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  1. Shed/boatshed/watershed

    The shed is a great wee pub. Its got a a proper pub feel as well as being a bit quirky. More importantly , it has a pool table, a dartboard , a jukebox , sells food, beer, and spirits , and it's on the Norfolk broads. I wouldn't be on that side of Yarmouth and not go . If you haven't tried it , give it a go . As they say in these parts, it's the berries!!
  2. New Year Resolutions ?

    My month report could say " good effort, room for improvement!) ive had a beer or whisky on an odd school night, but not much at all. Peanuts are my downfall, and I like a biscuit, but again , I have reduced both by around 70% there a bouts. Step count is over 10000 everyday almost, but have only managed 15000 about 5 times. Best result is my swimming which I have managed100 lengths + every week. Got 26 in tonight. So, not bad, have probably lost a couple of pounds and slight shrinkage on the mid rift , Onwards and upwards, must keep it up next month. interested to hear others gains and fails, it ain't easy getting on !!!
  3. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    2105 the winner should make a donation to the RNLI or some other broads related charity .
  4. Its Burns Night

    I could easily be persuaded to have a " wee gold felly " tonight is our much missed friends memory. . He passed on a lot of common sense to me when I was feeling a bit down , and while he is no longer available for a chat , whether it be sport, the broads , our profession ( sparkies) our just a bit banter , I still read back the messages we sent to each other if ever I need reassurance about things we discussed. So , in a way , he does live on . Without wanting to blow my trumpet , I do get satisfaction that it was my request we should change the name to " broadscot lounge" I also wrote a poem about him , which I think is still kicking about on here somewhere . I'm not saying it was any good!!!! , but it was my Rabbie Burns attempt at a bit acknowledgement for the fine man . Oh , and he did play cricket in his younger years , he had the battle scars on his knees and back to prove it!!! All the best big yin, forever in our thoughts.
  5. Stolen Outboard

    Good luck, I hope the lowlife scum who have taken it get their comeuppance . Might help if you give the area from which it was taken? Chin up, don't let the you know what grind you down.
  6. Winter Maintenance At Herbert Woods

    If they require anyone to take any boats out for a few trial sleepovers, then they can get me on here . No problem All the hire yards I have had dealings with over the last ten years , HB , Richardsons and Pacific have been on the top of their game . Both in boats and customer service. Norfolk folk in general ( on my experiences) seem a good friendly bunch. Certainly adds to the holiday experience.
  7. Birthday

    And a great big happy birthday from me
  8. Overtaking

    All these byelaws, rules , regulations , do's and dont'ts can make all this cruising on the broads seem perplexing. Ive been coming to the broads for nearly 50 years, without knowing pretty much any of them. Common sense has however has served me well , as it has most others. If you come up behind a boat , who is going slower than you, pass on the least inconvenient side to your new friend , give them a wave and continue on in paradise.
  9. New Year Resolutions ?

    Okay, I comprised Had my retained fire brigade training tonight. Came home and went down pub about 2 hours after everyone else . Still managed to sink 3 foaming ales , but it's nice to be nice . Is it not!!!! Done 30 lengths earlier today , so I feel I've already paid my penance !!!!!! So , the 3rd day and I've regressed already , no surprise I suppose . It's hard be a sociable type!
  10. New Year Resolutions ?

    My resolve is already being tested. A friend has called to see if I fancy a couple of beers tonight ( I'm still on holiday) When I said I wasn't sure , he was bemused , " have you got something else on? ". " is everything ok?" " are you scared I might beat you at darts? "!!!!!! I could of course drink orange juice, but that's just double torture . I have the breaking strain of a kit Kat , so let's see what happens. At this moment in time , I'm staying in
  11. New Year Resolutions ?

    So Grace, All you want to do , is stay the same I suppose what they say is true,.....if it ain't broke and all that
  12. New Year Resolutions ?

    So, the decorations are down, the over indulgences of food and drink are kicking in . A new year , a new me beckons . Ive never really been one to make resolutions , but this year I seem to be challenging myself to a few. The big "50" happens this year , so maybe that's what is driving me on to make changes . I've kept most of them to myself , but thought if I put it on here , it might shame me as the year goes on to drive on with them , should in the more than likely event I slacken off!!! Most of them actually come under one heading " stay off the couch"!!! The targets here , amongst others are to do at least 100 lengths of my local pool every week (25m) and to get my step count on weekdays to 15000. Not a drop of alcohol on a school night, and no more than 2 cigs a day ( very rarely have any more than 2 a day anyway, but boy I enjoy them.!) More fruit and less biscuits. Achieve , a break of 50 at snooker . Reintroduce myself to the guitar which sits in my living room , which I learnt late in life , reached a very basic but enjoyable standard , but sadly fell out the habit and is now alien to me. Even though I have set a few, they are all quite easily achievable so hopefully my mojo holds up,and both physically and mentally I should feel the benefits . Made a good start today , cleaning out the garage , which ain't a quick job but I'm already looking forward to carrying on tomorrow . There is something therapeutic about losing junk and clearing space for some more !!! The attic is next . So, what's everyone else hoping to target?? Hopefully we can check in here as the year goes on for some moral support and the odd size nine up the backside if and when required Happy new year all. Neil
  13. New Year's Eve

    Just me , the boss and the young lad. Feels very strange, usually have folk round or go out . Trivial pursuits in on the cards I think . Going visiting tomorrow , so will have an unusually clear head for New Year's Day , which will be nice. All the best to you all , Lang may yur lum reek
  14. 2017

    I agree , this is a great place with lots of knowledgable and kind people . The hard work which goes on behind the scenes , I can only imagine , my heartfelt thanks goes out to them all . Before I " submit " anything , here or any other site , I always ask myself if I would be prepared to say it face to face ? And if the answer is yes , I send it. It's also the advice I give to my not so young kids. It stil, didn't prevent me from being sent to the naughty corner here for a while , in a post which I genuinely meant as light hearted! . I didn't mean to cause any grief , and has resulted in me not posting on here very much . We live and learn by our mistakes , and being human, we will always make them I suppose . My best wishes are sent to all , and I look forward to booking a boat in the new year and telling you all about it , and finding out all the latest " hot spots" Happy Christmas everyone . Neil
  15. Well It's Official

    Well done , lucky people , I'm sure you will have years of great times onboard. Also , without knowing him personally, Alan ( Ranworthbreeze) appears a top lad and will I'm sure help you out all the way. Have fun and keep us posted

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