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  1. CaptinDread

    Air Bnb

    I already have one, my boat....
  2. CaptinDread

    Air Bnb

    £45 a night to sleep in a draughty old shed....no thanks.
  3. CaptinDread


    what cycles were they so we can keep an eye out
  4. CaptinDread

    Cycle Spares & Repairs

    Dropping a link to Basement Bikes down Norwich lanes because of the friendly service and always willing to help you out no affiliation....yet.
  5. CaptinDread

    Nanni Instrument Panel

    If someone has a template of the instrument panel could you send it to my email please as I need to print it off. I will be making a new one out of some reinforced carbon fibre along with a new switch panel. its this one. I will probably have enough for 2 other instrument panels so If anyone wants a new reinforced carbon fibre instrument panel or suchlike please get in touch. first served as I don't have a lot so be quick. thank you
  6. CaptinDread

    Trev and Bob,s boating blog in pictures

    I think that was a boat Called Magic being towed by a blue topped boat....? the timing is right due to your post here. all the Thorpe lot are moored in the river now.... Looool
  7. CaptinDread

    Cycle Spares & Repairs

    rebuilding a bike in my back garden....the blue and silver 1, looks like a whole new gearing system needs to be bolted on. the other 1 is currently mine but that's already reserved for someone.
  8. CaptinDread

    Cycle Spares & Repairs

    I'll have a word with a couple of my contacts ST, and PM you in the next few days. regards
  9. CaptinDread

    Cycle Spares & Repairs

    Thanks Jocave, money is the problem at the moment. thanks for the link.
  10. CaptinDread

    Cycle Spares & Repairs

    one of the frames I built up a few years back using high quality parts, I loved riding that.... 1999 Spooky Bandwagon 1998 Klein Attitude Comp frame 2012 Santa Cruz Jackall Wish I still had those bars, never seen another set ....
  11. CaptinDread

    Cycle Spares & Repairs

    river yare mostly but can travel a little.
  12. CaptinDread

    Whats Missing

    The dawncraft was taken to the broads yard and smashed to pieces, the sailing yacht was torched by someone.
  13. I fix bikes, I build bikes, I strip bikes, isell bikes everything above board, so If anyone needs a service or repair on their mtb bike just roll up to captain dread and give me a knock. Bike Service from £25 I have a few tyres and tubes kicking about aswell as 1 or 2 wheels, spares available and can get you riding.
  14. CaptinDread

    Brinks Romany1

    I'm looking for any info regarding this craft on the 22/05/2016 regards
  15. CaptinDread

    Wax Or Varnish

    rewaxing will only take a few mins instead of a few days to varnish.

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