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  1. tonight a plank is glued, no shaping, no steaming, one more to go after this.
  2. the worse thing in an automatic is stamping on the clutch (which turns out to be the brake) boy did my volvo ever stop quick. it usually takes me about 20 minutes driving to convert between auto and manual and vice versa, until then I tend to forget to use the clutch, or stamp on the brake with my left foot.
  3. a tip I was given by my instructor for the test - when you adjust the mirrors, set them so you have to move your head to see them properly, then you will automatically move your head and the tester will see the movement.
  4. I once had to drive 100 miles home on b roads with a jammed clutch pedal,stopping meant stopping the engine and restarting in first on the starter motor, by the end I got good at judging the revs - slight increase in revs as I dropped down a gear to get it to slip in.
  5. :-) hmm that still doesnt work for me hmm those do
  6. sounds like the wiring may be crossed somewhere between the battery and where you tested.
  7. is your battery connected the right way round? what is the voltage across the battery + and - and are you sure the wiring hasnt been crossed somewhere.
  8. Robin, I know how the left foot can affect you, my wife got a new job once and I was giving her a lift in to work, then because I was on a different route to my normal one, I would get stuck in slow moving traffic for about 45 minutes each way. this lead to my developing sciatica in my left leg, along with associated back pain. after 2 months of this my wife quit the job, and my back pain went. an automatic car would sort this out, but for learning you really want to use a manual, as if you take your test in an automatic - you can only drive automatics. for driving in london an automatic saves a lot of the work / clutch work, otherwise you are pretty much riding the clutch all the time.
  9. however if you use the list from the smiley face above and use the ones in the main list rather than recently used they should work.
  10. I believe the technical team are working on the emoticons, cutting down on the lower resolution ones, I too noticed that the :-) that I use no longer translates into an emoticon.
  11. and there was me thinking you had nicked it from a master!
  12. so back home and some of the handrail supports put on the long rails that I constructed, and that plank from yesterday glued in place. MM, I have a big stack of blinds at the moment, probably enough for a dozen models, so unless you will be at the wooden boat show where I could pick it up then use it as kindling, as there is no point me making a trip especially for a blind.
  13. I hear Timbo has a masters :-)
  14. I wonder if you got a coastal merchantman and sailed it straight at the bridge, whether they would somehow find that yes they could open it?
  15. and committed. (or if not - should be)