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  1. Rip For A Wonderful Lady

    As you obviously know there isn't anyone on here who wont' be thinking of your sadness today and who won't be feeling sad for you. That many glasses will be raised to Frances there will probably be an upturn in the sales of alcohol everywhere! I hope that is a comfort. it's bloody disgusting disease and causes so much grief. My thoughts are very much with you. I'm so so sorry Carole
  2. Never Rains But It Pours!

    Blimey we thought we'd had a few disasters! I'd stay in bed if I were you! Carole
  3. Never Rains But It Pours!

    House warm again!. Job finished minimum of fuss, no mess whatsoever, very user friendly chap, Our usual plumber is booked solid so he sent his cousin, fair price, guaranteed for 7 years. We're happy bunnies! Carole
  4. Never Rains But It Pours!

    Temperature here in Cambs. 18deg, wind completely died down, although we woke up to drizzle this morning. Got to book our flu jab Had my BP checked yesterday witha ll that's been going on I thought it would be sky high but it was the lowest it's been all year. I was due some good news so that's as it should be. Carole
  5. Never Rains But It Pours!

    Plumber duly arrived 8.30 this morning new boiler well on the way to being installed and not a day too soon judging by the weather forecast for the coming few days! Apparently it's going to get a lot colder. Time to bring out the sheepskin liberty bodice? CarolE
  6. This Year's Holiday Vid - Sherz & Linz

    very many sincere congratulations, hope you'll be really happy, be sure to tell us when the big day is going to be. Carole
  7. Diana!!!

    Happy to accept the apology MM, thank you Yes we do seem to see things similarly, I actually think Prince Charles will make a very good conscientious King, given the chance and suffers unfairly I think from adverse publicity. Air miles Andy for king? I would hope not! Carole
  8. Diana!!!

    I am not remotely anti royalist, indeed I consider our royal family one of, if not our greatest, asset. I'm just not and never have been, pro Diana. Regarding William and Kate, latest figures show the number of "engagements" carried out by them fall very short of most of the rest of the working family the reason being given, that they wish to remain at home with their children I think this is grist to the mill of anti royalists and republicans and is basically wrong. I really had hoped they would do better than this and saw them as a breath of much needed fresh air when they arrived on the scene who would do much good for the royal family's image. The Princess Royal raised 2 children while carrying out a punishing work load and continues to quietly do so. This is the sort of commitment that will assure the continuity of the Royal family. Do not accuse me of being anti royalist nothing could be further from the truth, but in todays' climate I do see them as something of an endangered species which I find worrying. carole
  9. Diana!!!

    Yes when he bothered to turn up! Carole
  10. Diana!!!

    Personally I think PrinceCharles is seriously misunderstood and under rated, which is a pity. I think he has a greater capacity for the hard work that being in the "Firm" requires than his son and heir. I had great hopes for William and Kate as a couple but not now I think they are pair of idle freeloaders who seem to labour under the misapprehension that being a parent exonerates you from all duty. If only we had all had that luxury of saying "no, . you can't expect me to do anything remotely like work when I've got children that need me to be home" The Queen puts them all to shame, I also believe Camilla should be Queen when the time comes, She's infinitely more suitable than Diana ever was. I think the only thing the latter was any good at was manipulating the press and Media into believing whatever she wanted them to. While bitterly complaining that Camilla pinched her husband she was busy pinching Julia Carling's husband . Talk about hypocrisy! Carole
  11. Never Rains But It Pours!

    My daughter has a boiler that sits in the corner of the garage like a b****y great Dalek the engineer that looks after it reckons it's at least 40 years old. I have never in my life had to buy a replacement boiler before and I'm less than impressed to have to be doing so now. My previous house Boiler was a New Home and was 20 years old when we moved and had never broken down in he 11 years we lived in the house. I don't care whether it's September or flaming June if It feels chilly on goes the heating - I don't do cold.! CarolE
  12. Never Rains But It Pours!

    It's a Halstead bought out by Dimplex apparently Carole
  13. New Member

    warm welcome from me too Kevin, the forum will liven up the winter months that are approaching. Works for me! Carole
  14. Peace At Last

    a friend of mine was actually going out with Johnnie Kidd at the time that record was climbing the hit parade
  15. Signing Out...off 'tramping'!

    Tony rants and raves about the "cautious" drivers that habitually travel at considerably less than the speed limit. His particular bête noir are those that brake as soon as they see an oncoming car. I'm infuriated when they turn out to be women as they give the rest of us girls a bad name and something to live down. These days my pet dislike are young females who tailgate. So many of them do it. On one occasion I got so tired of the stupid girl behind who was inches off my bumper, when I got to a road junction I stopped. got out of my car, opened the boot and invited her to get in., to the immense amusement of the young man sitting beside her whom no doubt she wished to impress with her aggressive driving style. The stupid thing was that out on the open road, rather than in suburbia where we were, her Corsa wouldn't have got near my XJS V12 Jaguar. CarolE

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