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  1. Pacific Cruisers-vista

    pacific cruisers were a good experience for me , and I plan a week on them in July hopefully. Just awaiting the word from my daughter who is now at uni and "might have a better offer apparently" though goodness knows what that could be??? Clubbing it on some sun drenched island , with the hunks and beauties of youth is a poor second if you ask me!!!!, also as I point out to her, the bank of Dad doesn't operate in such places ( I aint half getting old ) But with age comes wisdom , and she should listen to her old man. I must admit, the stretch between stracey and reedham aint the prettiest and I prefer toddling around all the other gems above and below. Cruising north to South is for a 10 day break at the least for me. That said , there is for sure worse things to spend 5 hours doing . Better get some work done , or my holidays will spent doing the garden!!!!!
  2. Pacific Cruisers-vista

    Apologies if this information is already in the archives, but it appears Pacific cruisers have a new boat called Vista. It has the look of an Alpha cruiser , am I correct in this assumption? It looks a lovely boat but is the top end of their price list by a bit. Or, as usual , am I just talking no sense
  3. Are there any examples of, since the broads being given status equivalent to a national park, legislation which has come in which is detrimental to the well being of the place? All I see is more boats, (and bigger ones than previous), more fisherman, cleaner water etc. Genuine question, as nobody wants to lose the broads as it is , any more than me.
  4. Going Down Now Sir

    Keep the chin up mate. You strike me as the sort who can overcome most things. Keep us posted
  5. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    To be fair , maybe she seen this Loving your adventure, I hope you keep us informed all the way. Following your dream is the key to life, I wish I had your attitude ( the funds would help also ) As in folk waiting for you to falter, they are not worth a second of your thoughts for sure. The only people in life who haven't made mistakes, are the folk who have not done anything. I know who id rather be. All the best oops, that pic was met to be Hector the tax inspector , but as ever on a pc, I failed
  6. My Day

    That's great news Charlie . Onwards and upwards. I like a happy story
  7. Yarmouth Yacht Station Worker Receives Hero Award

    A well deserved award. take a bow sir
  8. A Gift From Hoseasons ( A Long Time Ago)

    It was a Christmas / new year tradition that my family, my grandparents and my uncle , aunt , and cousins would browse over the Hoseasons/Blakes brochures during the festive holidays choosing our boats or chalets for the coming summer holidays !!
  9. Happy Anniversary Your Majesty

    Hope you've had a great day . 3 score and ten is a great time to start living it up!! All the best
  10. The Buck Is Back!

    I do like a few tins when fishing, but as Grace said, if I am moored outside a pub, its only polite to pop in and say hello.
  11. The Buck Is Back!

    I certainly contribute to riverside pubs when im lucky enough to get to the broads!! The broads cannot afford to lose many more, but you just need to look at the carry outs aboard some craft , to see where the problem is.
  12. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    My sister dropped her phone in at Salhouse this year, spent a good while dredging the bottom with a net with no luck. Though even if we had landed it, all we would have was a piece of plastic , was known as a phone!! lost a fishing chair in oulton broad. My Grandad once dropped his keys in at Ludham , and amazingly retrieved them with the boat hook!!! Dropped my Mums ashes in Salhouse , but of course that was intentional.
  13. Solo Cruising

    I don't think I entirely like my own company enough to solo hire, though a bit of me does fancy it. Good preparation and knowing your limits are vital I would think. As stated , life jacket at all times is a must, I would imagine that is why some yards don't hire solo, more to do with personal safety than a worry about the boat. I'm sure they lose more sleep when they see a crowd of young uns leaving the yard!! Good luck, look forward to hearing all about it, maybe one day I will pluck up the courage!!
  14. Police Connect Message

    Housebreaking is a particularly disgusting crime. Also, if you don't catch the lowlife in the act, its very hard to catch the perpetrators. Here is hoping this is the exception. I assume some people just have no conscience in their actions.
  15. Taking The Mole!

    They are industrious little blighters, they can't half cause some destruction.

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