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  1. I thought I recognised a familiar face!!!
  2. Have a great weekend. WR is out on hire so if you see her, it isn't me on board!!
  3. w-album


    Just for info the first definite Swallowtails of 2018 were reported today - Strumpshaw and Horning Church. All records (ideally with Grid references or post codes) are gratefully received by Butterfly Conservation - Norfolk Branch https://butterfly-conservation.org/291/norfolk-branch.html Liz
  4. w-album

    My Day

    Thank you Gracie - I think I might be Granny Liz. Not sure yet, it might be a something that develops. Mum and baby being allowed home later which is very good news.
  5. w-album

    My Day

    My day was more my weekend. I didn't make the Horning Boat Show nor the Swallows & Amazons talk at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club (although WR did make it there - that was another story!). My weekend was a quick dash to Cardiff to see my first grandchild who was born at 01:01 weighing in at 7lb 10oz on Saturday 5th May! Mum and baby are doing okay although they did have a pretty rough/tough time. First picture is 13 hours old and the second 1 day and 13 hours old! Although his first interest will be cycling, I am hoping he will also like sailing and boats! He will probably also be tri-lingual with Welsh, English and Polish as languages he will be able to speak!
  6. w-album

    Broadland Grebe

    Thanks, a hard challenge me thinks :)
  7. w-album

    Broadland Grebe

    Out of curiosity what is the boat next to Grebe in the shed? Amazing work you are doing!
  8. w-album

    Go Western Light...

    Typo time hear not here
  9. w-album

    Go Western Light...

    You can almost here a CC a mile off. At Horning you know when one is nearby...
  10. w-album

    Solo Southern Wanderings

    I'm hoping it's warm. In this weather warmth is needed!!
  11. w-album

    Are You, Like Me, A Fat Pig?

    Weight is seriously hard! 2 1/2 years ago my BP was confirmed as high and at the same time my daughter persuaded me to go to slimming world ( local health authority pay for 6 weeks) so I did. 6 months later I was 2 stone lighter but it is so hard. Currently fighting to get back in target having put 7 lb on for over 12 months.. there are so many reasons/excuses. I walk/relatively fit but to anyone trying to loose weight it is hard after the initial successes. Also my blood pressure stayed high. Liz
  12. w-album

    Beccles Regatta Film 1933

    ps forgot to mention there is some swimming in it!
  13. Saw this posted on a FB group just now - from the East Anglian Film Archive - don't think it has been shared on here before or at least not recently although recollect JM posting photos? In one shot you can see the smoke from a steam engine going along one of the lines out of Beccles! http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/192 Liz
  14. w-album

    Old Broads Boats

    Definitely a trip up to the loft is required!!!! Delight X went to the Shannon the following year or the end of that season and was still floating a few years ago - haven't been in touch with the owner for awhile!
  15. w-album

    Overstaying On 24 Hour Moorings

    It's not a large Broom resembling an Admiral with a chimney I wonder?

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