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  1. What Would You Come Back As?

    I have just decided that I would like to come back as a University Vice Chancellor. Maybe I could upgrade the boat then.........
  2. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    A waste of time as far as the cafes are concerned, pity nobody local to Salhouse came on the programme. Radio 2 only used the story to highlight the CPN aspect, clearly short of current articles to cover. I think Jeremy Vine said there were very few people phoning in.
  3. Save The Dogs

    Support requested by Andy McNab, sure gets my vote.
  4. Herbert Woods....

    Probably a ploy to avoid having to have a shedload of cash available. In all the years I hired I always got cash back from the yard immediately. As for ‘money laundering’, that’s the flimsiest excuse imaginable! I think the few pounds involved would hardly qualify for that.
  5. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    How bizarre and in a small village like Salhouse. A shame but I do wonder what the truth really is.
  6. Pacific Cruisers-vista

    At least the posts at the beginning of the Chet might be gone by then!
  7. I have long thought the NP issue a very complex subject to understand and I too learn something new each time it is discussed. One definitely needs to keep an open mind if at all possible!
  8. How very true. If someone stops posting because they can’t be bothered or because ‘it’s all been said before’ then I guess they are probably not as passionate about the subject as they would have others believe. If new members ask about an issue they have not come across before, they are entitled to the best explanation members can offer be it in support or otherwise.
  9. House Of Horror

    Sounds horrific, hope you have got rid of them all at last. I’ve never heard of them before and reading about them I hope never to experience them. Funny how these things happen when men are at work and not there to help isn’t it!!
  10. Will Car Owner Beat Toll Demand?

    If a car ends up in the river briefly (like the one at Reedham recently) will it be charged a short visit toll??
  11. Otter On Breydon Yesterday

    I wonder who won that tussle, wouldn’t surprise me if the bass got the better of the otter!
  12. Where Would We Be Without The Rnli?

    All these concerns that rely on volunteers deserve all the help they can get. Why air ambulance services as well have to fund themselves is beyond me, how many lives have they saved over the years? Hats off to all these guys and gals.
  13. Freebies @ British Gas

    Same here re moneysavingexpert.com, the website comes up with lots of good ideas for saving cash on many things. Definitely worth a look.
  14. Out Of Season Water Points

    Besides which it is too darn cold to stand in a boat shower this time of year! Check with BBC that they have no problems with you crossing Breydon, some hire companies don’t allow it out of season. Wherever you go and whatever you do I am sure you will enjoy near empty rivers and a choice of moorings. Magic - enjoy!
  15. The Buck Is Back!

    Same here but the boss keeps topping it up again! Even so, there’s nothing like a freshly pulled pint - or half in my case.

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