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  1. Broads Toll

    Just an observation, BCBM being a management company why are you paying the Toll to have them reimburse it to you?!
  2. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    I like nothing more than reading about government or authoritative bodies ending up with egg on their face and having to make public climb downs to try and salvage their reputation. The fact these things even get to the press stage is ridiculous, if common sense and a lighter touch was adopted rather than the predictable gestapo approach to dealing with things in the long run Im sure it would save a lot of public money and the minute it becomes personal they loose. They are all to quick to get involved with persucuting the easy targets but when you actually want things doing about anti social behaviour, neighbour problems, dogs, noise etc they become to scared to deal with it. Brilliant is all I say, another authority made themselves look stupid.
  3. Financail

    No Toll for us this year, as soon as our boat goes back in the water in march it is being taken directly to brokerage and it can sit there untolled till it sells. Had enough of it all. Brokers might end up bursting at the seams with unsold boats after a few more years of toll increases, we are getting in while they still have space!
  4. Seen A Post You Don’t Like? ....

    I keep on reading comments about this forum being a family site, I agree with the staying friendly sentiment but as for the family element, what do you all think todays youth are doing? Im fairly positive they are not visiting forums like these!
  5. Dee And Mike

    All things considered if I have a job that needs doing if I dont know how to do it I go away and learn before starting anything and if Im not convinced I can finish any job to a good and safe standard I wont start it in the first place. Over the years we have done most things ourselves, basic gel repairs, resealing deck fittings, engine repairs, servicing, stuffing box packing, cleaning, steering system fluid change and hydraulic pipe replacements, 12v work using proper tools to make good and proper connections with things we have added wired up and fused safely. Even rectified so called proffesionals work, its ex hire and some of the bodges we have uncovered over the years and put right were shocking would i ever buy exhire again....probably not. Plumbing, antifouling, anode replacement, prop cleaning, exterior painting (not the whole hull its still original gel) the list of things i feel we do to a good standard is quite long. Upholstery and canopy always goes to the proffesionals, we have made some small screen covers for fwd windows ourselves using correct materials tools with correct thread using a sewing machine, the only thing i wont do is gas, we did put a new freestanding cooker on ourselves but got it checked out afterwards, other than that the gas system is as purchased. Also serviced webasto a number of times using correct specified parts, refurbed a few small window frames but had bigger ones done proffesionally, we have had the boat almost 8 years! Its suprising what you learn how to do if you put your mind to it. I dont have unlimited funds but even if i did I would still do a lot myself as for me it was part of the enjoyment. We have had a lot of fun over the years but now ready to pass her on to a new owner and will be going up for sale soon, new interests and circumstances change.
  6. Fridge Advice

    Springsong it is simple enough to swap the 240v spark generator in a standard domestic cooker for a 12v alternative such as this one https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/gas/caravan-cookers/spinflo-sinks/spinflo-caprice-mk-3-cooker-oh92000-12v-spare-parts/spark-generator-spinflo-mk3-12v-cookers
  7. Bilge Survey

    Wet bilge in a gully roughly 10ft long and a foot wide narrowing toward the gland at the rear, the area behind it under the aft cabin is dry but drains into the same gully. Then going forward of the gully a seperate engine tray and then further forward to the bow a dry bilge and thruster compartment, no pump in the fwd compartment and it has never ever needed one. The chain locker drains overboard and there is usually about 1 to 2 inches of water in the gully the pump can never completely shift. Traditional stuffing gland (that drips) No, 2 shower trays with seperate pumps to overboard, no wells 1 auto bilge pump old but working and currently turned off as in its present location it cant sink!! No, bilge pump runs from domestic bank. you can come and survey my bilge anytime but please bring a sponge and some cleaner!
  8. Dee And Mike

    If only everyone in the market for a boat had the luxury of putting an amount aside to pay for the worst case scenario occuring like a total engine failure, for a 50hp diesel engine fitted that would be atleast 10 grand. Its not an attractive proposition if your considering buying a boat is it. My advice, unless you have very deep pockets or have mechanical/diy knowledge or interest you are prepared and able to build on, do not buy an old boat as when something breaks you cant repair yourself it will cost you a small fortune. Old boats Wood or Plastic if not maintained deteriorate with age and everything for a boat be it parts or labour will cost you 2 to 3 times as much.
  9. Dee And Mike

    When we repacked ours ourselves this was a few years after having previously paid an expensive northern marina to do if for us the mess we removed from that packing nut explained why it had leaked almost constantly since they had charged us for doing it, and they also had the aft shaft section out for other work so it should have been easy for them to do it properly. Since removing ALL the old packing ourselves (not leaving half an old piece in there like they had) and replacing it with 10 quids worth of ASAP’s finest it has performed perfectly since. A few drips a minute when turning then a turn of the grease cup more or less stops the drip when stationary.
  10. Dee And Mike

    Ricardo why do you take anybody disagreeing with you so personally? I cant see where anyone has suggested your way is wrong! On my boat the shaft drips when turning but without putting a sump box under the gland I cant see how I can stop water getting into the bilge. The bilge on my boat is very deep, possibly 2 feet and is an ideal place to let water collect to be pumped overboard! I have tried and failed on a few boats in the past to have a dry bilge, without installing a dripless seal (which as you probably know are a big pain if they fail) I have never been able to achieve a completley dry bilge and decided it wasnt worth my bruised and bleeding knuckles and effort!! As you have managed to achieve it I say well done as ideally I agree it would be better to be dry but in my case as the bilge is so deep it isnt causing me any issues to be concerned about so I have decided not to worry about it!! Even if my boat could plane it would end up being pumped out before reaching the transom as the inch (ish) of water sits in a gully about 2ft below the floor!!
  11. Dee And Mike

    There are a number of ways i can think of that water from your domestic supply could end up in the bilges if a fault occured. If you dont leave the domestic pump turned on when you leave the boat then it shouldnt empty itself into the bilge due to a failed prv and if it did happen while your onboard I would have thought you might notice and switch the pump off. I am more mindful of stuffing boxes or skin fittings failing and flooding my boat with the river than getting to concerned about whats already onboard! Also whenever i have known a prv fail they tend to weap and make the pump operate intermitantly which usually highlights the fault.
  12. Dee And Mike

    I must admit our pressure relief and domestic system drains go to the bilges but we do have an automatic pump and a very deep bilge!
  13. Dee And Mike

    Is it something to do with the depth of the well being deeper or to near to the waterline to gravity drain overboard via a hose to skin fitting. Aslong as you have a working automatic pump its no real problem, there are boats about with this setup and non automatic pump systems!
  14. The Peer Review Of The BA

    Sounds like a bit of shiney syndrome to me! Maybe the BA are planning on branching out!
  15. Dee And Mike

    Why should a fibreglass boat have to have a dry bilge? Stuffing boxes leak by design! Oil shouldnt be in your actual bilge as its going to end up being dumped overboard and pollute the river. Oil under the engine will be engine oil if black and gearbox oil if clearer, neither tend to be terminal. Owning an ex hire boat will require a certain level of diy maintenance such as keeping engine trays clean and checking levels, it could just be a weap from somewhere and be quite insignificant if you keep an eye on levels and clean things up from time to time its all part of owning your boat. Whoever told you hire boats are well maintained must have been a salesman, but then It all depends on which yard is selling it in my opinion! There is at least one I would avoid like the plague.

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