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  1. I've heard bitterns, but the only one I've seen is this one.
  2. I've done that at work, ruins hours of measurements went it happens. 2 primary and 3 secondary school s in 3 educational systems, northern Ireland, England and Scotland. Make for a confused education...
  3. 23C+-0.5C in this lab. I don't miss the heat of Saudi, out there it was factor 50 all the time. i don't need fator anything in the UK unless I'm spending a lot of time on the water. Yesterday the Model Railway Shed reached 35C+ inside with two doors open and the roof vent. The house at home was 25C downstairs when I left for work at 06:00, but as you went upstairs you hit a wall of heat, again this was with windows open upstairs and down stairs.
  4. Can we Change Doncaster for South Yorkshire? SWMBO is from Rotherham.
  5. It'll be a lot less that 45Mph on the A17 and A47 for the next 9 months as they dig up sections of the A47 from Wisbeach to KL and the three roundabouts round the bottom of KL. I should miss that on my way up to Scotland next week but I might well catch it on the way back... Ha, just as I finished typing this the radio says there is a tailback at the pullover roundabout.... A broken down tractor.... Land Rovers have a similar problem for insurance, a new driver in a basic Series or defender can expect a bill in excess of £2000. Luckily having passed my test in 1976 My modified 110 only costs £280. One point to know is, if you have a girlfriend / wife at the same address, and she has a licence. Putting her name on YOUR insurance even if she never drives the car, will reduce your bill. You are seen as a more stable person as part of a couple...
  6. The Results and Trophy winners are listed on the HSC website now.
  7. I will be fitting a galvanic isolator, I already have the bits to build it. Unfortunately the better solution is a isolating transformer but they are very very expensive. Galvanic isolators like most things for boats are a rip off in prices, but unless you are lucky enough to have many years of experience in electronics I would not recommend building your own.
  8. Spell Chequer?
  9. I took my first test in 1976 in an Hillman Avenger, Unfortunately it was not my instructors Hillman Avenger which Had five gears but another Instructors which was 4 Gears. So I went for 5th during the test and it wasn't there!! added to that it was the first wet day in a long time during the 1976 drought. So the roads were slippery to say the least. So I failed on the emergency stop as well. Then on transferring to another area, I was taken for an initial drive by an instructor and he said had that been my test I would have passed. Unfortunately the waiting list for tests in the area was six months, so it took a lot of weekly practice drives costing me lots of money before the test came up. I passed that one..
  10. I was disappointed to see the damage, because it may be a 3RR boat, but also because it was put in this thread and it may not be a 3RR boat that caused the damage I know the port bow of My motor boat I haven't seen for Six months, as I always moor; bow in (permanent mooring) /stern on or starboard side on elsewhere. We were monitoring the boats coming onto Hickling broad (through binoculars) from before 14:00 to be ready for when the first competitor came onto the broad till roughly 22:00 when the last one left. ( We heard on the radio when the first boat left Martham for us). During that time about a dozen Day boats came onto the Broad and about half went to the pub before leaving . More Day boats may well have gone to Horsey Mere. What suprised us was the number of non competing sailing boats of all sorts that, left the broad, disappeared for some time before returning. I was surprised as with the extras coming through that day, I might have given the narrow channels down to Martham and beyond a miss. As it was only about 75 Competitors came through, due to Retirements and Did Not Starts. Sadly there won't be any more pictures from me, as all but six boats came through in a rush and I was doing the documentation and radio work. The three others were on Binoculars, calling from the boat getting the Race number of each boat as they went past us and making the tea.
  11. I agree with Bobdog, I moved to the broads so as not to be away from them so much, I have not yet achieved 4 or 5 days a week on the water yet but still avarage about 1 day a week.
  12. Basic Gorilla glue, is a polyurethane adhesive, they've been around for donkeys years. There are many alternatives without paying for the brand name.
  13. If I read my notes right, Ladybird, was second cruiser at Hickling broad Mark, 11th boat overall, arriving at 17:38:35.
  14. If I've written it down correctly, second boat past Hickling mark was Richard Parker, punt 50 ( race number 19)