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  1. Broad Ambition - The Model

    They tend to be web footed. Mind you, the hairs on the palms of their hands can be something of a giveaway!!
  2. Emma Chambers

    My wife and I were great fans, both of us were quite shocked at her passing. RIP.
  3. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Some might! But hopefully you get my point. Sell something for what it is, not what you want it to be.
  4. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    To those doubting Thomases, whilst you may not be convinced that there is a risk, that indeed any suggestion of a risk is just the figment of a crazed, tormented individual's mind, then please consider what we stand to lose if those risks turn out to be real. Complacency is also a risk.
  5. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    For marketing purposes my Skoda is a Rolls Royce!
  6. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    There is no doubt the full NPs have it now. Or at least I don’t think there is. But if a change in legislation would be required to make the broads an NP why not change the current rules to exclude the broads from Sanford? John, the above came up in the House of Lords when I and others petitioned in the House of Lords and also in correspondence with DEFRA. It was made abundantly clear that all English national parks would have to operate under the same legislation and that there would be no exception. To do otherwise, being able to pick and choose in regard to Sandford, would be unfair on other parks. However I do agree that it might have been a reasonable solution but it was made clear that it is not an option.
  7. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Bill, they already have gone back on their Broads Plan policy statement by dropping their NP status quest. You can't have it both ways!
  8. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    No, my only restriction, in an open boat, is in being limited to 'up to twelve miles offshore'.
  9. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    John, I really can't be asked to go through it all again, surely!? I shall resort to opinion and speculation and end with some questions. I take it that you accept that Dr John has repeatedly sought national park status in the past but that you now accept his word that he no longer seeks it. I would suggest that that withdrawal of intent was simply expedient to being able to use the BNP term for marketing, that being a step in the desired direction. I can not prove that but past behavioural patterns suggest that he is playing it like a game of chess, so to speak, thus we need to stay one step ahead. I've used the phrase before, gently, gently, catch the monkey, I stand by that. Dr John has changed Broads Plan policy in the past, might he not change it again, if the opportunity arises? At every given opportunity Dr John rams home the BNP catch phrase, why? He doesn't justify it, he just does it, an opportunity to educate the unquestioning masses perhaps? I'll remind you that you have accepted that Dr John has sought NP designation in the past. He has done so with great tenacity, I'm sure that you will agree. There is no question that Sandford is part & parcel of the NP package. There is no doubt that in the past Dr John has sought the powers required to exclude boaters from waterways, see the Broads Bill. John, I ask you one final, pertinent question, can you prove to me, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Dr John doesn't still retain the desire for NP status and won't, once again, change policy in order to achieve that goal? Grendel, no problem with the 'crazed' accolade, provided I can refer to clowns!!
  10. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Bill, I respectfully refer you to the last paragraph in my last posting.
  11. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    John, this has all been answered before and in quite some depth so I'll try and be brief. The precursor to the relatively recent Broads Bill was in fact an attempt to have the Broads named as the BNP. Paladin has gone into this one in some depth, explaining the detail, sufficient to satisfy the most curious of minds. On top of that we have the Broads Plan, 2015 I think it was, in which there is a clear policy statement explaining the Authority's ambition to be a national park. We then have a recent court decision where the BA makes a policy change, it tends to do that, where it will no longer seek to be an NP in return for being able to use the BNP tag, allegedly for marketing purposes. Anyway, a clear admission that it once sought to be a fully fledged National Park. Just one small detail, that policy will be reviewed in twelve years time, the Authority has said so, it's in writing. Nothing here that isn't in the public domain. History and written evidence is clear, the BA has sought to be a national park. Its recent policy change, I suggest, is simply expedient to its stated quest that by 2030 the Broads will be a national park, complete with Sandford and the repugnant control that that entails. If I have my facts right, and I think that I have, the Secretary of State did not allow the BA to use the BA tag, rather that it allowed the Authority to decide for itself whether it could use the BNP term, only for marketing purposes you'll understand. Gaining acceptance by the public of the BNP title, some might argue, is at least half the battle in gaining NP designation. There is obviously more to it than just the above, plenty of history, plenty of documentation, bit of opinion too, but DEFRA, BA and now the CNP have all admitted that the Broads is NOT a national park. We can't argue with that, although seemingly some insist on trying! I hope that this goes some way to answering your questions.
  12. Swing Bridges

    That point has been made by the Authority and, to be truthful, I can see its validity. On the other hand I do question what happens when it rains?
  13. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    By now we should all be able to judge for ourselves, both as to the reality of the BNP issues and to our fellow posters. I can understand the frustration and exasperation being experienced by those of us who feel that they are now bashing their heads against a brick wall but hey, that's life! Facts have been presented, can't really argue with them, although some insist on trying, but when it comes down to each other then that really does come down to opinion. In that respect can we all at least be nice to each other, please?
  14. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Bill, this is becoming tedious in the extreme. Unlike the Authority such as myself don't have the facilities to promote an agenda that is alternative to that of the senior Authority members and executive. We don't have a budget, we don't have access to the paid for media or p.r. companies & the like. Another thing is that we rarely, if ever, make the first move, my comments, at least, come in response to Authority spin or comment by others. Challenge the likes of me by all means, but please justify your comments, don't just sound off in anger.
  15. Swing Bridges

    The Authority does have the upper hand on this one. A tad more insistence wouldn't go amiss though. If you have half an hour to spare then check out railway bridges here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Vict/26-27/92

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