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  1. Broads Hotel

    The EDp has changed It's story, and Included drawings... http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/expansion-plans-at-roys-of-wroxham-to-include-cafe-restaurant-plus-more-car-parking-spaces-approved-by-north-norfolk-councillors-1-5404980
  2. Swing Bridges

    The simplest way round this would be to spray the bridge rails with river water, when ever the temperature gets too high. Not a technically difficult task, easy to impliment and shouldn't be too expensive., and since the water came out of the river in the first place no polution problem..
  3. Are You Average?

    No Children therefore no Grandchildren, if I had I wouldn't be able to afford boating...
  4. Broads Hotel

    Well I was quoting in the EDP, but then the EDP is often wrong, I notice, just at the moment the story has disappeared from the EDP...
  5. Broads Hotel

    The site of the broads hotel has been approved by the council is to become a car park for Roys, Roys will change the layout of the carparks. The other side of the Main road, the store is going to be extended to provide a bigger shop and cafe...
  6. Are You Average?

    Semaphore, my dear chap, semaphore.
  7. It was the cars crashed on the redways, that were more worrying, I came across a few motorbikes being ridden on redways, when I lived there (1988 -1999). (Redways = walking /cycle/ horses, paths )
  8. Are You Average?

    Never sent a text, only ever recieve them from the phone company when I've used the phone. Have only used a mobile phone maybe half a dozen times in my life. There is a Mobile phone mast on the back of Horning sailing clubs race control box, and I believe another near the New Inn. But they I believe are Vodaphone...
  9. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Since most of the bigger boats have bow thrusters, I would have thought hiring solo on a bigger boat would be no problem as you can bring them along side to a dead stop quite easily before heading for the ropes...
  10. Flying Bathtub

    Though I believe, issued through the Large Model Association...
  11. Someone agrees with you Brundalnavy... ( and me on the shape of the roundabouts) http://www.edp24.co.uk/features/my-critique-of-the-ndr-1-5396741 Though this sort of thing takes some effort... http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/car-stuck-on-ndr-roundabout-1-5396119
  12. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    what where? are merry go rounds permitted in Not a National Park?
  13. Mooring Technique

    I've never been to my moorings when there has been anyone around on that side of the river....
  14. Flying Bathtub

    in the UK with him on board it's a piloted needing a Licence, Weight would decide whether is a microlight or full licence. If he were not onboard then he would need a permit for flying a large Model aircraft over 20Kg. If it's over 150Kg then you are back in aircraft rules
  15. Mooring Technique

    Although my mooring has side telegraph poles at the rivers edge, I always go in bow first, as not only do I have to take account of which ever way the wind is going, But I have to take account of which way the tide is going too.. I tried going is stern first once or twice but life is too short for all the messing around when you get it wrong.

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