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  1. Rescue At Ludham

    I didn't know they came out of Westward originally. I know that AF was not the original owner of those moulds though (they called them an Ideal 45).
  2. Rescue At Ludham

    My understanding is that it's 10 adults plus two children (not sure of the max age) but that's where the - 12 comes from on some boats.
  3. Rescue At Ludham

    I guess if people are new to it and there are no moored boats about then they can panic a bit. But yeah, surely just tie up to something solid and put the kettle on!
  4. Rescue At Ludham

    Well, you never know. Our hire boats go down six inches in the water when we load the beers aboard.
  5. Rescue At Ludham

    I think the limit is ten plus tinies, so it's probably alright from that perspective. Looks like an Alpha 42 ( Glint of Light or Dancing Light ) though, so they'd be a bit cosy.
  6. Well this is it - Boats (particularly those built for hire) have generous ventilation because of a few 'incidents' over the years with radiant gas appliances etc.
  7. We have as ever derailed this thread somewhat... Some bargains to be had for someone I think.
  8. Wash your mouth out!! Yeah, that's kind of it for me really. The first boats I can remember going on holiday on were Beaver Sundancer and Fair Diplomat in 1983 and 1984 - Both AF42's.
  9. It'd have to be the AF42's for me! A bit of paintwork needed, but loads of space.
  10. That's the same with any boat, though. What these do give you is a lot of boat (ie space and comfort) for your money. Also, some people will buy them between a group of friends and share the costs - A 'private syndicate' if you will.
  11. I'm not sure older dual-steers are as popular - in general - though? The Bountys (and the Melodys) always let well, I think, whereas people think in terms of the outside helm being colder. Of course the opposite is true, really, as there's a lot of space aboard that design and like Thunder (yes, I'm biased ) there's a large saloon and they're easy to keep warm compared to a centre-cockpit, plus driving from inside is fine if the weather lets you down. Plus if you do have some really nice weather then you can get properly outside and enjoy the beauty of the scenery from a much higher steering position. And she's shaft-drive, too!
  12. Well this is it - I looked at various other boats for the period we wanted (in school Holidays ) and a week on Contessa was coming out quite a bit cheaper than 4 nights on anything else I could find that was suitable. Given that I've wanted to hire her for years, it was a no-brainer.
  13. I've got a week booked on her next year, too. I did try the mid cabin and certainly the bottom bunk seemed alright - And I'm 6'2".
  14. The only major downside with a centre-cockpit boat is in the colder months when the heat does tend to escape from that large (and well ventilated) mobile greenhouse perched on top...
  15. Yeah, that's what I concluded. I think they'll be similar to the bunk cabin on the Crystal 37. I tried the single beds on Thunder, and they're a good size (I could certainly sleep in them).

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