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  1. Broad Ambition - The Model

    5 thumbs and 5 fingers? payl
  2. My Day

    FT. up to £900 depending on scale/quality. If anyone wants a display model, you buy the kit and I will make it FOC. This is a kit I adapted to a replica of Zimbi IV. And the real one
  3. My Day

    Thanks Gendel for the thought but I can get the blades local. They are the type that fit into a craft knife handle. This is what it is supposed to look like. https://www.alwayshobbies.com/model-boats/model-boat-display-kits/panart-hms-victory-bow-section-wooden-ship-kit paul
  4. My Day

    It's a model of the bow section of HMS Victory. paul
  5. My Day

    So far my day is going badly. Email to say my Microsoft cloud is over the limit! I don't have I have my own personal cloud. Email to say my Virgin internet is going to be disconnected, I am not with Virgin. Email my ebay account is overdrawn, closed it months ago. Now I have just broken my last saw blade while cutting gun ports on the boat! paul Oh and my long lost brother in Nigeria needs to transfer some cash to me and needs my bank details to do so.
  6. Broads Hotel

    Yup also forgot the fuel station. Roys hotel? My suggestion Roys close down I would save 100's, okay Jill would save 1000's paul
  7. Broads Hotel

    Forgot Roys garden centre. paul
  8. Broads Hotel

    So we have Roys department store. Roys supermarket. Roys toy shop. Roys hardware. Roys Wroxham Barns. et al What is the new one to be? Roys ?????? You're (clean) suggestions required. paul
  9. Recycling

    Interesting. If they charge me for taking rubbish to their property. Can I charge for them for taking rubbish from mine? paul PS if councils want to make vast amounts of money why not put parking meters outside schools!
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Robin, most people In Brundall seem to use Vodafone, I use 02 and get reception any where in Brundall but on the mooring, walk 100 yards and H+ five bars?. paul
  11. Broads Toll

    River tax 1 boat £331 Road tax 2 cars £30 paul
  12. Time Flies By (when You're Enjoying Yourself)

    John, Is this a way of saying 2 new Knees = 1 new Friday Girl? paul
  13. Back On The Broads 9th March

    Loddon, what can I say, we needed some milk so left Brundall down the Yare/Chet to get some milk from the COOP then fish and chips from Limmys after a pint at the White Horse then back to Brundall. Six hours to get some milk! We had friends coming for drinks later they were not happy not to have been invited. paul
  14. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Living in Geordie land that looked like long sleeved T shirt time. paul
  15. Sea Sickness - Oh Joy And Glee!

    Jill was very green on her first cruise, in the West Indies our honeymoon, when the waiter brought her two tablets 1 now and the other if you feel ill later, she was fine for the rest of the cruise. I do wonder what was in that tablet, being we were just off St Lucia at the time. paul PS she still has that spare in her memory folder. 21 years later.

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