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  1. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/questions-over-delays-in-constructing-portage-on-waveney-canoe-trail-1-5152918 Why on earth is this scheme being financed by the Broads Authority? It is outside of the navigation area for one thing, the navigation ends at Geldeston Locks, see big notice hanging under the bridge there. It is incredibly poor value to the toll payer. BCU members pay a block payment to the Authority in lieu of a toll, I wonder what that amounts to. I also question when or even whether the Navigation Committee was asked to comment on this project. Apart from the fact that Dr Packman lives out that way and enjoys his kayaking what possible interest is this project to the Authority? Surely this should be financed by the BCU, not the Broads Authority? It benefits no one but canoeists, indeed it could be argued that it disadvantages anglers and the general environment of that area by increased usage. Serious questions need to be asked. Indeed I will be submitting FOI's on this one over the weekend.
  2. Water Height

    Polly, very low today, largely down to the wind I suspect.
  3. Breydon Rescue

  4. Breydon Rescue

    So undignified for a classic woody being towed hme by a plastic jeolly mould!
  5. Breydon Rescue

    I don't know when it went ashore but it's been very windy today which can't have helped. If it was choppy then a poorly maintained engine and fuel system can create problems. May or may not have been the problem but if any crud in the fuel tank is stirred up by the boat being tossed about a bit then a breakdown can easily develop.
  6. Things We Don't Need On A Broads Holiday.

    If they sail then they probably are! Practicality & comfort over haute couture.
  7. Things We Don't Need On A Broads Holiday.

    Re heels, we stopped off at the ever excellent Bell at St Olaves yesterday for lunch. Folk were dressed for boating, apart from one party and they really did stand out and looked seriously out of place! Perhaps that's how they dress for the river or did they think the pub deserved better than us scruffy oiks?!
  8. Things We Don't Need On A Broads Holiday.

    Like they did this morning!
  9. We've just had a post with things that we might and will need, perhaps it's time to redress the balance. Okay, so I'm more likely to be dinghy camping than posturing on a gin palace so my requirements might be a bit basic but we were on a 'wild' mooring when a family joined us in their holiday boat. As you do a conversation was soon struck up and good company they were to. Just looking around me I reckoned that they must have stripped their home before coming on holiday! No trouser press, lawn mower or snooker table but pretty much everything else! My wife has been a hairdresser for over fifty years, has long hair and even she'd leave her hairdryer behind! High heels, I'd leave them behind too, unless you want to aerate the muddy footpaths. Suitcases, where will you store them onboard? Leave them at home or in the car. Kit bags or dri-sacs are ideal. Worries, for heaven's sakes leave then at home! There must be more? We've all been on holiday, arrived back home & wondered why we had bothered to take something that never saw the light of day I'm sure.
  10. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Not on the Broads, but it could have been, this article surely illustrates two problems, that many non dog owners don't understand either dogs or their owners, and that many dog owners don't understand people who don't own dogs. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/dog-bites-two-children-on-beach-near-scratby-1-5151379 As an aside I was in the Pound Shop yesterday and I saw a wonderful display of dog's bibs, for heavens sakes, some of which were emblazoned with 'I love my Mummy'! Read into that what you will!!
  11. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Pretty darned certain it is, bless him!
  12. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    I know him well, as do several of us on this forum. The owner proudly refers to them as his 'pocket rockets'. Very effective security devices, no one has ever burgled his boat.
  13. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    A simple case of common courtesy and a desire to help each other should solve it! However, if a mobo moors at a demasting jetty or whatever then I would suggest that the crew helps any sailing boat coming alongside, even something as simple as catching hold of the forestay or shroud, and fending off. A glass of Pimms would be welcome too
  14. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    Had the sailing boats mudweighted then how would they have got ashore? Nothing to stop folk tying their tenders up to the sailing boats and landing that way! As for treble mooring, I very much doubt that three sailing boats are any wider than two motor cruisers. Is it just me but what's happening to the give and take, and liberal, common sense attitudes that used to prevail on the Broads?
  15. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    Waggle your bowsprit threateningly, they don't like it up em!

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