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  1. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    John, you backed yourself into this corner. Now start typing. paul
  2. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Glorious sunshine here in Northumberland. Damn cold though. paul
  3. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I repeat it is illegal to resell electricity at a higher charge than supplied. There was a debate on here not long ago when the BA tried to charge for the card thus supplying less than £1 for a £1 card they had to back down. If you are running air con and heaters the cost does not seem excessive to me. A boat is effectively a very great heat soak, without hull insulation you are heating moving water around it. Robin get your diesel heating fitted as a priority. Do you need to heat all areas at the moment? After a leak at home (while we were on the boat) the insurance company installed 2 massive dehumidifiers for 2 weeks, they paid for the power used BUT next year our monthly bill went up by £25 a month until we were massively in credit and they then re-estimated things and rebated the over payment. If it is a reverse flow air con then triple what you think it may use. Running air con in a car can cost a loss of 5 miles per gallon. paul
  4. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    They are not allowed to charge more for supplied power than they pay. It's a big boat to keep re-heating from the lowest ambient temperature, try leaving a couple of tube heaters on a thermostat to keep some latent heat in the back ground when you are not aboard. Letting the boat go to minimum temperature i.e 5 degrees at this time of means you have a large cubic area to raise up to normal living room temperature. Have you any de-humidifiers running constantly 'cos they are very leccy hungry. paul
  5. What Would You Come Back As?

    That's it peace is shattered! He's got a dongle to dangle. Welcome back MM. paul
  6. Anyone Afloat Today

    So trev I expect I will see you around Cove. we usually spend 2 weeks on the boat 2 weeks at home. So we don't always go out on the boat but use it as a base. paul
  7. Rental Mooring Needed On River Yare

    Buckenham, Langley Dyke and Rockland are the only places I can think of on that side of the Yare. Yes there are moorings opposite Reedham ferry the phone number is on a post in the garden of the old pub now a guest house I think. paul
  8. Rental Mooring Needed On River Yare

    Try David at Cove Marina Brundall 01603713663. I think he has a place for a small boat. All facilities available. paul
  9. Workshop Projects

    And this is my hiding hole/shed. paul
  10. Workshop Projects

    Polly, Of course. Jill has her own shed, fitted out by with under tile heating, lowered work bench height (she's only little). 1 expensive machine.and several over sewing machines. 1 overlocker Plenty of bits and pieces that are beyond me.
  11. Free Heat..?

    If you are intent on fitting a diesel central heating system soon and where you are moored has shore power. You can run a lot of fan heaters for the cost making adaptations to the engine cooling systems. A couple of oil filled heaters running in the background will take a long time to heat a boat but will keep the damp and chill out of the air. Personally I am not for stop gap measures and prefer to wait before making changes that may or not be useful after the major alteration. paul
  12. Free Heat..?

    The only thing I know about free is that it usually costs alot of pennies. paul
  13. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Robin, For some stuff I use, http://www.magnummotorhomes.co.uk/en/ or http://www.rainbow-conversions.co.uk/ Usually a damn bit cheaper the chandlery shops for the same thing. Delivery from them is good too. paul

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