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  1. Wanted: Tardis

    My mum always referred to it as 'Tim's Law', although I'm sure she borrowed it from Cyril Northcote Parkinson. The amount of sh crap expands to fill the space available. Thinking about it, I also have RT in the shed at Martham...and GT is taking up space in Doug's garage!
  2. Tolls - Speechless

    On the thread about the loss of moorings I think I mentioned a BA document that detailed the moorings they had given up. Nothing what so ever to do with demands from landowners for more money. Simply a case of each one of those moorings required or is about to require, work done to them that the Broads Authority would be expected to pay for. A 3% increase in tolls I would suggest could be covered out of the budget wasted on needless petulant litigation. Perhaps an investment of 50p on a ball of string to retrieve Mr Packman's dummy every time he spits it out would be better value for money than a gratuitously inept planning department? Mind I did notice Mr Packman is wanting to address boater's 'common concerns'. In which case, 3% is not too unfair an increase if he really is retiring?
  3. Wanted: Tardis

    Try as I might, I just cannot get the last few boxes of tools into my workshop, no matter how TARDIS like it is. Although, most of those 'tools' are things like spot lamps, veneering tools and finishing products like French Polish, various varnishes, lacquers, brushes, cloths and oils. One thing is for certain, I will not be able to store my lumber collection in the workshop. I have 'dods' of wood stacked in just about every room of my flat. Cupboards, under beds, but mostly in my hallway and in my study. On my way through the hall from my bedroom to the kitchen at four in the morning one day last week, I tripped over a building brick I had been using to hold some sapele flat. High time I reorganised my available space...and bought a third first aid kit for the house! I think my hobbies and interests are slowly taking over. I still haven't cleared my way through all of Uncle Albert's possessions that still sit in boxes around my living room. It will soon be a year since the old boy left us to manage on our own, so it's time I started managing I think. So...time to tackle the house! I have one spare room to play with, and this room has to accommodate all of my hobbies interests and pastimes. The room is 11' x 7 1/2' and contains my collection of lumber, computers, 46" computer monitor, printer, books, a small film studio, sound studio as well as various tools and potions for veneering and finishing my woodwork projects. TARDIS X2! At the beginning of this year, I fitted workbenches in an 'L' shape around two walls of my room. I made right angle brackets from 2x4's and fitted them using a half lap joint over a baton I had run around the room. I then fitted a bench top made from 3/4 ply and trimmed the edges of it with 3/8" thick strips of iroko I had loafing around the place. This gave me quite a large workbench...I was going to need it. Next came three bookcases/two drawer wall mounted cabinets. So I now had six bookshelves and six drawers that would take 'some' of my books. One of the hardest things I had to do in sorting out some space was getting rid of my books. Sentimental and valuable books (I have collected antiquarian books for over thirty years) have gone into safe storage. In the end, I took some 1500 hardbacks and double that amount in paperbacks to the charity shops. Every second-hand charity book table I pass in local supermarkets are heaving with my old books. The temptation to buy them back is incredible. This was negated by buying a Kindle and transferring many of my books into digital format I now added two rolling lumber racks underneath the benches. Once again I utilised some 2x4's, came up with my own design and added some cheap tin shelf brackets to support the lumber. Finally, I began construction of a film set and soundstage in the room. I built two 'flats' from some 2x2's and some sections from an old pallet I had dismantled.I gave these a hardboard 'skin' on one side which I then coated in PVA glue and water to give me a surface to decorate on. The backs I left as a bare frame so that they could be clamped together using 'G' clamps. A baton screwed to the top of both flats acts as a brace and somewhere where I can support the boom mic when the 'studio' is in use. As a concession to my daughter's comfort when she comes to visit, I bought a folding bed/chair for her to sleep on. Over this last year I have proceeded to then stuff this room with as many cameras, lenses, hard drives, light stands, lighting, microphones and above all...as much lumber as I could lay my hands on. Today...I cleared out that room...starting with my lumber carts! I've discovered I've replaced collecting books with collecting wood! Dragging out my lumber collection, reorganising, restocking and putting everything back onto my lumber racks I've almost managed to clear my hallway. The only timber left in there are the old sections of RT that I have to make new copies of. Lumber racks now stored under the benches contain some rather wonderful timber. I have ash, spalted ash oak, sapele, iroko, red meranti, tulip, mahogany, beech, yew, black walnut, pear, pine, cedar, cedar of Lebanon and maple in various thicknesses and lengths, including dowels. I also have several hundred sheets of veneer including various burrs in chestnut, walnut, oak, cedar, quince, iroko, ebony, olive ash, olive, mahogany, and maple. Tomorrow I finish clearing the hall and stacking the lumber...I then move onto the cameras, lenses, lighting, stands, booms and dollies...although I need to use some of the lumber to make some storage!
  4. Ring Of Light 1969 Cine Film

