN
  6. Birthday

    Well darlin you make sure you have a goodun girl xx xx
  7. Is It Just Me? Broom Boats Videos

    How can they advertise any service then as at some point engineering work has to be done on ALL tracks, not just rails signals points drainage overheads etc etc ....... So then if they dont advertise people wouldnt know of the services offered.
  8. Is It Just Me? Broom Boats Videos

    There has always been rail replacement buses at weekends for engineering working, going back to the days of steam. So its far from a new thing.
  9. Life Jackets

    edited for you Monica
  10. My Day

    Things have a way, of coming back to bite them Griff. When we had the tackle shops, we were main agents for North Western blanks. We had a delivery of carbon Kevlar carp blanks come, these were new out that week, and in 1987 cost us £325 each. Well half a dozen came in 3 matched pairs. On closing the shop we only had five, well it was reported to the police etc, along with the serial number etched inside the butt. Well to cut a long story short one day this young lad comes in saying can you build this up for me, it was our blank. I said thank you very much I will take that, after much argy bargy he said call the old bill so that I can have it back. Unknown to him the wench had already rung them, Well when he saw the serial number being read he tried running right into a closing door. He got 6 months, I got blank back and the police got about 15 other crimes cleared up. So not saying your drills will be the same, but heres hoping for you matey.
  11. My Mate Ron Sent Me This Clip

  12. Is It Just Me? Broom Boats Videos

    Not sure Ian how you can, talk about Brooms in the same thread as a couple of loose cannons. The brand Brooms is still respected, still dreamed of being owned by many. Lets keep the two things both in their perspectives, Brooms never broke no laws as far as I can see. The two loose cannons did break laws and were dealt with.
  13. Hi New Member

    A very warm from me and the Wench (some call her Inge)... Our kids went on holidays before school age and during their school days. Now its our grandchildren (youngest 13 oldest 21) who break all they can to come with us on the boat. Charlie
  14. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    I do ............................. but if people keep choosing supermarkets soon all the amenities will gone, then what will you do once the the mighty supermarkets decide right no competition to us now we will close this one down,. They will come to xyz as they have no where else to get their provisions from. Obviously you dont come from a small village that every thing is shut own in
  15. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    The problem being that when small shops close down people moan. These well a lot of the shops were there long before morrisons, tesco's etc. These small shops as well as pubs will close if not used. An old Jewish man in the early 70's said to me in my shop I managed at the time, that before he had been dead long, that all shops would be supermarkets in the near future, all small shops will die. He wasnt far off. We use local butchers and bakers, but sadly we evebn have to venture into supermarkerts these days. I love the little old shops on the broads and the pubs. USE ALL LOCAL SHOPS AND PUBS OR LOOSE THEM.

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