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  1. Vacancy

    As a matter of interest MM who carries out the interview and what qualifications do they have? I suspect that nobody knows.
  2. Grim Meal Experience

    You are looking at it Colin. Andrew
  3. Grim Meal Experience

    Go on. Tell us. We won't let it go any further than the forum. Go on. You know you want to.
  4. Changes On Diesel Boats?

    I'm inclined to agree with you Grendel. Also the cost and challenges of installation throughout the Broads would appear to be impossible to achieve. However I do believe that in a short period of time perhaps even prior to the overall acceptance of electric vehicles that the running of diesel engines whilst stationery for a long period of time, albeit by coach, bus, lorry, car or boat for whatever reason, will be viewed the same as people who smoke in enclosed public places. And will attract the same reaction.
  5. Boat Window Shot Out?

    I suspect that someone was out lamping, after rabbit or more likely fox. An open top land rover, searchlight, two or three guns can cover a fairly wide area and the sound would carry over quite a distance.
  6. Yorkshire Pudding

    I would like to remind you that this is a Norfolk forum. Nothing to do with Yorkshire. You are very welcome to visit us with your funny accents and soggy puddings. I really am not interested. If you are unable to rise to the occasion I would draw your attention to the magnificent Norfolk Dumpling. Never disappoints, that delightful floater in a good old fashion stew. Icky thump! Get a dumpling in your gravy!
  7. Another Broads Rescue Unit

    A non entity in my view.
  8. Windows And Birds.

    We have about two bird strikes a month. Under certain light conditions they see a reflection of the garden in the window as a place to fly too. Normally patio doors. My wife gets upset by it. I told her that my cleaning of the windows regularly is the cause. I no longer have to clean the windows regularly. A result all round.
  9. Not Me Guv!

    There is always a weirdo on a bus. Did you know that? If you can't see one it could be you!
  10. Not Me Guv!

    An aspect of the Oulton Broad incident has prompted me to give thought to the legal implications and responsibilities of the boat owner and the person who was actually helming the vessel in the event of an incident. May I make it very clear that this is not an attempt in any way to reignite the Oulton Broad discussion. I feel that this matter has been fully discussed and no real value can be obtained by any further reference. Our visiting Legal Eagle has brought to our attention what I believe is a very interesting point: Section 100 of the Merchant Shipping Act, which says “It shall be the duty of the owner of a ship to which this section applies to take all reasonable steps to secure that the ship is operated in a safe manner.” This offence could be committed even if the owner was not actually helming the vessel at the time, or even if the owner wasn’t aboard the vessel. I am aware that no two cases even under the same legislation are ever the same. However there may be a degree of similarity in other cases which has not gone well for the owner of the vessel and the helm. For example if I could quote a hypothetical case where a holiday maker, through driving in a dangerous and reckless manner causes an accident. The injured party decides to pursue the individual for damages. But would you pursue someone who has very limited means? What’s the point. Would you not be tempted to pursue the Boat Yard who quite possibly are sufficiently well heeled to bear the brunt of a financial settlement. Do they not have a duty of care with regard to whom they hire their boats and if they are competent to handle the craft? I was speaking to a first time hirer yesterday 2nd September after he had completed a particularly harrowing mooring in tidal conditions in a new hire boat, a few month old, from a very reputable boat yard. I asked “ Did they not tell you how to come into moor” “No” he replied. “Did they not explain”. Did they not show you how to moor stern on, how to turn the boat round, how to approach the mooring against the tide” The reply was “no, he just explained to me the inside of the boat and how to start it. Then we were off, on our own. For my part I have witnessed on more than one occasion people saying that their experience of the trial run had been very limited. Therefore is it not beyond the realms of possibility that a hire company, or the owner of an expensive private motor yacht could be made financially responsible in the event of a serious incident involving damage and injury even if they were not helming the boat at the time.
  11. Danger Concern Over Weed On Hickling

    Please allow me a personal memory by Vaughan. Grandad, the uncles,, all boating people, boatyard owners would meet at the Three Horseshoe's at North Cove. Between Lowestoft and Beccles after a feed of fish (probably nicked from Lowestoft market) And there we sat the cousins. In the back of one of the cars. Probably about five of us. In quivering anticipation. A bottle of coke, each, and a bag of Smith's crisps was delivered by an Aunt. . And a blue bag of salt inside the bag of crisps. Magic. And, when they all returned to take us home they were so happy, laughing and pleased to see us. Strange that!
  12. Using Sat Nav Not Speeding

    We all find speeding an issue. Only two days ago I witnessed Judith 5 an iconic woody speeding, yes speeding through Norwich. It was travelling well over 5 miles an hour. Do you know what? There was no wash whatsoever from this boat. No discomfort whatsoever for the boats moored at the Riverside retail complex. Nobody was inconvenienced. Indeed if you were there tied up at the mooring, you would not have known that she had passed through. Introducing more GPS speed indicator's would be beneficial. However perhaps the boat yards should be tasked to take into consideration the impact of hull design on new builds to mitigate this problem.
  13. Ooooops...... Why Try It ....

    I liked your post. It demonstrates a sincerity which I appreciate and I hope that others do as well. Go south. It is a magical place. But you have to explore it to its fullest extent. Otherwise you will never know..
  14. Ooooops...... Why Try It ....

    Another young girl fell into the river a few days ago whilst mooring a boat at Reedham. Her recovery from the water was assisted by the girls father and the quay assistant. Boats are hitting bridges, getting stuck under bridges. These current issues prompts me to ask if anybody knows if trial run drivers themselves actually receive formal training. If so what form does this training take.
  15. Ooooops...... Why Try It ....

    In some instances (not all I hasten to add) the person taking the trial run is not aware of situations which occur on the southern rivers if he has been confined to the north. I joined a boat at Horning together with a group of other people last week. One member of the party asked how far we could get during our days hire. The trial run driver was informed that we were going to stop at Ranworth for ice creams and then carry on to Womack and return. Would we get back by 5pm. "Dunno" he said. "Where's Womack"?

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