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  1. Broad Ambition - The Model

    only for those born in Norfolk
  2. Broad Ambition - The Model

    the main purchases the sheet metal worker and the bandsaw, take my advice dont go in person, your car will fill and wallet empty faster than you realise. I only walked from the bandsaw blades to the counter to pay, and picked up another 4 items.
  3. Broad Ambition - The Model

    had a good annual bonus this year, so a few extravagant purchases have been made, this morning a trip to axminster tools it was a quick visit as I knew what I wanted - a 3 in 1 sheet metal press, it shears, bends and rolls sheet metal. and a new bandsaw from their hobby range, spare bandsaw blades - good quality ones were not cheap, 2 new table saw blades, spotted a small table anvil for £25, some machine tool wax, spent a few hours tweaking the sheet metal worker, still tweaking the bandsaw.
  4. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Mod Hat on careful, getting very close to breaking the TOS
  5. My Day

    probably the Carronades then unless it is the forrard facing guns, when they might be long toms. what sort of saw blade is it you need Paul, I have most styles of fret, coping and scroll saw blades.
  6. Bridge Indicator Maintenance

    for instance have you spotted a lot of the marthams cruisers are only 9 foot wide compared to the standard, starting as they do from the wrong side of 'that' bridge- one of the reasons I hired jayne for the spring meet, means I can cruise above the bridge on the days after the meet.
  7. My Day

    Now That is a tradegy, What type of gun- carronade? or long nines
  8. Bridge Indicator Maintenance

    I think that some boats are taller but narrower and can get through certain arches, while others may be shorter but wider and not be able to pass through.
  9. Robins Platter

    ooh lovely
  10. Swing Bridges

    It does seem that network rail already have a solution to reduce expansion in their toolbox, has this been implemented on the bridges? https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/looking-after-the-railway/delays-explained/buckled-rail/
  11. Swing Bridges

    minibus across reedham ferry?
  12. Swing Bridges

    That is good news, though it does beg one question. the bridges once had summer and winter rails that were swapped over, to avoid the problem of the winter rails expansion and jamming during the summer months. why when this was as the bridge was originally designed, does the changeover of the rails no longer occur, as it would seem that this was anticipated in the original design, If they have an idea of the conditions where the bridges stick, then surely they could fit temperature sensors to the rails, and gain more data, and thus more accurate forecasting, rail expansion is a factor of temperature, and must therefore be easily measured and able to be accurately forecast.
  13. Broads Hotel

    Blimey that was quick, I only just suggested it
  14. Broads Hotel

    Roys hotel Roys boatyard Roys Garage
  15. Robins Platter


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