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  1. dnks34

    Groupon Warning.

    I agree they shouldnt get into this situation in the first place by being clearer from the outset but I am amazed at the savings you would have made.
  2. dnks34

    Groupon Warning.

    I cant help thinking that the business in question has done the decent thing by telephoning to let you know rather than just suprising you with it on the day. I wouldnt expect any business to be getting excited about accepting discount bookings and having to turn away full price trade, put yourself in their shoes! Out of interest roughly how much would it have saved you?
  3. dnks34

    Groupon Warning.

    Whats a Groupon?
  4. dnks34

    Inflatable With Electric Motor

    Is it a regulation that all petrol powered outboards have a kill switch? I owned a 2nd hand mariner a few years ago that didnt have one so I fitted one for my own piece of mind
  5. dnks34

    Overnight Mooring Close To Beccles

    Ouch £15 which car park is that? I usually park in Castle Mall and its about £8 if you there that long.
  6. dnks34

    Overnight Mooring Close To Beccles

    Have you never shopped in the B&M Store!!!
  7. dnks34

    Overnight Mooring Close To Beccles

    Im not really sure I would be happy paying £8 to moor up for the night where there are no facilities or anything within walking distance. I would be trying to get on North Cove or Worlingham moorings, even the BA mooring by the Beccles bypass bridge which are all free! Its doesnt cost much more to stay at Beccles Yacht Station and atleast you have everything you need onsite or within walking distance. But each to their own!
  8. dnks34

    Bad Manners

    Ive always wanted a water cannon, like the ones foreign riot police use!
  9. dnks34

    Bad Manners

    How long have you been visiting the broads?! This sort of behaviour is quite common, give as good as you get is my motto!!
  10. dnks34

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Bit harsh! is not only a case of the few spoiling it for the many. The thread might be a bit misjudged lets not all get over excited!!
  11. dnks34

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    If he has been there minding his own business for 2 years is it not fair to suggest he might well have permission from the landowner and be doing no one any harm. If they spread out onto the bank and turn the place into an extension of mile cross tip its fair game but if people are keeping their surroundings tidy I dont see what business it is of ours!
  12. dnks34

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    I mentioned once that a discount would be appreciated if buying 2 tokens at the same time with the intention of pumping out 2 tanks, he nearly went white! In the end we worked out a system to do 2 tanks within the 8 minutes you got for one token. That was a few years ago now so maybe the pump isnt as good anymore
  13. dnks34

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Speaking of road access the access to the Oulton Broad Park isnt very good either. Its an awful little junction right by the rail bridge and awkward to get in and out of.
  14. dnks34

    Regular Maintenance

    Personally I might be tempted to phone them up or fire off an email telling them what you think of the standard of work they have charged you for. Maybe the person has a conscience! (Doubt it) Id be kicking up a fuss with them even if all else is lost, might make them think twice in the future. Ive only come across one broadland yard that I felt couldnt be trusted but thankfully there are still many honest folk around but unless you know the tradesman/mechanic or whatever is trustworty I never take anything for granted.
  15. dnks34

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Hopefully whoever does the moorings has measuring tape that works !

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