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  1. Newbie Boat Owners

    Ships swindlers ? Just walk by, nothing to see here.
  2. Newbie Boat Owners

    "Preparing for retirement by buying a boat" Sorry, once I have stopped laughing and gathered my breath! Owning a boat and retiring, have you won the lottery ?
  3. Big Changes Ahead

    Looks very nice! saw it monday. Never be finished if he keeps drinking tea with visitors.
  4. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Where was it yesterday ? Cheers for the tea and the kingfisher fly by !
  5. Well thanks very much! heres me feeling quite smug that I take my own boat through, and you raise the bar by going through in the dark.
  6. We had a fancy to pop through the bridge for a couple of days, a couple of weeks ago. Left Martham and moored by the fishermen just before the new bridge, no other boats on the mooring as we walked down to the pilots office to check the height, 5ft 7inch, no chance there then! quick wander up to Lathams for teacakes (excellent by the way) and back to the boat. Moored in front of us was Juliette, which ten minutes earlier had been moored on the pilots side, now what sort of magic had occurred here ? one of the Martham boats lads had bought it through, such skill and not a little brave, also perfect timing, end of season and both forward hand rails perfectly sanded and ready for varnish! Ideally I like 6ft 10inch or more to get through, and even then I am a bit outside my comfort zone. If needs must I have done it at 6ft 1inch, not much room for error. If I can see the stone stanchions at the base of the bridge out of the water I am happy to go, if it looks a bit tight I moor up and check the gauge in the pilots office.I never get complacent about the bridge, still scary aiming all that lovely wood and varnish at a small hole, but the feeling the first time you do it for yourself is right up there. I like the challenge of the bridge, wouldn't want to lose it.
  7. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Sorry, must try harder! Me too ! I would buy one of those Warrior/Ninja trucks if only they would put the name on the back in bigger letters.
  8. Do You Still Wave?

    Or wink at you !
  9. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    ABC Artisan, Brexit, Chillax 3 of the most annoying words on the planet. And whilst I'm at it, why is everybody now a master craftsman or artisan baker ?
  10. Just Setting Off To The Boat.

    This is for a week on Eda Frandsen, beautiful boat, good website, can't remember what but it pops up if you type in the name.
  11. Just Setting Off To The Boat.

    Missing the broads a bit this season, but just about to set of for Falmouth for a weeks sailing on another old boat. Back on the broads next month, can't come soon enough.
  12. The Broads In The 1950's

    Hope this footage inspires somebody to save an old boat, we bought ours because I found about a dozen old photos of a holiday my mum and dad had in 1954 aboard Landamores Vesta 8 , stuck with me until I could do it. Love every minute.
  13. The Broads In The 1950's

    Watched it twice, love it. Surely the bit at Horning is staged, you could moor !
  14. That Deserves A Medal!

    Always a silver lining, my brother in law lives in Switzerland, I like the thought that its raining on him.
  15. Seriously tempting at £20,000, but surely one wooden boat is enough ? but then again! Leave it, walk away, i had good long talks with myself before buying the one we have now, still bought it. Oh, keep thinking about it. No, made my mind up, will keep thinking about it.

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