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  1. The quality of the meat in Roys (the Hoveton one at least) is generally very good. We often buy barbecue stuff in there and it's so much better than you get in Tesco et al. When boating with the lads, I often buy the bulk pack (2 lots of about 12 rashers for £5 I think it is) bacon they sell and while the packaging doesn't look anything special it is actually a very decent quality bacon that you get, which doesn't all disappear as steam once it hits the frying pan. Way better than the packaging suggests (or indeed most supermarket bacon).
  2. Always good to see people flying the flag! Enjoy your weekend afloat.
  3. Well, I guess we'll all be driving electric or hybrid in 15 years anyway, and they're always 'automatic' by their very nature because of the regen etc.
  4. Yes they are. Their pricing is a bit odd really.. Being so local I tend to have a budget of what I'm prepared to spend to be 15 miles away from home and they're usually way over it. Their Fair Prince vs Swan Renown is the one that does it for me. Something like £200 more for a short break, and for what really.. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. +1 to that. It also allows you to hire a van etc etc and do driving experience days and all that sort of malarkey. It all feels a bit alien to begin with and I gather is worse as you get older, but once it's all passed down to a subconscious level it suddenly clicks and you start to feel like a driver. Oh and don't forget the Official Apps ;-) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. I've reinstated the 'classic' ones and will add the modern ones back under separate categories.
  7. I'm going to roll the change back..
  8. What you'll need to do is select from the 'Main' list to use the new icons available.
  10. It's impossible to stop that really.. It has been going on for decades and will probably continue to do so.
  11. I bet they're cheap
  12. Any news on the £30M cheque from the Green Party for wasting everyone's time and pushing the bill up?
  13. Yeah I think they use about 50W! The amount of air they move is huge.
  14. Yeah I wasn't suggesting using one on a boat!