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  1. Back To The 50`s

    Yes that was the copious quantities of alcohol, again a theme in the pictures!!!!!!! I guess you get to a certain stage of life when the teenage angst has gone, I may be 18 inside but the mind is willing but the body has gone. lol Didn't do many of the "after" parties this year, needed my sleep......
  2. Back To The 50`s

    https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2017/oct/08/hemsby-rock-n-roll-weekender-norfolk-in-pictures Spent the weekend back in the 1950`s at a Rock and Roll weekender at Hemsby. Live groups from lunchtime till the early hours, staying in a chalet, even a jive or two..... I have been following rockabilly and the like since my youth, but have to say looking at the then and now pictures I think my head is now on upside down.... Still a great weekend and recommended to anyone who like the R n R scene.
  3. Workshop Projects

    I use a pumice stone to remove the stains, and tap up CSI for gloves when I can........
  4. Workshop Projects

    Would be interesting to see if the ladies have similar spaces or is it really a Man thing??????
  5. Arachninvasion! Seal Up Those Gaps!

    Sid the cat is both evil and hungry!!!!!!!
  6. Workshop Projects

    When it comes to rust prevention on cast machines I found a great preservative is Liberon lubricating wax, initially for lathe beds but easy to apply and leaves a protective wax layer on anything it touches. My workshop machines and tools have stayed rust free for the past 15 years using this as required. great investment. Love the copier cabinet idea, will email stationary stores.....
  7. Workshop Projects

    What a great thread for those of us interested in other man caves. I will get some pictures of my little shop and post for those interested........ Come on Timbo feed the thread........
  8. Arachninvasion! Seal Up Those Gaps!

    Get yourself a fat, spider eating cat, Sid loves em.......... no wonder he is the size of a small pony!!!!!
  9. Cobb Bbq Wanted

    Ok was camping at the weekend with a group of friends and it came out that COBB were doing a weekend offer, so we got a new Cobb, free fuel, plus delivery for £100, bargain. We had Cobb envy as all the others had theirs going cooking everything from Pizza, full roast and even cakes. They really are a great little oven. Stay perfectly cool on the outside allowing their use where perhaps a conventional BBQ wouldn't be safe. Added the roasting rack, a thermometer and a cake tin and we are good to go.
  10. Anti Fowl

    Trying to stay on Piste......... I need to have my anti fouling done this winter I used to use Jon at Wayford but he has moved on, I emailed Whispering reeds and got no reply, anyone recommend anyone near to Hickling for a lift, wash, scrub and re apply? S.
  11. Cobb Bbq Wanted

    May be best to donate it to Florence and save all that washing.......
  12. Wanted for "Florence the folding camper" a Cobb BBQ either gas or charcoal, to fulfill my culinary ambitions whilst under canvas!
  13. The copy and paste work OK and the file upload works fine. What is your operating system and browser? Regards Alan Alan Hood
  14. Test performed by Alan for Stuart. A. Location of parking Bays B. Layout of training rooms C. Location of Exit doors D. Made aware of smoking policy E. Location of toilets F. Operation of lights G. Operation of air conditioning units H. How to login to the system on the Pc’s I. Operation of demonstration software J. Location of printers and queue names K. How to welcome delegates L. Preferred start and finish time M. Preferred times of breaks and lunch N. Signing of certificates O. Collection of course overviews P. Giving certificates and any requested information to delegates Q. Ending of the course procedures
  15. Essex

    Colchester lad me, moved around a bit then up here to Norfolk in 2000, wouldn't change it for the world. Living and working on the Broads..... Bootiful!

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