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  1. jeffbroadslover

    Silverline Wisper

    If you hired a boat which had a dog on it the previous week I don't think you would be very happy if it had left some tiny creatures on board, quite likely where you sit or sleep. I am a dog owner myself but totally agree that they should not be allowed on board in the same way that they should not be allowed in any eating establishment. I was once having a meal when a woman came in with her "little darling" and proceeded to put part of her meal on a separate plate and allowed the "little darling" to eat it whilst sitting on her lap........DISGUSTING !!!! Jeff
  2. jeffbroadslover

    No. 1 When You Were Born...

    Happy to see David Whitfield with "Cara Mia" when I was just 6 Years old. This was played a lot at home. He lived only about 10 miles from us and I would often visit his sister with my mum and dad. Jeff
  3. jeffbroadslover

    It Is My Sad Duty

    So sad to hear this news. I have always enjoyed reading his contributions on various topics. Jeff
  4. jeffbroadslover

    Marina Destroyed

    Saw this briefly on the news earlier. Looks like a flooded scrapyard! Jeff
  5. jeffbroadslover

    Bridge Indicator Maintenance

    Anyone know if the BA have any plans to replace the missing yellow arrow marker on Wroxham bridge? It looks a bit confusing for anyone not familiar with passage through the bridge. Surely it would make sense to carry out any work needed when the river is not very busy. The bridge arch guide also looks like it could do with the rubber covers over the hanging chains could do with replacing with some new bright coloured ones. All this of course assuming there is some cash left in the till at this time of the year. Jeff
  6. jeffbroadslover

    Are You Average?

    What always concerns me with text messages is that you have no guarantee that it has been received and read by the intended recipient. It is much more reliable to actually talk to someone! Jeff
  7. jeffbroadslover

    Broads Hotel

    How long has it taken to get to the conclusion that most of us thought was the obvious outcome when the hotel was finally demolished? Having said that haw long was it before the decision to demolish it in the first place? Jeff
  8. jeffbroadslover

    Are You Average?

    I'm glad I am below average....I don't have time to read almost 100 texts in one day never mind every day ! Jeff
  9. jeffbroadslover

    Broads Boating Company Take On Former Alphacraft Yard

    Possible option of one-way cruises ? Brundall to Acle or vice versa not far by road!! Jeff
  10. jeffbroadslover

    Structural Concerns ,yes Or No

    Can I suggest that you have a word with the manufacturer about your plans and ask for their opinion or alternative suggestions. Jeff
  11. jeffbroadslover

    What Would You Do ?

    Grace, Did you have that photo taken on your Christmas shopping trip? Jeff
  12. jeffbroadslover

    What Would You Do ?

    I can think of someone who would probably buy a vineyard with a wine cellar as big as a football pitch and have it all moved to somewhere within 25 miles of Acle !! Nearly forgot the second warehouse fitted out for the shoe collection. Jeff
  13. jeffbroadslover

    Winter Maintenance At Herbert Woods

    An very interesting read. I bet the workforce look forward to the boats going out on hire, it'll give them the chance of a bit of rest time and a cuppa maybe. Jeff
  14. jeffbroadslover


    Just managed to catch up with everything (internet didn't want to work yesterday). Many many happy returns Gracie. Now that you are old enough may I suggest that you try a very small drop of wine , just to see if you think you could maybe develop a liking for it. If it tastes horrible you can easily go back to the orange juice ! Love Jeff
  15. jeffbroadslover

    New Year's Eve

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! Hoping that everyone has a safe, healthy and fun 2018 doing whatever makes you happy. At this time of year my dad would always come out with "May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live" Takes me back a lot of years but the sentiment is still the same. Best Wishes everyone !! Jeff

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