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  1. First Mooring, Where?

    It depends on what time you pick up the boat and the tides.You don't want to fight the tides,best to go with the tides.Do you intend to stop at Yarmouth?Some great spots on the Ant well worth a visit. Have a good time. Ian
  2. 1st Time Ever

    Don't want her to get big headed,but Marina Works out the tides.Mostly gets it right.For a few years now I have kept a log,making entries of times dates crew members,weather,fuel pump out.Costs etc.I find it useful and interesting .
  3. The "c" Word

    Christmas or not,what's the food . like at the Hotel.Been a few years since we had a meal there.Does any one what it's like now? Ps Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat,so please put a penny in the old man's hat.
  4. It's All Richo's Fault!

    Sorry if I go slightly off subject.For many years I was on The IMB at Belmarsh prison.You would not believe how many times papers and tv got the facts wrong.The point I am making is poor reporting is not a new thing,it's been around for years. Ian
  5. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    from another Kingfisher.My boat is called Sweetkingfisher. Back to moorings,people being people.Some will moor where ever they want.There is plenty of information available.Yards have a info booklet with moorings spots marked all boats have the broadcaster on board.As I said some will take no notice.Oh look there's a nice place to moor.If I thought boats moored in the wrong place,I may well tell them they can't moor there
  6. Bridge Store At Acle To Close

    If they do a Pont will cost a lot
  7. Two Greats Bowed Out Tonight.

    Strictly starts the end of the month,and I love it.Each year I apply for tickets already have a knock back for the pre show which is the only one that is pre recorded.Back to Mo and Bolt.Mo is going to do road running,I am sure Usain will do other things.Well done to the 4 by 100 team on winning Gold.
  8. Two Greats Bowed Out Tonight.

    Come dancing
  9. Two greats of sport bowed out tonight.Sir Mo Farah and Usain Bolt.It did not end the way they and us wanted.However they both entertained us.What great sportsman they Are I wish them the very best for the future.Sometimes a sports man or woman comes along from another country and is taken in like one of our own.Mr Bolt is one such man.He and Mo truely greats sportsman.I hoped see them,but could not get tickets.Perhaps now they have some spare time they can do strictly,
  10. Odd Bits

    Good advice from all those above,waterproofs and sun tan lotion (it is England).never mind the tea and coffee,just the rum and whiskey .
  11. Silly Question But It's Friday...

    I thought we were talking about moorings. Don't mention football after today thou
  12. Silly Question But It's Friday...

    The girls are pretty,and when you go South remember you wont fall off the edge of the world.
  13. Pump Out

    Griff has summed it up well.If you do need a pump out there are plenty of places that Will do so.Theres no need to worry.As Griff has said you may well go a week without a pump out.Just go with the flow,pardon the pun. Ian
  14. Teak Carpet

    Looks good
  15. Noob

    from me let's hear a bit about you.Do you have a boat,hire or just interested in the broads. Ian

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