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  1. How Square Is Square?

    Bit confusing all of this. Are you on the square or not?
  2. What Would You Tell A New Hirer?

    I agree with Vaughan. Kaptinkev. I respect your opinion. You are entitled to express your feelings which I understand. It is that some may consider it to be a fact. That is not the case. In conclusion may I congratulate you on a great contribution to this thread. Nothing personal old chap. Regards Andrew
  3. What Would You Tell A New Hirer?

    Vaughan and I come from a similar background. We are both of a similar age. Both our families lived in the same village on the outskirts of the city of Norwich. Our families owned boat yards. Yet we were never really friends as such, in those days, we went to different private schools. We both went different ways. Until now. I would like to make one thing absolutely clear, and I speak for my family and Vaughan and his family as well: At no time in the past or in the future would we wish to be associated with your comments with regard to the valued hire's within the industry which we are associated. In this respect I would consider it appropriate for you to withdraw your comment. Andrew
  4. 45 Mph Winds Predicted.. Advice Please

    Hi MK Worry not. Trust me. Er! just a little bit perhaps. I would stay North. Having said that typical autumnal weather plus spring tides, plus daylight hours limited, plus limited facilities South. If I had hired South I would say the same to those who wish to travel North. Enjoy that which you have chosen. Now is not the time to enjoy both unless of course you plan accordingly, taking into account variable weather conditions and tidal conditions and accept the fact that you maybe inconvenienced by day and time. As for moorings being at a premium in the North, it has always been thus. No matter what time of the year. Everyone is looking. Here, there, let's go a bit further, you will not be the only one. Don't worry about it. It will work out. It always has done. Why should you be any different. Enjoy. You will experience one of the most delightfull time on the Broads. Andrew
  5. What Would You Tell A New Hirer?

    There is a well known and established procedure on approaching the novice hirer and the importance of which information the trail run driver will deem to be most beneficial to the customer concerned, depends on the individual’s demeanour. The first thing to say to the hirer is “Good afternoon sir are you ready for your trial run” The reply will be “They have gone shopping in Stalham (They have not, they are in the pub) “Oh right, give me a shout when you are ready” Half an hour later a messenger from the boat will herald that they are ready. As you approach the boat it will become apparent that the dog has escaped and the whole family of adults and children are having a domestic. You politely ask if it might be prudent for you to come back at a more appropriate time. You are told that it is her job to sort it. (Whoever “her” is) The radio by this time is belting out some obscure ditty by a demented singer accompanied by a group of so called musicians who are still tuning up. If you are lucky and speak very softly somebody might turn it down. Nobody will have any particular interest in what you are saying about the boat, lights, fuel, water although they will have a passing interest in the toilet. The four pints recently consumed heightening the interest. As for the controls and the steering wheel this area will be dominated by a pimply youth of approximately 13 year of age. He will ignore all approaches by his mother to vacate the seat so that the father can be told how it all operates. The thing to do is smile at the boy (make sure that the mother sees you). Lean forward and through clenched teeth whisper to the young lout an obscenity. Do not worry, he will have heard it all before in the playground. Keep smiling. He will scowl and reluctantly make way for his father. Instruct the father according to standard procedure. He will reply, “Yes yes I know all about that” several times. As for the actual trial run, the down river bit, it will be very trying, but do try. His mindset will be that he has just travelled 200 miles at 70 to 80 mph risking life and limb, fighting for survival for five hours. What can possibly go wrong at 4 mph. Oh, forget about knots and stuff. A knot is a knot is a knot, any fool can tie one (and invariably do). As for mooring up, just jump ashore what could be easier than that. Stern on, well there will be a bump when you are there surely. Thankfully the majority are very grateful. Andrew
  6. 45 Mph Winds Predicted.. Advice Please

    Much will depend upon your time of arrival, and the time taken for your trial run to take place. If the boat yard is very busy you might have to wait half an hour or so. You do not want to pitch up on Barton in a howling gale with poor and decreasing visibility as it starts to get dark. Also be aware that Gays Staithe and Neatishead may be full leaving you with limited options in poor weather to find other moorings. Seek advice from the boat yard on how busy the yard has been prior to your departure. Likely weather conditions on Barton, an approximate time with regard to sunset and your arrival at your chosen destination taking into consideration dark cloudy conditions would not be in your favour. Andrew
  7. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    I see so many good pubs that defy financial gravity. How they survive is a mystery. They are an integral part of social life, albeit on the Broads or within the community. One pub I frequented the other day, £30, four glasses of Rose wine. The retail price of the wine, per bottle £7:50. Customer resistance will be inevitable. Andrew
  8. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    To that you can add The Huntsman and the Shoulder Mutton. Both in the village of Strumpshaw. Andrew
  9. Slapping Noise On The Bow

    Not me Guv. I thought it was the motion of the ocean..
  10. Slapping Noise On The Bow

    The rain drumming on the roof, water slapping against the boat, a metronomic sound. That nudge against the bank, that reassuring nudge to tell that all is well in the storm, that the mooring lines are holding. Quite comforting really when you are as snug as a bug in a rug, in your bunk for the night.
  11. It would seem that the Ferry Inn Horning is to go for auction by Allsop on the 17th October. Lot 132. Anticipated value £750,000 to £850,000
  12. The Prodigal Returns - Part 2.

    I have heard it said that in the army the most dangerous situation you would ever come across would be an officer with a map.
  13. Parking Meters.

    Ignore it. It's a parking meter. It has even got a big P on it. Cars park. Lorry's park. Buses stop. Boats moor. I think someone nicked it from Norwich and dumped it there. Nothing to do with us.
  14. Vacancy

    As a matter of interest MM who carries out the interview and what qualifications do they have? I suspect that nobody knows.
  15. Grim Meal Experience

    You are looking at it Colin. Andrew

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