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  1. What Would You Tell A New Hirer?

    There are some great posts here and I too think Vaughan has the ideal induction method. My thought when I first introduced this topic was to perhaps have something that first time hirers could look at and have a little idea of what to expect. Wussername's post really made me smile as I can well imagine some of that happening. We all started somewhere and probably made a hash of it, some of us still do!
  2. What Would You Tell A New Hirer?

    And that, I reckon, sums it all up nicely!
  3. Following on from Hylander's post, Beggars Belief, I think the majority of us were hirers at some point in our boating lives but how many can remember back to that first time on board? I can only remember being shown how to do a round turn and two half-hitches but I'm not sure the hire companies do that now judging by some of the cats' cradles I have seen draped over posts!! So, given that handover time seems to be somewhat limited for most boatyards, what do members think are the 6 most important things to show new hirers?
  4. 45 Mph Winds Predicted.. Advice Please

    I would suggest you head for Paddy's Lane (Barton Turf). It is fairly sheltered there, not too far from Richardson's and you will be able to get unpacked and settled in. Also time to read the Skipper's manual for those all important details and tips. Have a super holiday and don't worry about the weather.
  5. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    I think Whitlingham has been known as a country park for a number of years now, it is a great place to stop off and walk around. It has a lot going for it.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Welcome from a maid of Kent!
  7. What's Wrong With This Sign?

    Beat me to it! There had to be a joke there somewhere.
  8. Advice For Keeping Warm

    A while ago I invested in some brushed cotton fitted sheets and duvet covers for the boat. I now have no need for a hot water bottle which I used to love. Mind you, goose down duvets help too! I can't abide heavy bedclothes so the lighter the better. We are lucky I think these days to have the luxury of fleece blankets too, gone are the days of eiderdowns!!
  9. Staying On

    Good decision Carole. I hope thingamybob is still somewhere in the background and will reconsider too. Just a thought. If something is said that someone doesn't agree with or doesn't like, it may be better to reply in a more general way rather than a direct reply to the member involved. I think there is less chance then of causing offence. Of course if you know the person concerned well, go for it!!
  10. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    One for me please.
  11. Breydon Water Closed To Hire Boats

    If I may answer that question too, the water has been very high recently. In the south, many of the moorings have been underwater at high tide, Reedham, Oulton Dyke and Langley Dyke to name a few. We had planned to go to Geldeston last week but shortly after low water there was only 6ft clearance! Hope that helps.
  12. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    My post was tongue in cheek and posted in fun, I hope you took it that way Griff. My husband actually commented on the boat that slowed on going past, it is such a rare occurrence.
  13. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    There we were, quietly moored at Hardley Mill on Sunday when two HW boats steam by leaving us rocking (well, only a little!). A short while later, clearly chasing after the HW boats, comes Broad Ambition! Very courteously he slowed down (well, only a little!) leaving us rocking again (well, only a little!). I very much doubt the HW boats were caught before they reached the pub though - was it the Reedcutters you were heading for or the Beauchamp Arms?
  14. Fair Regent - September 2017

    Really enjoyed your write up Helen. Your photos are lovely, I think you could make up the NBN calendar for 2018 all by yourself! We hired Fair Regent back in 2003, I think it was fairly new then and there was only one of them. I thought it a lovely boat and I would think the things added over the years have improved it even more. When is the next trip?
  15. Flyeagle Says Hi

    Welcome from me too Gary. We were moored at Langley Dyke on Saturday night, it's one of our favourite moorings as it is so quiet. (Unless of course the pump is going full pelt and the wind is in the wrong direction!) Hope you enjoy many great trips out, solo cruising or in the 'fleet'.

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