    The blue and white burgee at the beginning of the film is a Landamore burgee I think.
  5. Why ever not? In the years I spent out east, it was the only thing the locals ever used! I mean your proper locals cooking on a fire in a galvy bucket in a back alley. Best curry I've ever tasted!
  6. Spring Gathering May 2018

    Timbo, Ellie and The Beagles...possibly on Royal Tudor, on the other hand, it could be a raft cobbled together from string and twigs!
  7. Wanted: Tardis

    Fairly busy day in the workshop today in preparation for tackling my office tomorrow. Let's call it Autumn cleaning. I've got to tackle the mountains of timber, tools, equipment...and Uncle Albert's gubbins that is loafing around my flat and office. So I decided to make use of several bits of 3/4 ply that was taking up space and convert them into new crosscut and mitre sledges for the table saw. So a quick rearrange of the Tardis to get to the tools I needed. It's much easier now that everything is on wheels. So the first job was to laminate three sections of 3/4 ply to make the front fences for both sleds. Plenty of glue, and clamped from every angle, with every clamp I had. Once everything had set over the day, I popped the clamps and cut the fences to length and width. I now had two really chunky sections of plywood onto which I drew my design and then cut out the design on the bandsaw. I then gave the cut faces a good sanding, and whipped around the edges with a round over bit in the router. This will save me picking up splinters from the plywood. Another quick sanding and I chamfered the bottom edge which will be used to register buy timber to be cut. This will allow the sawdust to not sit up against the face and get sucked up easily by the dust extractor. With Ellie having a day off tomorrow I'm not sure whether I will get them finished then, but the next step is to cut the runners and the sled platforms.
  8. Check Your Spuds!

  9. And Now For Something Really Serious

    For all that Match of the Day is a bit tired and jaded, I'd still rather watch the football. You see not having a TV I have to make the effort to go and watch television and I expect more from programming after I've made the effort than soporific dross. Having said that I am a Newcastle United supporter so I'm quite used to it after the last ten years!
  10. Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    I mean, YES! Definitely YES!
  11. I need the NBN Brains Trust's help in curing a childhood psychosis by identifying a film starring Margaret Rutherford. You see, I've inherited this blanket box which contains knitting needles and patterns and it's giving me the heebie-jeebies! When I was a kid I was into the Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple films. One Halloween my mum let me stay up to watch a film starring Margaret Rutherford. In the film the character, she played kept talking to something in a wooden chest. Margaret Rutherford's character was then found murdered with her knitting needles. Now watching this film frightened the living out of me and my other half thinks the cure, and my acceptance of my inheritance lies in watching this film again. But we can't identify the film in question. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. And Now For Something Really Serious

    Not much of a recommendation. We also exported the Spice Girls, Piers Morgan and Rover Cars!
  13. Sad Story And Lost Of Id

    With the first one Marina, chances are it's a kid been caught without a ticket and they have picked a random address to give to Transport Coppers or ticket inspector along with a fake name. Look to neighbours with the same postcode with kids. I thought I was the victim of identity theft when I started getting tons of loan applications, two summons for non-payment of council tax and a parking fine. After quite a bit of digging, I discovered my local council were the culprits. You may notice that recently your local council has been asking on several occasions for you to confirm your entry on the electoral register. Having done so once in 2017 I didn't respond to the next two requests. The councils, in these unstable times, have been 'massaging' the electoral registers for profit. In my case they had assumed that as I had not replied I no longer lived at the address and had somehow managed to mix my entry with that of my Dad, who had passed away, as all of his correspondence and bills came to my address. I was having bills for the new occupant of Dad's flat forwarded to me, for me to pay. I was left in the ridiculous position of standing in the council offices with my birth certificate, passport, driving license, qualifications and any other document with my name on it trying to convince some half-wit I was not dead. The conversation did include the phrase 'perhaps if I smacked you round the head a few times it may convince you I am indeed alive'. All sorted now, although I might look like a corpse.
  14. Keep The Moorings For Boats !!

    Look here you lot! I can't believe just how long you've left the 'old man' hanging after a post like that. Not an 'Ooh 'err Mrs', a raised eyebrow emoticon thingy or even an 'Oh Matron' to be seen. Sorry, John, I'm hoping normal service will be resumed shortly!
  15. And Now For Something Really Serious

    Nah, you see, whenever someone new takes over you're going to have problems. Take Saturday, on paper, it was a foregone conclusion, it was a complete shock to me when I tuned into the results show. I mean 2-1 to Palace! Who'd a thought? I was forced to watch one episode of last years Come Dancing series... I wish they'd turn the clock back, get rid of the D-list celebs and bring back the real dancers from the amateur ranks thank you very much. I'd rather see the excellence of the original show and dedicated amateurs than the modern shambles. I know the clip is an International competition, but we played the original come dancing clips to our granddaughter, and she was mesmerised.

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