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  1. Tolls - Speechless

    Hands up who is getting a 3 % rise in their income this year Everything goes up,except my wages. The system must be close to bursting , ( society in general, not uniquely the broads) , they can't keep sucking all we have out of us , we will have nothing left Once upon a time , wages went up with inflation, that stopped a long time ago .
  2. New Inn Halloween Party

    I'm going to delay my next birthday, by 5 years
  3. Big Changes To Norfolk Police Announced

    And some people wondered why some Scots wanted to distance themselves from the Westminster elite. Better together we were told. Austerity and nukes were the way forward we were assured. Meanwhile , food banks are plentiful.
  4. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Simon Cowell. Now that man makes my teeth itch He's false, he's smarmy , he exploits the weak , he's greedy , he's rude , he's arrogant, but apparently women think he's "it" That X factor rubbish will be looked back on in the future as the cruelest , cheapest most unimaginable production that we have ever had the misfortune to be bombarded with . I don't like it , I don't watch it , but it's almost impossible to avoid completely .
  5. New Crew Member

    Congratulations John. I do like a good news post . All the best to you all
  6. Coowee Is A Grandad.

    Congratulations to all
  7. Fair Ambassador

    I'm not long back either, and every time my wife walks past and glances at my iPad , she just shakes her head , as it's usually boats I'm looking at!! what did you go for ?
  8. Fair Ambassador

    I got under potter in one of Herbert Woods Connisusseur range . Apparently they were built the other side of Wroxham bridge so were designed to get under the bridge in most conditions. . Great boats, I actually hired this type twice and would do again . ( there's not many boats I wouldn't like to be fair!!)
  9. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Making a cup of tea for my good lady , was, not that long ago , a simple task . Oh, no , not now. She , you see, has taken to all these fancy teas. I kid you not , we have a variety of around 10 . So now I have to wait until her ladyship decides which tea one would like to choose. Then find the bloody thing, then put them all away . I make less cups of tea these days!!!!!!
  10. Because there has been a bit tension of late , I thought it would be handy to have a wee room where we could come and have a moan , shout , scream, tantrum , whatever , Here goes , I'm first , and it probably won't be my last, lots of things annoy me Automated switchboards , you know , press 1 , press 5 , press 2 , press 1 , press 4 , on and on and on it goes . By the time you eventually get to talk to someone they should know what I had for tea, let alone the nature of my enquiry. But oh no not a bit of it , you still have to explain exactly what it is you require , and they then have to put you through to another department , and the process starts again . Soul destroying torture. It really rips my knitting . Just get a human to answer in the first place , it did work almost perfectly back in the day . Is it all just a ruse to keep us on the phone so they can claim a bit back from BT? Surely not . Right that feels better , now let's hear yours Tune in the next time for litter louts
  11. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    I'm afraid I have some bad news for the forum , ...I am going to continue posting Nobody has picked a fight with me , nobody has been rude to me , quite frankly, most people on here are just so bloody nice too me and quite often like my posts . It just won't do, I'm feeling left out and I want in on the action . Joking aside, and I'm aware this is totally of topic from original thread, but it's almost like a bug has entered the forum , which has made people irritable and touchy , very thin skinned. Like most viruses , it will pass after about 48 hours , and it will go back to being the witty, informed , opinionated , helpful friendly place , it has been since the day I luckily found it . Im away to cut the grass, now that is worth moaning about
  12. Mystic Horizon Here I Come

    Glad you enjoyed them. I'd be more than happy to enter a few pics, is there a thread dedicated to this? Cheers Neil
  13. Mystic Horizon Here I Come

    And a few more!!
  14. Mystic Horizon Here I Come

    Special flowers, at a special place for a special person.xx And more friends!!
  15. Mystic Horizon Here I Come

    What's not to like!!!

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