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  1. Ellie Smells!

    Don't be daft Peter...the Beagle has his own fragrance of course! From the House of Butch & Bessie he wears Butch Leather a scent for dogs. Top notes of fresh vetiver and a base of leather! Ah word has already got round and I'm being made offers...to photograph weddings and Christenings!
  2. Ellie Smells!

    I look upon it as a solemn duty! Ah you see...a bit like the Navy, join the NBN and see the world. But for some real fun on the Thursday bus ride, pop out on the Wednesday and get a tester of Aventus by Creed. Apply to pulse points and to clothing...not too much...then carry on as normal to the bus. Get on the bus but watch the faces of the passengers as they try and track down where the wonderful smell is coming from and edge closer to it, all the while knowing it is you my boy, that smell like a god! It is at this point in my case, when they track down the source of the ambrosia, that I relish the flicker of disappointment on their faces that instead of a strapping young buck with Hollywood looks and rippling muscles...it's some daft old codger with a face like a walnut that smells divine. Priceless! In that case young sir, I recommend grabbing a bottle of Jack by Richard E Grant. "lime, marijuana, mandarin, vetiver, pepper, cloves and gardenias". The top notes will send the sniffer dogs into a frenzy and the base notes will leave them waggling their ears at a loss to where the stash went!
  3. To be honest...why faff about with an import when you can buy a plug and play system in the UK, full kit, no additional parts to buy, no bench testing, no worrying that it won't pass the BSS, no sleepless nights hoping the fumes don't get you, everything in the box including ducting to the correct length for your boat and outlets 5.5kw like the Mikuni Griff recommended I buy...ordered and arrived within 48 hours including boat show discount and delivery at £550?
  4. Ellie Smells!

    "I've had an idea!" said Ellie. "That's nice dear!" I carried on flicking through the latest pages of 'Have Trowel will Travel' the periodical for the archaeologist who feels the words 'can you just' and 'chores' looming on the horizon. I carried on reading, engrossed as I was in an article on the social-political agenda of early medieval thimble makers and the role of the thimble in the modern liberal society...I kid you not! "Have you charged the camera batteries?" "Yes dear." Apparently the thimble can be seen more as an object of social revolution than a protective apparatus. "I've put some dresses and stilettos in your bedroom!" "That's nice." The movement of the thimble across Europe..."What? Why? I'm not wearing..." "Not you idiot, for the girls." "Erm...perhaps you'd better start again and I'll listen this time...er...sweetie?" Apparently Carolina Herrera created a fragrance in 2016 called 'Good Girl' that comes in a bottle shaped like a ladies shoe which had it's UK release last weekend and Ellie was going to review it with the help of two of her friends from work. This is why I found myself spending a Sunday afternoon filming stiletto shoes and young ladies! Of course I did my very best to look 'put upon' for missing out on catching up on my reading, I'd hate to start a precedent, I mean, she'll want me to do 'gardening' next if I seem too eager! Here's the end result of a chaotic, fun filled afternoon. I've not laughed so hard in a long while! I couldn't tell you what the perfume smells like, well not without watching the review!
  5. I Aten't Ded

  6. I Aten't Ded

    Moths pirouette in the dazzling light of a genuine 60watt lightbulb as a genuine idiot slides from beneath the pages of the Guardian Newspaper he's been using to keep himself warm. He'd tried other broadsheets but even an idiot has standards. After brushing the ice from the mirror he checks his grey-bearded reflection and adjusts his ginger fur hat before heading to the kitchen. As the electric kettle boils he tries to thaw his fingers with the steam before making coffee. 'My suits are English, but my coffee is Italian' he murmurs as the hot coffee starts to thaw at least a couple of brain cells. The ginger hat opens one eye, yawns and scratches. "Ah good morning Dylly the Boat's Beagle! Breakfast?" At the mention of breakfast, the ginger hat uncoils himself from the idiots head and jumps to the floor where he is soon joined by the idiots ginger vest. "Ah! Good morning Toby the Boat's Other Beagle!" In true Looney Tunes fashion, the taking of the morning medication is accompanied by foley of falling anvils of various sizes. The idiot holds up the tenth and final tablet that needs to be taken. It's huge. It probably runs on Android. "I don't know if I'm supposed to swallow it or shove it?" the Idiot wonders. Workmen arrive to fit a new boiler. It's only taken them eight days so far! Heat, glorious heat! The idiot dabs his toes on the radiator to start the thaw while he reads the latest nonsense regarding the marketing of the 'Broads National Park'. Chuckling to himself the idiot picks up the telephone. "Morning! Do you have the figures from the Israeli Parks and Nature Authority re Beit Guvrin National Park tourism impact on archaeology? Thank you." "Thanks for taking a look, how's retirement and the boat?" "Oh it's getting there, can't wait to start work on it again when it's warmer and I can string two words together!" "You need a holiday, come visit a real National Park!" "Don't you start!" I ATEN'T DED Possibly from the neck up, I am, but I'm working hard on not being. Normal service will be resumed very soon!
  7. Ellie Smells!

