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  1. fishtone

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    I like the idea of straps. Made me think about getting some for my canopy as i always put my canopy up and down single handed.
  2. fishtone

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Loved following this epic journey you and the team took on. Have followed it all the way trough. The updates from you and other members have been brilliant Some terrific videos and photos.
  3. fishtone

    Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    Loving following all this. My calculation is 2025 litres
  4. fishtone

    Buying A Boat (again!)

    The boat you saw sold might have had underlying problems and the owner may have been desperate to sell.I have often seen the same model boat cheaper but when you start having a good look round you often find the dearer one the better.Is the boat with a broker or private sale as some private sellers are dreamers when it comes to valuing their boat.
  5. fishtone

    Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    I think the Councillors who issued the notice should be made to pay the compensation not us council tax payers.Should never have gone that far in the first place. I hope the national media report this so the owners name is cleared.
  6. fishtone

    Rental Mooring Needed On River Yare

    Try Brian down Griffin Lane Thorpe . If no one there phone number is on gate.
  7. fishtone

    Engine(s) Servicing

    Try Sabena.
  8. fishtone

    Grim Meal Experience

    Put a comment on Trip Advisor as management of these establishments read and answer these comments.Had a bad meal at a well known Brewers Fayre and wrote and complained and now have a £40 voucher to spend which expires the day after my birthday. If your complaint is justified you should be compensated. Write to the management,no good complaining to the waiting staff, they don't give a monkeys.
  9. fishtone

    Bumper Bank Holiday Weekend

    Was going to have a couple of hours out but changed my mind now
  10. fishtone

    August Discounts

    The river was certainly not quiet yesterday, but the majority of boats were day boats. More people seem to be going for cottage holidays and if day boat not included they hire one.
  11. fishtone

    Life In Bure At Horstead Mill

    Very interesting to watch. Look forward to seeing more.
  12. fishtone

    Carp Fishing Lakes Wanted Norfolk

    Cobbleacre worth a try or the old Wensum fishery at Costessey which I think is now run by Barford Fisheries. Always large Carp in there when NDAA had it.Worth a call. Another syndicate is Lenwade Common lakes or The Bridge Lakes at Lenwade which is run by the pub.
  13. I am looking at buying a 2nd hand small outboard as a back up on my 20ft Shetland and toyed with the idea of buying a new electric outboard with a 50lb thrust just to get to a mooring so can sort problem. Anyone got one on a boat this size.
  14. fishtone

    Woodbastwick Moorings

    I don't have a problem paying for a mooring,at least it keeps most of the hire craft away. They have spent enough on hiring the boat so don't want to pay to moor as well.No more early stops to make sure you get a mooring. There are other private moorings on the river which charge more than this for day and night and also have no facilities either so lets not be too critical of Mr Cator. And they double moor as well.
  15. fishtone

    Bodged Budget Boat Project

    Good luck to your B.I.:L. He did well to see it through. Most project boats finish up on Gum tree after a couple of weeks.

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