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  1. Dunkirk (film)

    We watched this over the New Year. Although it may not have been factually correct what it did do was to bring home the horror of it all. These soldiers were just kids. My late father in law was at Dunkirk and had related many of the dreadful things that these lads went though to my husband. Standing waist deep in water for hours on end tide after tide . Having legs crushed by the landing craft . Keith could relate to the film and the stories that his Dad had told him.Lest we never forget.
  2. Anyone Afloat Today

    Hi Trev We are moored next door at Swancraft. Really good moorings and nice people. Brundall itself is a lovely village , with plenty of shops for provisions etc. Two pretty good pubs , not fine dining but good enough . Wards is on the door step as is Brooms to get the electric cards.Should you want to go into Norwich or Wroxham excellent train service on the doorstep. The only down side is the channel from the main river which can be a bit tight but after a few trips you get used to it. Always best to avoid handover day at Silverline.Our moorings are not much different in cost to our old one in the wetshed at Richardson but a far far pleasanter to have a base. I am sure you will be pleased with the move .
  3. Anyone Afloat Today

    Tig1677 We moved from Stalham to Brundall last year . Have not regretted it at all, and the difference in travelling is noticable being also from Grimsby. You would not think it would make all that difference but it knocks 30 minutes off the journey.Stress levels are substantially lower on the southern Broads , but yes you do miss the odd wild moorings and the hustle and bustle a bit, but the peace is heaven .
  4. Engine(s) Servicing

    Hi Phil at Moonfleet that was now Simpsons used to services our Mercedes engine and did a good job. He solved a few long standing issues but most times we sourced our own Marc parts,
  5. Better Behaved Boaters Down South

    We moved down south. It was that or give up the boat. Th stress of travelling the Ant was getting to be unacceptable.Certainly do not regret it, it seems like a different world. I think maybe that boaters on the southern rivers are just not so stressed. Plenty of moorings , wide rivers, stunning scenery. There are a few idiots but nowhere near as many as on the northern rivers. Don't shout too loud in case everybody migrates.
  6. Broom Owners Club Ranworth Meet

    Hi John It as not suggested that you were being in anyway elitist. It was the club officials maybe who were.It is quite apparent that Brooms contracted many of their boats out to be fitted .Having said that having seen some of the Brooms in and around Brundall I think that I might be elitist if I owned one of those. Beautiful vessels makes ours look like a dinghy! Enjoy the meet and let's hope the weather is kind to you. We had a great week down last week even came home with a sun tan.
  7. Broom Owners Club Ranworth Meet

    Thank you for that I will investigate. Whoever had it before must have been a superb helmsman for the gel coat to be so good. We on the other hand not quite so good even with a bow thruster!
  8. Broom Owners Club Ranworth Meet

    Hi Vaughan As one of the sages on the forum would you know why some of the Ocean 30 s have Mercedes engines and are fitted out completely differently from others if indeed they were all fitted our by Herbert Woods? Ours for instance is all sapele wood, has a cocktail cabinet behind the seats and varies considerably from others that we have seen. One would have thought that it would have been a standard fit. We have been trying to trace it's history as it has never been hired, so maybe it was privately commissioned? The hull must be good as it virtually unblemished for a 40 year old boat.If hulls could talk!
  9. Broom Owners Club Ranworth Meet

    Having bought our Ocean 30 as a Broom, and confirmed that on the Cambridge waterways it was listed as a Broom, it is a bit confusing as ours has a serial number which appears to be a Broom one .A bit elitist really, and the above post sort of sums it up that they wish to keep the riff- raff out ! Shame, maybe all Ocean 30 owners should form their own group.No offence to the original poster (Captain Joshie).
  10. Teak Carpet

    Just had the cockpit on our Ocean 30 carpeted in this.It has really transformed a tired flooring. There was an initial hiccup which was dealt with very promptly and efficiently.It is easy to sell products but for us the test of a good company is how they respond to issues. Good product and a good company. Well done and will use them again for the rest of the boat.
  11. More Stupidly On The River

    They were picnic boats not the small day boats.When they did not pass us again going back to the WRC we assumed that they had abandoned them.They were very drunk!
  12. More Stupidly On The River

    Yes they did have bunting when they passed us at Hardley mill.There must have been at least 10 on each boat.Having fun is not the issue here what they were doing was dangerous.I am very surprised that no one came harm.They were towing across the river jumping from boat to boat .We were jolly glad that we were moored out of their way.
  13. Stand/plinth For Mudweight

    Boulters sell them pretty expensive though.We have made some from pieces of oak.Matches the other wood on the boat.You wll need a router .
  14. Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    We have three of these on our boat. They are very sensitive(a good thing). When we were in the wetshed just running the engine in a smallish space would trigger them off. It makes you wonder what you breathe in when moored next to a boat running it's engines.
  15. Manchester Explosion

    Such terrible cruel wicked actions leaves one without words . One of the issues is with that these are second generation immigrants that are radicalised and who feel that they have no place.They are still brought up with old muslem beliefs but in a modern western culture. Some of their parents still do not speak fluent english. I worked in the NHS for many years and would despair of staff who would not adapt to western life although they chose to live and work here and to enjoy the benefits.Nothing can excuse this barbaric act but I think it is time to take a harder line.'When in Rome' Are we allowed to behave like westerners in say Dubai?.No and we accept it. We have travelled to many Muslem countries . True Muslems are lovely kind peaceful people .What goes through the mind of a 22 year old to carry out such a barbaric act. My 4 year old grandson had more compassion yesterday for a dying fly. I cannot stop watching the news and shed a tear for the poor poor parents and relatives of those affected. If there is a God up there why oh why does this happen. We need to love one another more everyday, no matter what creed culture or religion.

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