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  1. Where's Timbo?

    Normal service will be resumed shortly folks. A quick 'blip' on the 'stroke 'o' meter has meant I'm restricted to light duties. About three weeks ago I started to feel a hot throbbing (steady) in my calf. Dylan and Toby had been 'indicating' for about a day. A swift trip to the GP and the hospital and I have a thrombosis in my leg and they are checking my lung. So meds had been upped and as a consequence, I was not allowed near anything 'sharp'. They are now checking things are OK before allowing me out to play. Of course, Ellie has been finding things for me 'to do' that involve me sitting down and filming and the 'afternoon naps' have been reinstated! At the GP this afternoon, so fingers crossed I get to carry on as usual.
  2. Ellie Smells!

    Here's part two of Ellie's Guide to Chanel Fragrances this Christmas. \ Get the better half one of these ones for Christmas and you are guaranteed to get permission to join the crew on Lad's Week! Someone asked where we filmed and were shocked to discover it was my living room. "What? It's all clean and white! Where's all the sawdust and beagle hair then?" I overheard and saw two of our neighbours do a really good Les Dawson impression the other day. "What's going on in there?" asked one as they saw the studio lights flick on. "They are making 'films'!" "What sort of films?" asked the other over the garden fence. "Well, I've heard they are 'films'" said the first folding her arms and whispering.
  3. Ellie Smells!

    I mentioned 'Chance' very briefly to Ellie just now Pauline. "Love it!" was her reply in between simultaneously serving a customer, talking to security on her headset and watching potential shoplifters. As she was nodding vigorously and making cine camera type motions...I think she's going to do a review on Chance. Either that or it's a film, two words, three syllables, first word... Sauvage? Sauvage? Let me check my Winter Roster of fragrances...hmmm, yes it's here. It comes down the list though, I prefer the Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense. However as you may see, Tom Ford get's a good look in with Extreme and Noir. Amouage is a must...Jubilation XXV the current fav from them but not as much as the Creed. Ah yes, Creed, now we are talking! Vetiver, Silver Mountain Water, Royal Mayfair, Virgin Island Water, Bois de Portugal, Green Irish Tweed (known as GIT in fragrance circles, Ellie says the name captures my very essence, perfectly) and of course the top fragrance for men... Aventus. I'm hoping Santa brings me a new bottle of Creed Erolfa, the Aventus is running low too, but I'm after the one they made with Grendel in mind...Viking!
  4. Ellie Smells!

    All this talk of Brut and Old Spice is not going to get you in the good books with the Mrs you know? If you want to guarantee there will be no raised eyebrows next time you nip off for a swift shandy down the boozer, or buy that new heating system for the boat...or indeed buy a boat without proper due consultation with SWMBO then what you need is... In this episode, my nearest and dearest discusses what Timbo smells like! Fame at last! While on the subject of fragrance, I met an interesting chap last week. A fragrance creator whose family have been in the industry since the 6th Century AD. Of course, the historian in me was instantly fascinated. Muhammed had come to consult with Ellie regarding new fragrances he had created. It was fascinating to watch the effect the fragrance had on the general public. These fragrances are what you would call erm...expensive. Only two hundred of each to be made, but people could not help themselves but immediately stop, and walk towards the counter where Muhammed was showing Ellie the latest preparations. I had to chuckle when he showed Ellie a hand blown bottle he'd had created for a fragrance he'd made specifically for one of the Saudi princesses. The bottle had cost £20K. He'd had a wooden box made to hold it that had cost £600. "You need to talk to Tim, he makes better boxes". said Ellie. You know the way my sense of humour works by now? Chatting with Muhammed we discovered we were both at the same college in the same university at the same time. By this time we were gassing for England. Mohammed was telling me he was flying to Saudi with new fragrance samples the following week with the British trade delegation. "It helps if they handle things" Muhammed laughed nervously. I was about to ask 'why' when a vision of a chap called Muhammed trying to get samples of liquids onto a plane to Saudi came to mind. It featured the 'snap' of latex gloves!
  5. Not really Bill, remember that referendum we had the other year? The one that's not legally binding and would need an act of parliament to enact? The one that's still not been enacted yet, but within a matter of months, for good or ill, is and will happen? Our parliamentary structures seem to be so rigid and secure, yet the old boy network is still intact and operational. At one time I was not as cynical as I am now. I've seen that old boy network at very close hand both through my former occupation and a personal point of view. On a professional level, more often than not, it has been the frustration that much-needed legislation on antiquities has been defeated or on many occasions circumvented by tacking unwanted legislation unnoticed onto a totally unrelated bill in the early hours of the morning. Most recently getting the UK to stand by its commitments like the Blue Shield (similar to the Red Cross but for preserving antiquities and historic sites) which it has faithfully promised to do, yet somehow the agreement never get's signed. On a personal level, I'm still in a little awe of a network where on a Monday I asked a friend for help. Tuesday I was sat in an MP's surgery, by Thursday I was sat chatting with the Home Secretary over dinner, Friday I received the documents and signed affidavits I required so that by the following Monday, I had various local government organisations and departments suddenly dancing to whatever tune I set. I should point out that six months later I found myself at various campaign fundraising events and providing archaeological reports...thus was my introduction to the way parliament actually works. Very little actually gets done within the parliamentary chamber. Still, like Bill, I do have some faith in the parliamentary process and I very much appreciate his contributions, otherwise, it would be a one-sided debate and they are no fun at all.
  6. Hi Bill, I'm away from my books at the minute, but I will have a look through for a reference for you when I get back to them. As JM says it will take an act of parliament to change the BA to a National Park. But that is not always as secure as it seems. I'm trying to tread carefully here around forum rules in my explanation.
  7. That's an easy one Bill. It's called Parliamentary Opinio juris. It basically runs like this. "Please, Mr/Mrs Secretary of State, our recent application to become a National Park. The common belief of the citizenry is that we are a National Park, ha ha...fancy that you'd think someone deliberately ran a marketing campaign, therefore, we should be legally defined as one don't you think?" "Well..." "It was on a quiz show an everything.Just sign here to say you agree....oh look a precedent. Just a case of if you say it often enough it must be true. The last two years of UK politics shows how well that works.
  8. Having worked with the National Parks in the UK and abroad for many years before my recent retirement, I can confirm it's not really news to them. Did anyone else as a kid have one of those younger siblings that kept pestering you and your mates to join your gang? There you are on your Raleigh Chopper and he's toodling along behind you on his 'Wombles' tricycle with 'none of the gear and no idea' and you have to keep him with you 'cos your mum gave you a one pound note for pocket money and half of it was your brother's? That's the relationship the BA have with the National Parks. Good question! I think it's more a case of what attempts at getting legislation passed and attempted misdirection get foiled by folks like Jenny Morgan keeping a close eye on what is going on. The great shame of Mr Packman making a mad dash for NP status like some poor bloke with the trots looking for a vacant cubicle is that he's totally forgotten what the Broads are in actuality. The Broads are so much more than a National Park. Until the Authority accepts the Broads for what they are, they will never be in a position to manage them effectively for the good of all. It's also quite noticeable that they don't understand the National Park concept either.
  9. Could I just point out... The Broads Authority IS NOT IN RECEIPT OF A NATIONAL PARK GRANT. It receives government funding which uses the national park financial apparatus to administer that funding to save setting up a duplicate financial tool. That is the total limit and connection that the Broads Authority has with the National Parks. As for being a member of a cult...that gave me a chuckle this morning Bill.
  10. Workshop Projects

