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  1. TheQ

    New Boat Horn

    Does it work with the coverup ad the side coveres closed... I founfd thoe only person who could here the orginal horn on my boat was the driver.. it was fitted iside the control panel and by the looks of t always had been..
  2. As an ex field service Engineer I don't generally need maps at all. I've worked everywhere from Salisbury to the Outer Hebridies travelling the roads many times. But I do have a navigator on for long journeys, mostly for when there is an accident and you get sent off into the wilds, with no further directions to get you back on route.
  3. If there is no problem with the roundabouts, then how come Most of them have tracks across them and damage to the entry / departure areas. You don't see anywhere near the amount of damage on other roundabouts in the area.
  4. TheQ

    Silverline Wisper

    Going back to the Topcraft boats, the reason for their odd layouts is they were built to carry caravans,, If you look at the stern you can see the line each side where the stern was lowered to allow you to put your own caravan on board. You just had the forward steering cabin, and a flat area behind for the caravan. The Idea failed miserably because the cost of hire was almost that of hiring a normal boat.. So they were converted to the rather strange layout.
  5. TheQ

    Inflatable With Electric Motor

    It would be easy enough, to rig a kill cord, by putting an fuse unit in line (attached to side of battery box?) with a kill cord attached your leg and to the plug in fuse to pull it out if man overboard.
  6. This is one of the problems with the road layout at the roundabouts, the left hand lanes are marked left and straight on, you never know what the driver is going to do if you approach from the right.
  7. TheQ

    Relive The Fifties At Hemsby

    Hmm the only 2 years, and just under a month I could relive I was in nappies, I think I'll give that a miss...
  8. TheQ

    I Want A Sign

    will the other side have a target on?
  9. TheQ

    Diesel Emissions.

    On a landrover forum I go on a couple of people have gone to the post office to fill in the relevant forms and been told to pay up for their road tax, come back next year for the free tax..
  10. TheQ

    Diesel Emissions.

    A minor point on the 40 year MOT exemption, although they say its 40 years, it's at the end of the 40th year you can drive without an MOT. so the car is actually 41. Same applies for not paying road tax. My Landrover is 1984, so a while to wait..
  11. TheQ

    I Want A Sign

    I've seen river inspectors use those table tennis bats. (ok I know river rangers). Occasionally I've used one that asks people to "Please keep to the right hand Bank", "Racing ahead" and on the other side. "Thank you" Though I prefer to talk directly to the drivers, if there aren't too many hire boats around, as you can give an explanation why. We have a cannon like that at Horning SC, it fires at 08:00 each day of Horning Week (we get comments from the village if we are late) and at at the end of the last race of Horning week it's fired twice. The look we get from an unsuspecting hire boat is wonderfull...
  12. TheQ

    I Want A Sign

    I followed a car the other day with a 59Mph speed limit sign in the back window, it didn't make 39 Mph on a clear dry 60MPH road
  13. TheQ

    Diesel Emissions.

    well it is Adblue
  14. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    Well if you included a stamped addressed envelope, your race packs are on the way, sent yesterday, Harriet says acceptance emails have been sent.
  15. TheQ

    The Bridge At Potter

    I'm not John (now thats not a suprise,) but I also have an Elysian 27 and have several times taken it under the bridge at Potter..

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