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  1. Changes At Hoseasons?

    I wonder what this means for the hire operators. Airbnb Boating Holidays doesnt roll off the tongue in the same way, its always sounded to me like it should be selling flights not accomodation.
  2. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    Dont want to appear offish but am I right to presume you have visited both cafe’s before coming to this conclusion?!
  3. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    In all the times I have night nav’d (I even once ended up in very thick fog) im not sure I would have noticed much of the wildlife for concentrating on not going up the bank! You are correct about hireboats, as far as Im aware they should be moored or on a mudweight by dark.
  4. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    I agree, small villages can have very funny ways and it isnt just in Norfolk. Its not some much villages that are the problem but hardcore villagers!
  5. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    All seems very playground to me, someone with a grudge but obviously I dont know the full story. Interestingly Miss Radley becomes a Ms part way through the piece!
  6. Boat Rescued

    Wonder if it could have been a member here. Not really what 999 is for but when hypothermia comes in to play what else can you do if youve nobody else to phone. All a pain scale does is indicate how well you are coping with pain 1 being easy 10 being please kill me now!
  7. The Chase

    On The Chase just now, not sure if its a new/old series.
  8. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    In my opinion theres nothing more satisfying than witnessing a stranger make completely the wrong assessment of you then swiftly having to kiss the proverbial when they realise their mistake!!
  9. Free Heat..?

    So effectively they expected to be paid again for a mooring that had allready been let and paid up for the year. Thats shockingly unscrupulous and well done for covering yourself and not letting them get away with it!
  10. Free Heat..?

    If i am right in presuming the berth was paid up for the year by the old owner I would be thinking about moving on rather than renewing if something as simple as a wifi code is going to upset them!!
  11. Free Heat..?

    Robin i would expect a few electric fan heaters set to half would cost less than running diesel heating in most cases but I suppose it all depends!!
  12. Free Heat..?

    Shortly after we got our boat i looked into installing a matrix unit to serve as a demister with a hot air duct going to both of our helm positions. I am normally good at passing cabling through inaccesible places and keeping things hidden but in this case there was just nowhere to hide the hot air ducting. With the boat stripped out and no headlining in place it would have been easy but as I didnt want to go that far I had to give up on it and I think I spent the money on some electrical gizmo instead!
  13. Free Heat..?

    As I said on a broads based boat i would agree with you but on a boat i might be intending to go to sea with and worth £££k i dont think I would be worrying about skimping on a heater matrix. Cobbled together is all day long for my boat and thats why its still floating!
  14. Free Heat..?

    Ricardo ive just re read your last 2 posts again and quite frankly I take offence at the way you have insinuated that I was implying not using the correct or proper marine intended parts isnt doing a proper job, that is not what I was suggesting at all.
  15. Free Heat..?

    For a 20 to 30k boat I would be inclined to agree and do it cheaply but for the cost of replacing just one of Robins massive engines when it overheats due to a silly failure of some type from cobbling together something thats meant to be fitted to a car, thats how I would be thinking if it were me! To be fair I didnt think the Mikuni matrix's are overly pricey for what they are and all I was doing was sharing a link to a supplier of equipment intended for this type of installation.

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