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  1. Wanted: Tardis

    Easy solution Tim. Move everything out of the Tardis into the house, live in the shed, work in the house. This will work, UNTIL you need just a little bit more work space! paul
  2. And Now For Something Really Serious

    Reality T.V so called because the only thing it isn't is real. paul ps we are watching re-runs of MASH at the moment still funny.
  3. And Now For Something Really Serious

    Eric, can you meet me at the airport. I need to get away from tv talentless shows here. paul
  4. Alpha

    Hi all, I have just walked down Riverside and all the old Alphacraft, apart from the 2 on the hard, are at NBS. The old yard is up for auction on Monday. Anyone with deep pockets? NBS also have the moulds. paul
  5. Broken Bones

    Hi Ian, we are at Cove now. Do you need anything checking with the boat? paul
  6. Workshop Projects

    That looks a lot of heavy machinery to make 1/12 scale model boats? Of course if you plan making a full scale boat it looks a bit small. Now the seed has been planted. I look forward to that build. paul
  7. Boat In Or Out?

    I take ours out every 2 years, so if yours has had a long storage ashore and antifoul I would leave it for a year at least. paul
  8. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Pay and display. I will put it on the river side window. paul
  9. Britain Afloat

    Alan, its okay I know Ian he's a nice guy, in fact he's 'armless. Seriously Ian how are you? paul
  10. What bothers me more is how long before parish councils think this is a good idea? Reedham refused BA the ability to charge. Rockland, Horning, Wroxham/Hoveton, Coltishall et al decide, we councillors can have a pay rise out of this. paul
  11. Peaceful, Pleasant Mooring? If Only!

    I thing it's time this thread went up in smoke! paul
  12. Riyadhcrew

    Nah Carole, I'll just hide behind the other 1/2 and she'll never find me. paul
  13. Riyadhcrew

    Come on Grendel, just how BIG do you think the crater is? If it's that big I will donate 1/2 of Jill's handbags! paul
  14. Broken Bones

    We are down for, sadly, the last visit this year on the Sunday of that weekend. May see you. paul
  15. Broken Bones

    Sorry to hear that Ian, but I did tell you that you were too old for that STUNT chef course. A relaxing visit to the boat may help recovery? paul & jill

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