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  1. Just Setting Off To The Boat.

    This is for a week on Eda Frandsen, beautiful boat, good website, can't remember what but it pops up if you type in the name.
  2. Just Setting Off To The Boat.

    Missing the broads a bit this season, but just about to set of for Falmouth for a weeks sailing on another old boat. Back on the broads next month, can't come soon enough.
  3. The Broads In The 1950's

    Hope this footage inspires somebody to save an old boat, we bought ours because I found about a dozen old photos of a holiday my mum and dad had in 1954 aboard Landamores Vesta 8 , stuck with me until I could do it. Love every minute.
  4. The Broads In The 1950's

    Watched it twice, love it. Surely the bit at Horning is staged, you could moor !
  5. That Deserves A Medal!

    Always a silver lining, my brother in law lives in Switzerland, I like the thought that its raining on him.
  6. Seriously tempting at £20,000, but surely one wooden boat is enough ? but then again! Leave it, walk away, i had good long talks with myself before buying the one we have now, still bought it. Oh, keep thinking about it. No, made my mind up, will keep thinking about it.
  7. Peace At Last

    My sympathies, just had the Peak District version, 90 minutes of tuneless bell ringing.
  8. Crime On The Broads?

    If you have got the time, its a crime not to be on the broads !
  9. Bad Form

    to separate the riffraff, dear boy !
  10. Reserving A Mooring!

    One of the funniest insult incidents I remember came from my wife, we were out walking the day after my dad died, we got a little lost and took a short cut down a farmers drive, just as the farmers wife drove up, she was not happy and started ranting in a totally over the top fashion. I was in no mood to argue and so ignored her and walked off, she told my wife in no uncertain terms how rude I was. My wife stood listening until she had finished and replied " I apologise for my husbands behaviour, its just that he doesn't tolerate fools" Think she may just have lived with me to long !
  11. Reserving A Mooring!

    Tat, like it, she can't moan at that one when I use it.
  12. Reserving A Mooring!

    What I like about the double t word is the fact that its impossible not to understand when lip read ! Useful in the car .
  13. Reserving A Mooring!

    I often arrive back at my mooring to find a fisherman, usually I explain that I wish to moor and I will wander up river, turn around and come back, giving them plenty of time to move. The usual response is why don't you moor further down, I now have to explain, whilst trying to be polite that I pay a lot of money per year to leave my boat where their tackle is. They either don't grasp the notion of a reserved mooring or can't be bothered to move. I do get a bit fed up of clearing the litter they leave to, usually empty sardine tins ! My wife disapproves of my favourite derogative term for such people, it contains 2 t's and not much else, always makes me feel better to use it under my breath though.
  14. Better Behaved Boaters Down South

    96.5% of statistics are made up !
  15. Reserving A Mooring!

    Not on using the C word, keep it in December I say.

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