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  1. Too Early?? Christmas?

    With our much milder winters you are normally safe through to the new year. We have two woodies that will be afloat through to the new year only coming out in January. Remember ice forms much easier on the northern extremities of the broads due to the reduced tidal water movement. Having said all that, I suspect that many on here will be quite envious of your Christmas plans and would do the same given the chance. I know I would...
  2. Welcome from me too. Make sure you keep the middle of next August clear... us woodie owners tend to migrate south en mass around the 16th
  3. Brace Yourselves!

    Perhaps you could raise more by getting them to pay for you to NOT sing?
  4. 2018 Calendar - In Case You Are Wondering..

    Thats what we like to hear Lakesailor. Dont forget, everyone, that by supporting the calendar you also make an active and very valued contribution towards supporting the forum. Oh yes, you also get to spend next year looking at some stunning pictures of Broadland as chosen by yourselves. Can it get any better I ask?
  5. Flipping Larch!

    Sounds more like a scene from Deliverance than Norfolk. I note you say sitting in the boatyard rather than the boat? Do we need an optimism injection?
  6. Flipping Larch!

    I thought the double entendre was more his instrument
  7. If you go in the dark it saves all that closing your eyes stuff. Obviously finger crossing is exempt from this.
  8. By the way. We measured Beccles old bridge in August. The marker boards are way out. We made it 8 inches difference! The reason we checked it was one of the boats coming to the Beccles Wooden Boat Show had failed to arrive due to insufficient clearance. Out of curiosity we went and got the boat, nosed it up to the bridge and measured the height from water to the underside. We then measured the air draft of the boat which was out by 6 inches. Combined we gained 14 inches on their original needed clearance. Through we came with plenty of space. I did refer the marker boards to the BA at the time.
  9. Flipping Larch!

    I was told that when new hardwood trees are planted they usually have a softwood sapling put in beside them. This encourages the hardwood tree to grow faster as it competes for the light above. After a while the softwood trees are felled and enter the wood chain leaving the hardwood trees to finish growing. It is because of this practice that we are now getting 'softer' hardwoods. The chap who told me all this had the contract to fell and log the softwoods. I was sounding him out for some oak whilst putting a clutch in his truck!!
  10. Floating Tents!!!

    Thats my Christmas pressy sorted!
  11. I took Andy's Judith through at 5'11" The pilot said "if you don't get through tonight you won't be getting through for the next three weeks"! Tonight meant just before midnight. We stripped everything off the top as you can imagine. Anxiously watching the pilots gauge (through the window by torchlight) the time came to go for it. And we did. The fwd end went through no problem but the noise from behind was horrendous. Being nothing short of pitch black I feared the worst not being able to see much so we moored and I inspected the damage. Not a scratch! We eventually worked out that the wind had lifted the corners of the canvas canopy as we went through and that was the noise amplified by the darkness and bridge chamber effect. There was a slight rub on the corner of the material. When I told Andy he said "don't know what you were fretting about. She'll do 5'9" with the speed under her" Not with me at the helm I thought! Gotta love that bridge.
  12. My Day

    I know somebody with a pair of Cummins that would fit that nicely...
  13. 2018 Calendar - In Case You Are Wondering..

    No, it's all good. We haven't printed yet so there is no limit on numbers until we press the button in a couple of weeks.
  14. 2018 Calendar - In Case You Are Wondering..

    No, there is certainly no limit Brian. In theory you can have as many as you like. Hopefully the tech team will be along soon ( they are only doing 25 hour days at the minute so will relish the challenge no doubt )

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