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  1. addicted

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    They did this recently in our local Tesco and nobody moved a muscle I was astonished too Strange lot these fens people Carole
  2. addicted

    And Now For Something Really Serious

    I bet Simon Cowell is gutted he doesn't have a finger in that particular pie! The man knows his trade and must realise that The X Factor is not in the same league. Carole
  3. addicted

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    We frequently travel to London on the A1 and coming home late at night as a rule we often find whole sections of the A1 closed with very poor detour signs taking us on wild goose chases through small villages up and down tiny country lanes in the back of beyond. The signs dry up leaving us to find our way, it puts miles on the journey and considerable time as well and late at night In the total blackness that is the norm in these places is really not much fun either. Carole
  4. addicted

    Keep The Moorings For Boats !!

    Do hope the wedding goes well and you have a brilliant time. Enjoy the holiday. Carole
  5. addicted

    And Now For Something Really Serious

    There's nothing that compares, I love to see the gradual improvement each of the entrants makes which is I think a testament to the genuine hard work they put in. You can't compare X factor it's not in the same class. It's a pity most of this years celebs' are so obscure, it makes for better viewing when they are really familiar figures I think, but it's still great for all that, Some of the costumes are great, so exquisite and beautifully designed. There are not many programmes that have captured the public in this way. That says it all I think. they must be doing something right. Carole
  6. addicted

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    # What's a hashtag? Carole
  7. addicted


    Sorry senior moment Carole
  8. addicted

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I never take out an insurance on an appliance, it seems to me just a price hike in disguise. If the appliance breaks down in what seems to me to be an unreasonably short time I make a huge fuss and get it repaired gratis, as I did with my 2 years old washing machine a few months back that needed a new drum. New Drum!!! I yelled Don't be ridiculous! They saw my point and fitted the new one free of charge. I usually get very long service from all my appliances fortunately. Carole
  9. addicted

    Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Whatever you're on I 'll take a ton please. Carole
  10. addicted

    And Now For Something Really Serious

    I've never been tempted to watch a single minute of this animated dross. I don't think it is at all funny to set up people who believe in themselves as objects of ridicule. Carole
  11. addicted

    And Now For Something Really Serious

    That just has to be a rhetorical question. Speaking for myself it's my winter antidote! (sorry about all the syllables) Carole
  12. addicted


    Wow! Jean your phone certainly made a better fist of it than mine by the time i thought of using the tablet instead it had faded.. Where were you when you took this? . It's pretty much as it was over Brundall Bay where we were Carole
  13. addicted

    And Now For Something Really Serious

    I couldn't remember if we had seen 10s this early before, but I think they were earned. I just get the impression this new judge is rather showcasing her own knowledge. and I've really not taken to her at all and her presence is I think causing Darcey to be a bit OTT. Carole
  14. addicted

    Coowee Is A Grandad.

    What a very pretty name! Congrats' and very best wishes, Carole
  15. addicted


    My phone totally failed to to it justice as well, it was really spectacular wasn't it? Carole

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