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    boating ,cars(f1),planes,trains in fact if it moves thats good,most sport

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  1. Great Canal Journeys

    Lots of posts on Facebook.Saying 29 October C4.
  2. Lords

  3. Hydric

    James has described it much better then I.Our boat is hydraulic. The boat works fine we keep a check on the hydraulic fluid and we have the boat serviced every year.All in all no real problems.
  4. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Talking about supermarkets,When we are up and stocking up in Morrison's,Tesco,Roy's etc the London in me comes out in me.Always behind someone with 3 speeds one forward 2 backwards.almost impossible to get past them.Then as others have pointed out.They can't find there money,credit/debit cards OH please you oney have four items.Then they take 20 minutes putting said items away after recounting the day with the checkout person.Please I want to get on the boat.Still they do say good day Ian Ps perhaps I need to go on a anger management course. Perhaps not the last time I broke a few bones.
  5. Lords

    Thanks to Marina on Friday I am doing the tour of Lords,can't wait.For many years I have been a great fan of the game.I still.have not got to a match,perhaps next year.Now for the rules two teams decide with the toss of a coin who goes in.the team that lost go out,they try to get the team that is in out.When they do they go in and the team that was in try to get the team that was out,but now in out.Then they do it all again.Of course because we invented it we stop for lunch and tea. I am sure Iain would approve Ian
  6. Water Water Everywhere???

    In the past we have at times got close at Brundall. Earlier this year the water was low we had just enough water to move.A few years back in the summer going to Beecles the river was more like a stream. PS hope you got in in the end Ian
  7. Help Curing A Childhood Psychosis

    Don't know but Mr Google may
  8. Sad Story And Lost Of Id

    The thing is,it is our post code.My guess is someone in our road and picking our number.The name is not English,and guess changing the odd letter in the name.
  9. Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    Don't worry there's no limit on likes
  10. And Now For Something Really Serious

    Sorry folks I love it. It is easy going Saturday night entertainment . Keeeeep daaaaancing. Ian
  11. Hello Everyone

    from me have a great time on the broads.Please give us a update and some pics Ian
  12. And Now For Something Really Serious

    I think I will wait until the end of the series,regarding passing judgement. Debbie is doing very well.I think tens were correct Alexander danced very well. I think there's about 5 or 6 that are breaking away from the rest.

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