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  1. It's All Richo's Fault!

    I believe it is Barnes that advertise stags and hens the most but I reckon HW and Richo's share the load with them. Faircraft (NBD) seem to have the fewest, out of the big yards that is.
  2. Odd Bits

    Not that unusual, we have them too. Definitely a sharp knife and, if you intend to do much cooking, a potato peeler. When we used to hire we had a 'Broads box' too, it ended up quite a large one and was eventually emptied onto our own boat when we bought it. We actually ended up taking our own kettle as some of the ones on the boats were so badly 'furred' up you ended up chewing on the scale, which was horrid! A good frying pan as well. I'm sure some of the things we have suggested will horrify the OP but these days hopefully things will be much Improved. One thing I don't think has been mentioned is a good chammy leather for condensation. The mornings can be quite chilly and trying to clear wet windows a bit of a pain. Whatever you end up taking, have a super time and go with the flow - quite literally. There is much to enjoy on the Broads and it needs to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. That way you don't miss anything.
  3. It's All Richo's Fault!

    I don't think I've read about the Peter Pan costumes anywhere before and were there really 30 lads?? The Times must be short of news as this article is a tad late in the day! I was thinking that this article might encourage even more stag parties onto the Broads but Times readers will surely be a bit more 'up market'!!
  4. Sitting On Me Wall

    How true, particularly when they do it on purpose! A few years back we were going in to moor at Aldeby, trying not to disturb two fishermen who were there. One of them came and offered to take the bow rope that I was waiting with. I said thank you and handed it to him, he grabbed it and pulled as hard as he possibly could ramming the pulpit rail into the quay heading. It was fairly low water so the rail was perfectly positioned for the quay heading. I just managed to push the boat off in time otherwise we would have suffered a severely dented rail. It was clear from his smirk that the manoeuvre was intended. He was no landlubber as our conversation later (I always mantain my 'sweetness and light' ) included chat about his boat. The episode has stayed with me but I am always grateful for a helping hand.
  5. Fuelling Points

    Russell's at South Walsham was 96p a couple of weeks ago and it is an easy place to access. Take note of what others have advised though re filling up a hire boat. And welcome to the forum too.
  6. The Games We Used To Play

    Is there still a pitch at The Olde Beverley?
  7. Cruising Music

    That's as long as Wally doesn't get his knickers in a twist when giving out the tide details!
  8. Question For You Sailors

    I really didn't realise this clinking was avoidable, I thought all yachts with metal masts did it! (I know I'm showing my ignorance here, calling them metal masts.). I seem to hear the noise wherever I am and there are yachts moored and it is a bit windy. It doesn't annoy me though, all part and parcel of Broads life to me. Even overnight. Now I know why it happens, I can go and suggest the yachtsman 'fraps his halyards'!
  9. Sorry Marshman, But Here I Go!

    A couple of years back we were having breakfast and watching a mother duck with 6 fairly small ducklings paddle around. A heron suddenly swooped down, grabbed one of the youngsters and was gone with it. Mother duck was very distressed and herded the remaining ducklings into the reeds. My breakfast became rather unpalatable after that and, whilst I know and accept that nature has its cruel sides, I haven't felt very kindly towards herons since.
  10. Cruising Music

    I'm with JM and theQ on this one, definitely no music just the sounds of the Broads. Even if they are accompanied by the putt putt of an engine! Or the crack of a sail
  11. Sorry Marshman, But Here I Go!

    More thinking on bird life. 20 years ago I can remember hearing loads of willow warblers, heard one this year for the first time for ages. Cetti's warblers were unheard of 15/20 years ago but can be heard pretty well everywhere now. Anyone noticed how common pied wagtails are now? So it's not just on the water that things have changed, its on the riverbanks and in the woods too.
  12. Sorry Marshman, But Here I Go!

    We have had ducks on board recently, peering through windows and the sunroof. They are definitely more prevalent on the southern rivers now. I can't agree about geese being in decline. There seems to be more greylag than ever and egyptian geese too. Canada geese seem to congregate on the Yare but I have not seen many on the northern rivers. About 20 years ago a few barnacle geese were around but they seem to have disappeared altogether. Coots and moorhens do seem to be less obvious these days. It wasn't that long ago that black swans were on Salhouse but I haven't seen any for a few years now. There aren't even any ducks or geese in the emoticons!
  13. Self Checkouts - Call An Assistant

    No one has ever asked me for id when purchasing alcohol!
  14. Wherry Maud

    Thank you both.
  15. Wherry Maud

    I don't disagree with that sentiment, it was just an observation as Maud does take up a fair bit of room! Looking at the mill with Maud moored at the pontoon is a very pleasant sight, especially if there are no other boats moored.

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