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  1. Menu From Early 1970’s

    Happy days !!!!!! I can remember Smiths plain crisps ( with the twist of blue paper containing the salt ) costing 4d Jeff
  2. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Charles, Obviously well thought out before construction. Jeff
  3. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Timbo Hope you never went in the water wearing this........it would need a crane to get you out !!!
  4. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Did the boatyard authorise their pilot to remove the roof and windscreen in order to get through the bridge? Jeff
  5. Barnes Brinkcraft Development

    I have been watching some work being carried out on the new BB acquisition. Looking at it today it looks like some of the original land alongside the river has now disappeared. Has anyone seen or got a copy of the plans showing what the intended end result will be like? Jeff
  6. Look What Good Weather Brings

    It puzzles me that they all set off within minutes of each other. I've often wondered if they would get more business if they set off at , for instance, half-hour intervals It seems they are like buses....wait for ages then three come at once. Jeff
  7. Hi All Boaters

    Cliff You may find a few people on here are just a little bit nutty but you will also find that we are all very friendly Remember to be very polite where Gracie is concerned . If you don't she definitely won't be offering to share a bottle with you ! lol Jeff
  8. Pub At Thurne

    Never touch the stuff being a true Yorkshireman, we have better taste than that !! lol Jeff
  9. Pub At Thurne

    I have never found anywhere that does a "nice pint of Stella" or any other fizzy pop of a similar type ! Jeff
  10. That Deserves A Medal!

    I cannot express the admiration I have for Gary. He went into the water without a thought for his own safety and put himself in a position to protect the young girl from being crushed by the boat. Fantastic !!!! Then he made sure that the girl's sister was safe before managing to scramble out himself. Hope his heroics do not go unrewarded ! Jeff
  11. End Of An Era Brucie Rip

    Very sad news . Such a well loved individual who has worked hard for so many years. R.I.P Brucie Jeff
  12. Where Do I Wish I Was Now?

    Between Wroxham and Coltishall ? Jeff
  13. It's All Richo's Fault!

    NBD probably have less of these parties because their boats cost a lot more "drinking money" Jeff
  14. Broad Ambition - The Model

    When did you get Griff to model for you for the helmsman? I can tell it was Griff........just look at the width of those Yorkshire shoulders ! Jeff
  15. River Waveney (Warning May contain Trains)

    Is it possible for one of the mods to retitle this thread? I thought I was about to read something interesting about a river not a train users handbook !!! Jeff

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