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  1. yes - a vent to that gas locker would be underwater.
  2. ooh looks like she's down by the heads.
  3. Wanted: Tardis

    I am finding the same thing Tim, the aim of the workshop was to replace the doing of messy jobs from the dining room modelling bench, well I have got to the stage where when I put one of the models on the bench it leaves no room to work, thus the model work is still being done part on the dining room workbench. still a lot of the messier jobs such as metalwork are now done in the workshop, and I am starting to consider the other half of the conservatory for storage and tools, maybe a second workbench with my other big vices on. then there is clearing my daughters junk from the spare bedroom (meccano room) it was only put there while we moved her bed (honest dad I will sort it out over the next few days) a year ago,
  4. Wanted: Tardis

    The big difference is you cannot give the lumber to the charity shops.
  5. Broad Ambition - The Model

    tonight it was cutting out the rudder blade, this was cut to the shape of the gap, but clearance was left in case of weeds. Then I soldered the blade into the pivot axle ,the rudder isnt a lot longer than the stock one, but has a little more in front of the pivot, and some depth. this should give a bit better turning performance.
  6. Well That Was A Rough Night

    I remember doing one re-enactment event, and it was so windy, with the tent flapping I ended up wearing my motorbike crash helmet to keep the noise down, in the morning when I got up the trailer tent next to me had moved 20 foot down the hill in the night.
  7. Broad Ambition - The Model

    a good example was the rudder, having widened the gap for the larger prop, the rudder I had ready looked a bit small and weedy, so I looked how it was made, and thought to myself, I can do that, so set about slotting the 3mm brass rod - the rest followed on from there, I will cut some brass sheet to make up the rudder and solder the whole together. the net result is I have done the slot and have a guide tool if I ever feel like doing another.
  8. Broad Ambition - The Model

    I think they just come to me - one minute I am looking at something - the next i am trying to work out a better way of doing it, just for the challenge I guess. that rudder shaft was the third one I tried, the first was on a v block on the bandsaw, that sort of worked, but I had trouble keeping it straight, the second was the first attempt at a sawing guide, but I didnt get the saw cut properly aligned with the hole, then this was the third attempt.
  9. Broad Ambition - The Model

    so tonight I decided to see if I could custom build my own rudder, to enable me to give the model a bigger surface - more in keeping with the real thing, the first job, cut a slot along the centre of a 3mm shaft, over a fair distance, how to support it while I remove a fair chunk out of the middle. So a bigger chunk of brass had a 3mm hole drilled through it, then a carefully cut slot in the bigger bit, then using that slot I fitted the shaft in and cut a slot, slowly feeding the 3mm shaft in from the back. success.
  10. Big Changes Ahead

    my biggest concern over lithium batteries is the possibility of failure and water ingress, lithium is very reactive to water, and lithium batteries have been known to catch fire (thinks phones laptops and batteries in planes all catching fire.)
  11. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    the worst one round our way is the guide leader who charges down the road in her invalid chair at about twice normal walking speed, scything her white stick across the path in front of her (as if she could stop in time is she felt anything), the trouble is I have seen her (when picking up my daughter from guides) carrying two of the large church hall type tables, one under each arm
  12. Hydraulic

    no but we can stuff blankets around it to muffle the noise so you cannot hear it.
  13. Hydraulic

    I have modified the title of the post for you - thats what us techies are here for
  14. Spring Gathering May 2018

    no, that is a raft skilfully crafted from string and twigs.
  15. Menu From Early 1970’s

    I can remember i n the late 70's when I was filling my moped up it cost less than £1 - and that was the standard and the additional tank - 2 gallons

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