    It seems my living room has become another kind of workshop of late. A partition made from a 2x4, the table and stool that I made, a couple of white sheets and a few clamps, microphone, two softboxes, two diffuse lights, ring light, no autocue (That's on the other set. Ellie & scripts are a bit like a 30-year-old malt and cocacola...you just don't) camera, 50mm prime lens, 18-55mm lens, one loudly snoring beagle and another deciding it's bath night...beagle style, means I've got a lot of editing to do this week!
  11. Workshop Projects

    Wrecking ball? Hit man?
  12. Going Down Now Sir

    You've got the number...If you don't check in with me...I'll check in with you, you are not that far away. I'll mount an expedition, although there are laws against that sort of thing. Perhaps I could send up a satellite and slingshot around the backside of Maurice Mynah? Be good...and if you can't be good, be careful!
  13. Ellie Smells!

    I've just dropped Ellie back to work and I took the opportunity to ask her for some suggestions. I'd better get this right or I will be on the receiving end of a thump in the lug hole... First of all, Ellie suggested nipping to your local fragrance retailer to collect some samples for hubby to try at home. They will have plenty of fragrance samples for you to try before you purchase. She recommends trying just one fragrance at a time and giving it a good ten minutes to sit on the skin before deciding if he likes it or not. As for the fragrances to try, she recommends going for something 'not too spicy', with woody notes (see...there are boats!). Ingredients in fine fragrance are more 'potent' (my word as I forgot the word she used). She recommends trying Allure Homme by Chanel Gucci Guilty pour Homme Terre d'Hermès Ralph Lauren Polo Green the Ralph Lauren Polo Green being the 'spiciest' of the four. Timbo talking here...I have all of these fragrances other than the Polo. My favourite of these is the Terre d'Hermes. It's one of those fragrances where you catch yourself thinking 'someone smells nice 'round here...and it's me'.
  14. Ellie Smells!

    Well, the next video is out...you know, I can't be held responsible if your better halves don't get good prezzies this year! I've been adding another string to my bow and learning how to take half reasonable photographs of glass bottles. Between camping, while working on the boat and taking photos of perfume bottles I seem to have had my head stuck in a tent for most of this year!
  15. Community Speed Watch

    Just a quick addition. I've just driven down the high street of my small town. We've had road works for the past four weeks. Today the road reopened. The road was closed to put in another pelican crossing for access to the new Lidl store just built. So in 880 yards we now have five crossings...and this morning not a single one of them was being used by pedestrians who were all crossing the road between the crossing points threading their way between the traffic, most of them talking on a mobile phone.

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