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  1. Hire Craft Moorings At Horning

    Thanks for the info guys ! ☺
  2. Hire Craft Moorings At Horning

    Can anyone please tell me whether its still ok to moor a hire boat in what used to be the old Horning Pleasure craft / F B Wilds yard basin , ?
  3. Dunkirk (film)

    My Dad was with 5th Panzer army during the German retreat at Falaise, captured in August 44 he never spoke about all the horrors till he was in his 80's. Like loads of vets the only way I could get him to say anything was after a few pints ! Fortunately I made notes of our conversations and keep telling myself that I will one day put them to paper in a readable form. Both the bad and the funny ! I have been so lucky not to go through the hell he did, Bless him.
  4. Good Luck To England

    Two hopes of the footballers taking any notice. Too busy counting their cash amongst other pursuits.
  5. What Would You Come Back As?

    Just the fish hooks and fishing line to worry about Gracie !
  6. Met Office Invents A New Name For Fog

    There was an advert in Grimsby Telegraph fishing and shooting section years ago on behalf of someone who was selling trapped rabbi's. I didn't buy any though. Some clown left the "t" off.
  7. Met Office Invents A New Name For Fog

    What with weather bombs and giving storms bloody names..... worlds gone mad.Why do we have to copy everything the americans do ??
  8. So You Want To Live Afloat?

    The never ending story.........
  9. Same to you mate ! Keep up the good work.
  10. Merely expressing my culinary preference old boy, sorry you have taken it as a personal affront. However i dont feel i can apologise to the paste and stand by my criticism of it.
  11. Paste curries in no way compare to restaurant food. Every variety tastes almost the same thats why i grind my own spices it doesnt take long. I bet the authentic home made pastes you talk about bear no resemblance to a sharwoods or pataks. Superb i bet !! .
  12. Wouldnt make my own curry from a paste or from a jar.
  13. And Now For Something Really Serious

    I always love it when the england team get knocked out of all the tournaments ( not that i watch the dross) bless 'em. Still, they can always go and buy a ferrari or two or to drown their sorrows. What was the stupid song ? 30 years of suffering or summat ? About 50 years plus now ha ha .
  14. And Now For Something Really Serious

    Rather watch anything than football.
  15. Ferry Inn Horning Do I Hear £1 ? Anyone ?

    Aah ! Basket meals , why not indeed , cheap n' cheerful , why do pubs have to try and emulate this masterchef crap and fail miserably ? Tiny portions, smears on the plate and twills for Gods sake. Get back to basics and cut the overheads.

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