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  1. Armchair Boatbuilding!

    Those screws in the first piccy suggest someone else has been there before you and not that many years ago?
  2. Armchair Boatbuilding!

    Yes I know...
  3. Armchair Boatbuilding!

    You sure he wasn't just rabetting on?
  4. The Broads In The 1950's

    Love the Powles 'Foam class' coming into Oulton Broad after Shining Light. Where was the bridge that was opened by hand and followed by the collection net?
  5. Not Me Guv!

    Dat's first fing e eva sed wat a unda stud.
  6. A Sad Sight At Pye's Mill

    Not sure I would risk it. It seems an unlucky mooring for boats sinking or catching fire. I wonder if there is a particularly aggressive platoon of gribble worm lurking under the surface?
  7. Scrumpys Back..... Again...

    All these piccys remind me that our callender competition for the NBN 2018 edition will be coming soon and relying on the support of you all. They make excellent Christmas (yes, I know.. ) presents and help while away those winter blues.
  8. Inflation!

    All sound advice above yet the only image currently stuck in my head is the episode of Only Fools and Horses with the blow up dolls that kept inflating automatically...
  9. Fenders.

    I think you meant to use this one Tim...
  10. Winter Cover Or Not?

    In the water looking stupid is not my strong point however, ON the water looking bloody stupid?... I mastered that years ago
  11. Winter Cover Or Not?

    The key to any winter/full cover is ventilation. There is no point in saving your nice curtains and cushions from sunbleaching only to have them go mouldy! Your cover needs to be able to breathe. It also needs to be easy to use. Something fiddly and time consuming will tend to get left off when it's raining or you are pressed for time etc. A decent cover will mean your boats exterior is always clean and ready for use of course.
  12. Tudor Reformation

    That Timbo has got it easy, all Royal Tudor needed was a freshen up and a lick of paint. Now this one is more of a challenge....
  13. What Boat Would You Choose?

    Got to be aft cockpit just for sheer ease of single handed cruising. Most moorings are now stern on and aft cockpit puts you right where the ropes are etc. My choice would also be the Elysian 27 or one of the derivatives based on that hull. Plenty of beam so superbly stable and enough keel to stop the wind making a laughing stock of you! BMC on a shaft... Spacious... Huge production run and fitted out by many different boatyards meaning an extensive range of layouts. And, for your suggested budget, you would really have the choice of the cream of the fleet.
  14. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    Safe journeys to you all. If everyone makes it who intends to there will be 28 of us on the quay head! See you there

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