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  1. Save The Dogs

    Thanks to all those who helped with this victory. Can't believe that these dogs were to be put down when they are fit and healthy. Just proves that we are a nation of animal lovers Thanks again everyone Jeff
  2. Save The Dogs

    David thanks for finding the link Just hope that everyone uses it Jeff
  3. Save The Dogs

    HI tess10 I am having problems trying to send a link but I did find the story 3 days ago on the MSN news page and I believe it was originally raised by the daily mirror
  4. Save The Dogs

    Can I request that any dog lovers look at Change.org and find the story/petition about the army dogs which are due to be put down because they have come to the end of their working life. I found this a couple of days ago and signed the petition . Since the another 200000 people have done the same. In my opinion there can not be too many signatures on this so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a minute to join in Many, many thanks. Jeff
  5. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    Every time I come down to the broads I manage to lose 5 or 6 specimen sized bream , roach and perch. They seem to run away somewhere else when i'm trying to help them out of the water !!! Jeff
  6. Clive, Congratulations on yet another prestigious award. It must be costing you a fortune in staff bonuses ! lol Jeff
  7. Shares For Sale

    Paul. Check out the September dates.....think you will find that is 14 days Jeff
  8. Shares For Sale

    Hi Sue, I think you maybe did get confused or maybe it's me. 2 x 4week shares ( 1 week each per season) surely gives a total of 8 weeks. Your list of next years dates only adds up to 7 weeks unless I missed something. Please correct me if I am wrong Jeff
  9. Bb Webcam

    I was wondering if they are doing some changes to the views Earlier I noticed there was a view of part of the yard that I do not remember from previous. Jeff
  10. Bb Webcam

    Any ideas what has happened to the BB webcam. I keep getting the message that it is not available Jeff
  11. Do You Still Wave?

    Always wave to let others know that we are happy and enjoying ourselves. I can see Gracie waving like mad now but unfortunately not many on the rivers will be able to see her at home !!!! lol Jeff
  12. Menu From Early 1970’s

    Happy days !!!!!! I can remember Smiths plain crisps ( with the twist of blue paper containing the salt ) costing 4d Jeff
  13. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Charles, Obviously well thought out before construction. Jeff
  14. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Timbo Hope you never went in the water wearing this........it would need a crane to get you out !!!
  15. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Did the boatyard authorise their pilot to remove the roof and windscreen in order to get through the bridge? Jeff

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