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  1. Tv Licence

    I did, for a long time, think that the publically funded beeb was an asset ..... no more. It does have irritating adverts ...... for it's own programmes. There are settees full of "knowledgeble" pundits commenting on the sports coverage ..... usually at the expense of actual coverage. and Cliff Michelmore's "Tonight" has morfed into the sterile "One Show". I think the rot started to set in when Chris Trace (Blue Peter) behaved a bit badly!! So sorry beeb ..... It's a big NO from me!!
  2. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    It's an odd thing but has anybody noticed that when you get into a huff about something, doesn't matter what it is, the more "whatever you are in a huff about" seems to occur? and when you stop getting the huff it doesn't seem to happen so often?
  3. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    I think this is a very astute observation and may be a contributary cause for the discontent so frequently published. The "Broadland environment" that many moaners & groaners seem to want to enforce would be a very sterile & unwelcome environment to me.
  4. River Waveney (Warning May contain Trains)

    I think we are approaching an era when public transport will be increasingly asked to provide an affordab;e and attractive alternative to making a trip by car. So I do believe trimming minutes from a journey may well help to make public transport more appealing but I think it is essential to reduce the cost of tickets to make it attractive for families to use public transport in favour of leaving the car behind along with the high cost of ever decreasing parking spaces.
  5. Lynx To Be Reintroduced To The Wild...

    Personally I found Hi Karate would drive the girls wild.
  6. The Games We Used To Play

    The humble stick. Could be a sword, a gun, a bow and arrow, a boat, nail two sticks together and it could be a plane. All you need to play "cowboys and native americans" (see what I did to avoid causing offence)
  7. Smelly Out And About Last Weekend

    Yep, I had a couple of days on the Northern Broads at the weekend. Very busy around Wroxham. I'm pleased to report no dramas, no terrible tales of unruly behaviour. Just the opposite infact, two very accommodating crews willing to budge up to make space for me, even in the rain. Two fisherman happy to give up there swim to let me moor and lots of friendly bantor. The day boats are definatly governed to a max speed of 5mph and even have a gps speedo on board. So .... nothing to moan about i'm afraid, not even any dog poo or discarded rubbish! You never know I might even give it another go. You have been warned.
  8. Sailies-which Way?

    When I used to sail I tried to make way solely by sail power pitting my wits against wind & tide. Usually I was out to sail not to get to the next pub or mooring as quickly as possible. That said in tricky conditions, going against the tide and heading into the wind the next corner could be a real challenge .... particularly if a distant tree was upsetting the wind at a critical time. Under these conditions I needed to use as much of the river as possible to continue to move forwards instead of backwards with the tide. I tried to always indicate to other mobos which way to pass and on most occassions got a friendly wave and thumbs up. Sometimes an ocean going, privately owned liner would come by (i'm not jealous, no not at all) and occassionally they would steadfastly assert their position. This didn't result in a dangerous situation but by putting in an early tack I could be swept back with the tide many yards meaning I faced a further half hour of slow progress towards that damned corner. Now I could have switched on the engine and chugged round the bend in seconds ..... but that would be cheating and where's the fun in that.
  9. Sailies-which Way?

    Bylaws according to Smelly 1) I am the best and most knowledgable skipper .... ever 2) I always have the right of way over everybody. 3) IF I wave to you treat it as a compliment ..... I don't feel it necessary to wave to people I don't know. 4) Please don't touch my boat without permission or ask me to move up to accommodate others. That privelege is reserved solely for me. 5) If you don't agree with my perception of the rules then clearly your WRONG ..... simples
  10. Bbc Pay

    I suppose for many of us £40,000 pa would be concidered a good wage so to see people presenting very medioca shows like "The one show" earning £450,000 pa rather surprising. For cutting edge drama & documentaries I can see some sense in buying in top talent but shows that are just switched on for background noise whilst peeps go about their daily routine then surely the beeb could find much cheaper presenters. Regarding the wireless ...... I guess people get attached to the voice behind the show and overtime consider them friends, even so, to pay someone in excess of a million pounds seems somewhat extravagant to me. I guess the man/woman/person (or whatever is the current PC term to refer to them is) at the helm of the Beeb should be the 1st person to be scrutinised, after all they are responsible for the high wages for medioca stars and gender inequaility for pay. Let's remember it's it that spends our tv licence revenue or as I would prefer to see it referred as "Tele Tax".
  11. Bbc Pay

    Words fail me. Chris Evans the highest paid presenter ..... over £2,000,000 per year. I've never met anyone who likes or rates him! Time I think to end the archaic tv licence fee. Why should I pay such salaries for what can only be described as medioca presenters.
  12. Star Seen In Horning

    Thanks one & all for a thouroughly entertaining thread .... which has left me ever so slighly green with envy lol
  13. Trowse Swing Bridge

    I suppose the origins of "right of navigation" was mainly for commercial traffic. Sadly the Port of Norwich is no longer so ............... maybe the whole concept of lifting/swing bridges should be revisted. Perhaps a fixed bridge with height above the water line being set at minimum height to suite the pleasure craft currently on the Broads could be an option. Sailing craft on the Broads are already equiped to enable passage under bridges.
  14. Star Seen In Horning

    What I like about the "Tim & Pru" programs is that they show a couple who have decades of boating experience still able to laugh and accept that their boating skills aren't quite perfect. We could all learn a lesson or two from them.

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