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    Fishing mainly, Norfolk Broads, in that order ! classic motorbikes, bit of photography, real ales !

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  1. Big Fish

    Hopefully ! We've got those wonderful never ending cookery progs to thank for the non existent species of sea bass !
  2. Self Checkouts - Call An Assistant

    Hi Alan, Dont get me started on B & Q for Heavens sake, another place to avoid at all costs. I make a 20 mile round trip to a Louth D.I.Y just to avoid the experience of being "served" in our local B & Q by a bunch of miserable buggers who don't know the difference between low voltage and low wattage , true !! Regards Stefan
  3. Self Checkouts - Call An Assistant

    I won't use self serve tills on principle. Just another way of reducing staff.
  4. Pike For The Table

    I've used Ficklings shop a few times, he's the Man when it comes to piking no doubt. Your experience was a treat to read , if only other dealers were similar and not so quick for a fast buck.I've never been asked anything about fish care in any tackle shop. You'd think the Broads tackle shops would be a bit more like that, all things considered !
  5. Pike For The Table

    Seems to me that eastern europeans always get the blame for mistreating fish. What about all the "anglers" who holiday on the Broads every year ? No proper equipment, no idea, toy rods, all they want is a photo trophy, couldnt care less about fish welfare. I've seen it all over the years and lost count of the fish I've had to unhook for these merchant bankers.
  6. Wroxham Broad

    Thats what I was on about. Wonder if they own the fishing rights or just trying it on ? Don't think I'll bother now, probably give Salhouse a go instead next time we're down..
  7. More Stupidly On The River

    Ah ! Memories, i can relate to all this, my dear wifes parents were not too chuffed when I turned up in full biker regalia and sidies like Mungo Jerry back in '70 on the old Norton. Got a ford focus now, grim !
  8. More Stupidly On The River

    I liked many jars on many occasions but don't think I was ever really offensive or upset others .
  9. Loves And Dislikes Of Boating On The Broads

    I agree Wroxham Coltishall very early misty morning is magical. Also love seeing all the fish rise on a quiet evening and getting the old fly rod out for some roach n' rudd. Don't like loads of day boats all over the river in the evening when I'm trying to fish.
  10. Wroxham Broad

    Thanks for that, i'll give wroxham angling a ring.
  11. Wroxham Broad

    Can anyone tell me whether its legal to fish on Wroxham Broad from a boat ? I seem to remember a no fishing sign at one of the entrances a couple of years ago. If it is o.k. to fish there, is it any good ?
  12. Good News!

    I just wish I could be there. Pure magic
  13. Castable Fish Finder

    Aaarrgghh !! More technology ! What happened to all the mystery in fishing ? One day somebody will invent a fishing rod that selects the rig of the month, baits itself up with a smelly boilie, finds the fish, casts itself, strikes and lands the fish without the carp dude even having to wake up. Maybe It could be programmed to suffer the occasional break off to try to inject a bit of realism. It will sell by the million, as everybody will have to have 3 matching camoflage rods of course. Close your eyes and picture the scene on your local puddle .
  14. Carp Fishing Lakes Wanted Norfolk

    Each to their own , but i find carp fishing totally dull and unimaginative. Fishing for a named fish thats been caught before, bite alarms, chemical baits,camo this camo that, millions of unnecessary rigs, no magic here for me at all. But it keeps the thousands of carp squaddies off the rivers i suppose ! Give me a river any time ! Still, if it floats your boat........
  15. Fishing.

    I've said this before, but the hire yards should stick some rules and regulations in their boats detailing the penalties for flouting them, but that won't happen.

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