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  1. August Discounts

    The river was certainly not quiet yesterday, but the majority of boats were day boats. More people seem to be going for cottage holidays and if day boat not included they hire one.
  2. Life In Bure At Horstead Mill

    Very interesting to watch. Look forward to seeing more.
  3. Carp Fishing Lakes Wanted Norfolk

    Cobbleacre worth a try or the old Wensum fishery at Costessey which I think is now run by Barford Fisheries. Always large Carp in there when NDAA had it.Worth a call. Another syndicate is Lenwade Common lakes or The Bridge Lakes at Lenwade which is run by the pub.
  4. I am looking at buying a 2nd hand small outboard as a back up on my 20ft Shetland and toyed with the idea of buying a new electric outboard with a 50lb thrust just to get to a mooring so can sort problem. Anyone got one on a boat this size.
  5. Woodbastwick Moorings

    I don't have a problem paying for a mooring,at least it keeps most of the hire craft away. They have spent enough on hiring the boat so don't want to pay to moor as well.No more early stops to make sure you get a mooring. There are other private moorings on the river which charge more than this for day and night and also have no facilities either so lets not be too critical of Mr Cator. And they double moor as well.
  6. Bodged Budget Boat Project

    Good luck to your B.I.:L. He did well to see it through. Most project boats finish up on Gum tree after a couple of weeks.
  7. Wroxham Roadworks

    Getting near end of financial year. Got to use the cash up.
  8. Wroxham Broad Slipway Closed

    Thanks for info A.J. B.
  9. Went down Wroxham broad with the dog this afternoon and the public car park had more construction vehicles than on the new NDR. There was a small notice on slipway last week saying it is going to be refurbished. By the look of the equipment they are going to do a lot more than that. It will be interesting to see if it will be available to the public when completed. The Yacht Club are not going to recover that sort of money from an honesty pay machine. A lot of fishermen are going to be disappointed as there is no sign to say car park closed.
  10. Rivers Very High

    Just had to go and slacken ropes on boat as water very high at the moment. Right up to top of quay heading at Wroxham. There is a flood warning in place for the Waveny and Yare tonight at Midnight.
  11. Wind, Not Indigestion!

    Looking at wind strength over next few days you would be best to wait until Tuesday when wind speed is due to drop to 7mph. Enjoy your trip. I went out last Tuesday and it was fantastic so lovely and quiet and traffic free just how the Broads should be.
  12. Do Not Feed The Alligator

    Good job the sign was put up as I was going to give it a piece of meat next time I went out.
  13. Flu Jab

    If they had an injection for Man Flu I would have it. Until this is available I will live without the common flu injection.
  14. Gel coat repairs

    Try Sabena in Hoveton. Always done a good job for me and my neighbour.
  15. Two more Moorings to be lost

    Any signs up at Woodbastwick yet?

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