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  1. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Rain turning to wet snow in Norwich.
  2. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    It's basically down to speed. You don't need/want strong bright lights to safely progress at walking pace. If we were to increase speed limits on the Broads in-line with country lanes then increased illumination would be necessary along with ear defenders to aid ignoring the indignant shouts from moored crew.
  3. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    Night vision is a complex topic. It takes a minimum of 10 minutes for your eyes to adjust to night vision and it continues to improve after this, One unwanted bright light can set the clock back to zero causing great inconveniance.
  4. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    I had know idea that a council could issue these kind of orders I really think that this could lead to all kinds of "official" abuse.
  5. Boat Rescued

    999 ..... a lot cheaper than arranging breakdown cover don't you think ..... at least they got ashore before closing time.
  6. Community Speed Watch

    Perhaps the answer is to allow drink driving ..... that should keep most drunken pedestrians off the the roads!!!
  7. Community Speed Watch

    Perhaps ..... one day ............ we will all become less selfish and think of others rather than our own self interest. Imagine if Mr Lenon could write a song about it ..... what would it say?
  8. Community Speed Watch

    Sadly you don't always get the choice ....... some people don't get their 1st choice school (maybe walkable) and have to settle for 2nd or 3rd choice which maybe a bit too far for tiny legs.
  9. Community Speed Watch

    Speed may not cause the accident but speed definately inflicts the fatal injury.
  10. Perhaps this topic wasn't/isn't the place to discuss commercialisation of the Broads. I know threads drift but this one is about celebrating a well deserved award. I leave the forum every time I close the computer and, like a bad smell, I keep on returning.
  11. Wot No Christmas ?

    I avoid buying anything in seasonal wrapping it could well be last years leftovers!!
  12. Wot No Christmas ?

    Call me an old cynic (you're an old b******d cynic) but wasn't Christmas hijacked by the "worship of consumerism" many years ago? Modern kids just wouldn't get the same buzz from finding monkey nuts stuffed in their yuletide stocking.
  13. Electronic Speed Signs

    So in a 4 mph speed limit are you permitted to drive at 4.1 - 4.9 mph?
  14. End For The Printed Agency Brochure.

    I have a smart phone (yes even me) but the screen is so small i find it difficult to do anything on it. I went to the most "grump inducing store ever" Ikea to pick up a purchase and was directed to the computer thing to register that I had arrived. Inspite of there being three helpers doing nothing I had to grapple through the meaninless form. Having finally completed it it said NO NO NO you have entered an invalid mobile phone number!! A helper finally sussed out that maybe I was having difficulty letting them no that I was there and pointed out that I should enter a mobile phone number instead of a home line. WHY i foolishly ask ..... so we can text you when your package is at the counter. BUT I'm here, waiting for the package, you can tell me face to face that the package is here. Yet another unpleasant visit to the most mystifying, grump inducing place ever .....
  15. Do You Still Wave?

    Be very afraid ..... we are moving into a world where it will be inadvisable to pass pleasantries lest they be construed as unwelcome advances!!!

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