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  1. Hire Boat Update.

    In some cases I wonder if a pressure cleaner might't be a worthwhile combination with the Roto--Wipe?
  2. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Photos too!
  3. Changes At Hoseasons?

    Perhaps the paper needed time to get its facts wrong?
  4. Changes At Hoseasons?

  5. Hire Boat Update.

    Problem is that they are powered by electricity meaning that in the early hours you press the 'wipe' button, after a quiet, private, pleasingly satisfying pull though, and the whole mooring knows what you have just been doing as the engine or generator indiscretely kicks in as the Rotor Wipe hits maximum r.p.m..
  6. Osprey by Ian Proctor? Minstrel by Yare-Craft?
  7. Hire Boat Update.

    I understand that all hire boats are having their toilets modified over the winter: https://prankpack.com/collections/featured-products/products/roto-wipe-br-standard-size
  8. Ba's Latest Dredging Trial Cut Short!!

    Ask your MP. Mine is totally useless, a confirmed Poodle, so I hope that you have more joy than I have so far. However, your MP is your starting point. Do you know Jamie Campbell? If you do then have a word with him.
  9. Ba's Latest Dredging Trial Cut Short!!

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Was up in the Black Country the other day and got talking to a Canals Trust person. They don't seem to have the problems on the canals with spoil disposal that the BA does. Seems to me that the BA looks for problems rather than just getting on with the job and doing it.
  10. Ba's Latest Dredging Trial Cut Short!!

    Riverman, shhhhhhush, you might just be absolutely right about them ferrying spoil silly distances but please don't rouse the minions! Was a time when dumping the stuff on the nearest convenient bank was seen as cost effective and efficient, indeed doing so served the Broads well for generations.
  11. Polly, So Much Older Than I Thought!

    Look closely, a picture of Polly ready to go through the lock at Oulton Broad, 19th century would you believe!!
  12. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Double 'Yes Please'.
  13. Lifeboat & Santa Rescues Dog

    Thought that it was Lidl & Aldi that was pushing Sainsbury, and others, to one side!
  14. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Just wet, windy and horrible here at the moment.
  15. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    I sense an interesting story in the offing.

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