    Excellent stuff is Penhaligons but I'll soon get you onto the Creed, a snip at £200 to £258 a bottle! I think Ellie put a Creed in the raffle prize at the spring meet last year. I only started with the good stuff to lose weight...I blame MM. Every time MM pulls up in Nyx I start craving fish and chips!
  8. Ellie Smells!

    It takes a certain kind of maniac, more than likely a member of the NBN, to design fragrances. The kind of bloke that would think "When I've finished with Bambi's nether regions all this stuff needs is a good dollop of whale poop!". 'So what has 'ol Timbo been doing with himself?' I hear you all clammering. Oddly enough I've been applying the skills I've learned boating to making films about perfume. I've redesigned and rebuilt Ellie's set and spent many hours researching things like continuous white backdrops, and product photography and getting to grips with shutter speed, frame rate, aperture and ISO. I've built a home-made version of Kenoflow lighting and display stands for fragrance bottles. Take a look at my handiwork! The 'brownie-points' are indeed amassing! I received not just one bottle of Creed for Christmas but three including Creed Green Irish Tweed, Aventus and the Viking. A week later I was lucky enough to get two more bottles of Creed, Creed Himalaya and Royal Oud along with a bottle of Tom Ford Noir Anthracite for my birthday! More importantly, I've amassed so many brownie-points that Ellie has already started sorting out days off so I can get back to finishing the boat!!!!!! So thanks everyone for all your support and I hope there will be some fine smelling boaters out there this year? I'm off to polish me camera as Ellie has just informed of, not so much 'what' I'm filming this week, as 'who' I'm filming. Right I'm off as I'm starting negotiations with Maurice Mynah and Grendel regarding a new perfume house...well if it's maniacs you are after....
  9. The Downside Of Being A Facebook Member

    "This week in Night Owls Corner...Roderick Splunge Underpass will be joined by The Potterheigham All Ladies Formation Moustaches Twirling Troop, we will have music from Wildfuzz & The Back Waxers, we'll catch up with the work of the Broads Authority's Escaped Gorilla and Farting Camel Rangers Unit and in the studio our guests will include a Crocodile Dundee impersonator, a man without a chin and some bloke that just wandered in off the street..." In memory of those nights when neither of us could sleep Iain!
  10. Did ya miss me? You should have got telescopic sights on that cannon! "How long have I got?" I asked the GP. "It's difficult to say." said the GP." "Come on man...out with it!" I demanded, "I have things I want to do before my time comes!" "A month, maybe two...at best." "So not good then?" "Look, other people can wait even longer for an appointment to see the chiropodist!" said the GP. Now I can't say I've been given a clean bill of health. No, not 'clean'. More 'dog-eared', crumbly around the edges. My GP says I have to 'stop smoking, drinking and whoring'. This has annoyed me as I didn't know I was allowed to start, particularly the last one! You could have told me! As I turned 52 on Monday I decided it was high time I enjoyed the pleasures of being old and I started this morning by just stopping dead still on the pavement in front of a young person and moaning at them when they bumped into me. It's soooo much fun! So here's to another year of boating and lunacy!!
  11. Haunted Christmas Tree - Help!!!

    Can you imagine the NBN members all living in the same town? It would make a TV series although most probably already been done?
  12. Haunted Christmas Tree - Help!!!

    Now Gracie...pull the other one! Ellie has threatened me with putting my decorations up tomorrow! See how I managed to remain busy through October, November and through the 'not Christmas' part of December to get my decs up on the right day? It takes skill does that! Have a good one sweetie!
  13. Where's Timbo?

    So...I'm visiting historic sites, enjoying a nifty snifter outside of my stately pile, surrounded by gorgeous young women...have I snuffed it? Here's your chance to see gratuitous boating, dog walking and beautiful...and I mean stunningly beautiful, drop dead gorgeous...Timbo! Judge for yourself...is he alive and kicking? Or just dead from the neck up? And who is this English Twit they talk about?
  14. The Peer Review Of The BA

    My joking apart, but peer reviews are not always just a 'paper' exercise. A bit like a swan, they seem all gloss, sheen and magazine quality gumpf on the surface. Underneath there's a couple of webbed and clawed flappers liable to take chunks out of you. Along with the published peer review goes an internal one and/or a verbal one. That will not have been so slick or rosey. My former office and most government departments used the peer review to jump up and down on departments and department heads when it was not politic to begin formal procedures. A peer review was often a fair warning that a 'formal' footing was being contemplated and it was time for some 'housework'. Expect to see quite a bit of humble pie between now and spring, a lot of mention of stakeholders, pseudo consultations and a new 'vision', similar to the old vision, with different words...until the next calamity.
  15. The Peer Review Of The BA

    So where are they going to build this pier then?

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