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  1. First Post

    Welcome to the site, there are quite a few of us on here who have moved to the area, so someone should be able to answer all your questions... If your're not sure where, then the BroadScot Lounge covers all eventualities. If it's in the wrong place the MODs will move it, they don't bite (much) (Just for interest roughly where south of England?)
  2. Tv Licence

    I do hope it's paying for Gaelic or more correctly Gàidhlig . pronounced gah licg not Gae lic
  3. Sleep Apnoea

    You might be better getting a 12V to 24 V step up converter, to drive your unit.
  4. Waterstones

    Book shops in the area, I generally frequent Second hand book shops. Sadly I've never seen any by AR though GT Yarmouth, there is a charity second hand book shop in the Arcade, massive range of books all books £1 except for a few in a couple of small cupboards out back. Cromer, there is a secondhand book shop on New street on the left as you head north, we always go in the big selection of books. Norwich, "City book shop", Davy Place just off the Market, new and secondhand books. Norwich and GT Yarmouth, "The Works", New end of line books normally 1/3 of list price or less
  5. It's All Richo's Fault!

    That would be about 1620 for the first English language Paper, though printed in Amsterdam Due to UK censorship. I don't think they had to invent stories about prisons then, it was probably all true somewhere....
  6. My Video On The Broads!

    A Good video, If you are interested in learning to sail, then this list, http://www.noblemarine.co.uk/clubfinder.php3?region=c should find you a club in your area. I've sailed at Kielder Water sailing club, when I lived up that way. Most sailing clubs have "try sailing" events each year, normally in May in conjunction with the RYA. they are often free or for a very cheap cost (to cover insurance). Clubs will encourage your visiting any time of the year, just check on their website when they are open. You will when you get there have to ask to speak to someone in charge, as most times they will be getting ready for racing and people will be busy.
  7. It's All Richo's Fault!

    Sadly the quality of most papers is in decline as the readership declines, the number of reporters declines and time they can spend on a story. Many now don't ever buy a newspaper but only inhabit the net. Years ago some of the discussions we have on this site, would have been sent as" letters to the editor".
  8. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    It's not uncommon nor has it been, over the years I've often found hire boats moored to the sailing club moorings on the other side of the river, often overnight. Last year I Found a day boat moored to the front of Horning Sailing club when I returned to the moorings. The crew were sunbathing on the club frontage. On another occasion I found a hire day boat on the front with no one on board, while I was putting my boat away they returned. Had I arrived back ten minutes earlier, they would have been locked out of the club Island, as I would have locked the bridge gate behind me.
  9. Model Railway Shows

    Another local Show which is next weekend The J50 New Build Steam Locomotive Group - 2nd Model Railway Exhibition Sat 19th August 2017 The New Victory Hall, Street Hill, Neatishead, Norfolk NR12 8AD OPENING TIMES: 10.00am - 4.00pm ADMISSION: Adults £3.00 Concessions £2.50 Children £2.00 List of Traders Great Eastern Toys and Models M&GN Society Claud Hamilton Group The J50 Group
  10. My Day

    Yesterday was Broadland Model Railway Club's Second Open day at Stalham town hall. 15:30 Saturday set off for BMRC at Catfield (ask me for details should anyone wish to visit) 16:00 start loading up about ten cars and my landrover. 16:45 ish set off in convoy.. 17:00 Enter hall, puzzle how to get all the electrics on, unload cars place layouts into piles in designated places round the hall. 18:00 layouts assembled, some tested. 18:30 Sorting finished, depart for home via BMRC for forgotten things There were several layouts completed, one nearly finished, one track down scenics just started, one track still being laid. Saturday. 05:00 wake up, get up, SSS, 07:00 breakfast 08:00 set off for Stalham Town Hall 08:15 Arrive at S.T.H. 08:30 we are in, Put up banner and notices inside and outside the hall. 09:30 All members have arrived, bringing with them their rolling stock boxes, and have started final testing read for the day. 09:45, tea and coffee for everyone 10:00 open the doors... 10:00 -16:00 Since my layout isn't being shown this year, my particular role is a spare hand wandering around, assisting should anyone need it. 16:00 we've had nearly 100 visitors, and half a dozen asked for details of how to visit the club with a view to joining. Getting new members was the whole idea for having this open day each year. 16:45 by this time, we've packed up into all the cars, I leave with one of the first of the loads. 17:00 At BMRC, unloading the club layouts into their positions inside the club rooms, except for one which is off to a show next week. Most Members layouts stay in their cars for transport home. 17:15 head for home. Club layouts will be assembled as members come in to visit the club. For which we all have keys for and the club house is available all the time.
  11. Wanted, Person With Skills!

    Many, many, years ago I made something like that, unfortunately with my lack of skills, it took a very long time to get It right. It will be many years before I would think of trying to do it again. There are a great many more important things to do first, like finish the cockpit floor and fix the windows...
  12. Wanted: Tardis

    From this to this
  13. Wanted: Tardis

    I have lots of Clamps and Cramps, as I've built a mast in the past. you can never have too many clamps and cramps..
  14. I Don't Smoke A Pipe Pipe Pipe

    Nope, Not been down, even though According to the TV one of the pipes is on My nearest beach (1/2Mile). The picture it showed wasn't that beach. From all accounts they are spread from Eccles ( I believe Bush estate) Down to Waxham. I dread to think how many Gawkers we are going to have down our single track roads tomorrow... Normally Ben Our Border Collie gets a stroll down to the beach at the weekends so I might see them then..

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