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  1. Cause For Concern?

    Whilst tacking down the Thurne from West Somerton last week, I overheard part of a conversation between 2 people on the bank: “All the major boatyards have forbidden hirers to go to West Somerton because of the weed.” Does anyone know if this is true and if so how long it will last and whether it is a regular occurrence? There was evidence of weed cutting and the weed cutter was moored at West Somerton. If no one goes, the BA may think of withdrawing the free moorings. Many thanks. Bruce
  2. Hickling Broad

    I see no harm in having some signs on the first set of channel markers saying “Keep between Posts” or something similar, but this thread got me thinking what the process would be if the BA actually wanted to make any changes: Firstly there would be a committee decision to “do something”. No doubt a sub-committee would be formed with a budget and be asked to come up with a recommendation. This sub-committee would meet and over many months would eventually propose its terms of reference, which it would submit to the main committee for approval. This would be given and the construction of the sub-committee reviewed to ensure that there was a good balance of the necessary experts and interested parties represented. The real work would then begin with ideas being generated perhaps including guano repellent paint, mounting the marker posts on springs so if they are hit by boats no damage to either the post of the boat is done and the post pops back up afterwards, perhaps lights on posts or sound signals, etc.. These are sifted and discussed with other authorities, reviewed and eventually 3 proposals are defined and then a 6 month consultation process ensues where the general public are invited to see models, virtual reality mock-ups and full implementation plans. The results are created and condensed into a 300 page document which is then submitted to the main committee. The recommendation? Unfortunately, the original budget is now not sufficient to implement any of the three proposals, so the project is scaled back and the decision is to write an advisory letter to the hire companies suggesting they put a note in the cabins of their boats saying “In a marked channel keep between the posts”.
  3. Status Of Footpath Along Fleet Dyke

    Many thanks for your replies - As ChrisB says the dark side thread has all the info. Seems I might have to find another pub!
  4. Status Of Footpath Along Fleet Dyke

    I have heard that the footpath running north from S Walsham Broad along Fleet Dyke is to be closed temporarily, but can't find any details via Google and as I live 300 miles away can't easily verify for myself. I will be visiting in a few weeks' time and would like to know if I will be able to walk from the moorings at the "elbow" to the Ship Inn. Does anyone have any information? Many thanks. Bruce

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