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  1. So You Want To Live Afloat?

  2. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    Very clever, made me laugh, thank you!
  3. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    I suppose that when the water line is level then that means that it need pumping out!
  4. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    Absolutely bog standard is that! Don't think that you'll be flushed with success with this one!
  5. Tolls - Speechless

    Does a £444.99 AW toll cover just 120 miles of waterway with just one lock?
  6. Tolls - Speechless

    No buoyancy? Re pensions, my state pension allegedly keeps up with inflation, my occupational pension certainly doesn't! Over the last ten years tolls have, in many cases doubled, have state pensions also doubled?
  7. 45 Mph Winds Predicted.. Advice Please

    It's probably blowing F5 to F6 with a few gusts topping F7 on Oulton Broad right now. Nothing exceptional but neither is it pleasant, unless you are out there windsurfing. 30 mph for a windsurfer is not uncommon but there is one bloke out there and he must be topping 40 mph in some of the prolonged gusts. A slab sided, newer style bath tub came very cautiously onto the Broad, with the wind on his beam. Had he given his engine some wellie then I doubt that he would have had a problem but he was throttled back and the wind took took over and he lost effective steerage, his bow swinging away from the wind as he headed towards where I was fishing and several moored boats, whhoopps, I could see an accident in the offing. Thankfully another gust hit his stern and further round she went, broaching before the wind and a prang was avoided but more by luck than judgement. I rather suspect that he was in awe of both the white horses and the windsurfers as he departed Oulton Broad with much haste. Full throttle now he steered perfectly well, as he could have done when he first came onto the Broad. Sometimes slowly is not the best policy! He lost control, blaming the wind I suspect, but all that was needed was confidence. Easy to say, sat there fishing!
  8. Tolls - Speechless

    What various other public service CEOs are paid is largely irrelevant. Some are grossly overpaid, maybe some are not. What does matter is whether their salary offers value for money to what are effectively their customers. There is a ridiculous situation where the more folk a CEO employs then the more that that CEO is paid, hence the number of non or unnecessary jobs in the public sector. The police are under considerable pressure to reduce their costs, it is about time that similar pressure was applied to such as the Broads Authority. The duplication of planning services in the Broads area should be an immediate casualty, for example.
  9. What Would You Tell A New Hirer?

    Higher order, logic, reason . . . . . . . . surely not all hirers are male!
  10. Tolls - Speechless

    Or a certain quango CEO, grrrrrrr.
  11. Tolls - Speechless

    Yes, it is, but wisely, in my opinion, the BA is making a stand against what they consider to be excessive demands. However, please don't think it's just down to money, you never know, there might be other factors involved !
  12. 45 Mph Winds Predicted.. Advice Please

    If there is a handy pub then that has to be best advice!
  13. Tolls - Speechless

    The chronic shortage of moorings is not down to the Authority and subsequently the tollpayer, it's down to the industry itself. The industry relies on selling off ex hire boats in order to finance their new-build programs. Those ex hire boats, now private, then need moorings and all to often those will be in ex hire yards, the hireboats from which have been moved into centralised locations that will largely be empty during the week. There is a very strong case for upping the tolls multiplier for the hire fleets as a means of increasing the casual mooring stock, in my honest opinion. As for a 3% increase, it's to be expected, however I feel very strongly that the recent toll review itself urgently needs reviewing. A 'little birdy within' tells me that the good Doctor is in damage limitation mode so perhaps we should be grateful that the proposed rise is only 3%. Anything more really would be unacceptable.
  14. Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    A fishy friend of mine has asked if I would conduct a straw poll into how many of you would buy an Edwina Burgee? Being serious for a moment, would you?
  15. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    Weatherspoons and Castle Carveries seem to be able to get it right so why not Ei? Was at Beccles today, the Kings Head, it was absolutely heaving. The food was very good and beer excellent and well priced, seemingly just what us punters want.
  16. Lords

    I did the House of Lords tour, does that count?
  17. Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    Looks like something is going ahead, will keep you posted. Burgees, on the other hand, have a point and it points the way that the wind is blowing !!!
  18. http://www.thebroadsblog.co.uk/2017/08/vice-chairman-admits-to-changing-rules.html
  19. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Put that way I can only agree with you, again! However, as Vaughan has pointed out, access from the City has always been available, for those that want it. What have the Pits provided that wasn't previously available, apart from expensive car parking and a souvenir shop selling BNP flags?
  20. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Thank you, Vaughan, for explaining the Authority's involvement. I can't help but think that the gravel pits were foisted onto the Authority rather than be a burden to the previous owners. They had made their money, no more to be made, time to dump it onto someone else.
  21. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    I agree and enjoy my visits there. However there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for the Authority to be involved. I have absolutely no knowledge of the financial implications but I doubt that it's profitable, in other words I suspect that it's a burden to us as tax payers and or as toll payers.
  22. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    I really do not understand the necessity of a link up between the Authority & the Whitlingham Gravel Pits. Were they actually connected to The Broads and navigable, then that might be acceptable but their relevance to the Broads is entirely questionable. I wonder, is the Authority's involvement profitable? The Authority has more than enough on its plate without the added burden of the gravel pits.
  23. Edwina, She Say . . . . . . . .

  24. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/broads-national-park-flag-draws-criticism-but-it-is-selling-well-1-5240906 It is abundantly clear that the Broads is not, in legal terms, a national park. A national treasure, yes, with its industrial and agricultural past and unique heritage. Dr Packman should concentrate on the Broads for what it is, not what it isn't. He has yet to grasp the ethos and character of the Broads. Conservation is of prime importance on the Broads, conserving the Broads for what they are, The Broads. Not Lakes, not the BNP, The Broads.
  25. And Now For Something Really Serious

    Anything or anyone in particular?

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