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  1. 52 eh? Nice to see you ain't lost your counting skills
  2. Ranworth. Malthouse Broad

    She is A845 Freedom V One of old Herbys Gay Ladies http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki/index.php5?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=2199&BoatHistory=23066
  3. Ranworth. Malthouse Broad

    We escaped!!! A fortnight ago on those floods we took a flat out run (yup, we were speeding) at the non existent silt bar and made it through.... just. Buoyed with our success we kept going all the way from Catfield to Oulton Broad where we are now able to attend to 2 years worth of some much needed and previously impossible maintenance. It is now our intention to keep the yacht at Beccles. I will say this though, we are at the point a proper purpose built (at Potter Heigham ) river cruiser is no longer able to use some of the very rivers it was built for and has used for over 50 years because it keeps running aground. The Broads Authority have displayed an attitude not far short of shameful over Catfield. However you will be pleased to hear they are still "aware of the situation" !!! As long as it's deep enough for the ranger to get up there to check the tax discs eh?
  4. Heater

    Agreed. Webasto/Eberspacher wet system every time. It's so versatile when fitting, lashings of hot water, the heat exchanger options are wide and varied so minimal cutting the boat about and you get to put a nice heated towel radiator in the head!!
  5. Well Out Of Order

    That is at least worth one of these And if was about it'd possibly stretch to a But, seeings as it's Christmas...
  6. My Day

    Some of us are having an easier day that you humans! I may move a bit later, just to they can stoke the fire, and I did notice roast beef in the oven which will hold my attention at dinner time but, apart from that, I am pretty much done for the day! Happy Christmas Chunk
  7. Broads Related Presents

    Hehe And a little something for the engine room
  8. Glass is best for Windows! Might be worth getting a quote for 4mm toughened?
  9. When you fit your gas alarm make sure that any sniffer is mounted in the bilge area (gas is heavier than air of course so will fall if it leaks). We tend to opt for an alarm with separate sensor so it sniffs where it's needed but can still be heard, and also fit a bubble tester. That way you can test the system at any time and know it's right.
  10. Bilge Survey

    Sorry about the drift It is interesting to see how others deal with bilge maintenance and pumps etc. I like the first pump on domestics with the reserve on the engine side. What is interesting is that there was not a lot of mention of separate fridge batteries.
  11. Bilge Survey

    You are supposed to paint the bilge, not fill it
  12. Fridge Advice

    Wine can be kept perfectly well in a net hanging over the side leaving much more room for beer, bacon etc
  13. Broadland Grebe

    So would I. It was at the 2015 event and was one of a couple of issues that occurred that day.
  14. Ice On The Ant

    Catfield was frozen up till this morning but all good now

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