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  1. Whilst there are obviously people who use the trains for those of us that dont in this area they are the cause of a lot of inconvenience to road and river users. Some of us not only get affected by the inadequate swing bridges but also by the traffic chaos in Oulton Broad caused by the the Level Crossings. I need to go to North Lowestoft soon, what with Oulton Broad and now the roadworks on Battery Green in Lowestoft Im wondering if I should take a few days food and water with me!
  2. Its been cool and breezy all day today so no need for the only after 1700hrs swings as a result of heat anyway. They just seem to do what suits. In my opinion Network Rail need to pull their finger out and take the necessary steps with the infrastructure to provide reliable openings and the BA in taking our money should be on to them and making sure they are doing it! For starters when did either bridge last get a coat of paint?!
  3. Where I grew up temperatures between june and august were regularly over 30 degrees C, the highest in my time was 44 degrees C. Did everything grind to a halt.......err NO.
  4. This is what happens when a bridge gets stuck in Lowestoft!
  5. Ahh well its all bypassed me as usual!!
  6. If like me you had spent 2 unpleasant hours this evening re installing your heat exchanger and you had scratched and cut arms and knuckles to show for it the last thing you would want to be do ing would be buying a boat!! The engine tray was filling with water that was running off me! (sweat) Have I missed something about Wayford Marine. Were they not once a yard that would be recommended by a lot of folk on the forum? Im not getting that impression now.
  7. I know theres some would say its just one of those things but if tall vessels were requiring passage for trade closures would be unacceptable. If heat is the problem they should be able to take steps in advance to alleviate the issue, the BA and us river folk should not be so tolerant but at the same time I appreciate those at the sharp end are doing a good job.
  8. Didnt Jon from Wayford Marine used to post on this site regularly.
  9. I wonder if it has anything to do with the hot weather.
  10. I would guess at 300w dc in a hot water tank of boat size its going to take a very very very long time to heat up the water and in dc terms use an enormous amount of energy in doing so. Depending on tank size it may not even be enough to make the water luke warm before it flattens the batteries anyway. It says it can be used to stop livestock water freezing, unless they are having a brew I dont think the animals drink hot water!!
  11. Apart from overheating the block and ruining the impeller the exhaust hose is going to melt if there is no raw water going through it for any length of time. Its lucky you remembered the valve when you did! Unless a boat has an underwater exhaust you can also tell by the sound of the exhaust that somethings wrong. Just making sure you have a flow of water from the exhaust (if its visible) should do rather than checking the filter everyday, as others have said with the clear type filters you can also see the flow of water through them to use as an indicator.
  12. I honestly have never had an issue with "angry santa". Hes always been perfectly helpful and pleasant with me!! Maybe he just has bad days, we all get those!
  13. From what Im reading it sounds to me that even though there are benefits to having a galvanic isolator you may be putting your life at risk by fitting one off the shelf if it goes wrong and disconnects your mains earth. I dont think Im convinced I need one just yet!
  14. But none of my underwater metal is bonded to the shore earth so unless I bond everything I could put a galvanic isolator in but it wouldnt really be doing a lot would it?! Am I right in thinking then that unless I bond everything I dont have a problem? I thought a galvanic isolator was more for metal hulled boats.
  15. Im sure i have commented or read about this before but in my case as all metal parts on my GRP boat are not earth bonded I dont see how a galavanic isolator is going to be of any help to me. I could easily install one on the shore earth but I dont quite understand how this helps my rudder, skeg shaft or prop.