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    boating ,cars(f1),planes,trains in fact if it moves thats good,most sport

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  1. Changes At Hoseasons?

    I may be wrong,but think most yards can go it alone,many do so already.
  2. Sunrise/ Sunset

    Surely the shortist day is the 21 December not tommow?
  3. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Lots of snow in Belvedere Kent now,but don' think it will settle.We hope to get our tree today.
  4. Just Posted The Cards

    Wishing one and all a very merry Christmas and a happy boating new year.From Ian, Marina and Sweetkingfisher.
  5. Save The Dogs

    Pleased these dogs will not be put down.Hope they get a full pension. I think it is a disgrace,that men women and indeed animals are treated once they leave the force's. They put there lives on the line and should be treated with respect .
  6. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    That' correct hire boats are not allowed to be on the move after dark.
  7. Moorings Extended Over The Festivities?

    I think the idea is to extend free moorings from 24 to 48 hours over the winter.Dont think it could work in the season.Will be interesting to see how it works out.
  8. Only When Boating

    It's funny no one's mentioned Gin and T.
  9. Good Luck To England

    Hard luck boys played really well.It was close
  10. Only When Boating

    Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you get
  11. Only When Boating

    Don' think my taste in music changes,but yes we tend to drink more tea. Often having a cooked breakfast. Since owning a boat it' great apart from the pocket. As already said.Often Marina will go up Friday mornings,I will go from work at Liverpool street. Once on the train,into broads mood .As for owning a boatm,go for it Grace. Ian
  12. First Day Of Advent

    It' beginning to look like Christmas with every card I write.
  13. Good Luck To England

    Good luck to England in the rugby league world cup final,against Australia.Lets hope for a win and helps our boys playing in the Ashes to.I would support my country in sport even it was hop scotch world finals.Gook luck boys. Ian
  14. First Day Of Advent

    Today is the first day of Advert,Marina and I got chocolate. Only 24 days to go.Santa knows who's been good and who' been bad.He's got my list.
  15. Still In Shorts

    Sorry it has to be at least 80f for me to wear shorts.

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