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  1. Stalham Wet Shed

    Ah I remember driving my VW variant in those winters, rear engine - rear wheel drive, went to a pub meet cross country over the wye downs, got to the top, and was flagged down by an astonished tractor driver and asked how i got up the hill- no problem I replied, he then told me they had been cut off for several days as even the landrovers with 4wd couldnt get up the hill - only tractors until I got there. getting down was fun as with all the weight at the back there was no steering on the front until you dabbed the brakes to break through the snow with the front tyres. I think it was the good old slow revving 2.4 litre air cooled lump that did it, in third at tickover you could feel the cylinders firing at every lamppost
  2. Where's Timbo?

    Ant excuse to get out of cooking Christmas dinner Tim - well just for that you can sit in the corner and peel the sprouts.
  3. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    I even have my mother primed and waiting ready to 'listen with Mother'
  4. Still In Shorts

    on my accident the steel toecap took the brunt of the impact, it did inflict some damage and chipped the bone on my big toe, but even totectors when they saw the boot, said that without I would have severely injured the foot.
  5. Still In Shorts

    me - I went to my astronomy club meeting at the weekend wearing shorts, in my defence I was also wearing a fleece and hat. last night after changing into my shorts I went out and changed the CVVT valve on my car (its now working and has got rid of the engine warning light on my dashboard)
  6. Still In Shorts

    I had a motorbike accident, this left me sliding down the road on one shoulder (well it was my head at one point if the scratches on the helmet were anything to go by) I was on my way to work, I was wearing office wear - shirt, jacket, on top I was wearing a belstaff motorcycle jacket, with the reinforcing layers. on that shoulder I had a big hole through the belstaff, my work jacket had a smaller hole (about 1" round) and my shirt had a tiny hole, I was untouched, the belstaff was worn through two reinforcing layers and the cloth underneath, other than a broken little toe, and a badly torn ligament in my right leg I came through unscathed after sliding for nearly 100 yards between two lines of traffic. the impact had been right on the toe of my brand new totector boots, it had dented the steel toecap, the exhaust next to the toe of the boot had been re-routed to 1" inside the engine casing, and the front wheel was D shaped wrapped around the engine. I got an award from totectors as their boot saved my foot, and can only say that if I was riding a bike (even in the height of summer - full protective clothing was a must.
  7. Boundary Farm Replacement Moorings

    its probably a 'elf n safety' issue, chainsaws are notoriously dangerous, and nowadays its no excuse when some idiot cuts their leg off, or drops a tree on their head, if a safer way exists (but costs more). a hydraulic cutter takes the person to a more remote position, inside the safety cage of the excavator, so mr 'elf n safety' can see that an attempt to mitigate the danger has been made. we see this on a daily basis, our cable jointers used to use a sharp knife to cut the cable outer layers for jointing- they now have a tool box of different special tools to do the job, one for each size and type of cable, with each tool costing several hundreds of pounds, is it safer - certainly, but their tool boxes are a lot heavier now.
  8. Broad Ambition - The Model

    tonight while rummaging through some bits, I found the original bow badge I made many years back, it might be a little small though, another I found that I made from plastic card (in the background).
  9. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    started snowing at 6.45 in Canterbury, just as I arrived home from picking my daughter up from work.
  10. Broadland Grebe

    I bet you didnt have the hassles I did getting the prop shaft and motor aligned.
  11. Broadland Grebe

    youre mad, youre naive - and we love you for just those facts, it takes a certain kind of person to take on the restoration of a woodie, we love the fact you are giving it a go, to watch the transom vanish and find it amusing, for a lot of people that would be a show stopper. I am just as mad, taking on 2 model boats at 1/12 size, the difference is I can do most of it at home.
  12. Broad Ambition - The Model

    many thanks Charlie, yes that will help with the little touches that are the things that make a model. I am glad that you are able to assist even in these small matters as that helps make the model more personal to you, having had an input., today I have given the transom a second coat of neat varnish, plus added some more side deck supports.
  13. Broad Ambition - The Model

    now its dry I am really pleased with the finish, there are a couple of small pits into the finish, so another coat will be applied once this has properly dried out
  14. Broad Ambition - The Model

    that white line smudge on the last picture is actually the reflection of the angle poise magnifier lamp I was using to light up the work area. my thanks go to Griff for divulging the secret of the 6 steps to achieve the finish that Broad Ambition boasts.
  15. Broad Ambition - The Model

    step 6 after de nibbing again with 400 grit paper, it was 100% varnish this time. the reflection of the flash is getting smaller and less diffuse, indicating the finish getting smoother, I can see things reflected in the surface now, whether this gets more coats will depend upon the finish once it has dried.

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