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  1. Where's Timbo?

    Beer at The Greyhound when you firing on all cylinders?
  2. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Timbo maybe looking for more staff on the RT saga?????
  3. Powerfile - Good Tool For Boat Building And Maintenance

    For my turning chisels which need regular accurate and repeatable grinds I use a Creusen slow speed grinder with a Robert Sorby jig. Some of the grind angles can be difficult free hand especially with a swept back wing.
  4. House Of Horror

    I got me one of these, brilliant best investment living "in the country" I ever made, makes me jump when one of the flying beasties meets their demise though. A bit like Taser for insects!!!!!!!
  5. Gel Coat Cleaner

    I am still a great believer in Oxalic acid, its easy to use, cheap and gives great results, you can spay on from a garden sprayer for general cleaning, or use as a paste for rust or heavy stains, Google it for further info but works a treat.
  6. Ellie Smells!

    Nothing wrong with Old Spice, Mrs W. loves it Tim if you do get a lathe I offer my experience in some turning lessons.
  7. Workshop Projects

    Peter, If you need to bigger projects you can come and use my lathe anytime!!!!!!!
  8. Broad Ambition - The Model

    A great excuse to purchase a new toy?
  9. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    Spell checker missed the grammatical error. assess verb past tense: assessed; past participle: assessed evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of. "the committee must assess the relative importance of the issues" synonyms: evaluate, judge, gauge, rate, estimate, appraise, form an opinion of, check out, form an impression of, make up one's mind about, get the measure of, determine, weigh up, analyse; informalsize up "frequent patrols were made to assess the enemy's strength
  10. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    Gone are the days of practical jokes on the new recruits, I have seen officers sent to clean traffic lights. But only the ones that were unlit, they were up and down like Zebedee as they went red, red amber, green...... Poor youngster sent up Clacton pier in the early hours alone to investigate a rabid dog, all dressed in a full bomb suit and helmet whilst the dog handler and K9 partner waited at the end in the shadows, never saw a person move so quick in such a heavy attire when they "popped" up! And the ever popular cycle proficiency test on an old trade type bike, in full police uniform around the one way system whilst being assed by the Inspector for suitability to pursue on the police bike. And there was my own initiation.............. Ah, I will hang onto that one though!
  11. Granddad Timbo

    Are you old enough to be a Granddad??????
  12. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    On my first day in the job at the old Clacton police station, I was told there were three things that would get me in trouble within the constabulary, thankfully I listened to the sergeant.......
  13. Recent Salt Surge?

    Is anyone aware of a recent salt surge up the rivers and if so how far does it reach and the effect it is having on the fish populations and locations?
  14. Taking The Mole!

    If traps fail apparently the toxic fumes from an idling mower, generator or other internal combustion engine (petrol) seems to do the trick. Our local land owners use a Rodenator, very effective, a bit like the Somme for rodents
  15. Police Connect Message

    Police are investigating after cash and jewellery were stolen during a burglary in Wroxham. A property in Norwich Road was broken into between 3.30pm on Friday 10 November and 1.30pm on Monday 13 November. A quantity of cash, jewellery and two televisions were among the items stolen. Anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the area between the times stated, or anyone with information, should contact DC Katy Pointer at Norwich CID on 101. Alternatively contact Crimestopppers anonymously on 0800 555111

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