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  1. JanetAnne

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    I thought short planks came in pairs... or so the saying goes
  2. JanetAnne

    Diesel Emissions.

    Tut tut My 53 year old car manages to get me the 160 miles from home to Oulton Broad on 5 gallons of unleaded. That's exactly the same amount as my euro5 six speed Mondeo. My 53 year old car has upgraded brakes etc to cope with modern traffic conditions as well If we are serious about pollution I would suggest we all stop buying new cars right now. The environmental impact of building new cars and recycling the ones they replace far far outweighs the actual pollution of driving them. My 53 year old car has enough parts in the garage to run it for the next 50 years. Those parts would have been thrown away, their environmental impact had already been spent in their manufacture, tooling costs etc and so using them up is zero cost to the planet. Now, regarding the MOT. After various studies and consultations the underlying decisions were based on two main factors. Firstly accident data showed that out of 5% of accidents involving cars over 40 years old less than 2% of that 5% were attributed to mechanical failure of the 40 year old car. This compared to a much higher percentage of newer vehicles. Secondly, as our MOT testers get younger (!) and these cars get older, there has been concerns that the ability to understand the systems used and therefore the knowledge to test these cars safely is being lost. There was also data analysed from the previous few years MOT failures on cars over 40 years old to establish possible areas of concern and this data showed the first time pass rate for these vehicles to be considerably above modern vehicles. In summary, that TR6 managing 20mpg is still more fuel efficient than a new Mustang and I don't see any complaints against the thousands of them in the road today.
  3. JanetAnne

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    So if we are a good sort and toll our boats accordingly it would seem that we can take up residency on the river bank as long as it's tidy? I'm off to b&q to buy a nice new super tidy shed and pop it on the bank next to my mooring. Some days I just can't believe my luck!
  4. JanetAnne

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Because if they turf him off they make him homeless and have to house him (or so I was told when I asked the same question recently) though I thought it was a different collection of boats on the same mooring. We used to love overnighting there.
  5. JanetAnne

    The Bridge At Potter

    Careful now... too much beer and you could run aground under said bridge. That could be the only time you get to drink yourself out of trouble rather than into it!
  6. JanetAnne

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    WRC's pump out has been far better at pumping money into the till than effluent from boats for quite some time now. Topcraft's has been closed since end of 2016 season.
  7. JanetAnne

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    In which case replace the existing with new! From what I am seeing the concrete moorings that appear undesirable are staying and more space is being lost to additional capacity.
  8. JanetAnne

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    I use that part every time I am afloat. Tingdene's existing moorings are hardly at capacity with a dozen or so berths currently available. I would hope that a need is proven before we lose more navigation. As far as pump out facility goes, it would seem that the majority of the resident boats on OB can get by without one or there would be a constant trail to WRC. Badger builders are also supposed to be providing such a facility as part their development of Leo Robinson's site as well.
  9. JanetAnne

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    So, if I was lucky enough to own a riverside mooring, just how far out into the river can I build? Seems that just by owning the bank, some are able to make use of and money out of the areas withing the navigation as well. If I was to moor my boat side on at my mooring and then decide to raft up another boat alongside is that acceptable? How about I work out that I can get three or maybe four boats in if I stern moor them? Oh yes, I will also need a pontoon to save all those ropes needing adjusting so thats another 6 foot gained. Streets used to have (and maybe still do) a 'building line' so that everyone could build up to it but not beyond. Is there any such system for the rivers or can we just keep going till we have just a big enough gap to the other bank to not restrict navigation? I look forward to seeing the application for 'Morgans Marina'. Whats good for the goose etc...
  10. JanetAnne

    Tudor Reformation

    Ahhh...I cant splice you see so lack understanding in these matters
  11. JanetAnne

    Tudor Reformation

    I'd have thought two bow lines so that a second spring can be used when needed. I was always told to make the bow lines to end two foot short of the propeller so that, should the line fall in the water un-noticed when underway, it wont foul the prop.
  12. JanetAnne

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Go on Doug, see if MB will entertain another one.. Selsie and me have some finishing off to do!
  13. JanetAnne

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Three more sessions like that and it'd be well sorted. One more session would make the difference between it seeing the water this season or not. However, we were well aware that we did cause the other occupants of the shed some issues. The noise of a dozen or more people working on just one boat is quite something. The people on the boat next door almost abandoned their plans for the weekend with so many of us in the way! They were all very understanding though.
  14. JanetAnne

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    150 bacon rolls 30kgs cheese turned into lunch A tanker full of tea and coffee A beautiful arrangement of home made cakes easily devoured A kettle in need of a holiday And all of it served by the real stars of the weekend
  15. JanetAnne

    General Wiring Question

    We tend to have a separate 4 way permanently live fuse box for when the isolators are off. This runs bilge pumps (we are talking woodies here so bilge pumps can be your best friend) a switched cockpit entry light for late night arrivals and the last fuse runs the alarm as well as radio and clock memories. This fuse box is separate to the normal isolator controlled main.fuse panel and is marked as such

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