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  1. RumPunch

    I Want A Sign

    But if you don't get them alongside she'll never bear
  2. RumPunch

    Roadworks Affecting The Broads 2018

    The roadworks are on the roundabout outside the brickmakers pub, overnight from 19:00 all this week. You can go round the ring road on traffic lights, but not turn up Wroxham road or down towards the City.
  3. RumPunch

    Ropes Come Loose

    The loose boat was highlighted - maybe not by more traditional means, but in the modern social media environment was the way it was done so wrong ? Yes I have secured loose boats in the past, even boarded and pumped out one that was in danger of sinking due to rain water, but if I were solo motoring, especially in a wind, I may not have opportunity to stop and assist AND I may not know the name of the yard to call them - so social media would get the message across. Yes - OK so I could call Broads Control too.......
  4. RumPunch

    No. 1 When You Were Born...

    Look you, Boyo - it'd be The Green Green Grass of Home
  5. RumPunch

    Boat Security

    Battery PIR alarm with text messaging
  6. RumPunch

    Roadworks Affecting The Broads 2018

    Nearly back to Rackheath northbound last night !
  7. Someone needs to throw a few ton of grass seed on the Somme like landscape at the A140 junction - the verges at the bottom by the new road itself are sprouting nicely and were obviously done, but as you come off at the airport slip it's still a scene of desolation in the cleared areas.
  8. I’ve got a self draining cockpit
  9. I've just been reading about the proposed work on the YBW forum.... more interesting opinions
  10. RumPunch

    Horsey Mere

    I think you may be partially right. If you look at the Tithe map ( 1840 ) , maybe there were actually two staithes
  11. RumPunch

    Almost A Disaster

    Decided that as I was at a loose end I'd motor the boat down to How Hill from Barton, have a cuppa and a chill, and motor back. Trusty Honda starts first pull, and off I go, wondering as I get onto the broad what the new island is in the middle. Turns out the Punt Club piles have attracted a raft of reeds / rubbish. Anyhow, make good progress, past Irstead, left then up to the next big right. Decide to throttle back.... and the engine is no longer trusty. It gives up. There I am, mudweighted up, right on the bend ( bilge keeled so dare not risk trying to get close to the bank ) It absolutely refuses to restart. In desperation I put the genoa up, but there's so little wind it's taking 15mins for about 50 yds ! I rang the Broads Desk for advice, and they were helpful with suggesting recovery firms & sympathetic, but I was resigned to limping to How Hill and mooring up, probably in the dark by the time I'd get there. I kept trying the engine on and off, and then, after about an hour it started. What a relief ! Kept it running at a reasonable pace and went straight back to my mooring - I didn't dare touch the throttle. Sure enough, as soon as I reached the boatyard and went to reduce speed it died again, but I'd timed it just right and coasted into my berth. Guess I'll be stripping the carb down !
  12. RumPunch

    Farnborough Airshow

    I'm very much an aircraft enthusiast. Ex RAF and now in commercial aviation (those annoying helicopters you get over the Broads ) Had trade tickets one year which was an interesting slant on Farnborough
  13. RumPunch

    Powerfile - Good Tool For Boat Building And Maintenance

    Had one years - that and the vibrating multi tools ( stop it ! ) are just so adaptable. Used to use air powered power files in the RAF for metal work - save so much time in skilled hands ( mind you I do remember one lad looking like he was making a relief map of a mountain range out of a panel
  14. RumPunch

    Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    Managed to walk off the bank one night with my laptop in a rucksack. It took a few weeks to fully dry out but it did recover - unlike my mobile phone
  15. RumPunch

    Stern Mooring With Outboard

    Looking on the database your boat used to be able to - what happened to the 'lockers'

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