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  1. I think this statement rings true now & for generations past. That's why many old farts are convinced that things now are much worse than in their virgin youth.
  2. Nothing nicer, on a sunny day, poodling along the river with a cooling bottle of white wine. Helps pass the time between pubs.
  3. Almost ...... You clearly led a very different life to me in your youth. I nearly killed myself ..... sadly a couple of my friends did. Remember no MOT, no breatalyser and a feeling of uforia as we emerged from the constraints of wartime Britain. Had the pubs not closed at 10:30 I reckon life would have been then much as it is now.
  4. Me thinks people have forgotten how they behaved in their youth!!
  5. I've been struggling to find the right words anf Boatyman has summed up my thoughts ... Yep It's a sad sad world!!
  6. Ermmm .... No you don't!! If you've got money to spend they should be delighted to make contact & discuss your requirements. If they can't be bothered then seek out people that can.
  7. The very mention of Wimbledon sends shivers of boredom down the spine. Two weeks of mind numbing ball banging which the beeb believes is good viewing on ALL their chanels. Still i'm sure they will drag out there queen of all sports "Clare Balding" to help us understand the intricasies of this particular sport. Quite how she has amassed such an in depth understanding of all manner of sports must be one of lifes unfathomable mysteries.
  8. One day the finger of scorn might be pointed at you ...... So make sure you always look miserable and bored out of your brains that way you might avoid the picture of shame!!
  9. I can't think of a better way to publicly respond to warped hatred!! An uplifting concert performed by artists from home and abroad, representing all creeds & cultures, sending a message of love and hope which no amount of vile hatred can surpress.
  10. My thoughts exactly .... well said
  11. Anger & hatred are two very different beasts. Anger is an understandable reaction to the vile events that occurred in Manchester, Hatred on the hand is as vile as the event. It eats away like a virus and turns normal people into nothing more than snarling savages ..... Please let's all try to avoid the pit of hatred!!
  12. So a "big man" decides to kill himself but is so cowardly he has to take innocent children with him!! I hear there was much merriment in some quarters on receiving the news. Words Fail me!!!
  13. Yet another very sad loss. I enjoyed Jill's posts and I will miss her contributions very much.
  14. Thanks for putting me staight on this ..... as you probably realised I didn't view said footage. My appology also to bob48 as in this case if footage uploaded by the BBQ'ers then they can't complain if said footage is subjected to scrutiny.
  15. Whilst I appreciate that you didn't post the link I really do dislike this sort of sneaky filming and consequent blame game. Regarding BBQ's on boats some are designed for this to be OK unfortunately some people really do very unwise things. I witnessed a chap at St Olaves BBQ on the boat on top of his gas locker. ..... Before I could tie my boat up a chap from the boat yard opposite had hot footed across the bridge to share his thoughts with the skipper.