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  1. Robins Platter

    Started having a play with combined resin and wood objects to, hopefully they will be similar to these......
  2. Robins Platter

    Always happy to take a commission just pm me the sizes and any preference of wood or colour. S.
  3. Robins Platter

    First coat of Danish oil applied.
  4. Robins Platter

    Ok so I have got the platter turned and sanded to 240 grit. Sorry forgot to take work in progress images so these are when I remembered. 24" X 1 1/2" think I will use an oil finish as it is easier to maintain if in a nautical atmosphere. Going to need a lot of fruit to fill this one......
  5. Ellie Smells!

    All I get is the whiffs from the station locker room and cannabis from the drug store, I am in the wrong job, or location!
  6. Sea Sickness - Oh Joy And Glee!

    As I have got older motion sickness has grown in severity in time with my years. I have always sea fished from boats all over the place, sometime queasy but never enough to spoil the trip, but as I got older it got worse. The final straw was when in Spain Mrs W. and I did a days sea fishing trip, it took a further two days of my holiday for me to recover, whilst Mrs W. went out again and landed a huge conger eel. I have loved boat fishing all my life, but now its only on the Broads as I cannot face what must be one of the most terrible feelings in the world ever again. Oh and I cannot lay with my head lower than my body as that has the same effect, so working under the car is out to..... I put it down to lots of diving when I was a teenager and the effects of pressure on the ears!!!!!!! As for cures, crystalized ginger or oranges, if they don't stop it they don't taste bad on the way out!
  7. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    I am unable to make the meet myself as out of the country, is there someone who can take the platter along. When ready it can be collected from North Walsham or Hickling. - Gracie???
  8. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    The platter is certainly big enough to put some words on, I however am poor at Pyrography and hand carving letters so will have to leave that part to someone else. Robin let me know how you want said item to be passed to you, either by mail or hand via local members / visitors down the line let me know - right better get into the workshop!!!!!!
  9. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    PM me your details and I will get cracking.......
  10. Broads Beat Unveils New Summer Fleet

    Gonna be a great summer!!!!
  11. Stuart Sent Me This Message Earlier

    Drove past the dyke last night, looks like the move is underway........ just hope they are careful!!
  12. Stuart Sent Me This Message Earlier

    I think you will be one of the first to be moved as at the Broad end of the dyke!
  13. Stuart Sent Me This Message Earlier

    Going to mess up the fishing around the parish staithe for a while!!!!!
  14. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    Ok the prize is revealed, an Oak platter as below can be used as is or as a wall hanging or similar. For a bit of provenance it will be made from a piece of the custody counter from the now demolished North Walsham custody suite. Going to be embarrassing if I win..........
  15. New Year Resolutions ?

    We have to buy our own I`m afraid so not much help there.

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