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  1. Rescue At Ludham

    A boating holiday with a baby of that age would not be high on my to do list! Which makes me think its possible they could have been local visitors and the waiting transport took them home. Our son was atleast 12 months before we took him on a boat. Im not judging any parent but at that very young age there are very specific needs that im not sure a boat environment caters for very well. Given the baby the lifeboat was probably the right call.
  2. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Before moving house a relative of mine had a cat defecate on the roof of his car.........daily
  3. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Theres a boat always on the floating pontoon at Oulton Broad with small dogs onboard that go nuts whenever someone walks past on the jetty. Been the same for years. Dogs in the wrong hands are a bloody nuisance, theres a terrier near my house thats often shut outside and it yaps constantly, it probably annoys its owners doing it inside so they shut it out. Dogs are like children, they require attention not just shutting away when you cant be bothered with them. We are on to our dogs in seconds if they bark to see what and why they are doing it. Dogs wil bark but they shouldnt be allowed to do it constantly.
  4. Cause For Concern?

    I found this online calculator: https://www.vicprop.com/displacement_size.php however my vessel displacement weight would be a guestimate so my result wouldnt be very accurate!
  5. Cause For Concern?

    Thanks for the propellor info Griff. How would I know what pitch to go for? We also have a 50hp unit, would the same pitch as yours suit our boat to? Our rudder will be getting some attention with a wire brush wheel on a grinder this winter! I think it might end up needing replacement before much longer.
  6. Odd Bits

    We have started to take all our belongings to and from the boat in those supermarket style bags for life, the large sized ones with the cloth handles. It saves wrestling with unwieldy holdalls or suitcases trying to get through narrow passages and removes the risk of chipping the gelcoat or deck and best of all you dont need to cart them back to your car for storage as they will all fit in a drawer ready and waiting for going home.
  7. Silly Question But It's Friday...

    I agree they do look incredibley attractive from the rear, but what were they like from the front! I hope you took another photo?!
  8. Cause For Concern?

    Do you find the 4 Blade Prop to be better than a 3? Will it produce increased thrust at lower revs compared to a 3 Blade given the extra surface area of the prop? Its a upgrade I often consider making but I dont understand the technicalities to weigh up any benefits, we also have a 50hp on a 37ft hull,
  9. Big Fish

    I have caught bass at Reedham, someone called it a sea bass probably as it came from the sea. If we are splitting hairs it might have been a european bass!
  10. Sitting On Me Wall

    He sounds like a nice helpful chap Were you not tempted to tred on his fishing rod, I reckon he would have found it hilarious...
  11. Pump Out

    If memory serves i think Lullaby has a genny so the hairdryer might be ok, there could well be one onboard already. I once hired a Brinks Melody and the genny would probably have powered Caister. Mind you that was a good few years ago now so they may have changed/upgraded systems etc. The Melody's had to have the engine & generator (i believe it was a hydraulic affair) running together for the cooker as I recall there was no gas onboard. With regards to pumpouts, if the toilets are electric flush then have a few wees before flushing as they do use a bit more clean water for the flush than most manual equivalents, obviously if its brown flush it down!! As Griff says you will most likely manage the week without a Pumpout but that depends on many variables many of which are in the hands of females onboard. If the shhh did hit the fan you wouldnt need to do it more than once anyway. PS. Whatever you do dont put baby wipes or makeup wipes down the electric toilets, take it from someone who knows. Retrieving them again once they have wrapped themselves around the impellor aint pretty!
  12. Silly Question But It's Friday...

    I think Acle Horizon Craft yard is now in use as The Broads Boating Co so may still be a possible overnight mooring but im not certain it may be worth contacting them to ask. The Stracey moorings are the last moorings before Great Yarmouth theres is nowhere else safe in between. If you could let me know where to find these pretty girls on the Southern Side I would be immensely grateful, I live in Lowestoft and they definitely dont live round here!!
  13. I Don't Smoke A Pipe Pipe Pipe

    I heard about this on Heart Radio and thought I had misheard the size of them, clearly I didnt! I bet there was a bit of a flap on when they broke free.
  14. Fuelling Points

    Probably not a good idea! I hear the fuel supplier declares sales of certain quantities to HMRC directly so sooner or later they could appear on your doorstep to check what you are doing with the barrels of fuel your having delivered! Coupled with the massive faff of transfering it to the boat and hazards storing barrels of fuel on your property I can think of much easier ways to save a few quid!!!!
  15. Big Fish

    The BA have overlooked a few species, Eel, Bass or (sea bass), Carp, atleast 1 Catfish and I hear the odd murmor of Zander every now and then. Both good links though and well worth digesting.

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