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  1. Wussername

    Monte Carlo Or Bust!

    Be careful. The bounders hospitality at the meet has unfortunately given me gout. Andrew
  2. Thas in case we get invaded they wont no where there a goen.
  3. Wussername

    Silverline Wisper

    Dog hairs are a problem. Depends on the breed to some extent. The serious issue for the hire boat operator is a flea infestation discovered on turn round. You have to carry out a deep clean with limited time available. That is when the cost kicks in. Andrew
  4. Wussername

    Diesel Emissions.

    But not in the foreseeable future. The capital investment required is such that it would be unstastainable Before that becomes an eventuality of the public's awareness of NR2 emmisions, in particular of running diesel engines at a mooring, will become unacceptable and cause concern towards those who persist in carrying out such a practice. I would support them. This is a matter that needs to be addressed by the authorities before unrest prevails. Andrew
  5. Fear not I shall be right behind you. The old army training will soon kick in despite me troubles "down below". Just do not forget to adopt the brace position if I am tasked with parking the boaty jobby.
  6. Wussername

    Leaving A Side On Mooring When It's Windy

    All good stuff. Now this. Stern that. Port a bit. Starboard that. Hard reverse. Release the bow line. Bow thruster port. Bow thruster starboard. Phone a friend. Ask the audience. Not an option. I firmly believe that an instruction, on a forum such as this can lead to confusion and confidence by all concerned. The most important advice and really need to think about it. You, the helm, tell your crew what you intend to do. They know, you know. Think about it. Discuss and proceed. Take into consideration the tide, the wind, your boat and it's capabilities. No rush, believe me, it will work out OK. Oh, and I nearly forgot. Sometimes it all finishes in a muddle. But take solace in that we have all been there.
  7. Wussername

    Bye Bye

    Can I come?
  8. Wussername

    What Do We Want At Acle Bridge?

    I see constructive criticism on this forum from the discussion. I also see a degree of desperation from those who are unable to grasp the concerns of those who are unable to identify any positive outcome from this proposed venture.
  9. Wussername

    What's Your Personality?

    It said I was a statue.......................... amongst a load of pigeons.
  10. Wussername

    Horning Boat Show

    Looking forward to visiting the club house for a cup of tea and a bun. Will the grandchildren, 8 and 10, be able to have a bit of a flap about? Andrew
  11. Wussername

    What Do We Want At Acle Bridge?

    Cley is of course one of the most important places for ornitholgists in the UK. I do not think that Acle is on many peoples bucket list. Where are all the visitors supposed to park? Will we need a bridge on the bridge to assist those who wish to walk from one side to the other..?
  12. Wussername

    Ropes Come Loose

    We are doing the peace bit MM.
  13. Wussername

    Mooring At St Olaves.. Tide Rise / Fall

    As a matter of interest do all hire boats supply extra rope for springs. Andrew . Andrew
  14. Wussername

    Here At Last

    Stern on would be good.?
  15. Wussername

    Here At Last

    Not really. Just a topic for discussion. Best not to pursue any further if that is the interpretation. Andrew

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