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  1. from me,Let's hear a bit about you.Best wishes Ian
  2. We used to have a Shetland 4+2 we never stern on.Ihave seen outboard cages,which protect the outboard. Ian
  3. We won't be able to make it,hopefully the boat goes in for a service the week before and Marina is due for a op on her hand on the 17 July.have a good weekend all Ian
  4. In the past we phoned if we wanted to book a moorings or just turned up.Whats the case now? Ian
  5. About 5 years ago coming back from the ARC one went past us,sadly not seen one since
  6. I think Iain would have enjoyed this little game.We both shared a love of cricket. Like many I am sorry I never meet him.Sure he is watching somewhere. Ian
  7. Sorry thought it came up for everyone,it's seems it comes up when England play cricket,perhaps tomorrow
  8. Keep going Grace.Marina started with lots of ducks now she got ten.I don't like cricket no I love it.Years ago My mate during the summer said let's go and watch cricket at the pub.I will have a drink not interested in the cricket.Wrong got hooked,did the same with Rugby.Did not work with Amercan football.
  9. We always worry when we get close to swans,ducks etc and make sure they clear the boat.I hope no one did this on purpose,perhaps the bird was already poorly as Neil said.Very sad none the less Ian.
  10. It should come up when you go into Google. There's a little red tryangle click then the patch should come up and a yellow dot press and play Ian
  11. 63
  12. to the madness that is the Forum.This it what we do when not on the river Ian
  13. Marina got nil.Yes it's good fun
  14. If like me you like cricket,try this when you call up Google there's a little man comes up.Click a you can play cricket.My best score 23.They do this when England play cricket.Today the Women play India. Tomorrow the men South Africa in the T20.Good like to them both.Watching the Lions v The All Blacks it's close.Tommow F1 happy days Ian
  15. There's no point in any of these attacks,it will never solve the problem,we all need to come together and work for peace,Whatever youcolour or faith we are,only then will it happen.I never thought it will would have happened in northern Ireland,but it is much better now then before.Marina and I went a few years back to Londonderry/Derry.Thanks to Marina winning a competition at the boat show.If you have not been there please go.We had a great time the people are very welcoming. Let's hope this madness ends soon.