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  1. Sunrise/ Sunset

    What's a street light? no such thing round here...(for much of Norfolk)
  2. Still In Shorts

    I've seen them laughing at work (the brain dead ones) when I put my full gear on to ride home on my Motorscooter in the summer. What they fail to appreciate is; A, the above posts. B, My L plated Motorscooter is a top of the range 125 (not a 50CC moped)and quite capable of doing 70mph, so even more reason to be fully kitted out... If you take take your CBT now, they actually advise against Steel toe caps, reckoning it will bend your toes back and break them... I ignore that, with steel toecaps you'll still have some toes to be repaired... I stopped wear shorts when I could, so that was... A, when I left primary school ( grey shorts were the uniform all year round) B, when I stopped having people shouting at me round a sports field / air field in the RAF. My legs can however be occationally seen. Next time on Saturday, when I wear one of my kilts to the Broadland Model Railway Club Christmas Dinner..
  3. Norfolk 06:30 Monday... still raining.... 12 miles from this sign post, I got snowed in at RAF Locking for a week, in the late 1970s. 3 ft deep it was. Much more interesting I spent many hours sailing in ever decreasing circles on Cheddar revervoir..
  4. My Day

    No snow No high winds. What we've had is light winds, mostly drizzle, light rain, but it has been continuous, wet... So Sunday being sailing day, I was off down to the club. Weather as above, wind direction south Easterly, later Easterly, zero to maybe 15 mph. Due to the unusual wind direction, buoy 1 was placed well down river at the first bend down river from the club past the New Inn, we brought 2 half way back to the club outside the New Inn, buoy 3 outside the club and buoy 4 at the first corner up river from the club. The start line was heavily inclined so it was a long way from the inside of the bend on the far side of the river.. Race 1, 1P, 3P, 4P We decided to start at the club end of the line and reached there unchallenged. One boat was behind us, and one still in the dyke which, as we were going the opposite way to normal was behind the line. We started first, but the boat which was in the dyke was close behind and the third boat close behind them. The wind meant it as a long tack on port, short tack on starboard after a couple of tacks boat 2 got a lift and was able to sail along the bank for longer whereas we had tacked earlier. When we came back from the other bank they were on starboard so we had to give way. A couple of tacks later and they were clear ahead. We were down to second, we were about 60 ft behind when we rounded buoy 1. Up spinnakers, Genoa's in. The other boat wandered off course during this and nearly hit the bank. They chose to sail on the right to middle of the course, we chose the left as it had more wind and less of the outgoing tide. We quickly drew alongside and they moved across the river to cover us. We each took several turns to lead, but when we reached buoy 3, they were alongside, we had the inside rounding the buoy. We dropped our spinnaker and sailed on under Genoa, they tacked their spinnaker. We drew ahead but when the wind came right for them they caught us, just then the wind came more ahead they were forced to drop the spinnaker and while they were doing that we drew well ahead. For the rest of that lap we drew further ahead, and kept that for the rest of the race. Race 2 and 3 didn't happen for us, our competitors got too soggy and gave up. The dinghies did do one more race during which one dinghy hit a tree, broke it's mast and capsized. Our rescue boats raced off to fish him out of the river, but by the time they got there he was sitting on the upturned hull. Apologies to a motor boat called Dilligaf moored on Horning staithe, which the wash from the rescue boats caused to rock and roll. After putting the boats away, a cup of soup and cheese rolls it was time to paddle my way home. Several places on the way home had puddles right across the river.. Then it was time for ., A long hot bath....
  5. We just got very wet from rainfall during racing in Horning.
  6. Windfinder

    My favourite is XCweather, it has the almost live reports from all the weather stations around the country (including weather buoys) and you can click on them for a forecast, or you can type in your post code and get a forecast from that. http://xcweather.co.uk/ Currently gusting 72 at Wick or 42 at Weybourne...
  7. Can You Solve This?

    Sadly that means it still won't work as an Elysian has a V hull for the front half, and a flat -ish rear half with a beam coming out of the bottom of the V to the bottom of the steering Gear.
  8. Can You Solve This?

    An Elysian 27, 8m length *2.8m width*0.6m draft*0.8 twenty percent off=10.7tons ish An Elysian 27 weighs 2.6 tons....
  9. Can You Solve This?

    Generally NO, the water displaced by the mass / weight of your boat, is the same weight as your boat. However, there is a slight increase in front of your boat as you push the water forward, and a slight decrease behind your boat as you leave a hole in the water..
  10. Ellie Smells!

    I don't know, I built a boat with out telling SWMBO.... Mind you I was 3000miles from home at the time..
  11. or for more entertainment sail gently past moored hireboats during the night (during the 3 rivers race)
  12. Save The Dogs

    Many of these dogs are not trained to attack, they are often those trained for mine, UXB, hidden explosives detection..
  13. My Day

    Well, not really my day, But while surfing the net just now I have just found...
  14. My Day

    I greeted the postman while sitting inside the post box.... Or to be more precise I've built new walls either side of a new gateway. Built into the walls, I've built a bin cupboard one side, and the other I've put a letter box ( above) / parcels cupboard (below), I was sat inside bolting bearers to the wall to hold a shelf.
  15. The cleaner water has little to do with it being the broads, NP or no NP, and much more to with national / EU legislation on cleaner waters.. The More boats has a lot to do with the general increase in prosperity since the BA came into being (yes I know it's a bit Carp at the moment). Also think it has a lot to do with fibreglass. They need nowhere near as much maintenance as woodies, so more people are prepared to buy something that can sit in the water doing nothing. The larger boats is just consumer demand for home comforts they just don't want to rough it any more.. again NP or no NP makes no difference. More Fishermen, that is also due to more leisure time, more spare cash and the cleaner waters..

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